Message to William Costellia – 11 March 2018


11 MARCH 2018

Pope Francis’ reported words: “I might go down in History for having split the Catholic Church.”

WILLIAM: Today Jesus came with the Angel Saint Melchisedech after Mass. Jesus Blessed me and said a new Mass will be introduced that will be for all Denominations – (Ecumenical Mass).

Once this comes Jesus will not be present in the Mass. The abomination will then arrive and the Church will divide and those Priests who will not say the new Mass, will be thrown out. The Priests were not to fear, as they can say the Tridentine Mass or the current Novus Ordo, the Eastern Rite Masses or the Orthodox Mass, as they will retain His Presence. The Church will divide.

The World was going to be punished soon – in these coming months – as sins have gone to the extreme.

Jesus told me the dream I had this morning was true where I saw huge waves engulf the Eastern Coastline of Australia – so much so – that the Opera House in Sydney would go underwater. Jesus said I would not be there at that time. He Blessed me and said to pray, pray!

Jesus Blessed all the World.

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