A Painting for Maria Divine Mercy

A Painting for Maria Divine Mercy (MDM)

13 March 2018


This painting was created by Donna Ayres-Vorbach. She wonders if Maria Divine Mercy would like to see it — and would like to talk with her about it. Donna writes that the Book of Truth inspired her work which took 7 months to complete. She is edified by the heavy cross that MDM carries and continues to pray for her. Donna compares her painting to the image of Jesus — the Divine Mercy as portrayed by Saint Faustina and hopes that it will also inspire hope, guidance and comfort for the world. Finally Donna says that the Scapular (on the image) can be painted as the Seal of Protection Scapular.


I wants to acknowledge Donna Ayres-Vorbach’s desire to make available the painting to Maria Divine Mercy.

For all readers of this post — please relay this desire and information to MDM if you have the means to do so. Thank you.

William Costellia

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