William Costellia – THE RETURN OF JESUS – 1 July 2019

“Before the Warning the Great War will spread engulfing all of Europe and Indo-China – those countries will be involved. Gaza, Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, Turkestan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait, Bahrain, Iran. This will be the first part of the Great War.
Then it will move to Europe. The Muslims will invade Spain and France. Germany and Poland will be invaded by Russia, then Russia will invade Italy. The Muslims will be driven out by the French Monarch. A nuclear war will begin with Iran firing a warhead bomb over Israel, that will start World War III. The Pope will flee into a foreign land, where he will be martyred. The Muslim invasion will cause a shock, but the French Monarch will come with a strong Army.
During this time China will invade the U.S.A. with Russia, but before this happens an Asteroid will come to Earth in the Western Hemisphere, near Florida, U.S.A. and bring great destruction. I believe this will happen at the same time as the European invasion. When the Chinese Army invade they will invade the Pacific and war will break out between Japan and all the Pacific Islands and will include going up to Italy, where Russia has invaded. China will move swiftly in all of these areas. The African countries will also be at war with each other. China will move swiftly with all of the area. Indonesia will invade Australia. There will anarchy all over the world ...”

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