Message 767 – 17 June 2018

JESUS: “I look at the world and see how men believe that a new Peace Deal has been achieved, but I tell you most solemnly, this is not so. China has a plan with this new accord – all Alliances will break, as it was in the best interest of the Chinese Government to make the West believe that unity can be forged between Nations – when in fact the United States will be betrayed. Our son, Donald Trump and Our son, Kim Jong Un, have good intentions. However, there are underlying tones made by the powerful Secret Societies, which are in all countries, to destroy peace and bring on conflict between the four Super Powers, namely China, the U.S.A., Russia and the Union of Nations of Europe. The Ten Kingdoms must now be forged to bring forth the New Babylon, so that the Little Horn can wield its power over the Nations and the world, so that the Reign of the Antichrist can come into existence.”

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