He who comes to Me must first come through My Most Holy Mother – Spread Her praises throughout the world for I have placed all salvation in Her Hands. All Graces pass through Her from the Triune God – The pages of the Apocalypse are turning fast. There will be great battles between good and evil – Now is the time to cast out that which is rotten and corrupt – Should the world continue on its way, then I will be forced to chastise all of you to the point where a great percentage will be annihilated.

LITTLE PEBBLE: During the last two decades of the Rosary the brilliant Cross became visible in the sky. On top of the Cross there are three miniature gold Crosses, which I believe represent the Eastern Rite Catholic Church, the Orthodox Church and the Protestant Faith. The Angels explain to me that this has something to do with unity. Beneath the Cross there is something which looks like a cave and hundreds of metres above the cave are thousands of Angels, all of whom are dressed in white and singing beautiful melodies, as though in expectation of something wonderful happening. In front of the cave are some men dressed as Roman soldiers, as though on guard. All the Angels seem very excited.

The Cross glows much brighter than I have seen before and coming from the Tabernacle here is another extremely bright Light. Angels kneel before the Tabernacle; around their heads each have a coronet – it’s more like a band – with a cross at the front of it. They have explained that they are the Angels of the Risen Lord. They, too, are clad in beautiful white garments. Two beams of Light form a `V’ shape, going from the Tabernacle to the Cross in the sky.

I can see another place: Our Blessed Mother is praying in a little room, with excitement in Her Soul. I can feel this excitement myself – it overwhelms my soul with great expectation. The Tabernacle is now so bright it hurts my eyes, considerably. Near the cave there is a bright and beautiful flame, which now resembles an explosion and the soldiers become very alarmed, because the cave is shaking. A large wheel-shaped stone is before the entrance to the cave and the rumbling has dislodged it. An Angel appears before the cave and the soldiers are struck dumb by their fear.

All the Angels in the sky – I don’t know how many there are, but there are myriads of them; it’s as though the vaults of Heaven have opened – are coming down towards the cave amid tremendous singing of the ‘Alleluia’, an extraordinary sound, because it comes from what seems to be millions of souls and spirits, all of them singing. Another Angel is now before the cave and both step aside to reveal Jesus emerging from it. Our Lord is dressed in brilliant white – really magnificent looking! The soldiers fall, prostrate, to the ground.

Our Lord extends His Hands out wide as He comes towards the Tabernacle, with Angels hovering around Him. I can still see Our Lady in another place; I don’t know exactly where She is, but it’s a small room. She too, is clad in beautiful white and is very joyous, because She can see the Resurrection of Jesus in a Vision. Jesus comes very close now and Our Lady has left Her room to stand next to Our Lord, about ten metres from this building; Our Lord shows me His Wounds.

Our Lady also wears the same type of golden band adorned with a Cross which the Angels of the Risen Lord have on their head and She is joined in Prayer by the many Angels here, as they look towards Our Lord. There is something which I cannot adequately explain: there seems to be a ‘union’ between Our Lady – just a few metres away – and the Tabernacle here. All the Angels who were around the cave are now down here, surrounding the whole area. The Cross has become even more brilliant and sends out a mixture of both pure white and golden beams – such as you see in pictures and paintings – which bathe not only this area but the whole world! Our Lord looks to be very happy.

OUR LORD: “I Bless you, My dear son, Our ‘Little Pebble’ of Love and my sweet children here present and throughout the world: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.” I am the Risen Lord! I have come this evening, My beloved child and dear children, to speak to you all on very important matters concerning the salvation of humanity, the renewal of My House upon Earth, and also to encourage My dedicated children – My children of the Risen Saviour. I am Resurrection and the Life. He who comes to Me shall not hunger or thirst and he who comes to Me must first come through My Most Holy Mother – Mediatrix and Co-Redemptrix of all Graces. These two Titles, most dear to My Heart, are to be resounded through the lips of My children – throughout the whole world – for let it be known, My dear children, that without My Most Holy Mother there can be no redemption for mankind! She is My First Fruit, as I am Hers; She is the Mother of My Church – My House upon Earth, and until all My children of all Christian Faiths understand the importance of the Role of my Most Holy Mother concerning the redemption of mankind, there can never be unity among hearts! The Key to this unity is My Holy Mother, My sweet children.”

“My Mother stood by Me through My Passion! My Beloved Mother also endured the same Passion as I did, Mystically! This is a great Mystery for My Church to ponder upon. You can never honour My Mother enough, my dear children. Through Her redemption was wrought, because She gave of Herself for the world by giving Me – Her Son – for the ransom and the salvation of sinners. Ponder well, My sweet children, upon this great Mystery; on the Co-Redemptrix and Mediatrix of all Graces – My Most Holy Mother. This Dogma must soon be proclaimed by My Vicar, Pope John Paul II, for the sooner this is proclaimed the sooner the Victory of My Most Holy Mother will be accomplished in the Church and in the world; the sooner unity amongst all Christians will be fulfilled, so there will be one shepherd and one flock, under My Most Holy Mother.”

“Continue, my sweet children, to spread Her praises throughout the whole world, for I have placed all of the salvation of My Church and the world, in Her Hands. Many souls will disbelieve in these Words of Mine; however, it has always been believed by the Fathers and Teachers in My House upon Earth. But it must be reaffirmed by the Teachers – by the Magisterium of the Church upon Earth – for in these days Mary has no place in the hearts of Our children; they have placed my Most Holy Mother aside. As My Most Holy Mother stood at the Cross with Me and at the Ascension – for this reason My Beloved Mother is the Queen, Reigning with Me side-by-side at the right Hand [side] of My Heart, as I am [at] the right Hand [side] of the Heart of My Eternal Father. All Graces pass through Her from the Triune God – as all offerings, all sacrifices, all prayers, which are offered to Me come through Her Hands. So think well, My sweet children and proclaim the Love of My Most Holy Mother to the whole world, so that mankind will soon learn of the Gentleness – of the Love, of the Compassion, of the Peace – of My Most Holy Mother; and [also of] the great Mercy which She has for humanity.”

“It is well, My dear child, Our ‘Little Pebble’ – so well-known and named by My Most Holy Mother – that you serve the Queen of Heaven in great humility and great love, as you do. Continue to spread Her Words to the multitudes so all may come to learn and love My Eternal Father. The Victory of My Most Holy Mother is soon at hand; Satan will be crushed and cast into the bottomless pit, forever! This is the task entrusted to My Most Holy Mother – especially in these days – for this is Her ‘age’, and the ‘age’ of My Spirit. It is with the Holy Spirit and My Most Holy Mother that the Church, My Church upon Earth, will be renewed and it is upon the little ‘rock’, “the stone which was rejected by the builders”, that I will renew and save My Church; and this ‘stone’, My dear child – of course – is yourself! You have been told this through My Most Holy Mother and by My Word in Holy Writ.”

“To the children of the world: you must understand, My sweet children, that time is very short. The pages of the Apocalypse are turning fast and the reason for this is because, as you get closer to the time of My Second Coming upon this Earth, time will move much faster as the sand goes through the hour-glass: when it gets [near] to the end the sand speeds-up! So it is with time upon this Earth.”

“The Antichrist – My adversary – is working well amongst the people marked with his sign, because it is his time too!! You have, on the one hand, My Most Holy Mother: the Sign of Victory, of Hope and Salvation; while on the other hand you have the sign of the reprobate: Lucifer; his prophet, the Antichrist and those of fallen hearts. The majority follow the road that leads to perdition, while the minority follow My Most Holy Mother. This is the time when all the children of the Light must stand as one – united in heart, in fortitude and with much prayer! This is the time when there is to be great battles between good and evil. There will be no more ‘in-between’; it is no more time for the faint-hearted – the lukewarm! It is time to be either ‘hot’ or ‘cold’, for if you are lukewarm, My sweet children, I will vomit you out; spit you into hellfire!! You are either with Me and My Most Holy Mother – or you are against Us!! You are either with the Truth, in My Most Holy son – Our Holy Vicar, Pope John Paul II – or you are against him, which is against Me and My Most Holy Mother – and I shall cast you out, too!!”

“My beloved children of My House upon Earth: it is now time to cast-out that which is rotten and corrupt; get rid of it!! Pray to Saint Michael, the Prince of Heaven and Earth. He is the Defender of the Faith. Place him back as Guardian of My House – now!! Bring back all those Teachings – the Traditional Teachings! Bring back Tradition and all that pertains to holiness, purity and goodness. Cast-out the iniquitous one who now sits himself in the midst of My people and causes much confusion amongst Our children – especially those of authority and the clergy. You have allowed Satan to enter My House upon Earth. And you of authority: you are casting aspersions on My Prophets – upon the good children of the Light. Awaken from your slumber, or you shall be cast, with Satan, into Hell, for eternity!! Time is too short.”

“The Eternal Father is very angry with the world and especially with My House upon Earth and those in authority. It is time to wake-up! The Chastisements are already falling upon you, as you can now see. Not only will the weather change, My sweet children, but even greater disasters will come upon this world – day by day – until my children wake-up from their sleep!!”

“It is time for much prayer and much meditation upon the Truth. I am the Truth; I am the Way – and the Life! He who believes in Me has nothing to fear, for I will send him My Spirit and the Spirit of My Eternal Father in Heaven and he shall be given Light to understand; to have wisdom to counsel; to have fortitude; to have peace and joy in your hearts. And you will know, My sweet children, that I have sent you My Most Holy Mother, through many of the Prophets throughout the world, to ransom sinners from the clutches of Satan, at this time.”

“The time My sweet children for my Second Coming, is close at hand. My Mother has told you many times: “be prepared” and this means spiritually, My children: with much prayer. For the children of the Light: do not become apathetic in your ways; let not apathy creep into your timetable. And you must have a constant vigilance of prayer in your hearts; in your homes; in your country – for you do not know the hour when the Eternal Father shall shake this Earth! In the times of old – when My Father in Heaven sent-out the Prophets to give My Word to the world – the world did not listen, and the consequence was much suffering and much destruction!! Today I have sent you the Greatest of the Prophets – My Most Holy Mother – throughout every nation of the Earth, and Her Voice is like one crying-out in the wilderness! When will you repent and listen to Her Words?? Like in the time of Noah; like the time of Sodom and Gomorrah: you continue to close your ears!!”

“Soon I will ask My Most Holy Mother to deliver the final warnings to the world and should the world continue on its way, not listening to Her, then I will be forced to Chastise all of you to the point where a great percentage of the this world will be annihilated!! Already the clock turns, My sweet children; already nations are preparing themselves for war, not peace – as is claimed by the Media. All this is false – to make the you feel relaxed and at ease; however, it will come upon you with great suddenness! Are you so blind, O children of the world, that you cannot see this – or don’t you want to see it?? You continue to go upon the road to perdition; going around in pleasures; in amusements – pleasing yourselves. And what will become of you all?”

“Was My Crucifixion – was the Suffering of My Most Holy Mother – all in vain? Look at the nations now, My sweet children – how much sin! Woe to the world; you have been warned so many times! Never will you have excuse enough when you come before My Throne on Judgement Day – for, soon, all will be too late!! And for Our children of the Light: do not think Our warnings will be passed-on forever! Do not believe that the Prophesies will never be fulfilled, for you will then find yourselves in great danger of losing even the Faith. The Prophesies of My Most Holy Mother and I – these Prophesies will soon be fulfilled before your very eyes. Be thankful to My Eternal Father that the Chastisements have not fallen upon mankind. Soon great ‘signs’ will be seen in the Heavens and on the Earth. The Earth will groan, because it knows that the ‘time’ is here. Live as though it was your last day upon this Earth!”

“Pray unceasingly, My sweet children. Why do you think that My Mother and I and the Saints and the Angels continue to come to the Earth, to beg for prayers? Because, My sweet children, the Mystery of prayer is so great that if you could understand it, My sweet children, you would die with joy!! The Mystery, My sweet children, is that even the whole world is in balance because of prayer. Nations have been saved because of the prayer of only one person and it can be the same today! However, the sins of the world today are far greater, My dear children, than in any time since the beginning of the world – even the total combination of every year up ’til now!! The sins which are committed in this world are ten-fold that amount!!!”

“The light is now very dim upon the world, My sweet children; there are only a few ‘candles’ which are still alight for the salvation of mankind, because of the generosity of certain souls scattered throughout the whole world. Even here, in this beloved nation of Australia, you have a few ‘lights’ who keep this country free still. However, My sweet children, time is running-out for the freedom of this nation! Already the enemy is preparing a great catastrophe, which will come upon this nation. The invasion which My Most Holy Mother spoke of not so long ago, will soon be at hand and, yes, fear will grip the nation! However, My sweet children must re-read Our Words and meditate upon them, often! Do not place Our Words aside; make time for them, because there are many Messages given here upon the Holy Grounds of My Most Holy Mother and these Messages must be re-read, My sweet children, because many of you have forgotten the Words of My Most Holy Mother and this also goes for all the Messages throughout the whole world! Pick them up, again, My sweet children; turn to much prayer; sacrifice! Offer yourselves to My Father in Heaven and to My Most Holy Mother. Consecrate yourselves, totally, every day and then much Grace will be given to you, your families and your loved ones.”

“You have seen, My sweet children, already – here, in these past few weeks – a great change in your weather pattern in this country. You shall see even greater changes in the winter and the summer and you will know, My sweet children, that the ‘time of times’ has arrived! Keep your ears open and your eyes to the Heavens; to the news – for many changes are coming now; also through the Holy See in Rome: some will be good, some will be not so good. Pray much for Our Holy Vicar for he is being crucified by his very own. Like his Master he, too, must undergo the full Passion and Crucifixion, for he represents My Heart to the world.”

“My sweet children; for those who believe and are faithful to Our Words: I Love you, as My Most Holy Mother Loves you. We know, very well, of the hardships that you are all undergoing at this time and remember: you, too, must carry your cross with Me, for you are a gift from My Father to My Most Holy Mother. You are the Latter Day Saints – the Saints of these times. Continue to go forward in My Light, in My Spirit and the Spirit of My Most Holy Mother. Be not afraid, for you have nothing to fear of this world; but, rather, continue to have faith – to have confidence. Do not lose heart because of the crosses which are sent to you, for these crosses will not only save your souls, but will save a multitude of sinners throughout the whole world and bring them back!!”

“To you, My son, I say: take courage, for victory is in your hands – also for My Church on Earth – for this We have guaranteed you. The times ahead will be difficult, but rewarding. The approvals for the Order and of the Apparition Place of My Most Holy Mother – will soon come to hand; but you must be patient, for everything will be fulfilled according to the Words of My Most Holy Mother. Victory, My sweet child, is near and the words of My Most Holy Mother will resound throughout the whole Church, because it is Her ‘time’.”

“Continue to be the ‘light’ of My children; speak My Words and the Words of My Most Holy Mother to the Church and to the World, for the world and My Church must listen to what We have to say, because We wish not to condemn any soul but, rather, to save all, if it were possible. And, to My Priest-sons and to the Religious Order known as the ‘Order of Saint Charbel’: you, My dear sons and daughters, you must see the Light; you must be this Light, with great patience. You must resemble Me to the world in all aspects; you must always remain humble and simple of heart. Always be courageous; pray often to My Spirit and you will be enlightened and strengthened to fulfill the Words and Will of My Most Holy Mother. Take My Mother as your example and you shall be the ‘light’ for My children who need and thirst for the Truth.”

“I Bless you and I Bless you, My dear son and the whole world, for many Graces will flow from My Side for the whole Earth – because I am your Risen Lord; Saviour of humanity. In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“Continue now, My sweet children, with your prayers and My Most Holy Mother will speak to you now, privately, My son. I Love you, My sweet children and I give to you My Most Sacred Heart, for the asking, for I am always with you. As I said to My Apostles two thousand years ago: I will be with you always, even to the consuming of the world! Trust and have confidence in these Words and you will never fear; never again! I Bless you all with My Heart: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. Continue now, My sweet children, with your prayers.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Blessed Mother steps forward to be a little closer now. Our Lord has gone. She has already spoken to me privately, but wishes to address you for a few moments.

OUR LADY: “In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. My sweet child and sweet children of the Earth: I will not keep you much longer, as I know that My Most Holy Son has addressed you and given you the directions that you need. However, as his Most Holy Mother, I wish to encourage you all, My sweet children, with prayer and thanksgiving to My Divine Son, for all the Graces and privileges each and every one of you have now.”

“Do not take for granted the gifts which have been handed to you for safe keeping for, as Graces have been given, Graces can also be taken away! For if you neglect the very gifts which My Divine Son has entrusted to you, these gifts will be removed! So remember, My sweet children: be grateful for everything that has been given to you from the Bounty of My Divine Son in His Merciful Heart. Always thank God for what you have because, My sweet children, you should count, by measure, the things you have against those things which others have in other places throughout the world and you will be very surprised to find how much you actually have! There are many children who have no food; have no home; no clothing – also [there are] those who have no shelter. And I address Myself especially to the children of the Western world – especially to those who have been Graced by the Eternal Father with gifts in abundance: always share in your good fortune, with others. Do not begrudge things that you have to share, for all is given by the Bounty of My Divine Son; nothing belongs to you, My sweet children, for all is a gift and a loan from My Divine Son’s Most Sacred Heart and if you think along these ways in a pure heart, then you will be satisfied with what you have. So bless the Lord with all your hearts; with all your souls; with all your minds; with all your strength.”

“Thank God for the Graces you receive and, especially, Love – upon these Holy Grounds which have been inundated with so much Grace; so many gifts. But not all of Our children are receptive to these gifts; nor grateful; nor thankful! Remember: it’s a privilege, My sweet children, to be part of the Mission which I have entrusted to you, through My little son, Our ‘Little Pebble’ of Love. It is a great gift, from the Eternal Father, Son and Holy Ghost, for you and the whole world. Many are called but few are chosen, My sweet children and only a few respond to the Graces which We offer to mankind. It is because Our children’s hearts are selfish and self-centred and lack prayer in their lives – that this Grace is then removed. Therefore, many of Our children do not respond and do not see the gifts which lie behind what is given.”

So remember this well, My sweet children – especially today. The gift which God has given you, is to be here before My Beloved Son, Jesus, in the Tabernacle before your eyes. The Angels of Heaven come down to Adore My Divine Son here, before Jesus, in the Holy Eucharist. To them it is a great privilege and a great joy, to be able to come and worship My Divine Son; My Risen Lord.”

“Take it for granted that Jesus is here, My sweet children, for Jesus Lives here in the Tabernacle – in your midst! There is no greater Gift that God, the Eternal Father, can grant to you, Our sweet children, than to have His Divine Son – Spiritually, Mentally and in Divinity – here before you. Remember the privileges which you have been granted; do not waste them, but use the opportunities which God avails to you. And this I say to the whole Church and the whole world: be mindful, My sweet children, of the gift that the Eternal Father has given you: that Jesus Christ – the Eternal Son; the Divine King and Saviour – is present in your midst; in the Tabernacles on your Earth; in the Houses of My Divine Son!”

“Be grateful, for the time will come when even My Divine Son’s Presence in the Holy Eucharist will be removed from the world, by [to] a great degree and this will come soon, My sweet children! And the reason why? because Holy Writ must be fulfilled, to the letter!! So be grateful, My sweet children, for what you have; be grateful for each other, for God has placed each and every one of you together at this time – at this point of time in history – purposely, to sanctify each other; to help each other to live a Christian life and to live Holy lives. It is a Blessing from the Eternal Father, My sweet children. Be not ungrateful children; be not forgetful children; do not be lethargic in your manner and ways, but be ever grateful for the Resurrection of My Divine Son, Who wrought Salvation from His Most Holy Suffering, for the whole world!”

“One last thing I wish to say: pray often, too, My sweet children, for the aborted babies. Do not forget them, for they need your blessings and your help and for this I ask a special request of My Maternal Heart: that throughout the whole world a chain of prayers be instigated, through the Houses of Saint Charbel, for the little ones. I know that there is much prayer in these houses upon Earth. These houses gain much Grace for the salvation of humanity and for this reason I make My appeal to the hearts of My children to pray for Our little ones who have been aborted – murdered – in the wombs of their mothers; who are now cast into Limbo, through no fault of their own, and need Baptism to gain entrance into the Kingdom of My Divine Son.”

The prayers I ask are the prayers which My Divine Son dictated so many years ago. I ask that they be offered through all the Houses of prayer; and I promise you that, if you fulfill this request of My Immaculate Heart, ten thousand upon ten thousand upon ten thousand shall be released on this evening if you heed My Words. This I ask of you as your Heavenly Mother; the Mother of all children. I Bless you all, My sweet children; all the children of the whole world and all the Houses of Prayer, which bear the name of Saint Charbel. May God be praised in the Resurrection of His Divine Son and in all the children of the Light who bear His Name in silent victory and love! I Bless you all: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: I can see Saint Louis Marie de Montfort standing to the right of Our Most Holy Mother and he is coming forward. I have not seen him very often in the past.

ST. LOUIS MARIE de MONTFORT: “My beloved child: I will not keep you long this evening; however, I wish the whole Church and the whole world to know that the True Devotion to Our Most Holy Mother must be practiced by every Christian who loves Our Blessed Mother; True Devotion which I taught you from the very Mouth of Our Most Holy Mother so many years ago. To add to Our Blessed Mother’s Words, I wish to encourage all of our children – especially our Priest-sons – to pray much for the unbaptized babies and I also ask a special favour, which I request through my beloved brother, Father Gabriel. I ask, my dear son, that you pray very much to the Holy Ghost and the Queen of Heaven in the coming months, that you be inspired to a liturgy concerning the Mass for the unbaptized and present this to Rome, for the Church must now pray to baptize these unbaptized so that they may reach the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God.”

“I commission this work to you, my beloved brother and to your fellow Priests, who will also assist you in this work. I Bless you all, my sweet children, with Our Most Holy Mother and Her Divine Son: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. Continue now, sweet children of the Light and pray the Most Holy Rosary in honour of Our Holy Queen. Thank you, my son. (Rosary is continued.)


(Domanski said that at the time of the elevation of the Chalice
during the Mass, Jesus Blessed the Priests and the congregation.)

DOMANSKI: Our Lord Jesus is coming closer, standing on a cloud – closer and closer towards us – and is wearing a red tunic. His Wounded Heart is visible and His Head, also, is Wounded.

OUR LORD: “I, Jesus Christ, have come down to the Earth to strengthen you, My children of this country. My son: it is good that you have come to Australia and have joined together with My son, the ‘Little Pebble’; it is a great Grace.”

“A great Mission awaits you both in this country. My children have given Me great joy because they have come to this Church, for I, Jesus Christ, was here while the Mass was being celebrated. You saw how I Blessed My servant when he raised the Chalice. There is great joy in My Heart – but not all wish to serve My Mother and I.”

“My son: look how My Heart is Wounded in this country! This Heart is Wounded because of the sins committed in this country. There is much sin in Australia and throughout the whole world – and also in your country. My son: travel everywhere. Let them turn back to My Mother and I. I, Jesus Christ, have spread a coat over this country and over the whole world, but they should consecrate their hearts to My Mother and I.”

“My son: when you came here from that mountain I, Jesus Christ, Blessed you all and was present with you all the time. When you stepped off the aeroplane and got into the car My Mother and I were watching over you, for you are our children. It gave Us great joy, because Our servants came here and celebrated the Holy Mass. They have received great Graces from My Mother and I.”

“I, Jesus Christ, have chosen these servants so that they may serve My Mother and I. These are My servants and the ‘Little Pebble’ is also My servant. He is following the road which I, Jesus Christ, have shown him. My son: he will still be persecuted, but tell him to follow the road which My Mother and I have shown him. Tell him to remain strong, for an attack will be made to test him; but he has to overcome it all, for I am watching over him, together with My Mother. Announce that the Houses of Prayer are to be spread more throughout this country, for theses prayers are very necessary for this country!”

“My son: when you were in the place where the Mother of God Appears in Australia, when the procession was on I, Jesus Christ, took part in that procession, together with My Mother. It gave Us great joy, because the Holy Mass was celebrated at the Apparition site of the ‘Little Pebble’. You and the ‘Little Pebble’ received a Message: these Messages are to be spread throughout the whole world so that all may know that you, My son, have been here in Australia. It will also be a support to all those who receive Messages from My Mother and I, for many of them persecute this place – but they will ask pardon and will come back to My Mother and I. They will receive a warning because they mocked Australia and the Messages received here by the ‘Little Pebble’.”

“My son: travel with him, further; he will be strengthened much more through this Blessing, for I, Jesus Christ, will be with you, together with my Mother. My son: a Blessing will be given now for My servants who are present here. They will receive a great Blessing through this statue – My statue of the Open Heart. Look, My son, how My Heart is moving; and the hand – how it is being raised up high. And now there will be a Blessing for My representative, John Paul II and for My servants on the Earth: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“And now, a Blessing for the ‘Little Pebble’ and for you, My son: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. A Blessing for you, My children, because you have come here to this Chapel and a Blessing for your families: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“My son: tell the one from America that he will remain here in this country – but he will still be persecuted and will have difficulties; but let him consecrate his heart to My Mother and I – he will overcome everything. A Blessing for him on his road, so that his mission may be fulfilled here: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. Peace be with you, and with your spirit.”