Message NO. 243

Feast of Our Lady of Fatima

Wolves in sheep’s clothing are causing much dissention in My Divine Son’s House – The times you are living in are difficult and far worse than in the time of Noah, in the time of Moses and in the time of the Reformation – I have been sent by My Divine Son to the world to prepare Our children for the Second Coming – We have much work for you and Domanski, to save the Church from its ruination.

LITTLE PEBBLE: We will offer-up the Rosary as consolation to Jesus and Mary and especially in reparation for the abuses of the Holy Eucharist; we also pray for our Holy Vicar. (Rosary is recited.)

The sky has opened-up – a beautiful blue sky; everything here has disappeared and has been replaced by what seems to be Saint Peter’s Square, in the Vatican. Our Blessed Mother stands on the dome of the Church and Saint Michael stands behind Her.

Our Lady is dressed in a dazzling white robe and a beautiful blue mantle and veil. She resembles Her depiction on the Miraculous Medal, with Her hands outstretched. Beautiful rays of Light come from Her Fingers and fall upon the Church of Saint Peter and also, upon us here. Behind Saint Peter’s there’s the beautiful White Cross which is associated with these Apparition Grounds. It has been revealed that this White Cross is the symbol of the Victory to come! Our Holy Mother descends from the dome and comes very close to our Shrine. Our Lady is wearing rings on Her Fingers; they symbolize Grace – the Angels have told me – but I note that the rays coming from some Fingers are not as strong as others! The Angels explain that these are Graces which are yet to be given to the world through our Holy Mother.

Our Lady looks to be reasonably content at the moment; She is smiling as She looks about Her. Her Arms are still extended and it’s beautiful to see the rays falling upon the people here. Saint Peter’s Square is behind Our Lady now; Saint Michael is still standing there, very tall, holding-up his sword, as though ready to bring it down upon the Church! Surrounding the Church and our Blessed Mother, here , are many Angels who are dressed in pastel-coloured garments. The scene is very splendid and Our Lady brings Her Hands together in Prayer.

OUR LADY: “I Bless you, My sweet son, Our ‘Little Pebble’ of Love and all Our children, here upon the Holy Grounds and throughout the world: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“I welcome you, My sweet child, back to your land and to My Grounds, which Jesus has sanctioned by His Presence. I Bless all My children and welcome them with open Arms. I, your Heavenly Mother – Mother of Grace – call all Our children to come to Me, your Heavenly Mother, as I wish to take you to My Divine Son, Jesus, Who is your Lord and God.”

“My dear child: Your recent journeys have brought many souls back to My Divine Son. This is a special Grace We are giving to the Church in these last hours. You will travel, My sweet child, many more times because, by your travels, many souls will convert, and learn of the Truth.”

“The difficulties in the Church today, My sweet child and dear children, are that there are many shepherds who, are asleep. For this reason We send out to the Church and to the world Our Seers, to give them the Words of My Divine Son and I, that these shepherds may wake from their slumber, because the Church is in crisis. There are many wolves within My Son’s House! These wolves are ravishing Our children; these wolves in sheep’s clothing are causing much dissention in My Divine Son’s House upon Earth! For this reason My Divine Son and I come to the world to save Our children; to give them the Light, where there is much darkness in the Church and in the world.”

“To the children of the Light: you must be the light at all times; you must go before all and show forth the Truth and herald the Words of My Divine Son, Jesus Christ – the Son of the Living God! You must tell all Our shepherds and all the wayward children, that Jesus Died for them; that Jesus, My Divine Son, is awaiting them in the Blessed Eucharist in the Tabernacles of your Churches. All My children of the Light must bear fruit by much prayer, [and] many sacrifices, to atone for the sins of the world!”

“The times you are living in, My sweet children, are difficult times – far worse than in the time of Noah; far worse than in the time Moses; far worse than in the time of the Reformation! Yes, My sweet children, You are in the time foretold by My Divine Son; by the Prophets of Old; by the Apostles and by the Saints of the past two thousand years. You are living at the end, My sweet children – the ‘end of time’ – the time of the Antichrist! The Antichrist is twofold – singular, as one person and also spiritual. Atheism throughout the world, is the main Antichrist, My sweet children, because they (atheists) deny the existence of the Triune God and the Saviour – My Divine Son, Jesus Christ. The Antichrist himself also lives and is now causing havoc amongst Our children – even amongst the elect!!”

“Time is short, My sweet children; time is very short!! You must now repent, for you have time to change your lives – to come onto the path which is narrow. It is the path of righteousness and Truth – which is My Divine Son, Jesus Christ. The Return of My Divine Son is near – much nearer than most people believe and understand! For this reason I have been sent by My Divine Son to the world, to prepare all Our children for the Coming of the ‘King of Kings’ into the world, in His Second Coming. This was Prophesied by the Old Prophets and the New and is now being revealed throughout the whole world, to many of Our children.”

“My dear children: You must take-up your Rosaries; pray much more, for the salvation of man is dependent upon these prayers – for many souls are lost because not enough souls are praying for them.”

“Today is a special day of My Immaculate Heart, for it was on this day that I came to Fatima and spoke to the three young children. On this very day too, I am now speaking to you once again in this time – in this age – of the Church with the same Words that I gave at Fatima, My sweet children. I am repeating the same Words in every nation. Repent, My sweet children!! Come to My Divine Son, Who awaits you. Receive the Sacraments – especially of penance – so your sins will be forgiven and absolved. You need only to open your hearts, My sweet children, for We are standing here waiting for you, for We Love you. For this reason I come so often to call Our children to pray. Prayer, My sweet children, is of great importance, for it is a communication between you and your Heavenly Father; prayer, My sweet children, is a gift to your souls. It gives food to your innermost being; it strengthens you against the attacks of the evil one, who is there, always waiting to devour you; waiting to tempt you in every way; to take you away from My Divine Son and I. So listen, My sweet children.”

“Today I come to you with many Graces, to offer these Graces to you. All you need to do is ask and it shall be given to you, for I am your Heavenly Mother – the Mother of Love. I seek no-one to be lost but, rather, to be saved. For this reason I go from town to town, from village to village, country to country, until I can gather all the sheep which have been scattered; all the sheep which have been devastated because of sin; because of suffering and pain.”

“Come to Me, My sweet children, for My Arms are opened to you and I await you, to take you to My Divine Son. I Love you, My sweet children, as only a mother can. Remain at peace and trust in your Heavenly Mother. The world may truly be going to be crucified, however, I, as your Heavenly Mother, will stand by you to receive your hearts. So be not afraid; trust in My Immaculate Heart Which Loves you so much!”

“I Bless you all, My sweet children and encourage you to continue on this road, which leads to Jesus, My Divine Son. Carry your crosses with patience, My sweet children, because these crosses are given to you from the Love of My Divine Son – for your salvation and the salvation of many. Turn to Me and I will give you all that you ask – but only by the asking! I Bless you all: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“My sweet child: Soon you will be travelling once again to gather the flock. Remember that My Divine Son and I are always with you. We give you Our Blessing and a Blessing, too, for Domanski, Our beloved son from Poland. The two of you will bring the sheep, which have been scattered, back to My Divine Son, in peace. Pray much, my sweet child, for We have much work for you and Domanski to save the Church from its ruination. And to all Our children: Pray much for Our Seers, that they may be strengthened in their work, which they are doing for My Divine Son and I.”

“I Bless you, My child and your brother, Domanski and all the Seers of the world: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“Continue, My sweet children, with your prayers, for they are badly needed now for Holy Mother Church. Pray especially for Our Holy Vicar, who is undergoing much stress at these times. Soon, My children will see many changes within Holy Mother Church – these changes will bring division amongst many of the clergy. Pray much, My sweet children and remember that your Heavenly Mother is always there, waiting for you. Peace be with you.”

(The Rosary is continued.)