Message 251 – 13 July 1989



The cross will become heavier for the Children of the Light – I am the ‘Porthole’; the Refuge of Sinners; Gateway to Heaven and to My Divine Son – Many will persecute and call you insane because of My Name and the Name of My Divine Son – At La Salette I gave special Messages to the Church; these Messages are now about to be fulfilled – Fight the enemy who is entrenched very deep in the Church and in the lives of many; none other than Lucifer.

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Blessed Mother is already here, dressed as ‘Our Lady of the Ark, Mary Our Mother, Help of Christians’; it is a long time since I have seen Our Lady under this Title. She doesn’t have the Infant Jesus with Her, but holds the Ark in both Hands – and It is much larger than usual. In a semi-circle around Our Mother are many Angels. The beautiful Holy White, Cross – the Victorious Cross of Our Lord – shines very high in the sky and many Angels kneel before It. It has become part of the Apparition, for It has been visible so often; has been seen by many people. Our Lady places the Ark out in front of Her and It remains there, suspended! I do not know the significance of this. Now the Rosary is drawn-out from the sash around Her Waist; Our Lady takes-up the Crucifix and kisses Jesus:

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“My beloved child, Our ‘Little Pebble’ of Love, and all My sweet children here present and throughout the world: I come today to give you Blessings from My Divine Son; from His Most Sacred Heart; [from] the recesses of His Divine Love for mankind. I come today with the Ark. My children may wonder what this means. The Ark, My sweet child and dear children, is My Immaculate Heart! It is a ‘housing of refuge’ for all My children – especially in the coming days of trial – upon all the inhabitants of the world. There is much suffering now, My sweet children, in the lives of many of Our children, especially those dedicated to the road of sanctification – for this road is the Cross!”

“My sweet children: The Cross will not be lighter now, but rather, will become heavier for the children of the Light as they proceed towards the Reign of Peace, which will be given to mankind very soon. In the past few days, My sweet child and dear children, I have wandered throughout the whole world, speaking to Our children of God’s great Love for them and His Mercy and His Desire to save all of mankind! However, as I have spoken to this generation many times: The times that you live in now are very difficult and will become even more difficult, as you progress on the ‘Hill of Calvary’ of your lives.”

“There is much confusion amongst Our children – especially the children of the Light – as they try to proceed on this road to Calvary. Think of the confusion at the Crucifixion, My sweet children – the scandal – the division of the hearts! My Son was a Sign of Contradiction and still is, even to the children of the Light!! Yet, My sweet children, this must be, for if you are with the Light people will be scandalized by you and will look at you as a sign of contradiction in terms and in life – as My Son was. However, My sweet children, the Cross is the only and sure refuge and Truth for mankind. All the world must bend their knees to their God [Who was] Crucified on the Cross of Calvary; then Our children will understand the full meaning of this wondrous act of Divine Love and Mercy for mankind. The time now, My sweet children, is to pray very much. Pray for your brothers and sisters that they may learn to love and cherish their faith in Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God. I am the ‘Porthole’; the refuge of sinners; the ‘Gateway’ to Heaven and the ‘Gate’ to My Divine Son. I come to you as your Holy Mother of the Ark; the Ark: The refuge and place where all My children can come in[-to] ‘safe harbour’. You must wear, My sweet children, the Sacramentals, which We of Heaven have given to you, because, My sweet children, you are engaged now in a fierce battle with the spiritual world – the underworld – the evil spirits and fallen souls, for they now roam the Earth to take possession of your souls; to take you with them [to Hell]! Be not deluded, My sweet children; do not be confused; do not walk astray – away from the Truth of My Divine Son – but walk hand-in-hand with My Immaculate Heart and I will take you to [in a] safe journey – to ‘safe harbour’- on the Ark of My Heart.”

“The Church, My sweet children, will undergo great trial shortly, and your faith will be tested and you will know, My sweet children, what I and My Divine Son have told you over many years, for all things must be fulfilled to the Words that We have spoken to you. Many will persecute you and call you insane, because of My Name and the Name of My Divine Son, because of the Words which We have given throughout the world, through Our Prophets of this age. But you must remain firm in your faith, trust in My Immaculate Heart and be sure, My sweet children, that I and My Divine Son will watch over you, even though the day will become night! I will always be there as your Holy Mother, to guide your steps to the direction of My Divine Son.”

“There will be an eclipse, My sweet children, in My Divine Son’s House upon Earth. There will be two Churches, My sweet children: One Church will follow the Truth – the other will follow error! Know the difference, My sweet children. Read the many Messages which I and My Divine Son and the Saints and Angels have given to mankind over many, many, years and you will understand in the days and time that you are now approaching.”

“Many years ago, My sweet children, when I Appeared in France, at La Salette, I gave special Messages to the Church. These Messages, My sweet children, are now about to be fulfilled. Listen to them carefully and study them well because, My sweet children, Our Holy Vicar in Rome will be crucified to the Cross, as My Divine Son was. He already is a ‘martyr of faith’. He is going through a spiritual martyrdom, My sweet children – as you are. But soon this spiritual martyrdom will also be his physical martyrdom for the Church! Listen to My Words well, for time is short for the Church and also for the world as you know it!”

“Pray often, My sweet children. For this reason I come to the world, as your Heavenly Mother of Love, to encourage Our children to pray much for the salvation of all, because, My sweet children, when you see these dark days come upon you many of you will wish that you had listened to the Mother of God. But then it will be too late and many of you will cry bitter tears because many of your children, your brothers and sisters and mothers and fathers would have died and gone before you – many of them not in the state of Grace!! Therefore, My sweet children of the Earth, I, as your Heavenly Mother, plead with you: Unite, one and all, with a common goal to fight the enemy, the enemy who is entrenched very deep in the Church and in the lives of many of Our children throughout the world. And who is this enemy, My sweet children? – none other than Lucifer! Lucifer, My sweet children, is alive and well! He roams the world with many hordes of spirits – evil spirits – to devour you. He seeks your destruction, my sweet children. He seeks to destroy not only the Church of My Divine Son on Earth but, also, to destroy the world!!”

“The world cries “Peace”, but while the world cries “Peace”, My sweet children, they prepare for war! Can you not see this? Prepare your homes, My sweet children. Make sure that you have a fortress in your home. Be careful of those who enter your homes; know who they are, for there is much evil in the world today. The Devil, My sweet children – who was loosed upon the earth so many years ago – is now ruling most hearts of Our children, because the sins of the flesh – the sins of pride. The seven ‘Capital Sins’, My sweet children, are rampant amongst all Our children throughout the world and only a few remain in Grace and are receiving the Light of My Divine Son, to understand what is happening in the Church and in the world.”

“Prayer, My sweet children, will cast-out the evil one! Pray much in your homes; on your lands; in your factories. Yes, My sweet children, pray where you work; wherever you are. Never forget to whisper sweet love-words to My Divine Son, for in this way you will drive away the evil spirits, who close their ears to such utterances – for the evil spirits do not love prayer; they despise and hate it, because prayer hurts them!”

“O, children; O, children of the Earth: I plead with you as your Heavenly Mother. I Weep so many times because My sweet children do not listen to their Mother, but walk on their own, believing that they have the Truth; believing that they know what is best for them. But this is not so, My sweet children! I am your Heavenly Mother; I know what is best for you. For this reason I come to the world to embrace you in My Immaculate Heart; to protect you by placing My mantle over you. Even though all of you are sinners you are My children! I cannot abandon you – but you push Me aside; you reject My Words! And most of all [so do] the Religious, who should know better!! They have the Teachings given to them and yet they, most of all, have denied Me the love that is due to My Immaculate Heart!”

“My dear shepherds and Priest-sons of My Divine Son’s House upon Earth, I call to you now – as your Queen and Mother; ‘Queen of the Priests’: Come to Me now, for I seek your love. I seek also your help to save the Church and the world, for the world is well on its way to its own destruction, where millions and millions of souls will be lost forever. This mission of saving souls has been placed in your hands, My dear Priests-sons – and in the hands of those who follow the Light of My Divine Son, Jesus Christ. Prayer, My sweet children, is the weapon which is more powerful than any physical weapons that now exist in the world. Did not My Divine Son tell you that if you have the faith of a mere mustard seed how much you could do? So by the prayers of the ‘little’ ones – pure of heart and ‘simple’ of mind, detached from the world – by their mere prayers on the ‘beads of love’ – they can change the course of an entire nation!!”

“My sweet children, it is not much that We ask of Our children – it is, simply, that Our children have faith and trust in Our Immaculate Hearts; trust in Our Words of Love and Counsel and Mercy. Will it be the same as in past generations, where the children of God rejected the messengers whom God gave to His Church on Earth? As in the Old Testament – and also in the New – children repeat the same mistakes as their fore-fathers had done before them!! Prophets are sent to the Church now in many countries of the world, repeating Our warnings to the Church and the world to repent and make reparation to their God! If only you would listen, My sweet children, as the King of the Ninevites did! Yes, he repented and the people repented, too; the city was saved! You can do the same, My sweet children of Australia – and of other nations of the world. With but a few prayers said, truly, from the heart many, many, many, souls can be ransomed!”

“I Love you, My sweet children and I offer you My Immaculate Heart, which Loves you. The Peace of My Divine Son remains always with you, My sweet children. Stay united in prayer; pray for those who are persecuting you now, that Jesus may Enlighten their hearts. Pray for those who despise you and abuse you. Pray for them! Be not judges, My sweet children. Forgive all, seven times seventy and even more! Forgive your brothers and sisters of their wrong towards you, for they are in darkness; they need your comfort, your understanding and perseverance, for you must resemble the Light Which is Jesus Christ. You must be the ‘light’, as Jesus Christ is the Light to your souls – for then the Church will be renewed in heart and the Devil will be driven out and cast into the pit where he belongs.”

“Pray – and pray again, My sweet children! These are My Words to you as your Heavenly Mother. I Bless you all, My sweet children of the Light and all children throughout the world: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. Be not afraid, My sweet children; there is nothing to fear for I am always there, waiting for you.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: I can now see the Infant Jesus; He sits, smiling, on the Ark and looks to be about eighteen months old; is very, very, pretty. The Ark has lowered a little – not that Jesus is heavy!

OUR LADY: “See the Ark, My dear child? Is not the Ark My Divine Son? Are We inseparable, My sweet child and dear children? The Hearts of Jesus and Mary are but one Heart! Yes, My sweet and dear children, it is a great Mystery! Did not Jesus come from My Heart, as I came from His Heart? We are One, My sweet children – united in One Love in the Father and the Spirit of Light and Love. It is a great Mystery! I am not, My sweet children, the fourth Identity of God – there is only the Triune God: Father, Son and Holy Ghost; but the Word became Flesh through My Virginal Heart and Jesus, the Son of the Living God, took His Part of My Heart, as I was Created through His Heart; therefore, We are One Heart – the Ark for the salvation of mankind!”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Jesus raises His little hand and Blesses us:

OUR LORD: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

OUR LADY: “Finally, My dear child, I wish to Bless all the Seers of the world – all those who are united you and all those who are in error and in confusion; even those who have become weak. I Love them all. I Bless all the Seers and Prophets whom I and My Divine Son have sent to the Church in this time. Unite in one heart, My sweet children, as the Hearts of Jesus and Mary are united in One Heart of Love: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“And to all the children here present – those who have come with hearts full of sorrow: Be not sad, My sweet children, for I and My Divine Son Love you and We will help you through your trials and difficulties. Thank Jesus, My Divine Son, for the crosses which He gives you, even though they are difficult to bear. But remember, these crosses are for your sanctification and salvation and the salvation of many around you. Continue to offer these sufferings to Me and My Divine Son and you shall gain much merit before the Triune God and you will understand, in time, why these crosses were given to you.”

“I Love you, sweet children and Bless all of you here present now: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”