Message 316 – 6 July 1991



Justice will be wrought, for we cannot allow mankind to continue on this road of abominations, sacrilege and all atrocities that befit only the Evil One – You have rejected the Queen of All Prophets and all My Prophets since time began – You are being tested, strengthened and purified for the time to come; you must all go along the Road of Calvary, especially in this time of the Latter Days – We have placed a great test upon Our children through Our Little Pebble; this will bring you to perfection; all that happens with Our Prophets has happened in the past.

LITTLE PEBBLE: There is a White Cross just before the Tabernacle – it has been there for the whole Rosary. There is a tremendously brilliant Light coming from within and also from behind the Tabernacle. Very deep into the sky there are many Angels present and others are before the Tabernacle – the Holy Angels of the Altar. Two great Angels kneel at the side of the Altar; there are two Angels here to my right side, prostrate on the ground. Coming out of the Tabernacle now, in tremendous Light, is Our Lord, to stand on the Altar. He is really brilliant, in a beautiful white gown. Across His Chest and one Shoulder a red sash is draped. Tied to the bottom of it is a sword – something I have never seen before in regard to Him. Saint Michael stands in the distance, also with his sword.

Now I can see many, many, Angels coming from the brilliant Light in the sky – coming to stand beside Our Lord. They too, have a red sash across their chest and also carry a sword. Our Lord now grasps its hilt and holds it in front of Him – a very unusual sword, not like any sword that I have ever seen. The sword is a very brilliant, goldish bright light; it’s very hard to say what it is! The Angels say it is the Sword of Justice and Truth – a two-edged sword. Our Lord looks very serious; I haven’t seen Him as serious for a long time.

He wears a Crown which is a sign of authority; on top of it is a beautiful Cross. Our Lord looks about the Chapel – now towards the world – and it is as though I am – I don’t know – seeing this through Our Lord’s Own Eyes. I can see the world as though from Heaven – standing over the world. All the Angels – there are many thousands of them – are standing in a Vee-shape which goes all the way to Heaven, starting beside Our Lord and then tapering upwards.

Our Lord and the Angels all raise their swords and Saint Michael speaks-out with a thundering voice: “Who is like unto God”? He is larger than all the Angels put together; extraordinarily huge. The Angels are saying: “Let Justice be done, Divine Saviour – and Judge over mankind”. I can now see a tremendous Light, in the far distance, coming at a rapid speed – a ball of fire coming towards Our Lord. It stops here in this Chapel. It is about six feet in diameter and a lot of sparks come out of it. It is very brilliant.

Now I can see Our Holy Mother, dressed in red. She steps out of the ball of Light and places Herself between me and Our Lord and, also, before the world. She prostrates Herself upon the ground; the Holy Spirit comes and hovers over Our Lord and the Eternal Father is here, too.

Our Lady kneels – then holds-up Her Rosary, pleading with Our Lord for more time for the world. I can also see many Angels from the different Choirs; many Saints are coming from Heaven – they also place themselves before Our Lord, joining Our Lady in supplication. Our Lord looks at Our Lady and all that are gathered and He smiles! Our Lord now looks over at me and gives His sword to one of the Angels.

OUR LORD: “I Bless you, My dear son, Our Little Pebble of Love and all My sweet children here present and throughout the world: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“My dear child and dear children: Justice will soon come to the Earth. It is only through My Immaculate Mother and Her Intercession and those holy ones upon Earth and in Heaven and in Purgatory – that Justice has not come upon the world in its fullness! You still have time, dear children, to repent and change your ways, but time is short for mankind for, soon – even through the Intercession of My Immaculate Mother – the world cannot receive a reprieve, for mankind have closed their hearts to Our Graces. Therefore, Justice will be wrought, for We cannot allow mankind to continue on this road of abominations, sacrilege and all the atrocities that only befits the Evil One. Time marches on, My sweet children; the time for My Coming to the Earth is very near; the world shall tremble at My Just Hand. Be grateful to My Most Holy Mother, Who has brought many of you to My Feet, due to the time that you have been given – and extended, many times.”

“The world proceeds on its own course, forgetting the Mercies of God and His Divine Love. I have sent to you My Most Holy Mother – the Queen of all Prophets – and yet you reject Her as you have rejected all My Prophets; you have rejected all My Prophets since time began! For those in the Light of My Heart: Continue to go forward, My sweet children, holding on to the apron of your Most Holy Mother, with the beads of Love in your hearts and continue on this road, with your prayers. The world is now going through a crucible of suffering and trials so that all My children who are to be saved will be purified and strengthened, to prepare them for the coming of My adversary. The man of perdition is already on the Earth, proclaiming his wonders and power. Listen not to him, dear children, or you shall fall into the trap that will take you away from My Heart and the Heart of My Most Holy Mother. These are the times that the Prophets have spoken about – the `end of time’. Within a few short years, My sweet children, I will return and restore the world to its beauty – [as it was] before man destroyed it.”

“You must continue, My dear children of the Light, to defend the truth with faith and follow the path that I have laid out for you, which is none other than the road of Calvary. There is no other path that leads to Heaven, My sweet children. Do not try to leave this path for, if you do, you shall go on the wide road that leads to perdition, for there is only one way to Heaven and that is through sacrifices, through penance and atonement for your sins; with love. Let my Mother, Mary – the Immaculate Spouse of My Spirit – guide you on this path that leads to happiness and peaceful fulfilment. We did not promise that your lives would be lives without suffering, but We promised that you would have peace in your hearts; that you would follow this path with resignation and joyful acceptance of the Divine Will. The Chastisement that the Eternal Father has decreed for mankind is now being fulfilled, day by day, throughout the world. The Mystical Body is also going through its crucifixion, as was foretold many centuries ago by My Apostles, by the Saints and by the Doctors and Teachers of My Church upon Earth. You must now stand firm in your faith, dear children, for all of you are being tested to the last drop because you need to be purified and strengthened for the time to come. As I, your Divine Master and Shepherd, had to go along the Road of Calvary, so must all My followers – especially in this time of the latter days. You have My Most Holy Mother to console you, to strengthen you and to guide you on this path that leads to the Kingdom of My Father, and yours.”

“At this present moment, We have placed a great test upon Our children through the instrument of Our Love, Our ‘Little Pebble’ of Love. It is this test, My sweet children, that will bring you to perfection in time to come. You must remain firm, for all that has been prophesied in this Mission of My Blessed Mother shall be fulfilled to the very last letter, for the greater Glory of My Father in Heaven and for the sanctification of Our children on Earth. All that happens with Our Prophets throughout the world has always happened in the past to test Our children and the Prophets. Nothing should be surprising to Our children, however. It is to be said – as I have said many time before – God’s Ways are not Man’s Ways; God’s Thoughts are not Man’s thoughts. It is not for man to understand the Wisdom of God, nor the Mind of God. It is for man to be obedient to Truth and the revealed Truth of His Teachings through the Magisterium of My Church upon Earth and through the Word of My Spirit since time began. It is faith that I seek from My children; it is obedience to Truth that I seek from My little ones. It is not understanding that I seek, but faith and from your hearts I seek the fiat, as My Most Holy Mother did so many centuries ago: Thy Will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.”

“Yes, My sweet children, the road to the Kingdom of My Father and yours, is a road most difficult – but [it is] a road of perfection. It is for this reason that I gave you the many holy men and women in holy Church, so you would have the guiding light to follow the path of Justice and Truth. And it is in this Light of great faith and obedience that all those who are sanctified and are now in Heaven, followed the path similar to your path right now. It was only faith and obedience that kept these souls on this path that reached Paradise.”

“So, My children of My Heart throughout the world – take up your cross and follow Me, for I am the Good Shepherd – and I shall lead you to green pastures where there shall be peace and love and joy forever. The world will go through a crucible of suffering so that all My children will be purified and perfected. This shall increase in intensity as time presses on before My Second Coming to the world. Pray for one another; support one another; strengthen one another with your love, your trust and with your confidence in one another, for you are My brothers and My sisters; My mothers and My fathers; My daughters and My sons. Together, with love, you will conquer all for the greater Glory of My Father in Heaven and yours! Hold on to My Most Holy Mother. Repeat Her Aves, often, so Grace will flow upon the Church and upon the world for the conversion of sinners. You still have time, My sweet children of the world, before My Just Hand shall fall and crush many of you. So use this time of Mercy that I give you to gather souls for the Kingdom of God – and all of you must learn to be merciful and to forgive one another. As I am Merciful to you and forgive you all your sins so frequently, so must you forgive your brothers and sisters in the same manner. Do not judge; judge no man, lest you be judged according to your own judgements. Leave this for Me, for I am the Judge of all humanity. Pray for one another and let love be your guiding heart.”

“And with this, My sweet children, I Bless you – from My Most Sacred Heart – through the Heart of My Most Holy Mother, the Purest of all creatures on Earth, in Heaven and in the underworld; She is the Immaculate One Who will be the salvation of humanity. I Bless you all: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. May the Peace of My Spirit from the Father be with you and strengthen you, dear children, in the coming days of trial and tribulation.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Blessed Mother now stands up, and the Saints go behind the Angels and behind Our Lord. Our Lord now looks over to [Name Withheld].

OUR LORD: “My daughter: seek not the counsel of men, but seek My Counsel. Do not try to work out My Plan, for My Plan is Infinite and no human can comprehend it. Trust in Me, for I am the Master of My Plan for My children. I have told you what I seek of you; be obedient and be humble in My Heart and you will receive the strength that you need to follow through with what I and My Most Holy Mother have asked of you. There is nothing to fear for I am Peace itself and, with me, Peace is given to all souls who seek it. I love you, My daughter, and give you My Peace and Blessing. Follow the path that I and My Immaculate Mother have told you to. In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lord now glides back, deep into the sky and disappears. Our Holy Mother is still here and She turns around towards me, smiling. Today She wears a beautiful red dress, a white veil and on Her Head a Crown of roses. Thank you Mother. Our Lady continues to smile and I can see Her Hair, some of which spills over the front of Her Shoulders as She looks about this room. I always find it very interesting to see how Our Lady seems to be searching for something, looking at every person individually – into their soul; reading them very quickly.

OUR LADY: “My Blessed son, Our ‘Rock’ of Love: I Bless you and all Our dear children of the world: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost.”

Dear holy son: continue, dear child, on the path that My Divine Son and I have placed you upon. This road, dear child, is a difficult road for you, but you must travel it to the very end. I am always beside you, dear child, to help you on this road of great trial, but soon this trial will be over and a great Victory will be heralded through My Immaculate Heart. Only a little longer, dear child, and your heart – which is now carrying a burden – shall be lifted, and great joy shall flood therein. This sorrow, dear child, is similar to the sorrow that I and Saint Joseph had, while we walked the earth. You, too, must carry this Cross that My Divine Son has given to thee. And all My children throughout the world: you must pray, pray and pray again that all My children be strengthened to carry their crosses, because it is through the Cross that great virtues are given to Our children and merit is attained for their sanctification and for the whole Church, because each one of you is a member of the Mystical Body of Christ. Therefore, when one child suffers all of the body suffers with that child; and likewise, when one child is joyful, the whole body shares in this joy. So now the Cross is there, My sweet son and dear children – but, soon, the joy shall come and God’s Glory shall be seen in all that was foretold, because all that God gives to the world and to the Church is for the salvation of sinners and the salvation and sanctification of souls. So, therefore, bear patiently with love, and hope that everything that My Divine Son and I have told to you, My dear child – and to the other souls throughout the world – will be fulfilled for the greater Glory of God and for the salvation of many souls throughout the world.

I thank you, dear child and sweet children here present – and throughout the world – for standing firm with thy faith. It is through this faith that you bear witness to God’s Truth and Justice, and through this, souls are edified and saved. I, your most Holy Mother, am always with you; for those children who seek to follow the Truth. So pray much, My sweet children. Do not judge one another, but take up My `beads of Love’ and pray them often, so many Graces will flow throughout the world, for many souls have great crosses and heavy burdens at this moment. Like My Divine Son, Who had to carry His Cross, so must you follow in His Footsteps. I followed My Divine Son on the way to Calvary – and I follow your footsteps, helping you on your way to sanctification.

“I love you all, My sweet children and especially you, My dear child, who has been given the Cross of My Divine Son. I Bless you all from My Immaculate Heart, through the Heart of My Divine Son Who is the Redeemer of all humanity: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost.”

“Continue now, sweet children, with your prayers, for they are truly needed in this time of great trial for many of Our children. I will speak to you now, privately, dear child.”