Message 317 – 13 July 1991

13TH JULY, 1991


Feast of the Rosa Mystica

Reads the lives of the Holy Ones who have passed away; their lives were a sacrifice for My Divine Son – The sins of the world cry to Heaven for Justice – Dear Mothers and Fathers: Through the Holy Rosary I will save your children, your families and loved ones – I weep so very much to see so many children go to Hell, lost for all time, because not enough sacrifices and prayers are offered for them – Pray for Pope John Paul II, soon he will undergo great trial.

LITTLE PEBBLE: As we started the Procession to the little Chapel here, Our Holy Mother also followed (much higher than the bier) and Our Lady is beautifully adorned in white clothing with a blue Mantle coming down from the Head – right down to Her feet and She followed through, until we reached the Shrine and then She went for a while.

Saint Michael has now been standing behind the big Cross and he has been holding up a brilliant Sword all this time. He was also with us in the Procession – with many, many hundreds of Angels that followed.

I now see Our Holy Mother once again. She is coming through the centre beam of the Cross and it is like a big shaft of light. It is coming straight from the Cross beam – right into the Shrine. Our Holy Mother is standing right outside the Shrine, only about a metre or so and Our Holy Mother has on the same clothing and on Her Head She has a beautiful Crown of Roses of all different colours and many Angels are gathering in a semi-circle around Our Holy Mother. In Her right hand She holds Her beautiful pearl Rosary with the golden Our Father Beads and the golden Crucifix.

All the Holy Angels (there are many of them) are all dressed in different colours and have different Crowns on, and they are holding beautiful garlands of roses and flowers of all different types in their hands. The Angels are now coming towards the Shrine and right around it and throwing these beautiful roses and flowers onto the Shrine and onto the people.

Our Holy Mother looks very beautiful and She is just smiling. It is very beautiful. The Angels now go back behind Our Lady. Our Lady takes the Crucifix and kisses Jesus.

OUR LADY: “In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“My Beloved child and My sweet children here and throughout the world: I come today as Our Lady of Grace for all Nations, to distribute amongst My children the Graces that are needed for their salvation and for this time, where there are many trials laid upon Our children. Especially I come today, as a Mother for the Youth – the young of the world – who are so precious to My Immaculate Heart. I have come to give you encouragement, My sweet young ones, to follow the path of My Divine Son, for He too, was young like yourselves and followed the path of His Father in Heaven. The road for Our young children is very difficult at this time, for there are many temptations given to them by Lucifer, by the flesh and by the world.”

“If My children listen to My Word and hold on to the Truths of Holy Mother Faith, they need not fear; for there is a bright future for all Our beautiful children in this time.”

“Read of the Lives of the Holy Ones that have passed away, through many generations in Holy Mother Church, My sweet children, for their lives were a sacrifice for My Divine Son and they had joy and peace in their hearts, like you can. Even though the world is in great darkness at this time, there is still hope, there is still time for Mercy, for love and fulfilment in one’s lives for the Glory of the Eternal Father. So take courage, My sweet children. Hold on to My Hand and I will lead you on this path, that will bring you to My Divine Son with much happiness and peace.”

“To all My children of the world – the sins of the world cry to Heaven for Justice from the Eternal Father. However, the Eternal Father is merciful and patient with His children. It is for this reason He sends His Immaculate Daughter to the world to ransom sinners, before His just Hand falls upon the world. Even now, the world goes further into darkness, rejecting the Prophets that the Eternal Father has sent for their salvation.”

“I call all children of My Immaculate Heart: Take up My beads of love, My most holy Rosary and pray for sinners, that the Eternal Father will be merciful a little longer, to give time to gather the stray sheep into the fold. I plead with you, My sweet children of the Light. Be not afraid at this time, but go forward with faith and trust in My Divine Son, Jesus Christ, Who is the Shepherd of His sheep and will not lead you astray. These are crucial moments for mankind and only prayer can save Our children.”

“Have I not promised you, dear mothers and fathers, that through the Rosary I will save your children, your families, your loved ones? Then trust in Me, My sweet children and I will save you through the merits of the Precious Blood of My Divine Son.”

“There is still time for the world to change, but this time is short. I go throughout the world each day, gathering the children who have gone astray; for I am their Mother. I am not only the Mother of those that are saved, but even those that are in error and have gone far from Truth and far away from My Divine Son. I am also a Mother for the separated souls in Holy Mother Church; for I am the Mother of all souls and I weep so very much to see so many of My children go into Hell and they are lost for all time; all because not enough sacrifices and prayers are offered for these souls. Waste no more time, My sweet children, but pray, do sacrifices and penances for your brothers and sisters, that all may be saved, before the deluge of fire that shall come upon the world.”

“There is much talk of peace, My sweet children, but this peace is without My Divine Son. The more the world cries for peace, the more there shall be war; for war is a punishment from God for man’s sins. It saddens Our Hearts to see the nations tearing themselves apart, all for what, My sweet children, but for the destruction of souls. If you pray My most Holy Rosary, you will have peace. Consecrate yourselves to My Immaculate Heart dear children, and I shall place My Mantle not only over you, but over whole nations.”

“I Love you, sweet children; I care for you, for I am your Most Holy Mother. Be not afraid; pray – come and I will take you to My Divine Son, Who is waiting for you in the many Tabernacles throughout the world. My Divine Son is lonely; He seeks your company; He seeks your love. Speak to Him; tell Him all your sorrows and burdens and He will refresh you. The Eternal Father will never give you a Cross that you cannot carry, My sweet children, for He Loves you. He created you out of pure Love.”

“Pray much for Our Holy Vicar Pope John Paul II, for soon, he will undergo great trial for Holy Mother Church. Pray for all the Prophets, Seers and Voice-boxes throughout the world, which number many, to call back all the lost sheep. I love you sweet children and place within your hearts the Divine Fire, if you but say Yes to Our Words.”

“The peace of My Divine Son, Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God remain with you all. In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“And, I give My Special Love and Greetings to My two Mary’s, the children of My Heart. Listen to My Voice and follow all that I ask you and be not afraid, for I am with you. You are My children and I am your Immaculate Mother. I Bless you both from My Immaculate Heart. In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“Continue now, sweet children, with your prayers, because with these prayers, I can save souls. Peace be with you.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady now moves back towards the Cross with the Angels. The Rosary is now continued …