Promises from Our Lady to Families – 15 January 1993

Dear People of God,

Over these many years, I have been interested to know what sufferings and wounds both Jesus and Mary had suffered during Their lives – ones that had not been revealed before.

On 17 September, 1992, I asked Thornbush – Mystic of Canada – to ask Heaven for me, and also if there are any gifts or promises for those who honour these Wounds. Thornbush asked Our Lady on 5 October, 1992. Our Lady answered:

“My Thornbush: Nothing has been given, because the ones that have already been given are not honoured enough. My children have forgotten how much My Beloved Son suffered for them.”

NOTE: It must be understood that Jesus and Mary had already given an answer to Thornbush previously, due to the Little Pebble’s request, and Jesus replied about His Wounds on His right Hand and under His Feet, which I had already written about last year. It is because I wanted to know more, that prompted me to ask Heaven again.

On 24 October, 1992, I wrote a letter to Our Lady to be given to Her by Thornbush:

Dear Thornbush, Please read this open letter to Our Holy Mother:

My Beloved Mother, Mary the Immaculate,

You are truly a Mother, and especially You are my Mother. There never will be words enough to express to You my love or thanks for all that You have done for me and those close to me.

A few weeks ago, I asked You if there were any other sufferings or trials that Jesus, Your Divine Son, or You, had endured that were not, as yet, honoured, if you would reveal them so we can honour them. You, as Mother, in Your sweetness as always, said: “They are not revealed because, even those that are, are not honoured enough”, so You do not wish to reveal more.

Mother, I know Your Heart is truly sorrowful to see so few children take Your Love and Words seriously, but, please Mother, for the sake of the few who do love You, can you not please reveal to us, the great desire You have in Your Own Immaculate Heart for those sufferings and trials of Your Divine Son, Jesus and Yourself, which have not been revealed and honoured, so at least the little children who do love You and Jesus, can at least atone for the outrages You both have received by poor humanity.

I, Myself, desire to honour them, as I am sure that many others do also. Please, dearest Mother, who we truly love endlessly, take pity upon us sinners who need to succour You and Your Divine Son – who truly desire to make reparation.

Please forgive my boldness, Mother. Again I ask You in all humility: Tell us Thy anguish, Thy sorrow, Thy needs. Tell us those things that are now hidden from us little souls, that we, as Thy servants of love, may make up for all the ingratitude and lack of love that You and Your Divine Son, receive daily. Let us little souls wipe Your Tears and those of Your Loving Son, Jesus, and if it is in Thy bounty to grant my request, I boldly ask too, out of love for You and Your children – should You reveal these secrets – can we obtain signal graces and promises too.

I love You, Mother, and thank You for Your Motherly love for me, Your most unworthy servant. Thank You. May You be Eternally Praised.

Your obedient son.

The Little Pebble

* * *

Then Our Lady’s answer:

“Thornbush, I wish to tell you that when they scourged My Beloved Son and placed the Crown of Thorns through His Divine Head; when they dragged His Precious Body through the sand and the stones tore His Skin so much that, as the soldiers dragged, I saw Blood on the ground. Thornbush: When they tore off the clothing glued to His Skin because of the dried Blood, the wounds re-opened and Blood, once again, was shed.”  

“When whips hit his Most Sacred Body over and over again, causing more Blood to [be] shed – all of this time, silence is kept by His Most Divine Lips, for the love and salvation of Our dear children.”

(Mother said this with much love and sadness)

“Thornbush: When My Beloved Son was carrying the Cross and fell – three times – in My Heart I was carrying it with Him. When they nailed His Hands and Feet to the wood of the Cross, how I desired to have taken His place.”

“Thornbush: What so many of My children do not know, or refuse to believe [is] that
ALL My Beloved Son suffered – I suffered in my Heart and felt the pain also. This is why My children should know.”  

As Our Lady did not give any promises, I asked Her again on 21 December, 1992.

Mother, You revealed that Christ suffered the Wounds of dried Blood, being ripped open again and again, while being dragged along the ground. Are there any gifts or promises to those souls who will honour these wounds, please?

Our Lady said to Thornbush on 30 December, 1992:

OUR LADY: “Yes! at their death, I will assist them – those children who honour these Wounds will have ten years less in Purgatory.” 

My suggestion is to say a Rosary or three Glory Be’s in honour of Our Lord’s and Our Blessed Mother’s Wounds and Sufferings. Blessed be Jesus and Mary forever.

Their obedient servant,

The Little Pebble


Dear Children of God,

Once again I come to you to tell you of something that is very much in Our Lady’s Heart. For a long time I have desired to console Our Heavenly Queen, especially for the outrages She suffers daily, and how little people understand and appreciate the sufferings of Our Holy Mother.

I asked Our Lady through the Mystic, Thornbush of Canada, on 5 October, 1992, if She would reveal something about Our Lord’s sufferings and those of Our Lady.

Set out below is part of Our Lady’s answer to my question of that date:

OUR LADY: “Thornbush, how I desired to have taken His place (Jesus’ Sufferings). What so many of My children do not know, or refuse to believe, is that all that My Beloved Son suffered, I suffered in My Heart and felt the pain also. This is what My children should know.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: On the 12 January, 1993, I pleaded once again with Our Lady about honouring Her sufferings and I asked Thornbush to ask Our Lady, this is how I asked:

I would like to honour Our Lady’s sufferings and make the whole world aware of this. Could I boldly ask Our Holy Mother to obtain from Her Divine Son a Special Grace for those who will make reparation to Our Holy Mother for this suffering, and especially for those who do not believe Our Lady suffered the same [pain] as Her Divine Son, Jesus.

I suggested the offering of nine (9) Hail Mary’s as reparation and consolation to Our Lady. Then, if this were done, would Our Holy Mother concede the following Grace:

The Salvation of a family’s children from the age of reason to eighteen (18) years of age, even if only one member of the family says these prayers.

On the 12 January 1993 Our Lady answered Thornbush:

OUR LADY: “I desire My Little Pebble to know that, ‘Yes, this is My desire’, that My Little Pebble do this and this Grace will be obtained.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: So, dear people, especially those with children, let us pray and console our Lovely Queen who suffered so much and is still suffering.

What Gifts Our Heavenly Queen is granting to us! What Joy for parents!

May Jesus reward you and Bless you.

The Little Pebble