Message 390 – 1 May 1993

1ST MAY, 1993


Feast of Saint Joseph, the Worker

Many in authority will be accountable for souls damned and lost, due to them – Signs, wonders and many Graces have been placed aside; Heaven asks for the Holy Rosary – World soon be at War; U.S.A. has sold itself to the enemy; Russia using West to gain power and strength to control the world – You will be asked to defend the Queen of Heaven: Her Royalty and Dignity; Her role as Co-Redemptrix and Mediatrix of All Graces – It is urgent that Russia be Consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

LITTLE PEBBLE: During the last decade of the Rosary a brilliant Light appeared behind the Crucifix and a White Cross began to shine from within the Tabernacle. Further behind the Cross there is a diamond-shaped Light which issues little sparks and these shoot towards the Chapel. This has been going on for the past five minutes or so. There are two great Angels next to the Altar – one on each side, facing Our Lord – standing upright, each holding a sword that is held point-downwards.

A shaft of Light comes from the white Cross, towards the swords, then goes upwards towards the diamond-shaped Light, forming a huge Cross of Light. Now, coming out of the Light from the Tabernacle, I can see Jesus. He stands upon the Altar, looking very deeply at all of us with His beautiful blue Eyes and He is smiling. I can see the Wounds of Our Lord in the Hands, but they are not Bleeding. He does not have the Wounds of His Head, but I can see where His Feet were pierced. Light comes out of His Wounds. Jesus makes the Sign of the Cross.

OUR LORD: “In the Name of The Father and of The Son and of The Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: As Our Lord was Blessing Light came out of His right Hand; It passed through our bodies, giving a warm feeling. I can see the Sacred Heart of Jesus – Which is on His Chest, pulsating. Upon the top of the Heart, there is a little glowing White Cross. The Heart has Thorns around It, but is not bleeding. Our Lord smiles.

Jesus has on a beautiful white silken tunic – very soft looking and trimmed in gold. A cloak is over one of His Shoulders; a very beautiful red garment – neither dark nor light, but in-between. He doesn’t seem to be doing anything but look at us.

Now I can see that many Angels are coming, behind Our Lord; they hold wreaths that are made from leaves. There would be a hundred or so Angels and they are beginning to form a semi-circle around Jesus. Many of them are much taller than Our Lord, Who now comes towards us. He doesn’t walk, but floats upon the little cloud of Light, moving along the aisle on my left. I can see this without needing to turn around: It is the same as though I am looking at Him eye-to-eye. I do not know how; it is a mystery of the ‘Mystical World’, for I can see in all directions and it is very unusual. I can see Jesus as He glides, very slowly, to each person. He leans forward to kiss the head of each one and the Angels follow, as a Guard of Honour. He Blesses each person as He goes past and takes out of His Heart something which looks to be a little scroll of some sort. I do not know what is written on it. He places it upon the heads of the Community members.

Jesus is now coming up the centre aisle and the Altar is aglow with tremendous Light. He comes to the front and then to my right, to go down the other aisle, slowly, stopping at each soul. The wreaths of leaves have been placed upon the head of some of the members and a white cross is shining above them.

Jesus is now at the back of the Chapel. The Angels are very busy – they continue to place not only the wreaths, but also cloaks of different colours, over the members. Jesus comes back to the front, very swiftly, to Father Broussard, placing His two Hands over him, raising His Gaze to the Eternal Father, praying. Now He kisses Father Broussard on the forehead, takes a golden Cross from His Heart and places It in Father’s heart. He says:

OUR LORD: “You are My beloved son in whom I am well-pleased”.

LITTLE PEBBLE: Jesus now stands in front of me, placing His Hands over my head and praying to the Eternal Father. He takes a Sceptre out of His Heart and places it in mine. He says:

OUR LORD: “You, My beloved son, are ‘Peter’ and upon you I will rebuild My House upon Earth“.

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lord goes back to the Tabernacle; it is very large – the size of a building! He stands there and the Tabernacle is glowing, full of golden Light. Many Angels surround Our Lord.

OUR LORD: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“My blessed child, My ‘Little Pebble’ of Love and My beloved children here present and throughout the world: I have come this evening to give My children many Blessings and Graces for the future, so that you will have the fortitude and the courage that you need to carry your cross and follow Me – though the world will disown you and cast you aside as children gone mad, because you love the Saviour.”

“This is a special Grace for the children of the Light – to be the children who are persecuted for My Sake! And persecuted you shall [be], My sweet children – not only here in this Community but all the Communities of the world – and [so will] all the children of the Light! Already, for many years, My Seers, My Prophets and My children of the Light have been persecuted by those in authority – the authority that I, Myself, gave to My sons. Have I not said that a Prophet will not be honoured in his own home – in his own land – but be accepted in other parts of the world, merely by faith and trust in My Divine Words? This must be so, My sweet children – for as I was cast out by My very own, so must you [be] and more so now – because this is the time when Lucifer reigns upon the Earth and even in My House upon Earth! Many children are blinded now by the power of the evil one, because they desire not to follow the Truth but to follow the path that leads to perdition and, eventually, hell-fire. This is the easy road, My sweet children; it is wide and many of Our children are upon this road, not knowing where they are going, nor caring, but going forth as drunken children, in blindness – following the blind!”

“Many of those in authority will be accountable to Me for all the souls that have been damned and lost, due to them. Will I still find faith when I return, My sweet children? If time were not shortened, how many would still believe in the Son of Man?”

“I have sent to the world My Most Holy Mother to show you the path that you must follow to reach Paradise. Life need not be a burden to you, My sweet children, for those who follow Me have the greatest of gifts, that is: Faith, Hope and Love; they have peace of heart and mind; they have freedom. But mankind believes that they can live without God: that he is free because he can do what he wishes, when he wishes.”

“But this, My sweet children, is called ‘sin’, because foolish man [would] rather follow the flesh, the temptations of the Devil and enticements of the world – for power; for glory; for satisfaction – only seeking pleasure to fulfil self. How sad! My children have fallen asleep – especially those in authority. I have warned the world often – especially through My Most Holy Mother. I have given the world Signs, Wonders and so many Graces, all of which have been placed aside.”

“What will become of this generation! What must My Father do to bring My children to their knees; to acknowledge their God; to be grateful for all that He has given to you? Unfortunately, My sweet children, it means the heavy Hand of God!”

“Very few leaders of the world and [in] My House upon Earth, listen to My Voice and act upon My Word. It is for this reason that the world and the Church have become one, under Lucifer! There is only a flicker of a life of faith left in the hearts of Our children and it is only the few who are still able to hold-off the Chastisements, that are due to mankind!”

“One day My children will understand all that I have said. It breaks My Most Sacred Heart to see so many of My children throw themselves into the arms of Lucifer – My adversary! I seek souls who are willing to give of themselves to save these sinners; to bring them back to the Arms of My Eternal Father. There is still time, My sweet children, though little! There is still time to save souls; to convert sinners.”

“It is for this reason that We ask, so often, [for] the Holy Rosary to be prayed, because the key for mankind in this time, is prayer. If you only knew the value of prayer, My sweet children, you would pray twenty-four hours a day. Prayer, My sweet children, is not only words but it is an action from your heart; it is what you give of yourself, your time, your effort. Even your works, your play, can be prayers if offered with good intent and desire, to please My Most Sacred Heart.”

“Read the lives of the Saints who have gone before you and you will learn the value of prayer in action. Let every moment be a moment of prayer, because it is through this ‘power’ that the Mercy of God is released upon humanity.”

“The world will soon be at war, My sweet children. The United States of America has sold itself to the enemy! The leaders are to be warned and prayed for. All that you see and hear, My sweet children, in the politics of the world are only half-truths, because much has been falsified to satisfy your ears to [have you] believe that you live in a time of peace. The President of the United States must be warned, because he works with the enemy, not for My children. Pray for him! Tell him to remove himself from the gathering of vipers who shortly, will remove him to gain power and control of the United States of America and the Free World.”

“The Treaties with Russia are false, My sweet children. The aid that has been sent to Russia is false, for Russia does not seek peace, but uses the West to gain power and strength to eventually control the world – to bring forth the One World Government. All the money that has been sent to Russia from the West will be used against the West in a short while; because, My sweet children, this has not been used for the people – who are suffering in hunger and poverty – but rather, to build up the weaponry; to enslave the West.”

“Pray, My sweet children, for your leaders; pray for the enemy! There are many of those in authority, My sweet children, who work for Lucifer. Some do not realize this – but many do! It is through your prayers of the Most Holy Rosary, that Lucifer will be crushed and many of those who are now in darkness will receive Light.”

“Victory will always be with Heaven – regardless of the odds, My sweet children. Even if there was only one soul of the Earth who proclaimed his faith in the Son of God, he would be victorious over the multitude, because I – the Son of the Living God – am with him. Who can stand against Me, My sweet children? Who has the Power and Authority of God? Not even Lucifer, My sweet children – for God only allows Lucifer to do what he does because God allows it and the same applies to mankind! The Eternal Father will allow mankind to go so far – but then will come the end. Soon, My Father will smite the Earth because of the arrogance and pride of man!”

“Pray, My sweet children, for My beloved Vicar in Rome, that he be strengthened to fulfil My Will. You must be prepared, My sweet children, because much will be asked of you – more than any children in past generations – for this is the time of the ‘end’ and I have saved the strongest soldiers for the end, so My Father will be Glorified in them. You are those children of the Light – the soldiers of My Most Holy Mother.”

“Go forth in Her Light – which is My Light – for I am in My Mother, as My Mother is in Me. Our Hearts are inseparable. Remember this well, My sweet children, for soon you will be asked to testify to the Truth of My Most Holy Mother – defending Her Royalty and Dignity as ‘Queen of Heaven and Earth’, as ‘Co-Redemptrix’ and ‘Mediatrix’ of all Graces, because many of My children in My House upon Earth do not believe in this. But I say unto you, as your God: “If you do not believe in these Words that I have uttered as your God you are not Catholic! – and unless you repent of this great shame and error, I will know you not”.

“A great trial will soon come upon My House upon Earth – upon My children. Remember My Words and falter not, but defend My Most Holy Mother. I Love you, My sweet children; I embrace you with My Most Sacred Heart and give each and every one of you many Graces to sustain you – to help you upon the path of Calvary. I Bless you all: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“Continue now with your prayers – because, shortly, My Beloved Mother will come to speak with you for a short while. I Love you, My sweet children; you belong to My Inheritance that the Eternal Father has given to Me.”

(Prayers are continued.)

LITTLE PEBBLE: There is a very large Pillar of Fire on the Altar, which goes outside the Chapel and inside this ‘whirlwind’ of fire there is a beautiful White Cross, glowing very brightly. Behind the Pillar of Fire is Saint Michael and many other Angels.

The Pillar reaches very high into the sky and the figure of the Blessed Virgin Mary enters it, then slides down, as though in an elevator. Our Blessed Mother is now present here on the Altar – on the right side of the Tabernacle – dressed in beautiful white garments and also has on a silken, royal-blue, mantilla, which reaches to Her Feet, upon Which are two little golden rosettes; a golden sash, which is about six inches wide, is around Her Waist; it too, has little roses upon it and is very beautiful.

Our Lady has on a golden Crown; sewn upon it are beautiful roses of many different colours; they are quite small. The Crown has seven points to it, the largest one being in the centre; this has a golden Cross on the top. She smiles. Gathering behind Our Lady are many small and beautiful Angels, each of them carrying a little basket which is woven in gold and many roses are in the baskets. About fifty Angels or so are around Her, very excitedly attending and some are floating above Our Lady, while others are beside Her. She has just told the Angels to distribute the roses amongst the Communities and to other children of the world. These are selected Graces from Our Blessed Mother, through Her Intercession. She has a beautiful Rosary in Her sash and now takes it out. The Rosary is made out of diamonds, which glitter as She holds them up. The Crucifix is gold and She lifts it and kisses Our Lord.

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of The Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“My blessed child, My sweet angel of Divine Love, My precious son – Our ‘Little Pebble’ of Love: I greet you thus because that is what you are. I greet all My children here present and throughout the world. I am the ‘Mediatrix of All Graces’ for My children and ‘Co-Redemptrix’ with My Divine Son, for the salvation of the world.”

“I bring to mankind many Graces this evening – Graces to strengthen you; to give you the courage, My sweet children, to carry your cross with My Divine Son. All of you must now walk the path of Calvary and this will intensify by the day, as you walk closely towards the summit of your offering to the Eternal Father for the salvation of My children, who are in need of your offering and suffering.”

“It is through My Immaculate Heart that mankind receives all the Graces necessary for them – for their sanctification; for their salvation and for their every need while they live on Earth and even beyond the ‘veil’. Graces from the Triune God pass through My Immaculate Heart to all of humanity and likewise, all the petitions, all the offerings and sacrifices pass from you to My Immaculate Heart to the Triune God. For this reason, My sweet children, I am the ‘Co-Redemptrix’ and ‘Mediatrix’ of All Graces – the great Title and Honour that the Triune God has bestowed upon their Handmaid. Understand well, My sweet children, the importance of this extraordinary gift from the Triune God.”

“I am the Mother of the human race, My sweet children – even before man was Created. It is for this reason that I Bore the Son of God: To co-Redeem with Him in union with the Spirit of God to the Eternal Father, for the redemption of man. Many of the great ones and the learned will soon deny this great Doctrine, because soon it will be proclaimed as a ‘Dogma of Faith’ for all My children of the world. Stand firm in your faith, dear children and be not afraid to proclaim the Truth before all of mankind.”

“It is urgent now that Russia be Consecrated to My Immaculate Heart; My children must pray for this more earnestly. The quicker the Consecration comes, My sweet children, the quicker will My Divine Son return to the Earth and the shorter [will be] the time of trial and cleansing for mankind. The longer that all is delayed, the longer will Our children suffer. It is for this reason that I have begged My children to pray, so that the Chastisements that will come to the world will be mitigated and some even removed – because the Triune God does not seek suffering for Our children, but rather, peace. Therefore, pray for it, My sweet children – for without prayer nothing can be done. I Love you, My sweet children and this evening I give all of you My Immaculate Heart, to be your refuge, your consolation and your strength. I am your Mother of Divine Mercy of Love and Compassion.”

“I have come to strengthen you and hold you in My Arms; to embrace you with My Immaculate Heart. Pray much now, My sweet children and offer many sacrifices for sinners, for many poor sinners fall into Hell because no one prays for them. There you can see the power of prayer, My sweet children. If the Eternal Father were to bring forth the great Chastisement upon the world at this moment, most of mankind would be lost! For this reason We ask for prayers so that, at least, a larger percentage of Our children will be saved. I Bless you, My sweet children, from My Immaculate Heart; from the Triune God. In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“Continue now with your prayers, as I wish to speak to My little son privately.”