Message 426 – 13 December 1993

My children must be prepared for the Coming of My Divine Son – Know the world as you know it, will be no more – Before Our future Vicar leads My Divine Son’s Church into the New Era, the world must be purified and cleansed – I Govern the world, not Satan; I permit Satan to do as he does at this time – I give you My Most Precious Gift, My Most Holy Mother – Cast out Lucifer from My House upon Earth and from your lives, homes and hearts.

LITTLE PEBBLE: The White Cross is already deep in the sky and Its Light is falling down upon the Holy Grounds and also here. There is a Cross on the Altar with flames coming out of it – a very powerful Cross. The seven Archangels are standing in Heaven, behind the Cross; there is a beautiful ‘road’ of Light, with flames coming out of it towards the Chapel. Saint Barachiel is to my right. There are many Angels surrounding the Chapel – possibly fifty thousand or more, because there are so many of them and they form a spiral which goes towards Heaven.

I can see Our Blessed Mother coming out of the Cross, through the beautiful Light – very swiftly – towards us. Our Lady is very pretty, dressed in white, with three roses on Her Chest and they are very brilliant – as ‘Our Lady of Rosa Mystica’, Mother of the Church and many Angels are with Her. She has glided down very swiftly and is now in the Chapel, standing on the Altar – underneath the Cross of Our Lord. With Her She also has many, many, children. They are between two or three years old and hold different types of flowers in their hand – like a bouquet.

The little Cherubim’s are also around both Our Blessed Mother and the Crucifix on the wall. Our Lady smiles. I can see Saint Peter’s Dome form upon Her Chest – like a picture being painted. Now, behind Our Blessed Mother, I can see the twelve Apostles of the ‘end times’ and also, the twelve Apostles, who were with Our Lord when He was on Earth; they stand behind each of the new Apostles.

OUR LADY: “We of Heaven are raising many Voice-boxes throughout the world and many more shall come in the coming year!”

“My children must not fear man, but fear the loss of his soul – for what is man, My sweet children? Is man above God? What control does man have – what power? Is this power above the Eternal Father, Who Created you? I ask all My children not only to pray and do penance but to consider, seriously, what you are doing in your lives. For what reasons are you doing what you are doing? Live your lives each day, My sweet children, as if it were your last day on this Earth. Be careful, because Satan desires to take you away from the path of Truth! Be strong, My sweet children, and do not fear! Even though the world will hate you, remember: they hated My Divine Son first and if you are a follower of My Divine Son you must take up your cross, be patient and endure all that the Eternal Father permits in your lives.”

“My Divine Son and I Love you. We are always there to protect you – to guide you. Remember, My sweet children, that you have but a few years left in your lives, on this Earthly life that now exists and soon, all will pass away! Many of you will be taken into ‘rapture’ – in the coming two years – as the Great Warning will come upon mankind and the world will change; the lives of Our children will change! Therefore, My sweet children, prepare!”

“To the Apostles and Disciples of My Immaculate Heart: remain firm! Have confidence in My Immaculate Heart and do not waver with the temptations that will come your way, for the faith of many will be tested in the coming years! Defend My Divine Son, Jesus – even with your lives, if necessary. Forget not My Rosary! – for this was fashioned for My children to fight Satan! It is a ‘sword of victory’, My sweet children! Look, and you will see!”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady now holds-up Her Rosary; holds the Cross upside down and lets the Rosary hang down. Our Lady said I was to show you what She means.

OUR LADY: “See, My children, it is a sword – it is a Sword of Truth and Light! Fight well! Your General is Our glorious Saint Michael! The battle is for real, My sweet children. It is not an earthly battle, but a spiritual battle. Victory will be Heaven’s.”

“To My … chosen by the Eternal Father for a great Plan of His Most Sacred Heart: Stand firm, My … for Satan wishes to divide you and sift you out. You will be … new nations that will come and, through you, …. Stand up for the Truth and defend the Truth with your obedience and love and know that I am your Heavenly Mother and your Queen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Coming from the right of Our Lady I see Saint John, the Baptist – it is a long time since I saw him last and he is dressed very unusually, in animal skins. He smiles at this. He is very tall, looks very rugged and holds a Staff, which has a circle and a cross in the centre of it. There is a tremendous beam of Light coming from the Staff.

I now see … behind the Apostles. Behind the twelve, I can see … that will be formed in the New Era. Behind them, I see the Disciples – the New Disciples who have been formed now for the Church – as if the whole hierarchy of the New Church is present.

On the Head of Our Blessed Mother, I can see the symbol of the ‘New Era’ and the Crown of the seven Tribes. Our Lady is smiling, and takes-up Her Rosary and kisses Jesus:

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. My blessed child – ‘Rock’ of My Immaculate Heart – My future Vicar; My sweet Mystic children gathered here before Me; My Disciples and … all My sweet children gathered here today and all My children throughout the world: I greet you with My Immaculate Heart, as ‘Queen of the Church’; ‘Queen of all Hearts’ that desire to fulfill the Will of My Divine Son, Jesus.”

“My Immaculate Heart is open and waiting for all of you to follow the Plan of My Divine Son, for I have told you – many times now – that many changes are coming for the world and the Church. These changes will surprise many of Our children, because My children must be prepared for the Coming of My Divine Son, Jesus, and also to prepare you all for the ‘new era’ that is swiftly coming upon you now. It is for this reason, My sweet children, that We of Heaven speak often of the new way of life. I plan, from the Eternal Father, to bring you into the ‘new era’, in the Reign of Peace that We have promised you for many centuries now.”

“Know, My sweet children, that the world – as you know it – will be no more. This is why you must be prepared, because things – and life itself – will be different! Even now, the Eternal Father is preparing the new Hierarchy, the new governments and powers, that will exist in the ‘new world’, for all must change to perfection. There will be no more sin, My sweet children. Consider what that means for the world: The world without sin – except for original sin; the world of peace and full happiness for all of Our children. There will be Kings, Queens, Princesses, Apostles and Disciples, for all of My children.”

“It is difficult for Our children to imagine and understand what the Eternal Father has planned for mankind. But, My sweet children, you must be prepared, for Heaven will be on Earth! Therefore, your lives must change now! You must lead holy lives. Be not tempted by the world, by the flesh and by the devil, My sweet children. But fight, be strong and firm in your faith, for time is very short for My children and all must be accomplished before My Divine Son, Jesus, returns! Before Our future Vicar leads My Divine Son’s Church into the ‘New Era’ the world must be purified and cleansed and so must all My children be cleansed of their sins, their weaknesses and their weak wills. But, rather, to strengthen them to follow the Will of My Divine Son, Jesus.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Blessed Mother now takes something – which is like a beautiful ring – out of Her Immaculate Heart and says that this is the ‘Ring of the Trinity’. The ring is now multiplying and the little children who hold the flowers take these rings and the flowers to … all of them – even those of them who are in vision.

OUR LADY: “Take this ring, …. It is from the Triune God; it is His Crest of His Love for you. It is the ring of …. With time, you will understand these Graces that have been offered to you and for the world. Be watchful and pray, because the devil is very strong now. He desires to take many away from the path of Truth and holy obedience. I Bless you all, … My Apostles; Disciples and Mystic children: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“And to My sweet children, who have come from afar – especially My Mystic children: I greet you, with My Immaculate Heart, for coming to My Chapel. This Chapel will be a sign to the whole Church, because My Divine Son Dwells here and, through My Divine Son, great signs will be given so Holy Mother Church will learn to believe what God has wrought here.”

“I know, My sweet children of the ‘Rising Sun’; My children of Singapore: Your hearts are troubled, because many Chastisements will befall your nations. Be not troubled – but trust in My Immaculate Heart’s protection – for am I not your Mother? Have I ever forsaken My child? No! My sweet children: All those who seek My protection and Love – they have it! I Bless you all and thank you for your journey of faith. When you return to your homelands, tell My children that their Heavenly Mother Loves them and watches over them: In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Blessed Mother now comes very close and is looking at the little ‘Rose of Croatia’ and a Light is coming from Her Immaculate Heart. Our Lady now speaks to Maria, ‘Rose of Croatia’, in Croatian.

A ray of Light from Our Blessed Mother is going towards …. Our Lady speaks to [Name Withheld], the Seer from Japan.

OUR LADY: “My sweet child – [Name Withheld] of My Immaculate Heart; My beloved ‘Little Pebble’; My sweet ‘Mary’s’ and ‘Roses’; My sweet children of the Light; and the children who have come from afar: I Bless you: In Nomine Patris et Filius et Spiritus Sancti. Amen.”

“Today, I have come to give you peace, love and courage for My sweet children and beloved …. My dear children; My faithful ones: Your Father of Heaven has planned so many things for you. My sweet children, all of you must be prepared. And how many of you are doing what I, your Mother, have been saying to you? My sweet children, do not listen to the words of the evil ones. My children, you are all in My Arms – the Arms of your Mother – the Arms of My Immaculate Heart. O, My sweet children and My beloved … You all have been chosen by Heaven and have been brought here, before Me. I desire you, …, to believe in the Words of My beloved son, My ‘Little Pebble of Love’. My … Have courage! I, your Mother, will give you all My strength and Love – to protect you all.”

“O, My children: if you do not listen to My Words, how can your Mother protect you? My sweet ones … There will be many trials upon you! Be strong and stand with faith, for what you seek is the Truth; what you hear is the Truth. My sweet children and those who have come from afar: I am so pleased to see you all gathered before Me. I will lead My children and protect My children – with My mantle of Love – to the ‘New Era’. “Thy will be done”, as it is said and it shall be done.”

“I Bless you My dear children … and again give you My peace, love and courage: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Blessed Mother’s Light is over all the Mystics and She is speaking to their hearts. Saint John, the Baptist, is coming forward with his Staff. He stands in front of James and holds the Staff forward.

SAINT JOHN THE BAPTIST: “My son, James: This Staff is the one for you to be the protector of the future Vicar of Christ. I place this Staff within your soul and, within time, you will understand. In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Saint John, the Baptist, has gone back. You may continue the Rosary; I am going to offer all the Sacramentals and the rose to Our Lady, until she indicates otherwise. (The Rosary is continued.)

Our Lord has now come. He came out of the Tabernacle and stands to the right of Our Holy Mother. Jesus is also dressed in pure white and His Most Sacred Heart is very evident. He smiles and looks about Him. He has the Crown of Thorns upon His Head. To the left of Our Holy Mother, I can see ‘Thornbush; she too, is standing on the Altar. In her hands is the Tribe Rosary, which she places over Our Lady, Who is kneeling. I can see the Crown of Thorns on ‘Thornbush’ and, within her, I can see Saint Bernadette. Our Lord’s Heart is glowing very brightly; It shoots towards ‘Thornbush’, who is bowing over in much pain.

I can see that my spirit is now leaving my body and going to ‘Thornbush’ to lift her up and bless her. Our Lady places the Tribe Rosary over my head. Jesus continues to smile, looking at all of us.

OUR LORD: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. My beloved son, My ‘Little Pebble’ of Love; My sweet Mystic children; My Disciples; … of My Most Sacred Heart and My beloved children. I come today to Bless you through the Most Pure Hearts – My Sacred Heart and that of My Most Sacred Mother – to give you strength in the coming days of tribulation upon the world.”

“I want My children to know that I am God; that I Govern the world – not Satan! I permit Satan to do as he does at this time for your well-being, My sweet children, so you may gain merit and victory over evil. As I and My Most Holy Mother and the Holy Saints, who have followed Us in these two thousand years – have triumphed over evil – so must you! All of you are called to be holy; to be living Saints upon Earth; to be perfect, as My Heavenly Father is perfect.”

“I give to you My Most Precious Gift – that is, My Most Holy Mother. Therefore, sweet children, listen to Her. She is My Mother and I am Her God, as I am yours. I Created you out of nothing, but out of pure Love that comes from My Father and Our Spirit. So listen well to the Words of My Mother. Do not place these Words aside for, one day, all of you will be accountable for these Words that were given to you in abundance. And I will ask you: “What did you do? Did you follow the Words? Did you place them aside? Did you throw them out?” Remember the Words of My Most Holy Mother for they are precious – like jewels – and place them deep in your heart.”

“Take up the cross that I have fashioned for you – with love. Each one of you belong to Me. I did not Create you for yourself, nor did I Create you for the devil, nor for the world. I Created you for Myself – for you are My Inheritance. You belong to Me, your God and I am a jealous God. Look at the Wounds in My Hands, My Feet, My Head and in My Side. These Wounds are for you – each one of you – and, each day, these Wounds are renewed, because of the sins of man. Therefore, My Justice will come upon the world – (justice) that has not been seen from the time of Noah – until now!!!”

“The Words of My Most Holy Mother are not idle Words. She comes out of Love for you, because you also belong to Her. I have given My Inheritance to Her for She is the Queen – not only of this Earth but also of Heaven, of Paradise, of the Universe. And She also Rules over Hell, for Hell is under Her Feet and there is no power from Hell that can conquer the ‘Queen of Heaven’.”

“Cast out Lucifer from my House upon Earth! Cast him from your lives; from your homes and from your hearts.”

“I Love you, My sweet children, and Bless you from My Heart and that of My Most Holy Mother: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“Today, I call new Disciples: My beloved son, Edward: You are called to follow Me for many are chosen now from around the world, because the battle will be fierce. Take courage, and know that I am your God Who watches over those who are dedicated to the Truth.”

“My beloved sons – Benedict, Thomas, and Robert: you are all called by My Most Sacred Heart to follow My Most Holy Mother and to preach Her Word to save poor sinners. I Bless you all My sweet children: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lord now takes the Crown of Thorns from His Head and places it over ‘Thornbush’, who is still there kneeling next to Our Lady. Our Lady and Our Lord have revealed a Mystery to me today, which I wish to share. Our Lord is nodding. All the Disciples, … and Apostles will have the spirit of great Saints given to them – like the twelve Apostles. They will have the Apostles of old come to them, to guide them. This will also be the same for the Disciples. They will have the Disciples of the last two thousand years and many great Saints. The … will have the women Saints – just as ‘Thornbush’ has Saint Bernadette, who moves in and out of her soul. It is a great Mystery – a Mystery to be understood later.

There are a great many Saints now standing behind Our Lord. I know them; they belong to the Disciples and …. The world will soon understand its full meaning. Our Lord smiles and Our Lady is smiling, too. I can see the Holy Ghost hover above them.

I have been next to ‘Thornbush’ for quite some time. I do not understand it, but I am there and here also. I place the Rosary over her body once again. This Rosary has also been placed … because it is the Rosary of the New Nations that are to come in the ‘New Era’.

Jesus says to continue with our prayers.


OUR LORD: “My daughter Anna: My sons – My Priesthood – are falling asleep. I ask My children to pray for them.”

ANNA: I see the Vision of the Holy Father.

OUR LORD: “Pray for the Holy Vicar. He thinks that he doesn’t have any strength left to speak publicly about the ‘Little Pebble’. The Holy Father is in great sadness. Pray for him.”

ANNA: I see the Holy Father being stripped; his arms being held by men. He is not able to move.

OUR LORD: “Pray for the Holy Vicar; pray for Pope John Paul II.”

ANNA: Now I am shown the Empress of Japan. She seems to be in terrible fear.

OUR LORD: “Pray for the Empress; Our Blessed Mother is guiding her, but she herself, is very weak. Her mission is very big. It is through her that the nation – your country – will convert. Empress [Name Withheld] must first convert … the family. Pray for her so she will have the strength to stand.”


SAINT JERONIMO: “I am Saint Jeronimo (Shiro-Amakusa). I say to you that Heaven is waiting for the time to come for Japan to stand. I, Jeronimo, was given permission from Heaven to come to the Holy Ground to tell you how I am able to help you all. How long I have waited and waited for this day to come! I, Jeronimo, say to the world: the greatest time has started for Japan – and I have wanted to tell this from Nowra, the Sacred Ground. I have come with all the Martyrs of Japan to tell the people of the world the greatest of Japan – the Plan of Heaven that is given. That is why I am here to speak.”

“… will stand, from Hiroshima, …. will walk the road … the new nation – and I, Jeronimo support … with all the faithful ones – the chosen ones – to go to the New Paradise. Be assured, My faithful ones: All are led and chosen by Heaven – like I was chosen from Heaven to walk the road that all of you must stand upon together. If all of you will not stand, what do you think will happen? Through all the Plans given by Heaven for the world, all must know that the road has been set and prepared from Hiroshima. The stage has been prepared; the faith, the road, the Graces from Heaven! I have come for the world to know this. The plan that God has given to Hiroshima – the road – and I desire all the people to know this.”

OUR LADY: “I have chosen … I say to all My children to please pray … carrying a very heavy cross … trying hard to fight, to rebuild the nation, Japan. Pray; pray!”

“Many prayers are needed, My children! Pray … is the key that will change the events of Japan. All must pray …. The world must realize the great Plan given to understand the true meaning of what Heaven is planning through Japan, and … will go through many deep sorrows … must carry very heavy crosses for the people.”

“My children: You must realize … for you all; why … to stand for you all, and to carry what you cannot bear to carry, My children. If, by any possibility, … is defeated, My children of Japan, you are to know that all the plans given to Japan will be there no more, and all will have to go through the chastisements of fire. Wake up, My children!! My children of the world: do you understand what I, your Mother am trying to say? If your support of prayers for Hiroshima is not enough, then the time is short, My children – and the road that should lead and join all the countries will not be able to be finished by the time given.”

“Prepare, My children! Through many disasters, earthquakes, I will say to all – if Hiroshima will be able to stand, all the disasters that would come would change to salvation and I promise you that the whole world will be moved from the strength of Japan. My children must know and understand the importance of this.”

OUR LORD: “The Victory is in My Hand. As I have chosen Nowra as the Sacred Land, I have chosen Hiroshima to be the Sacred Land too. I have prepared a big plan for Hiroshima, … to stand. As I Love … I will ask My children to love … as I do. Make … stand, to let … walk the road. If you will … you will be promised the salvation of joy and glory – all this I shall give to you. Time is short; understand, My children, what I have said. Prepare to receive the Plan; listen to the words that I have said. Be humble and faithful ones.”


SAINT JERONIMO: “I am working to join Nowra and Japan into one. The world will not move unless Nowra and Japan join into one. Love Nowra, My people; love Hiroshima, for the glory will be yours. I, Saint Jeronimo, love Japan very much. I have died for I loved this country very much – and I was eager to save this country, so much! Please, My dear people, listen to my words; let my work lead you. For such a long time I was hidden – I was buried – but now that I am free, I am permitted to work for Heaven to give you all the strength I have. I have been given the key – the last key – when Our Lord Jesus will return.”

“There are still many Mysteries hidden which you, My Japanese people, do not understand. My people of Japan: I wish you all to understand, to recognize me. How will the foreigners understand me when the people of my own country do not understand what I am here for? Please try to understand the importance of the key that I have. I will promise a victory for Japan. This was a promise given to me from Jesus when I was going to die. That is why I am here, to do God’s Will and reveal the promise given to me from Heaven.”

“Japan will move the world. The key was given to the ‘Little Pebble’, but all must pray for him, so he will be able to know how to use this key. I shall give some clues to the Mysteries, for the road shall open. I desire the people to know about me – why I was martyred – so I will be able to help you more.”

“The rising flame, Japan – the Flame of the Holy Ghost – shall fall upon this land. I am waiting for the ‘Little Pebble’ to be able to use the key in Japan, just like the Flame will fall upon the land. All must be prepared, for the stage is upon Japan. Everything will start from Japan, for this is a promise given to me from Our Lord, Jesus Christ. My Blessed Mother has promised me that I will be able to work for Heaven. Firstly, my dear people – my people of Japan – must awaken and open their eyes first. If the people of this country are asleep how will I be able to help them? I am so eager to open the Mysteries hidden in Japan. The key to save Japan – if the Flame does not fall – will not happen. It will happen only when the Holy Ghost falls upon this land. Prepare yourselves! If Japan does not move, then know that nothing will move for the world. Then the whole world will start to understand the true meaning of the Martyrs.”

“My dear people of Japan: why are you all so scattered? Why can’t you all be united as one? Can’t you see Satan is trying to ruin all the Plans? Be strong and be prepared.”

OUR LADY: “I am the Queen of Heaven, Mother of Earth – Mary. When Jesus came to his last minute to be taken away, He – My Son – told Me what would happen to this world. My children: I am preparing what should be prepared now, for the time has come. Please love this country, Japan. It is a beautiful country. If Japan is able to take-up the Rosary and to know the secrets of the Rosary, the world would easily move, My children.”

“I have given the key to Japan for I have my last hope and wish for Japan. I am very sure Japan will succeed in the Plan given. As like My Shiro (Jeronimo) was hidden for a long time, Japan too, was hidden from the world. When My Shiro appeared, Japan too, appeared.”

“My children of Japan: You still do not recognize the Plan. You must understand how important is the Royal House; the Emperor holds the strength towards for all nations. So do not fear, My children, to carry your crosses. Hold your Rosaries and stand to fight against what you have to, then the world will change.”

“My children: Do you not see the Crucifix that is on the Rosary? The Crucifix that is with the Rosary is very powerful. Soon, the people of Japan will know how strong this power will be. Shiro fought with the Rosary ’til the last minute. So I ask you, My children, to fight with the Rosary ’til the last moment, for the Rosary shall unite you and other nations to join into one. How powerful it will be when all the strength will be able to join into one. Many Mysteries shall appear and will be revealed through Japan. I will promise this, My children.”

“My children: I ask again for you all to build a Church in Hiroshima – at the Holy Mountain – My children. Be prepared to build for Heaven. I am ready to help you – for My Son, Jesus, has told Me to be prepared for you.”

OUR LORD: “The greatest Plan given – I have promised – will fall over Japan. The greatest happening was said to be done before history began. The place and the people have been chosen. I am preparing, before My Second Coming, to move the world. Be prepared, My dear ones before the disaster sweeps you away. My children: Without the promise of the fire, how will you be able to enter into the Ark? You are all very weak for you do not know what this cross of fire means. If all of you understand and are able to receive the Holy Fire, all of you will be so eager in helping the Mission for Heaven and how rapidly things will move!! The Holy Fire shall change your personality so you will want to do anything for Heaven.”

“Many people will come to Japan – this is the great Plan – so hurry and prepare the Holy Ground. Also, understand that without the help of Japan it is very hard to fight against the Freemasons. Pray, and trust in Me. Pray for My ‘Little Pebble’ that he will be able to understand how great Japan is for him, and that he will be able to love Japan, for he is the one who will need the support and help from Japan.”

“All must pray ’til the Cross is in the centre of the flag of Japan. With the work and strength of the Holy Ghost, the strength of My Divine Flame shall fall upon this nation, which shall then move the whole world.”