Q & A: The Little Pebble and Thornbush – 27-29 December 1993

OUR LADY (to Thornbush): “My sweetest `Rose’ of My Immaculate Heart, `Thornbush’: I thank you for your love and prayers. I well understand your confusion regarding dates of events as this is a very big test of faith and obedience, for all of the Seers and those children that follow God’s Word.

Be not troubled in spirit, child, for as I have told your Spiritual spouse, the `Little Rock’ that the Seers are not accountable for the Word of God delivered to mankind; they are only the messengers of God, therefore, when a prophecy is given it is given in the Will and Mind of God Who knows past, present and future in one moment. It is up to Our sweet children to listen to the Command, and obey. Child, I will give you an example: when a General gives an order to an Officer, the Officer obeys without question. Sometimes those orders do not make entire sense to the Officers or the soldiers, yet they are carried out. If, however, something seems to go wrong, the soldiers and Officers cannot take the responsibility of that decision from the General. However, it must be understood that the General knew of the whole plan and layout for that command to be given, whereas, those under him did not, for they only understood part of that overall plan. Likewise it is with God, the Seers are the Officers and Messengers of God; they do not know the whole Plan of God, yet they deliver God’s Command. With time Our children will understand as to why God delayed His Wrath, or Warnings. So remain at peace, My child, for every Word that has come out of the Mouth of God will be fulfilled. I now only ask of you and My `Little Rock’, and all sweet children, to remain at peace and continue to be faithful and obedient children of My Immaculate Heart, which you have been – and are – and continue on the Path that you have been placed upon, for evil is very strong now and desires to bring to ruin all that is faithful and true. Be assured, sweet daughter, it was through the Mercy of God that all has been delayed, but very, very shortly, all will be fulfilled and the time of victory for all of Our loyal soldiers will come. My child, the victory for My Home will come when My `Little Rock’ has received recognition…”

Question from the `Little Pebble’:

LITTLE PEBBLE: Mother, You and Your Divine Son, Jesus, have said, many times, that by the end of this year a Warning will be given to the world to show mankind God is God, as we have only three years left for the end. Will it still come, and if not, what is the point of all the Prophecies, for no one will believe? And I must admit I do not blame them, and I do not think God can blame them as we are only little children who follow with obedient hearts, yet each time nothing happens, how can God expect anyone to believe anything then, and how can the Church accept anything if many prophecies, with time, are not fulfilled. All the Seers are totally disillusioned, and I feel that the Sign of Jonah is not really an explanation about every date. What now, as I feel not to give out any more dates for I feel it is against the mission. Many people could have believed in all the Seers if something had happened. Will it be the same now about the Warning for the end of this year?

Question from the Little Pebble:

LITTLE PEBBLE: I feel, dearest Mother, that this action of God is unjust, even though He is Merciful, because if He knows people are going to respond then He should not give out any dates of warning. I am sorry, Mother, it is just after ten years of Warnings to the world with so many dates passing by, how can any soul believe any more? You know my heart, dearest Mother; You also know I believe that all will happen in time, but I find this problem with dates very discouraging and disturbing, and I do not blame the people for disbelief – but I blame God for He knew. What now of the faithful souls who have believed all these years – they have done what Heaven asked; they have left their homes because You have told them to evacuate. What now, when nothing has happened? What can I tell them? – go home, it will come later? Well, when it comes later and a date is given again, how can God expect them to believe? Mother, if this happened at Sodom, who would believe? If this happened at Fatima, who would believe? If this happened while Jesus, Your Divine Son, walked the Earth, who would believe? Please help us understand, not for myself, but for the sake of the faithful?

Answer from Our Lady:

OUR LADY: “My sweet `Angel of Divine Love’, My `Little Peter’: many countries are at war and preparing, very seriously, for war. There are countries that have been flooded; danger is still hovering, but you must understand that dates mean absolutely nothing to God because He is God, as I have told you, God is Loving, Just and Merciful. The prophecies do not change, My son, only the dates, if there is sufficient amount of prayer. This will always be true. This is important for you to know because many times the Acts of God are not to be understood by man. I know it is hard for you and many of My sweet children now. It is the reason why now you are called to walk in true faith and obedience to God, as you are doing. I am with you.”

28 December 1993 – Thornbush:

THORNBUSH: Dear Mother, why was my left foot bitten by the `old bag’? I can hardly walk on it. I offer this to You.

29 December 1993 – Answer from Our Lady:

OUR LADY: “My beloved and precious daughter, `Thornbush’: the wound that was inflicted upon you from the Evil One is a sign that you are intimately united to the `Little Rock’, Our `Little Peter II’, who bears the same wound as I do as the `Woman of the Apocalypse’. This wound is also a sign that the two of you are linked in bringing forth the victory of My Immaculate Heart and the triumph over evil. The symbol of the three of us having the same wound is the Power of the Holy Trinity within Holy Mother Church which will crush all that is not true. I thank you, child, for your offering, as this will strengthen the unity of the Mystic Church.”

OUR LADY: “My beloved child, `Thornbush’ and Princess of My Immaculate Heart: what was shown you is the Plan of God for you and all of My Princesses. What I have told you about My sweet daughters, [name withheld] and [name withheld], is correct, so remain at peace, My cherished child.”