Question & Answer – Little Pebble and Thornbush (1994) – 4 January thru 24 September 1994

4 January ’94 – Question’ Little Pebble:

Mother, I am much puzzled because of certain directions regarding dress code. In all Your messages to me and countless Seers You have always said for Catholics not to go to the beaches, or swimming pools, as the dress code is sinful and can lead into temptations – yet, in other circles, if certain dress codes are worn it is okay. Also, I have encouraged our Communities to follow Your directions, but the conflict remains as very few desire to follow these directives, or at least, make excuses to get around these directives. I ask You Mother, please give us some clear directives.

Can one go swimming? If so, how – as swimsuits show the form of the women in all her private parts?

If they are permitted to swim at crowded places, is that not an occasion of sin because the eyes see other people naked – and tight clothing?

Mother, You revealed only some products of cosmetics that are harmful and have the human foetus in them and are works of Freemasons: can You please give me the other product names as I desire to write about it to protect Your children?

Answer – Our Lady:

(“My beloved `Little Pebble’: I desire you to know that it is not My desire that My sweet children go swimming, or go to the beaches, because this is where Satan watches over – but I leave My sweet children free and responsible for the sins that will be committed.”

“What I have told you, My `Little Rock’ was many of the Companies that are working with the Freemasons – many of their products use the placenta also. Some nail polish, especially with the red colouring in it; dyes for colouring hair, and some body creams used for massages should not be used. Cover up, also, should not be used, or foundations of any kind that are placed on the face.”

28 February ’94 – Question, Little Pebble:

“My Holy Guardian Angel is Prince of the Choir of Roses, which was accorded to Me by the Eternal Father – My Father in Heaven – at My Birth. This Holy Angel is a Great Angel, Saint Rosamir. You are to know, My sweet `Rock’ of profound love, that my Holy Guardian Angel watches over you in a special way and also all of the twelve Chosen Apostles; the Chosen Disciples and Princesses. I have chosen these children through the Divine Will of the Eternal Father, and each one will receive a Holy Angel from My Choir of Roses.”

Mother, who was Your Guardian Angel?

Mother, why did Jesus say to Mary Magdalene: “Do not touch Me, I have not ascended to the Father’s side. Did Jesus ascend to His Father before the Resurrection?

Mother, can You please tell me the exact hour and minute Jesus Died and Rose?

Answer – Our Lady:

“My sweet `Angel of Divine Love’: you are to know that this is a mystery, but I will reveal it to you so that you will be edified. You are to know that it was at this time that My Divine Son bilocated from Hell because after He Died this is where he went to deliver the just. It was at this time, also, that Mary Magdalene was in profound sorrow and despair. My Divine Son Appeared in bilocation, but she was not permitted to touch him. This was a test of Faith for her for she had to keep silent about what had happened.”

“My beloved `Little Pebble’ in My Immaculate Heart: you are to know that My Divine Son died at 3 o’clock pm – exactly at 1500 hours, and He Rose from the Dead at 5 o’clock am. I desire you to know that I was aware of the time for I was present, and my Divine Son Appeared to me at this time in all of His Magnificent Glory. Most of My sweet children do not know this.”

8 March ‘94 – Question, Little Pebble:

Mother, can You please enlighten me:

  1. The Magician, Merlin of England: was he true? If so, was he of the good side? I ask this because of an article that is now being written.
  2. Was King Arthur good and true? Did he seek the Holy Grail; and Mother, You have revealed to many that the Holy Grail will be found by me. Is this true?

Answer – Our Lady:

1. “My sweet `Angel of Divine Love’: I desire you to know that Merlin the Magician existed, and he was true; he practiced – not black magic but white magic. He was very spiritual and mysterious, but good. Merlin was given a special gift from God – this was to heal people with the potions, or medicines, that he created through the white magic. He was considered as a doctor. He could also prophesy the future and warn people of danger. This was all Willed by God. You need to know that the Holy Angels were also with him and he could see them.”

2. “Yes, King Arthur was good and true, and he was told to seek the Holy Grail by the Holy Angels who were bringing messages to him from God.”

2 April, 1994 – Questions, Little Pebble:

  1. Mother, were Jesus and Yourself pleased with all the Adoration from Holy Thursday to 3pm Good Friday?
  2. Mother, I was told that one million souls were given the Grace to be saved; given Light to see the truth from the 40 Day total Adoration and prayers of the Communities. Can You confirm it, and also tell me what else had been achieved through this?
  3. Mother, I have been thinking, as You know we had Adoration all night from Holy Thursday till Your Son Died 3pm. After 3pm, of course Jesus in the Eucharist was placed away as He Died that hour. But I have been thinking after Jesus died You suffered very much and You prayed and waited for Your Son’s Resurrection. Could we have a special devotion of all night Vigil from 3pm Friday to Sunday 5am, when Jesus Resurrected by saying the Holy Rosary and other prayers – but not before the Blessed Sacrament, as Jesus had died, but rather as this period was Your lonely period of the Garden of Olives, in Your room waiting for the Resurrection for 38 hours. Would You accept this special devotion and give special Graces? – for the Resurrection should not be celebrated on Saturday night as it is now, but at 5am Sunday – at least that is how it is going to be when I am Pope.
  4. Mother, I would like to write a small booklet on the Passion of Jesus according to Maria Valtorta of the 14 Stations as it is described so very well, with all the hidden secret sufferings, with all graces attached. What do You think, Mother?
  5. Mother, may I have one day the Grace to see the full Passion of Jesus and You, as is described in the `Poem of the Man God’, and may I one day be permitted to go back in time to be there in person, hidden under Your mantle, so I may go step by step with You and Jesus – the whole Passion to the Resurrection and Ascension, please? This is a Grace I desire to have with all my heart.
  6. Mother, You have revealed much of the Passion and secrets. Are there still many secrets to reveal, especially about Your suffering and those of Your Divine Son, Jesus.
  7. Mother during the time Jesus Died, He went to Hell and Purgatory and Limbo, before the Resurrection, did You go with Him?

Answer – Our Lady:

  1. “You are to know that there were many indecent sufferings in which Satan wished to afflict upon My Divine Son, but most of these were not permitted because I implored the Eternal Father, unceasingly, and I commanded the Holy Angels to do tasks invisible to the eyes of His persecutors – for My Divine Son was constantly being undressed while bound to a rock. They were not permitted to go further. This was when they placed My Divine Son in a dark dungeon, or prison cell, infested with the beasts of the night under Caiaphas’ house. I suffered in union with My Divine Son, but I was not there in person – only mystically – and in prayer I consoled My Divine Son.”
  2. “No, I did not physically go with My Divine Son, only Mystically, because I was permitted to be seen as `Mediatrix of All Graces’ and `Co-Redemptress’; as `Queen of All Nations’ and My Divine Son as King. This was to give hope to those who were awaiting deliverance, and crush Satan’s pride.”
  3. “My sweet `Angel of Divine Love’: I am pleased that you continue, unceasingly, to console Our Afflicted Hearts. I accept this devotion for the conversion and the change of heart of many of My dear sons and My sweet children who honour this devotion.”
  4. “Yes, you are called to write this book as I have already explained to you, My beloved `Rock’. For it will become a treasure for souls. From it, many special Graces will be obtained by souls and the conversion of entire families. Also the conversion of My dear sons.”
  5. “My sweet `Little Pebble’ of Love: I desire you to know that, yes, this is true. Also, many Holy Souls suffering in Purgatory received a special Grace because they were permitted not to suffer during all of this time that My Divine Son was Adored during His Passion. During the 40 Days Adoration many souls were delivered from Purgatory. A stronger peace and unity has been established within the Community. Each one of the souls who adored have come to reopen their love for My Divine Son. Those who have Adored have obtained a special Grace of conversion for their family.
  6. “My beloved `Rock’ of Love in My Immaculate Heart and My `Angel of Divine Love’: I desire you to know that I am very pleased and I thank you for answering this desire. Know that because you have consoled My Divine Son with all of My Nowra, you also have consoled Me. This has always been My desire, My `Little Pebble’ because it was during this time that My Divine Son wanted to suffer and endure the most for the salvation of mankind. Each child who came to Adore My Divine Son received many very special Graces, and Our Blessings, for I was also present all during this time. I desire that this be continued within all of Heaven’s Chosen Communities. Those who do not yet have the Blessed Sacrament may still go to the Chapel and continue this Vigil. They will receive the same special Graces for their fidelity and obedience.”
  7. “Yes, My `Little Pebble’ of Love: you shall receive this very special Grace. And, also, in the same way you will be able to witness the birth of My Divine Son, but not at the same time. My little son, you will be shown this because you will write what you will experience to complete what My holy daughters have written, because to you will be revealed the Mysteries today and in the future. You are not ready to know this, My beloved `Little Pebble’ of Love.”

4 May `94 – Question, `Little Pebble’:

“My little precious `Rose’ of My Immaculate Heart: I well understand your amazement. It has been allowed by the Eternal Father to show Our children how strong the power of the Evil One is now, even with Our chosen children. Child, so you understand, when one of Our children has been given directions from Heaven and this child closes his heart, Grace will not enter this soul at that time, and God cannot force it so the soul becomes disillusioned by the tempting of the Evil One who then has more freedom with this soul, for this soul has exercised his free will, but did not act upon the Grace of Light given to it. It is at these moments a soul is very vulnerable to the influences of the devil, and his own weakness. Child, it is only when a child responds, profoundly, to God’s wishes with a strong `yes’, that his heart is then opened and Grace then flows, freely, strengthening the soul against the attacks of the Evil One – thus disarming the devil.”

“All My sweet children must realise and understand that all of Hell is now on Earth seeking to destroy all that is good. God has, however, given power over the forces of evil by true obedience, true faith and trust in the Divine Will of God – even without understanding – by giving your free will over to the Divine Will of God in acceptance of this will. God has given the Sacraments and the Sacramentals; God has given His Holy Mother and the Angels and Saints, and most of all, God has given Himself to help all Our children to attain Heaven and defeat evil. So, My child, pray unceasingly to make reparation for all My children who have been given so many wondrous Graces and now lost them…”

19 May ’94 – Question, Little Pebble:

Mother, the President’s wife of Rwanda has sent me an urgent fax requesting help. Could You please help her urgently in the war-torn country?

Answer – Our Lady:

“My beloved `Little Rock’: I hear the plea of My child. This country is becoming a second Yugoslavia. I have given many messages to My sweet children at Kibeho, and many have turned a deaf ear towards them. All who have recourse to My Immaculate Heart I will protect in a special way. This is a very important time for the President who is chosen in My Immaculate Heart to announce to My sweet children to implore the Mercy of My Divine Son through prayer, vigils, sacrifices and fasting. Also, at this time, he and his family will need extra protection. This is another sign that has been permitted to awaken My children so that through this great trial all of My children, young and old, will return to God. I am with My sweet children at this time. I will keep My Promise…”

5 September ’94 – Question, `Little Pebble’:

Mother, I have been advised by a nurse in Medical knowledge that Vitamin C can cure cancer – is this true? Also, as cancer is so deep a health problem, are there any other forms of cures, please?

Answer, Our Lady:

Yes, My beloved `Little Pebble’: this is true, but most physicians believe it to be simple to cure such a serious disease. Vitamin `C’ will cure most cancers, and it should be taken in the beginning stages when it is first diagnosed, and then the amount taken can be increased. Also, you need to know that My Blessed rose petals are also a cure because they have all of the vitamins in them and they re-enforce the body to prevent the cancer cells from developing. Hawthorn will also prevent most cancer. There are many simple remedies that will either cure the cancer, or place it in remission, but human Medical Science has placed them aside, and now are using therapy that destroys not only the cancer, but also the body, because of the side effects.”

24 September `94 – Question – [name withheld]:

  1. I am fascinated with Your life story in Marie d’Agreda’s book. There are a few things of which I would like You to enlighten me, if it is Your desire. Since from before You were born You already had the full knowledge of reason, and of many other things beyond anyone on Earth, and because You were the Immaculate Conception – and You were crying, often, over the sins of men – how is it possible that You didn’t know that You were an exceptional human being – the perfection itself? (and all the many Graces and Privileges You had – seeing the Angels, visions, ecstasies, bilocations etc.) You must have know these Graces were not attributed to every other human being? With all Your knowledge, didn’t You know that You were being prepared by God for a very special mission?
  2. In Marie d’Agreda’s, she says the Incarnation took place 6 months and 17 days after Your Marriage to Saint Joseph: (a) Didn’t the Incarnation take place while You were in the Temple? (b) While You were engaged to Saint Joseph?
  3. In Catherine Emmerich, she says that Your Mother, Saint Anne, remarried and had other children, yet in Marie d’Agreda, she says that both Your parents died while You were in the Temple? What happened, really?
  4. What is the mission of Your other personal Angels, which You call Your Ambassadors, and still giving messages on Earth? Who were they assigned to?

Answer – Our Lady:

  1. “My beloved cherished daughter, [name withheld]: I am pleased that you desire to learn more about My life, even though there are still many hidden mysteries that still have remained unanswered. I will help you to understand something for a very special reason. My darling daughter, it is true that even before I was born I knew everything that God, in all of His Majestic Goodness, showed Me, and all that was infused in My Heart and Soul, but what I did not know was that I was being prepared to become the Mother of God. Even though I am perfect I am not God; I am only the humble Servant of the Lord. Through this test the Virtue of Humility was perfect through the Infinite Goodness of God, and God is Glorified in every way, infinitely. This you will learn more and understand only at a later time. However, because many mysteries are involved you will not understand fully.”
  2. “My beloved daughter, you are to know that as a special sign the Incarnation took place after My Beloved and Chaste Spouse and I were Married, but in the Eyes of God I was, and I am still, the Divine Maternity.
  3. “My sweet daughter, cherished in My Immaculate Heart: you are to know that for now this secret is to be hidden from the eyes of My children, because you will not truly be able to understand My answer. Remember, My beloved `Orchid’ that both of My Holy Parents are in Heaven with their body and soul.”
  4. “You are to know that I send My Ambassadors, often, to My beloved Pilgrim Pope. They remain with him most of the time, and then return to Heaven. I will send them in the same way to My Divine Son’s future Vicar, My `Little Rock’ of Truth, when he will become Peter II, then My Holy Ambassadors will remain with him and they will follow his directions, for My `Little Pebble’ at that time will be given a certain special power over the Holy Angels. You need to know that My beloved Pilgrim Pope sends one or more of My Holy Ambassadors, often, to the Chosen Apostles of the `End Times’ to help them in their Mission and to guide those who will listen on the true path…..”