Message 433 – 13 March 1994


NO. 433

Those who come to this Holy Sanctuary will receive, in abundance, all the Graces needed to salvation – Australia, Land of the Holy Ghost, has fallen into a deep sleep; most of Our children are away from the Truth – Repentance and prayer vital Graces for Salvation – This Holy Place will be recognized by the Church when the Great Chastisements fall – St. Joseph more powerful than all the Saints in Heaven – Public Apparitions will soon cease; great Signs will be given here, as promised.

LITTLE PEBBLE: The White Cross is already in the sky – it goes straight down to the Holy Grounds. There is a really beautiful Light coming from the Cross towards the Chapel. Saint Michael threw his sword into the Altar and in its handle is the Blessed Eucharist. Saint Barachiel is to the right side and many Angels have descended upon the Chapel today, because of the Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament. A beautiful rainbow has appeared in the sky behind the White Cross. I can see Our Blessed Mother standing on the rainbow as “Our Lady of the Ark”, but not holding either the Baby Jesus or the Ark. Now I can see Saint Joseph to the right of Our Holy Mother.

Our Lady comes down from the rainbow and goes through the White Cross on a beautiful ‘street’ of pure Light. She comes very close, towards the Chapel, enters it and stands over the Tabernacle – where the sword of Saint Michael was. Saint Joseph is still to the right of Our Lady. He is quite tall compared to the Mother of God and is very handsome – much more than the statues and pictures show. He holds a staff made out of wood, growing out of which are lilies – very slim Saint Joseph’s lilies, which have a sparkle to them – and inside them is written, in gold, “Ave Maria”. Saint Joseph has on a creamy tunic and a green mantle. He is very happy and wears a crown – with three different types of stones upon it. He has explained to me that these three stones are symbols of the ‘Three Mary’s’, as he is their Protector.

Our Lady is smiling and holds a beautiful Rosary in Her right Hand. The beads are golden, and names are written on each one. She holds-up the Crucifix and kisses Jesus:

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“My beloved child – My sweet ‘Rock’ of salvation for Holy Mother Church, Our ‘Little Pebble’ of Love; My beloved ‘Rose’ of Croatia; My sweet Apostle, ‘Little Bartholomew’; My Disciples and all My children; My ‘Roses’ of Australia and the world: I greet you all from My Immaculate Heart, with the Immaculate Heart of My Beloved Spouse, Saint Joseph. We have come today to bring to you many Graces for the salvation of Our children here in this nation, Australia and for the world, for all of Our children are in great need for these special Graces from God – Graces of perseverance in particular. This Holy Sanctuary will be noted for the Graces given to Our children, because those who come here will receive, in abundance, all the Graces that are needed – not only for salvation, but for perseverance – as My children carry their crosses to follow My Divine Son.”

“Already My children know that the Church and the world are in great darkness and are going deeper and deeper towards the Abyss – for Lucifer has spun his web very cleverly and has ensnared many of Our children – not only of the world – but most of My children in the House of God. The reason for this, My sweet children, is that very few children listen to My Voice and hearken to what I have asked of Our children for these last two hundred years. There have only been two requests for Our children – repentance and prayer! These two very important Graces are vital for the salvation of the Church and of the world.”

“This nation, Australia – known as the ‘Land of the Holy Ghost’ – has fallen into a deep sleep because materialism, humanism and pleasures of the flesh have taken most of Our children away from the Truth! Even the Chastisements that have fallen upon this nation have not changed the hearts of Our children. Therefore, greater Chastisements will come and, when they do, many children will understand that the Hand of God was involved, therefore, knowing that time is short for this country and every country throughout the world!”

“Remember well My Words, My sweet children: That when the Great Chastisements fall upon this nation and others, this place that is Holy will be recognized by the Church, for many of My children who are now far away from Me will come to seek refuge under My Most Holy Mantle here, at the Holy Grounds of My Immaculate Heart – even My children of the hierarchy, who are in a deep slumber and are following the whispers of Satan and the weakness of the world.”

“I tell you most solemnly, My sweet children: Many will come on their knees before their God to recognize the Truth. Know also, that when this time comes the Great Warning is not far off!! And then the world will be enlightened of their folly and they will understand the Truth of My Divine Son, Jesus, as the Saviour and Messiah! Take up the ‘Beads of Love’ that I have offered to you throughout the world and come into the ‘Ark of Salvation’ – your Heavenly Mother. Saint Joseph, My Holy Spouse – Pure and Immaculate – is also here to protect the children of the Church, for all those who seek his aid and protection will always have it. Forget not Saint Joseph, My sweet children, for he is more powerful than all the Saints of Heaven, because he is the Protector and Guardian of the House of God and your souls. However, many of Our children have placed him aside and have forgotten him! Forget him not! I embrace you all, My sweet children, and place you deep in My Immaculate Heart. I Bless you all: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady moves towards the picture of ‘Our Lady of the Ark’, coming a little closer. Saint Joseph has moved further to the side. She comes a little closer to speak with Maria, the ‘Rose’ of Croatia. (Message now given to Maria, the ‘Rose’ of Croatia, in Croatian.) Our Holy Mother now goes back to be over the Tabernacle and She has been Crying! Saint Joseph has been collecting Our Lady’s Tears in the lilies. He comes a little further and places his feet on the corner of the Altar, to the right, where the picture of ‘Our Lady of the Ark’ is. He looks around at the people and I can see his Most Pure Heart – which has three lilies coming out of the top part of it. He breaks one of the lilies off the staff and gives it to Saint Barachiel. Saint Barachiel brings the lily to one of the women and tips the Tears over her head. He goes back, and repeats it. Saint Joseph now takes his staff and makes the Sign of the Cross:

SAINT JOSEPH: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“My beloved son, future Vicar for Holy Mother Church, Our ‘Little Pebble’ of Love; My dear sons and daughters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary: I, Saint Joseph, greet you with My Pure Heart. It is not often that I speak to the world but, as this month is dedicated to me, I wish to encourage Our children to seek my help – for I love all God’s children and seek their salvation and protection, in particular – because of the many attacks that Our children have from the evil one.”

“As you know, I was the Protector of the Mother of God and the Son of God. Many times Satan placed snares for My Beloved Spouse and Our Divine Son, Jesus. It was through the Plan of God that I was to protect them and now I am to protect the Church on Earth. Throughout the world My Beloved Spouse, Mary, is speaking to the Church and to mankind. As you know, most will not listen! I have come to tell you that soon, the Public Apparitions will cease throughout the whole world. Millions upon millions of words have been delivered to mankind – through the Mercy of God – for His children. But time is short for man, therefore the Words that will be delivered will soon cease and then mankind will be witness to many great Prodigies, Miracles, Signs and Chastisements!!”

“Soon, great signs will be given here, as has been promised for many years now. You, My dear son, will receive the ‘open’ Wounds of Christ, so all may believe. But when this time comes the Words from the Mother of God will be shortened and this nation, Australia, will be under heavy trials and tribulations. I am pre-warning all Our children so that they become aware of what is to come upon this nation and the world and what is to happen at the many Apparition places throughout the world.”

“In a short while the Apparitions here will increase for a very short time. With the many Words that will be delivered will come the signs and then they will stop! Know that when the water flows from the ‘stone of Gethsemane’ – which has been planted here by the Holy Angels – that the time of the Great Chastisement is near!! Pray, therefore, My sweet children, for the Mercy of God to give mankind the time to repent!”

“I know, sweet children, that many of you are weary, and carry heavy burdens and crosses which are united with Jesus the Saviour, My Beloved Son and My Beloved Spouse, Mary, the Immaculate One. It is because you are the Mystical Body of Christ that, therefore, you share in the Cross of Redemption. But I am there to protect you and help you – so all of you will reach the safe harbour – through the Immaculate Heart of your Mother and Mine, also. I Bless you all, My sweet children: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Just as Our Lady was speaking to Maria, I saw something which doesn’t happen very often. Saint Benedict, Grant Duffy, and Saint Clare came very swiftly – only for about thirty seconds – and then disappeared again! It seems to happen only when there are items associated with them to be Blessed. Our Lady has now requested that we continue the Rosary. The roses in the Chapel today have been Blessed by Our Holy Mother and Saint Joseph as they are for families – especially for husbands and wives to remain together – the unity of the family and to strengthen marriages. That is why they were Blessed. Our Lady Blessed everyone. (The Rosary is now continued.)