Message 436 – 13 May 1994


NO. 436

The time of your death is now counted in the few years that is left – You all stand in Judgement now, before the Throne of God – The little ones will be raised, just as we are raising our little son to be the Vicar of Christ – The Angels of Justice are now all over the world, awaiting the Command from St. Michael to execute Justice – Pray for the children in Africa, the Middle East, Croatian, Bosnia, Poland and Russia for soon much blood will flow – The Eternal Father has great Plans for this Shrine and surrounding land; this is also part of the New Jerusalem.

LITTLE PEBBLE: Saint Barachiel is already here – and he makes the Sign of the Cross:

SAINT BARACHIEL: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: The White Cross is in the sky, bringing forth Light to the property and especially towards the Chapel behind us. Saint Michael stands behind the Cross and brings up his Sword, throwing it into the small Shrine here. I can see a lot of Light coming from his Cross. He is so huge – about one hundred or so storey’s tall in building size; he has one foot on the Holy Ground and the other near the Chapel.

A Light is coming from the centre part of the Cross – different from the Light that is upon us. It is very, very, narrow – like a laneway. Coming towards us, through the White Cross, I can see a winged, white horse, which is pulling an open carriage (like a Roman chariot) – with Our Lady seated on a type of throne within it, surrounded by many Angels wearing different coloured garments. The Angels are of varying sizes. The horse is gliding along. I do not know the significance of the presence of the horse and I do not recall ever seeing Our Lady coming like this before. On the carriage I can see the Sign of the Cross scrolled on both sides of the front of it. There is also writing in gold letters, but I do not know the language.

I can see a very large rainbow – which has a Cross on top – forming over Our Holy Mother, Who is dressed in white. The horse has come very close to the small Shrine here and Our Lady comes out of the carriage – steps out, as do the Angels – about twenty metres from us. Now there is a golden path laid out before Her and this time She does not glide, but walks on the path of gold. She has on a red velvet cloak, which is very regal-looking and a Crown with many stones in it – the ‘Crown of the New Era. The clothing on Her Chest has a red Cross woven on it. Our Lady comes forward and stands about two metres outside the back wall here. Many Angels have come dressed in robes which are similar to those which Our Lady is wearing. They hold golden swords as they stand guard around Our Holy Mother. The Cross on Her Chest glows very strongly now – a fiery red, shooting in all directions. Above Our Lady – on the rainbow – it says: “Queen of Justice” – as if She has come to execute ‘justice’. This is the impression I have.

Our Lady holds in Her right Hand a very large Rosary, made from red beads. The interior of each bead looks like fire and, as She lifts up the Rosary, I can see little red lights – like sharp arrows – coming out of the beads, flying in all directions – arrows made of light. I can see them hit certain people, who fall over. I can see these lights not only here on the Holy Grounds, but well beyond – in Australia and even other parts of the world. In the sky, behind the big Cross which is also very bright and white, I see very dark clouds as if we are about to experience a strong thunderstorm. Lightning from the clouds hits the White Cross and furrows of blood are running down it. Our Lady has now begun to Cry, with Blood coming from Her Eyes – Tears of Blood and Water. Very rarely have I seen Her like this, but She has appeared to other Seers in this manner. Our Lady is very sad. I can see blood coming from Saint Michael’s eyes, too – even though he is a spirit. I have never seen this before.

Clouds come down towards the Earth. They are no longer near the Cross and lightning is now striking the Earth, very strongly, striking houses, people, ships and even planes. It is very powerful. The White Cross is dazzling – very, very, bright. It has become like the lightning – a very sharp and powerful force! And from the Cross comes lightning – bolts of light, hitting the Earth. I can see many Churches being hit. Our Lady steps forward a little. The Angels have come to strengthen Her – to hold Her up – because She looks as though She is sagging. She doesn’t look very happy, but I can detect a little smile. She takes the Crucifix now and kisses Jesus:

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“My beloved son – My sweet ‘Rock’ of salvation for Holy Mother Church; My dear ‘Rose’ of Croatia; and all My sweet ‘Roses’ planted in the garden of My Immaculate Heart, here present and throughout the world; My dear son, ‘Little Bartholomew’; My Apostles and Disciples throughout the world and all My children of the Light: I greet you from My Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart. It should be a time of rejoicing now for all of My children, but yet it is a time of great sorrow for Me for I have come to the Earth so many times. Every second of your Earth-time I am on the Earth now preaching the Word of My Divine Son for mankind, for the Church, for the ‘Mystic’ Church and for all the leaders of the world. Yet My children do not consider these Words seriously! How many more innocent children must be slaughtered in the world and polluted by Satan, before My children open their ears, their eyes and hearts to the Truth? Must they see the world annihilated before their eyes before they are wakened to the Truth? Must the abomination and sacrilege continue in the House of My Divine Son upon Earth, before the leaders in My Divine Son’s House open their eyes?”

“The world is slowly coming to its end – the end as you know it, My sweet children – which My sweet son has spoken about to you today, inspired by the Spirit of God, to enlighten you to understand that time is very short for the world. Do not become complacent, My sweet children – but take courage! For in this time that We of Heaven allow you still – make the most of it and earn the Graces that We are offering you for the salvation of not only yourselves, but of all of Our children throughout the world. In these few years that you have left, live, My sweet children, from one day to the next – as if today was the last that you would live upon the Earth. If you were sentenced to die, what would you do, My sweet children? How would you live your lives if you knew the ‘hour’ of your death? Would you improve your life and serve My Divine Son with total dedication, sacrifice and penance to atone for your sins and those of your loved ones? Or would you say: “Let’s live a life of pleasure to the last moment, so I can gain every pleasure of this world and the flesh”. Most of you would choose this way, rather than prepare your souls for Judgement before your God. Well, My sweet children, as I, ‘Queen of Justice’ for My Divine Son – Who is Judge over all – say unto you now: “The time of your death is now counted in the few years that is left for the Earth.” Think well on what I am telling you, for, unless you are marked with the Sign of Redemption – the Cross of Salvation – you cannot be saved! Unless you live lives of saintliness you will not persevere to the end [so as] to meet My Divine Son, in His Great Glory and Power, when He Returns to the Earth.”

“This is a time of great trial for Our children – for good and for evil! All those who are written in the Book of Life will be preserved to the very end. Do not be lukewarm; do not be half-and-half. You are either cold or hot, for the lukewarm will be vomited out and cast with the devil into Hell, at the end of time – just as My Divine Son returns to the Earth!! You have a handful of years left for mankind. Therefore, sweet children, please listen to Me while you still have time to adjust your lives. Do not live your lives for worldly pleasures and amusements. Be careful, for the evil one knows that time is very short and his time will be shortened, to be cast into Hell for all time. Because he knows this he desires to take all the souls dedicated to My Immaculate Heart with him. It is not a great achievement for Lucifer to win a soul that is not dedicated to Me, for he has them already – but it is a great achievement for Lucifer if he can take one soul who is consecrated to Me – even though I have promised My Protection over all of My children! However, know well: You have free will to choose. I cannot interfere with your free will, My sweet children, or force you to believe in My Words; nor force you into the Kingdom of Heaven, or the New Era. You have the choice, but We are there to assist you and help you to attain that [which] the Eternal Father desires for each and everyone of you! He desires [that] the six billion people on Earth right now go into Paradise – not most [of them] into Hell!! It is for this reason, My sweet children, that I and My Divine Son, Jesus, cry bitter Tears of Blood for We know Our children are weak, and are enticed and tempted easily by Lucifer – for Lucifer now walks the Earth; he walks in the Church! Prepare yourselves, sweet children! I cannot say this often enough, as your Mother!”

“You must understand, My sweet children – especially the mothers and fathers who have children of their own. None of you seek that your children go astray and away from your side. Neither do I! What must I do now, My sweet children, when I have preached for so many years throughout the world? It is like a mother who tells her child over and over and over again: “Do not do this; do not do that”. And what does the child – and so many children – do? They believe that the parents are too old, or old-fashioned. God is not old-fashioned, My sweet children. Nor are His Laws and Commandments; nor are the Ways of God, for God gave you these to help you attain to salvation and happiness for all time. You are privileged, My sweet children, to live in this era; in this time in your history. All the Saints in Heaven have desired to live in this time – but could not. You have been privileged to live among the Saints on Earth and be saints yourselves, for the Glory of God and the salvation of millions and millions of souls upon Earth. Stand up and be counted as true Christians fighting for the Truth and defending the innocent! Fight, My sweet children – not with the weapons of man, but with the Weapons of Heaven – and defend your God, Who gave you life and is the Author of life and death over each and every one of you.”

“You all stand in judgment now before the Throne of God, and every action that you now take will be accountable in the life hereafter, My sweet children. So take seriously the steps towards salvation, with My Divine Son and I. Renew yourselves each day before the Throne of God as you wake up, and when you go to sleep. Re-consecrate yourselves to the Sacred Heart of My Divine Son, Jesus, and My Immaculate Heart. Consecrate yourselves to Saint Joseph and pray to the Holy Angels to protect you in these dark days, where the Light of God has been dimmed-out in the lives of many of Our children! All of you will be asked to testify to the Truth – just as the great Saints had to testify, even with their lives. How many Martyrs will come, My sweet children? Not in the millions but in the hundreds of millions, My sweet children! Do you comprehend what that means? What is to come upon you has never been since the Creation of the world and Adam and Eve, because you are at the end – and at the end the greatest of Saints are being raised to defend the Truth of God against the Anti-god – the Antichrist – Lucifer himself, with his cohorts who were already condemned by God but are released from Hell to purge the world – to tempt mankind away from God. You are to be like the Angels in Heaven – pure with great faith, even in the flesh – to fight the spiritual world, for you have been given Graces that no man has been given since this time. So remember well My Words.”

“Pray for My Vicar in Rome for his days are numbered in the few. Pray for all the Hierarchy of My Divine Son’s House upon Earth, that they receive the Light of God for, soon, they will be judged severely by My Divine Son and many of them will be thrown down, and cast away. And the ‘little’ ones in the world will be raised to take their place – just as We are raising Our little son, the ‘Little Pebble’, to be the Vicar of Christ. It is for this reason that we are choosing the ‘little’ ones throughout the world – the ‘little’ ones who will lead the world in the New Era and after the Great Warning. Therefore, if you are chosen among the few to be Apostles and Disciples of Holy Mother Church, remember your calling! Remember the Graces that My Divine Son is offering you. Be faithful to these Graces for the evil one knows what God has planned for the new Church and the New Era and he desires to destroy it before the New Era arrives. Therefore, be vigilant and faithful to the Graces given to you by God. Like a treasure – guard it well with your prayers and true obedience of faith to My Divine Son. Trust in His Will and His Divine Providence for your souls.”

“Do you not know, My sweet children, that your God – your Father in Heaven – knows [what is] best for you, for your soul, for your life on Earth? – for eternity begins from the time of conception, My sweet children. Understand well what this means! The Angels of Justice are now all over the world – awaiting the command from Saint Michael to execute this justice upon man – for mankind refuses to listen. Therefore, the whip and the sword will come upon the generations of unbelievers. Remember well, My sweet children, that I am your Mother. I care for you and I Love you. I give to you My Sorrowful Heart and embrace you within this Heart – to protect you – for you have nothing to fear if you trust and believe in the Words of My Divine Son.”

“Pray for Our sweet children in Africa and in the Middle East – and also My children of Croatia, and Bosnia, and Poland, and Russia – for soon in these areas much blood will flow. Many believe that peace has come but I – as the Queen of Justice – cannot give you peace, My sweet children, because you do not desire it from the heart. For as you cast away the Words of My Divine Son – and cast Him away – how can you then have peace in your homelands? It is only through prayers and the return of the Traditions in Holy Mother Church and faith, that peace will come in your lands. You must pray for peace! It is for this reason and for many others, that I weep so very much. The Tears that I have shed over these many centuries could fill your oceans, My sweet children. Who will console My Sorrowful Heart? I Love you, My children, and Bless you now with the Tears of Blood, to baptize you in a special way of Divine Grace from the Triune God: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady now looks at Maria, the ‘Rose’ of Croatia and speaks to her in Croatian. Next to Our Lady is Padre Pió – who is standing to Her left – and so also, is Father Gino whom I have never seen before, but I know of him. ‘Thornbush’ came for a short time – Our Lady brought her here – along the rainbow that I mentioned before. She has the Wounds of Our Lord, as do the other two. For a moment I was with Padre Pió and Father Gino and also had the Wounds of Our Lord. Our Lady is smiling now and asks us to pray. She wants to speak to me for a moment. I asked Our Lady to Bless all the articles that we have here. (Our Lady Blessed the articles and the prayers continued…) Our Lady showed me a tiny baby, […]. She was only as big as a hand but growing very rapidly. I cannot tell you about this baby but it is a very great Miracle. Later in time you will understand. The baby had on a crown – about five centimetres in size – with a cross and a stone in it. I saw many Graces given out. When Our Lady kissed the rose I saw all the […] around Our Holy Mother. Our Lady has told me several things which, in time, I will reveal. Our Lady smiles and the Tears that were in Her Eyes are no longer there. She has become brilliant – very, very, bright. The Angels are holding Her, as during the ‘Assumption’ and all is very bright.

Our Lady glides away. The horse and chariot are gone but there are still many Angels here. ‘Thornbush’, Padre Pió, and Father Gino have gone. Our Lady has told me that Father Gino will soon be in contact with us for some reason. I do know that he is a very holy Priest in Italy, and that He replaced Father Pió. Our Lady goes further into the sky and then stops. There are thousands of Angels of various sizes surrounding Her – just like a rainbow – all in different colours. Our Lady asks ‘Little Bartholomew’ to Bless the people. (Father Broussard now Blesses them…) Our Lady has taken off Her red cape and has given it to one of the Angels. He takes it to one of the […] Our Lady is just smiling, and She takes-up the Rosary again and kisses Jesus:

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“My dear child: there will come a time – in a very short time – when you will not be upon the Holy Ground, for all the Apparitions will continue in the ‘Chapel of All Apparitions’. But until this time comes you are to continue to come to My Shrine here, for the Eternal Father has very great plans for this Shrine and all the land that surrounds it, for this is also part of the New Jerusalem where the Angels come to and fro on ‘Jacob’s Ladder’, which is the ladder between Heaven and Earth – and this way is from the Holy Land that God has given to me – a gateway into Heaven and Paradise. And – at a later stage in time – many will come to this land and disappear suddenly, [only] to find themselves in Paradise, where they will await the Coming of My Divine Son, Jesus. These are special Graces for the Sacred Grounds, My child, and dear children. I Love you all, My sweet children, and thank you for your devotion and dedication. Persevere and be faithful to the Word of My Divine Son, and be not afraid for I am always there to help you. I Bless you all once again: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady now goes very swiftly towards the Cross, with the Angels. As She goes we will sing the Hymn, “O Purest of Creatures”, in honour of Her Feast Day, on which we usually sing “Our Lady of Fatima”. But in this case we will sing this Hymn in Her Honour. (Hymn – “O Purest of Creatures” is sung…) The ‘Little Pebble’ asked Our Lady about what was meant regarding the ‘Baptism of Blood’ mentioned in the Message of the 13th May. He asked ‘Thornbush’, the Mystic of Canada, to ask Our Lady. Here is the question and answer:

LITTLE PEBBLE: “Mother: you mentioned that you are Baptizing us with your “Tears of Blood”, and that it has a very great Power and meaning. What does it mean?


“My sweet Angel of Divine Love: My ‘Tears of Blood’ are Holy Tears of Mercy. Through My Maternal Tears of Mercy are all of the Graces that you will need to battle against evil, for all of Hell are terrified of My Tears and the souls upon which they have fallen. When My Tears of Mercy are invoked through three Hail Mary’s, 53,000 souls are either moved to a higher level in Purgatory – or they are delivered. Also, you are to know that 53,000 demons are chained in Hell at the same time. This is a Great Grace given to Our faithful children who are in need of many special Graces at this time. I am pleased that you have asked Me.”