Message 437 – 18 May 1994


NO. 437

Feast of Our Lady of the Ark

All those written in the Book of Life must do battle with Lucifer, the Antichrist and Evil Spirits – The Spiritual Battle that rages is one of the intellect and of mystical phenomena – God will soon reveal Mysteries hidden for many centuries – The Signal Graces God will given today are so great that only in years to come will you understand their significance – The Warning is near, however you still have time to stop the abuse, sacrilege and abomination in the House of God.

LITTLE PEBBLE: There is a lot of Grace falling down from Heaven towards the Chapel, in the form of slivers of light. Saint Barachiel was standing to the left of the Tabernacle – underneath the picture of Saint Charbel. He made the Sign of the Cross. I can see a large ship where the Holy Shrine is, right up to here – like Noah’s Ark; it is very large and reaches right to the back of the Chapel. I can see many people entering the Ark. Behind it is a beautiful brilliant, Cross reaching from the Holy Grounds right into the sky; it is very high in the sky. If you have seen the Movie, ‘Ghost’, you may remember how the lights from Heaven descended upon the Earth. That is how the Lights are coming from Heaven towards the Ark and the Chapel. From the centre of the crossed beams of the Cross there comes a brilliant Light. It is opening up the Cross and though the light comes Our Holy Mother, in the very far distance, gliding down. There are countless Angels following behind Her, like an army – a procession – and they come towards the Chapel. I can see, once again, a rainbow; this time emerging from the centre of the Cross and reaching right out to Canada – as I have seen once before – to the place where ‘Thornbush’ resides.

Our Lady now comes very swiftly towards the Chapel, where the Ark still stands behind the Tabernacle. Our Lady now stands on top of it – just above the little roof that is on the small cabin. She comes as ‘Our Lady of the Ark, Mary Our Mother, Help of Christians’, not holding the Ark in Her Hand, but standing on it. She holds the Infant Jesus Who is dressed this time in a golden tunic and is wearing a beautiful, golden, Crown which has many stones on it. Our Lord holds a sceptre and a small ball with a Cross. Our Lady smiles. She is very tall at this moment, standing on this huge Ark. I can see myself now as the Vicar of Christ, standing next to Our Lady on the Ark. She has moved from the top to the front of the ship. I can see next to me, Father Blais and Father Broussard and the other Apostles. I can also see the Disciples and many, many, other people on top of the Ark. There are countless people entering it from the doorway beneath.

The rainbow coming from the Cross now enters the Ark; it has shifted. I can see the Holy Ghost, as a Dove, hovering over Our Blessed Mother and over the Ark. He is huge, spreading-out His Wings. Saint Michael stands astride the Ark; he too, is really huge. Now I can see Saint Peter’s forming on top of the Ark. The Holy Ghost has overshadowed the whole Church and from Him come out seven streams of Light; on each wing there are three Lights and one from the Chest. The Light comes towards the Ark and then bounces off and hits all of us, shooting all over the world.

I can now see the Apostles. They seem to have a flame over their heads, and there are much smaller flames on the other souls I see. Our Lady moves forward, coming closer, reducing in size. She moves here, into the Chapel; the Ark remains where it is. Next to Our Blessed Mother is the Holy Father, Pope John Paul II – to the right of Her. He is dressed in his usual white. I am there to the left of Our Lady, dressed in red. Our Lady smiles. The Baby Jesus is still sitting on Her Arm. He now leaves Our Lady’s Arm and leans over to the Vicar of Christ to give him the sceptre that He held. He kisses the Holy Father’s forehead and comes over to give me the ball with the Cross on it, and kisses my forehead. The red clothing that I was wearing has now turned to pure white – the same as the Vicar of Christ. The Baby Jesus now returns to His Holy Mother. He is a very pretty baby and is about two years old. He has beautifully curly, blonde/light-brown, hair. He too, is smiling. Our Lady kisses the Baby Jesus on the forehead. He puts His Head on Our Holy Mother’s Shoulder and She makes the Sign of the Cross with Jesus:

OUR LADY AND BABY JESUS: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

OUR LADY: “My beloved son, Our future Vicar – My ‘Little Pebble’ of Love; My beloved Apostles, Disciples and all My children gathered here before Me and My Divine Son and all My children throughout the world: I greet you all, as the ‘Victorious Queen of Heaven and Earth”. I thank you for listening to My Words, dear children. Those of you who have listened are represented upon the Ark of Salvation, which My little son has just witnessed. All of those who are marked with My Sign are there. I am grateful to all the children who go forward in faith and trust in God’s Divine Plan for mankind, because it is important for Our children to go forward in faith and true obedience to the Will of God, especially at this time when the Church and the world is very much divided, confused and – in many cases – far away from the Light of God.”

“I have come today to give ‘Signal’ Graces to Our children, to mark them with the Sign of My Immaculate Heart, so they can enter the Ark of Salvation. This Ark is none other than Myself, My sweet children, for I will bring you to the ‘New Era’ unscathed, however battle-worn. Because the time that Heaven now gives you is a time of strengthening as soldiers of Christ for My Divine Son. All those who have been marked by the Sign of Redemption are the children written in the Book of Life, who must do battle with Lucifer, the Antichrist and all the evil spirits that now roam the Earth. Unless you are marked with this sign, My sweet children, you cannot defeat the evil one who is all powerful – because the Triune God allows evil [to roam] free. However, know well that Heaven will be victorious even in the midst of this great darkness that envelops the Earth at this time. Let My Immaculate Heart be the ‘Guiding Light’ for all of you, My sweet children, for I am truly the Mother of Humanity, the Refuge of Sinners and Ark of Salvation for mankind.”

“Today I have brought with Me countless numbers of Angels, for they will now go throughout the world to place My Mark upon My children – to separate the sheep from the goats. And all those who are of My Light that comes from My Divine Son will understand and know one another, so My Children of the Light will not be deceived, for the spiritual battle that now rages throughout the world is one of the intellect and one of ‘mystical’ phenomena, where deep discernment is needed by Our children and only prayers to the Holy Ghost and My Immaculate Heart will enlighten you to understand the Plan and Will of God for all of you. The logical way must be placed aside, My sweet children, for God will soon reveal ‘Mysteries’ that have been hidden for many, many, centuries, because you are being prepared for the end times and the ‘Reign of Peace’ that will be given to man through My Divine Son.”

“Life as you know it will be no more! A new life will be given to mankind – one that existed before the fall of man. There is much for you, My sweet children, to learn and understand and it is only with true obedience to the Will of God that you will understand the Desires of the Eternal Father. The Ark of Salvation is ready to receive Her children and to take Her children into the Promised Land. Prepare yourselves, My sweet children, with all that We have given you. Each day should be a day of preparation – just as a soul who knows that it will die soon prepares in life to meet its Maker. Likewise, My children of the Light must do the same. Live for God, My sweet children, not for yourselves or for the world, because the world will soon be no more as you know it and understand it. Believe Me, My sweet children, if you could know what God has prepared for those who love Him you would lay down your lives – even at this moment! Therefore, be encouraged and be strong, because God has chosen you out of countless souls to be the light of the world.”

“Today is My Feast Day and the tenth Anniversary of this Feast and, because of this, I have come to give you Graces – Graces in abundance, to be distributed throughout the whole world and also to the Souls in Purgatory and Limbo and even accidental Graces of joy for My children in Heaven and Paradise. The reason for this, My sweet children, is because the Mercy of God is endless and He Loves His children infinitely. Therefore, these Graces that He will give to you today are so great that only in the years to come will you understand their significance. These are ‘Signal’ Graces, My sweet children. Many souls from Purgatory will be released within this ‘hour’ of Divine Grace for the world, and many souls will be converted to believe in the Son of God, My Divine Son, Jesus. Rejoice with Me, My sweet children, for the Eternal Father has granted Me, also, a very special Grace for the Church. In time I will explain it to you – but for now we will thank the Triune God for His Infinite Mercy, Love and Compassion.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Now I can see many Holy Angels, each holding a Chalice in which there is a rose, pointing outside the Chalice. They are very beautiful roses, full and very large, glistening and sparkling. The Angels are coming closer and showing me a little bit more. Our Lady smiles. In the roses I can see the names of individual souls. There are so many Angels I couldn’t count them – it would be in the billions. The whole of Heaven is full of them. They all have a Chalice with a rose in it. Now I can see Angels of various sizes going to each person here in the Chapel, placing the Chalice and the rose in your hearts. They go around the community to the people who were not able to come here, and some even further away. I can see them also travelling along the rainbow. It is really fantastic to see. They are travelling along it towards L’Avenir, marching in files. I can see that ‘Thornbush’ is in her room, witnessing the Angels coming to her, bringing these flowers within the Chalices. I can see that the Ark has become golden in colour and over it are the words “Ark of the Covenant”, in gold, glowing very, very, brightly. I can see the Blessed Eucharist on top of the Ark.

Many Angels have come before the Saviour and are Adoring Him there and also here, before the Tabernacle and before Our Lord in Our Lady’s Arms – it is really extraordinary. There are even more Angels coming through the Cross – they just keep coming. I see the seven Great Angels too. I also see Saints coming through the Cross – I recognize many of them. They are coming towards the people – the Patron Saints of each soul. They are holding a Cross in their arms – laid across their arms – and there are many roses attached to them – just like Saint Theresa has. They are dressed in different colours – in their different habits. They go to different souls with the Cross and roses. Some of them are not roses, but other flowers. Our Lady is still smiling.

I can see Our Lady’s Tears coming down now, but they are not Tears of Sorrow. I do not know the meaning of what is happening, other than something has happened that is very important. Pope John Paul II has remained there, next to Our Lady – as well as myself – and he too, is smiling. I look towards him because I am also next to Our Lady. John Paul II is showing me something which is written on a sheet of paper, which glows very brightly. I cannot read what is written there. I will ask Our Lady later. John Paul II now offers this to Her – and Jesus, the Infant, takes the letter and kisses it, then gives it to Our Lady Who also kisses it then places it in Her Immaculate Heart. Maybe it has something to do with a ‘Dogma’. Our Lady continues to smile

The Angels are still filing through to offer the roses. I can see the rainbow very brightly in ‘Thornbush’s’ room; many Angels are with her. Now they bring her to my left side. She is not dressed as she normally is, in the habit of a nun and she looks very happy. A crown of roses is upon her head. Behind her I can see the other [souls] and me. I can see Father Blais and Father Broussard very clearly. Behind John Paul II there are two Cardinals. I do not know who they are. Obviously, they must be faithful ones. They now move away from the Vicar of Christ – from behind him – and come to the front of him. The Vicar of Christ hands the two Cardinals something and is speaking to them. Jesus is Blessing them. The two Cardinals move over and come over to me and kneel down. They are handing me something which I cannot see because Our Lady does not allow me to. I can now see Father Blais – ‘Little John’, as he is called – coming from behind me to kneel next to the two Cardinals. His robes are also not of the ‘Order’. They have changed into Cardinal’s robes. The same thing is happening to Father Broussard; he is also kneeling there and his robes change from the ‘Saint Charbel’ garments to Cardinal’s robes.

Our Lady keeps smiling as She observes all these things happening. The Baby Jesus is kissing them all. Now, for the first time, I see ‘Little Matthew’ – Archbishop John – and he also moves behind myself and Our Lady, coming to where Father Broussard and Father Blais are kneeling with the two Cardinals and myself. She now takes a golden key out of Her Immaculate Heart and gives it to me. Jesus takes out another golden key from His Most Sacred Heart and hands it to me. Our Lady takes-up a blue key and, at the end of it – where you hold it – there is a diamond in the centre. She hands it to ‘Thornbush’, who is dressed in a wedding gown because she is a Religious Nun and is one of the Brides of Christ. As I have told you – behind her I saw all the [certain souls]. Our Lady is just smiling still. It is most definitely the ‘Queen of Heaven’ Who is displayed here. Our Lady now kisses the Baby Jesus again and makes the Sign of the Cross:

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“My beloved son: The reason why We need you to explain what you see is so Our children will understand what is to come in the very near future, for there are many ‘keys’ that will unlock the Secrets of My Immaculate Heart – the Secrets of the ‘Apocalypse’ – that will handed out to some of Our children throughout the world, because many ‘Mysteries’ will be revealed soon, especially through you, My dear child, when your ‘ecstasies’ go into another stage and also, to Our ‘Thornbush’ and some of Our Apostles – for much must be revealed to prepare the way for the New Era, the New Hierarchy and new Royalty that will come swiftly after the Great Warning. Watch now, My dear child, for I wish to show you something.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady now points to the sky. I can see all the stars, moving in the sky and forming letters. I can see the words “WARNING” and “KAHOUTEK”. I can see many galaxies and in one them I can see a large comet; it has a white cross on it. Our Lady says: “This is Kahoutek.” She is moving Her Fingers and, as She does, the comet moves by Her Power. I can see it moving from galaxy to galaxy. I can see the comet come very, very, close to the Earth. I can see it is revolving around it – just as the Moon seems to – but very swiftly. There is a bright light behind the comet and on top of it there is a White cross. Our Lady opens the clouds which surround the Earth. I can see the people stare in amazement at the comet and they can see the White cross. The stars are moving again and form more letters and symbols – symbols of the Passion of Our Lord.

Now I can see the Holy Grounds from very high up, as if I am floating above the Earth. I can see ‘Jacob’s Ladder’ as it enters the Holy Grounds, with part of it in the Chapel. There are many Angels going up and down this golden ladder; it is huge, because it goes right up past the stars and even beyond that, where there is a void. Now I can see part of Heaven, where the ladder enters one of the gates. There are many Angels standing at this gate and I can see souls being transported there. Now the ladder goes deep into the Earth, which is opening-up. I can see millions of souls who are in Purgatory. The Angels go there and then take the souls with them, up the ladder. As they go up the ladder they move through a red and orange coloured light, which becomes pure white as it touches the ladder. I can now see fire coming out of Purgatory and coming upon the world. This ball of light – this comet – goes underneath the clouds – not over the clouds where you can’t see – but underneath, in the atmosphere of the Earth. The whole sky has gone white and the fire is burning souls; it is doing something to them. Now it has gone.

OUR LADY: “My dear child: The reason I have shown you this is so My children will not become complacent, because many of them have been waiting for this sign for many years. I wish to encourage Our children not to become complacent because the Great Warning has not yet come. Be grateful to God, My sweet children. It is for this reason that I have come with so many Graces today, to strengthen you. The Warning is near, however, you still have time, My sweet children, to rectify the situation that is currently in My Divine Son’s House upon Earth; to correct all that is in error; to stop the abuse, the sacrilege and abomination that is in the House of God and also in the lives of many of Our children. I ask Our children, still, to be always prepared and ready, because it is the Will of My Father in Heaven and yours. You must be children – like a soldier in battle on the front line – always alert and always prepared, for you do not know the ‘hour’ when justice will strike the world and even affect your own lives. Therefore, pray, My sweet children, My Most Holy Rosary. Pray for My beloved sons, Pope John Paul II and Peter II – who will soon be the Vicar of Christ and there is much for him to do.”

“I ask for unity amongst all the Apostles and Disciples. Be not scattered; be not bewildered; be not confused and divided, but remain united under Peter – the current one and then the one to come. To My Disciples: Be united, dear sons, for you are needed in the Church to strengthen the ‘Mystical’ body – not to divide it through your weaknesses. Do not try to understand the Will of God, but rather do the Will of God. I say this also for My [Daughters]. Many of them have become weak, because they are trying to understand the Plan of God in the logical way. You cannot understand this, My sweet children. You must have faith, and trust in the Will of God. Do not speak openly of the Missions that God has given you, My dear [Daughters], for you will create great confusion amongst Our children; for there is much yet to learn to understand in the Plan of God for you.”

“And to all My Mystics, Seers and Voice-Boxes throughout the world: Be united, My sweet children, under your future Vicar, My ‘Little Pebble’ of Love, who has been given the task of bringing unity amongst you and within the Church. Do not leave his side for, as you go away, you lose Graces and you become confused – for you, too, do not know the Plan of God. But go in obedience!”

“And to all of My sweet children throughout the world: be lights in this darkness that exists now in the Church and in the world, through your prayers, through your good example and by your holy obedience to the Divine Will of God. If all this is done, My sweet children, then the Victory of My Immaculate Heart will come swiftly! I will soon raise many more Seers throughout the world, so My Voice will be heard by all of Our children, before the time of justice reaches mankind. I Love you, My sweet children and offer you the path to My Immaculate Heart, the Ark of Salvation. It is through My Most Holy Rosary. I kiss you all, My sweet children, and Bless you: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: I am now looking at the Hearts of Our Lady and Our Lord. A Chalice came from Our Lord’s Heart; from Our Lady’s Heart came a rose – a mixture of red, yellow and gold colours sprinkled with small diamonds. A ring is in the centre of this bloom, which Our Lady now kisses – then offers to Our Lord to kiss. They gave the Chalice to me during the Apparition. Jesus places the ring deep in my soul. Our Lady says that this is the Papal Ring.

OUR LADY: “Continue now, sweet children, with your prayers for, as you pray today, I will show you, in your innermost soul, the gifts that God has in store for you – if you are obedient to His Will – and for the many souls who are now being released and are waiting for Me to return to Heaven this afternoon, taking them.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady now wishes to speak to me. Please continue with the prayers. (The prayers continued…)

Our Lord has now come from Our Holy Mother’s side and is kneeling between Father Broussard and myself. He is like a small child praying to Our Lady. The Baby Jesus has asked us to say the three ‘Hail Mary’s’ in honour of Our Lady’s ‘Tears of Mercy’ and Her Blood, which She is shedding through many Apparitions in the world. (The three Hail Mary’s are now recited…)

Jesus has placed His little Arms around Father Broussard’s head and kisses him. He did the same to me before that. Now He goes back to Our Lady – back to Our Lady’s left Arm. Our Lady has asked Father Broussard to make the final blessing. (Father blesses the people…)

I forgot to mention that the great Angel of this community – Saint Sentimintarious – is also here. He is next to Saint Michael. Our Lady now kisses Jesus and They Make the Sign of the Cross:

OUR LADY AND BABY JESUS: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Now, Pope John Paul II steps forward and he gives us his Apostolic Blessing, as the Vicar of Christ:

POPE JOHN PAUL II: “In Nomine Patris et Filii, et Spiritus Sanctus. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady, with the Little Infant Jesus, blows us kisses and the souls in front of me are moving towards the Cross – the big White Cross in the sky. I can see countless – countless! – souls going with Her. I also saw Saint Michael cast down into Hell some of the demons – because of the prayers – during the prayers of the three Hail Mary’s. There were many souls also released from Purgatory. Our Lady is turning around and moving swiftly towards the Cross. She takes with Her everything that I now see. We offer three Glory Be’s in honour of the Vicar of Christ and for his birthday. (The three Glory Be’s are recited…)

We will offer a special prayer in honour of Saint Michael to thank him for casting the demons back into Hell. (The Saint Michael’s Prayer is recited…) In honour of the Guardian Angel of this Community, Saint Sentimintarious, we will recite a Glory Be (a Glory Be is now recited…) In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

The Rosaries which were brought here today are Blessed by Jesus and Mary. They have a very special Grace attached to them to retain the Baptismal Innocence of children when you pray for them. The roses given by the children also have the Grace of Baptismal Innocence upon them, and they must be embossed.