Message 442 – 13 July 1994


NO. 442

The Angels of Justice are now ready to strike the Earth; purchase candles, store food, warm clothing – Nourish your souls constantly with the King of Kings and go often to the Sacrament of Penance – The Evil One now has the power to delude and place doubts into the hearts and minds of the elect – The whole world is enveloped in the darkness of Satan; only a few candles of pure light flicker – Satan will use the Media against the Children of Light – The Church will be divided, the Holy Father persecuted.

LITTLE PEBBLE: Saint Sentimintarious has been standing at the Altar with the Blessed Sacrament – Our Lord – in his hand and also a Chalice. There are many rays of light coming from Our Lord and, for some reason, He remains there in the Blessed Sacrament. A beautiful White Cross, which is on the Holy Grounds, goes deep into the sky. Saint Michael is to the left of where the picture of Our Lady of the Ark is and is his usual enormous height, deep into the sky. He is dressed very regally and carries a spear this time – not a sword. Saint Barachiel is to my right, near the picture of Saint Charbel. Saint Sentimintarious makes the Sign of the Cross, with Our Lord – the Blessed Sacrament – in his hand: 

OUR LORD & SAINT SENTIMINTARIOUS: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.” 

SAINT SENTIMINTARIOUS: “My beloved son and brother – little ‘Rock’ of the Immaculate Heart of the Queen of Heaven; dear children of God and sweet children throughout the world: I, the Great Angel of the Saviour of mankind have been asked to speak to you – but a short message – to tell you the importance of receiving the Saviour, Jesus Christ – the Son of the Living God – often, in your hearts, now. All those who believe in the Truth must be obedient to the Truth of the Son of God and carry the Eucharistic Heart of God in their hearts, for Christ is your Shield and the Protector of your souls. Therefore, eat of the Body and drink of the Blood of the Living God.”

“The world will soon go under trial. You have been warned by God and the Queen of Heaven. The Angels of Justice are now prepared and ready to strike the Earth. Therefore, nourish your souls constantly with the King of Kings, for Christ is the life and the strength of all souls, who must enter into Paradise in the coming years of your Earth years. Receive Jesus, the Saviour, in the Sacrament of Confession. I, as the Guardian of the Blessed Sacrament and Protector of this Community here in Nowra, ask this – not only of the children who live here, but all the children of the world. Go often to the Sacrament of Penance to strengthen your souls, so you will overcome the temptations of the devil who now roams the Earth with great power to delude even the Elect; to take them away from the path of Truth.”

“I, Sentimintarious – Guardian of the flock of Christ – have been asked by God and the Queen of Heaven to tell you this. So prepare yourselves with prayer; with penance and fasting and do reparation for your sins and those sins of your brothers and sisters. The Triune God Blesses you: 

TRIUNE GOD: “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.” 

LITTLE PEBBLE: This Holy Great Angel has now been asked to go to the other communities and holy places throughout the world. Through the Cross I can see the Blessed Mother as She comes through the White Cross towards the Chapel, on a beautiful beam of Light – very pure and very brilliant white, but it is very narrow – like a slender road of Light. It is like a ray and Our Lady glides down this light with many, many, Angels. She comes dressed as the ‘Rosa Mystica’ and on Her Head is a Crown of roses; She doesn’t wear the creamy mantilla instead, one of beautiful royal-blue. She has the three roses on Her Chest. Our Lady now stands on the Tabernacle, inside the Chapel.

There are many Angels who surround Our Blessed Mother – at least two or three thousand Angels surrounding Our Lady and the Chapel. I can also see the Warrior Angels who are to protect this community – the fourteen legions of them; so many. They look like soldiers – just as Saint Michael does. Saint Michael throws his spear now, and it comes right into the Chapel and into the Altar. From it comes an explosion – an explosion of Light of different colours – which become very bright.

Our Lady holds two sceptres – one is the sceptre of the Saint Charbel Order and the other is the sceptre of the Order of the Immaculate Heart – Saint Maria Louis de Montfort’s Order of Father Blais. These are the two Orders which are being founded now for Holy Mother Church – the two ‘pillars’ of the Church – as described in the vision of Saint John Bosco. Our Lady has revealed and explained this mystery. Our Lady is smiling, and yet even in Her smile there is a sadness there.

The two Angels now take two banners from Our Lady’s Hands. Another Angel takes the Crown of roses from Our Lady’s Head and also takes the Crown away from Her at this time. Our Lady smiles and takes out a beautiful Rosary of red-coloured beads. They look to me more like the Precious Blood than just coloured beads. It looks like there is a liquid inside the beads. Our Lady says that is correct; it is the Precious Blood of Her Divine Son. The Crucifix is a wooden one and the Corpus on it looks real. It is not a small one; it is much larger than a normal Crucifix on a Rosary and Our Lord looks very much alive on it. Our Lady now takes Jesus and Kisses Him: in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

OUR LADY: “My beloved ‘Rock’, ‘Rock’ of My Immaculate Heart, My ‘Little Pebble’ of Love; My sweet Apostle, ‘Little Bartholomew’, My dear Disciples and children of My Immaculate Heart: I greet you today as Mother of the Church and Queen of all communities that are to be established throughout the world for the salvation of My children and the guidance of Our children into the New Era, that will soon come upon the world. My dear children: today I wish that you listen to Me very carefully, for many extraordinary events will come upon you soon that will change the lives of many of Our children. These are not only physical, or natural, events that will disturb the world as you know it, but also spiritual – for the battle that you are now in, My sweet children, is the battle between spirits – good and evil. It is for this reason that many of Our children of the Light are being tempted by the evil one for he knows the weakness of mankind and he also knows that his time is very short. Therefore, he will do all he can to take Our children away from the path of Truth and Light. Therefore, My sweet children, be very attentive – be careful of the snares of the devil. Pray often to Saint Michael and the Angels for them to enlighten you and to protect you – because the evil one now has the power to even delude and place doubts into the hearts and minds of My children, the Elect. Unless you pray and remain firmly rooted in Truth, My sweet children – in true obedience to God’s Word – you will be taken away from the path of Divine Truth. Even though many of you will receive this Light at a later time, then it will be too late to make reparation for the weakness of your decisions that you make now, therefore, many of you will not enter into the New Era. It is for this reason that you must be prayerful and diligent in the course of Truth. For many years now My Divine Son and I have revealed to you that the Antichrist – the Maitreya – will come into the world. He is already in the world, My sweet children – but yet, only in spirit and at times he is permitted to materialize in different parts of the world, to create confusion amongst the children who are seeking the Truth but never coming to it. The power of the Antichrist is very great, My sweet children. You do not realize how he is able to use his power over our children. This power is from Hell, My sweet children, permitted by My Father and your Father in Heaven, because it is the time of darkness. The whole world is enveloped in the darkness of Satan; only a few candles of pure light still flicker in this darkness and these candles are My Holy Places throughout the world and My communities are the doorways to the New Era.”

“Much is being revealed now to Our children, but most of Our children do not yet understand what is being revealed. We ask that you do not try to understand, My sweet children, for you will not understand the Plans of God entirely – not until the Great Purification comes through the Holy Warning that God the Eternal Father will send to the Earth. Be prepared, My sweet children, for the onslaught from Satan and the Antichrist, because the Antichrist will be given power over many children now.”

“Therefore, be careful in your materialism; in your pleasures. Be careful of the pleasures of the world and all that Satan wishes to present to you. The media – especially through the television, My sweet children – will be used effectively against the children of the Light and even those children who are already far away from Us, who are already in the hands of Satan. But the media will be used by Satan now in a very particular way to take away the Truth from Our children. The Maitreya will appear soon on television, My sweet children. You are to be very careful – be very selective in what you watch now. Do not spend idle time – wasting time before the T.V. – and [indulging in] the worldly pleasures that are now presented to you in abundance. Be selective! We do not tell you that you cannot enjoy yourselves – to relax – but We ask that you be more careful, My sweet children, in what you watch; in what you read; in what theatres you go to; in what movies you see; in what you listen to in music – for the Devil and the Antichrist are very powerful and, already now, they have infiltrated in all of these fields to bring to you many things that you believe are good, but are not. Listen to the words of the songs that you listen to and you will hear that Satan has infiltrated this medium. Be careful, sweet children! Spend more time in praying and reading holy books that will edify your souls and will prepare you for the time to come – not only when the chastisements come upon the world – but also to prepare you for the Second Coming of My Son and for the New Era that has been prepared for you since the beginning of time by the Eternal Father, through His Holy Angels. We only ask Our children to be ready. Prepare your households! Store your food! Get warm clothing! Purchase your candles and prepare! These are very serious times, My sweet children. Most of you do not realize how serious these times are for many of you have believed that, since these events have not occurred for so many years, they will never occur! But I tell you most solemnly, as your Mother and Queen: now is the time for you to prepare your homes; your households; your communities. All communities must be prepared for the chastisements that will fall upon the Earth very shortly – all are to become self-sufficient in every way and manner – because you will not have the time to prepare later, sweet children. I give you this warning so you will know.”

“Soon, many signs will be seen in the Heavens; great phenomena not seen by man before. Satan, too, will bring forth many signs to confuse the Elect and the children of the world – through the power of the Antichrist – for Satan will give him the power to take away even the Elect if he could. The words of the Apocalypse – the words of Saint John – will now be fulfilled to the letter. This Message that I have given here today will be given to the whole world – just before the events are to occur – so mankind will know and understand that God is serious!! Be attentive; watch and listen to the events in Rome with [concerning] Our Holy Vicar for many disturbances will come in the Vatican and throughout the Church. The Church will be divided. The Holy Father will be persecuted by his very own through the Cardinals and Bishops who will disobey him and many will fall away, as they did in the time of the Great Reformation. But that which is to come is far greater, for much is now at stake, My sweet children. All of you are to have a vigilance of prayer to make reparation to God for the sins of the world for time is very short for man now.”

“Pray for the nations of the Earth for many seek peace but will not find it – for they seek it not in the way that God desires it; they seek it through worldly gains – this will not occur! Only war and destruction will come to the Earth, because they have placed My Divine Son aside and re-Crucified Him, over and over again – in the Houses set aside for the Truth. Therefore, sweet children, I beg of you to listen to Me and obey the Words of Divine Truth. Be not afraid but take courage and take up the sword of Truth, as Saint Michael did so many centuries ago, to defend Christ and His Church; to defend the Truth of the existence of God – of the existence of good over evil! Good will triumph, My sweet children, because this has been promised by the Eternal Father. The Triumph of My Immaculate Heart will soon come and Satan will be crushed under My Feet, with the help of My ‘little’ souls scattered throughout the world.”

“This is the Message of Truth and Love for all Our children. Be faithful to what I tell you, dear children and go forward in the Light of My Divine Son. I give you all the kiss of My Heart and place you deep in My Immaculate Heart today, to take you all into the New Era – the Garden of Paradise – where there will only be Love, Peace and Joy for Our children. I Bless you all now: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.” 

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady now steps aside and holds out Her beautiful Rosary, with Her left hand over the Tabernacle. A tremendous Light now comes from the Tabernacle – going towards the Rosary with the Precious Blood. The doors of the Tabernacle open, and Jesus now grows out of It – from the Eucharist – into the Rosary of the Precious Blood. Jesus stands next to Our Holy Mother, where the Tabernacle is now. He is very beautiful and has on a cream tunic and a royal-red cape – like velvet – with golden tassels on it. He looks very majestic; is very beautiful. He smiles. The Rosary which Our Lady had is not there anymore, because it is part of Our Lord. I can see the outer casing of the beads surrounding the Sacred Heart of Jesus. He takes in His right Hand His Most Sacred Heart, and also the Heart of Our Lady. Our Lady’s Heart is with Our Lord’s – it seems that They are two Hearts in one. There is a beautiful Light that comes above Jesus and Mary. I can see the Holy Ghost now, as a Dove. He has just appeared, hovering above the Hearts. It is really beautiful. There is a White Cross, covered in golden Light, which comes out of the two Hearts and goes through us; passing through all of us constantly – pulsing like a heart-beat. Jesus and Mary are smiling. Jesus now takes the two Hearts and makes the Sign of the Cross and Our Lady makes the Sign of the Cross, too, with Her right Hand: 

OUR LORD & OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.” 

OUR LORD: “My sweet precious ‘Rock’ – ‘Rock’ of the Sacred Heart of your God and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, My Mother, My ‘Little Peter’; I greet you! My dear son, ‘Little Bartholomew’: I greet you, too, as one of the Twelve Apostles of the End Times. I greet all My children here. Those who have come from afar – I welcome you. I greet all My children throughout all the communities that have been formed in honour of My Most Holy Mother and for the Glory of My Father in Heaven. I greet all My children who are faithful to My Word.”

“Continue this way, dear children; continue to hold on to the Hand of My Most Holy Mother and be not afraid. The warnings that I will send are not for the children of the Light but, rather, for the children who are in darkness and also for the children who were in the Light but have become weak through doubt and temptation. I call them back to My Sacred Heart, for these are the times spoken of by My Prophets and Saints over many generations – even by the Prophets of Old. These are extraordinary times, dear children – more than you can understand at this time – but with time you will understand the greatness of this moment in man’s history.”

“Many children are yet to learn of My Mercy, My Forgiveness and My Love and the Power of My Father in Heaven, for My Word must go throughout the world before the end and this will come in a most extraordinary manner, My sweet children. Watch and you will see. I am still waiting – for I am your God of Mercy and Compassion, of Love and Forgiveness. But remember well that I am also the God of Infinite Justice, for mankind has abused the Privileges and Graces that My Father has sent to the Earth. You have received – in abundance – Graces from My Father, sweet children. Be grateful and thank God always, every day, for all that He does for you, for none of you here that I see before Me are in want. All of you have abundance – in materialism, in food, in clothing and all the pleasures that I have granted you. Abuse them not, My sweet children, but share them with your brothers and sisters who have need of them.”

“Be careful, for everything is accountable before Me, My sweet children – everything! Do not squander the Graces that I give you; do not squander the Graces that I offer you. I have given you a choice; a path to follow. I have given you free will, and a decision to make for My Father in Heaven. Be careful! Make the decision, in truth, for your God. Let self be placed aside. Think of how the great Saints became Saints, My sweet children. Did they become Saints by saying “Yes” to God, and then abandoning the way that God had chosen for them – or did they say “Yes” and sacrifice all for God, everything they had – even their free will? And are they not happy now? Were they not happy while they walked the Earth – even when they were persecuted and hated and despised, like I was? Yes, My sweet children, that is why they are now Saints in Heaven, glorifying God and have received their reward and they will be happy, eternally, with My Father.”

“This I have offered to all of you – every one of you. You all are called to become great and holy Saints for this time – even greater Saints that in the times past. Therefore, walk My path; carry My cross and follow Me. You have placed your hand upon the plough. Do not turn around, but keep your eyes centered upon My Sacred Heart and the Heart of My Most Pure and Immaculate Mother, Mary. Do not be tempted by doubts; do not be tempted by the world, by the flesh and by the power of the devil, who now roams the Earth to devour every soul – even those dedicated to My Most Sacred Heart.”

“I leave you free, My sweet children – even free to choose as to what path you must walk. I leave you free to prepare for the times to come. I say unto you, as your God and Saviour: be warned!”

“The Messages will continue to go throughout the world until the number of the Elect have been marked by My Most Sacred Heart, through the Holy Angels. Then will come the wrath of My Father upon an unrepentant generation – a generation of vipers. The Antichrist is now on the Earth. We have permitted him certain time to gather his own. Be alert; be children of the Light. Carry the sword of Truth in your hearts and pray the Rosary of power, given to you by My Most Holy Mother. Do not become children of the world.”

“You have been sent to the Earth to do battle for your salvation; to win souls; to fight for the Truth; to fight the evil one. You were not sent to the Earth to join him; to be part of his Earth; to be part of his Kingdom that now is upon Earth – for Hell is now on Earth, My sweet children! Do you understand this? My Father and I and Our Spirit did not Create you for the Devil or the world. We Created you out of pure Love – the Love of your God – for Us, so you will worship and honour and glorify Us, and join with Us in total happiness and fruitfulness, for all eternity. Think on this, My sweet children: ‘eternity’. What is this word? What does it mean?”

“From the moment of your conception, my sweet children, eternity begins. Cast away doubts in your hearts and in your minds and believe! For truly, I say unto you that what I and My Most Holy Mother have told you over all these years, will be fulfilled to the very letter. What I have promised individual souls will be given to them, for My Word is the Word. Do not listen to the whispers of the Antichrist, who now comes to each soul to tempt him away from the Truth. It is little by little that he is able to tempt you, My sweet children, until you give in. How weak My children are. You are called to be strong and soldiers of My Most Sacred Heart; defenders of the Faith; defenders of the Truth and the Vicar of Christ – so remain strong. O, how I long to gather you – gather you all – in My Most Sacred Heart.”

“The invitation is there, but how many of you abandon Me. Truly, this is the ‘hour of darkness’ for My Church upon Earth – even for the children of the Light. Be strong! I Love you all, My sweet children, even those who are far away from Me, for you all belong to Me – there are no exceptions!” 

LITTLE PEBBLE: Jesus now opens up His Arms and so does the Blessed Virgin Mary.

OUR LORD: “Come, all who are heavy-laden and burdened; come unto Me – your Saviour and your God. Come dine with Me; trust in My Most Holy Mother. Be as little children. Come knock at My Most Sacred Heart. Seek and you will find. My Heart is always open to you, in the Tabernacles of your Earth. I am waiting – still waiting – for Our children to return.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Jesus now is Weeping; Tears are rolling down His Cheeks and the Mother of God also Weeps. Our Lady now kneels to the side of Our Lord and hugs His Legs.

A huge Cross has suddenly appeared in the Arms of Our Lord – an enormous Cross. Jesus places His Head on the Cross and Kisses It.

OUR LORD: “This is the gateway, My sweet children, for your salvation and redemption. Come, carry this with Me, now; be not afraid. I need all of you to help Me save all those children who have fallen asleep; who are in darkness and need My Mercy.” 

LITTLE PEBBLE: One of the Angels now takes the Cross in his arms. The Sacred Hearts have returned to their rightful place. Our Lady stands up and takes a handkerchief and wipes the Tears of Jesus – and now kisses Him on the Cheek, to console Our Lord. Jesus now holds Our Blessed Mother in His Arm – His right Arm.

Our Lady now has the Rosary again in Her right Hand – the Rosary of the Precious Blood. She said that this Precious Blood Rosary is a gift for me. I remember, some many, many, months ago, this Rosary was placed around my head.

Our Lord smiles now, and has stopped Crying. He becomes brilliant – very brilliant – and lifts-up His right Hand: 

OUR LORD: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“Continue now, My dear children, with your prayers of atonement, for they are truly needed now to make reparation for the sins of the world in this great hour of need. Remain at peace, and know that I and My Most Holy Mother, are always with you.” 

LITTLE PEBBLE: Jesus – just like a flash – has gone back into the Tabernacle. Our Lady, Who has moved over to the Tabernacle again, just smiles, then says to continue with the prayers, because She is going to speak to me privately, after which I am going to ask Her to Bless the holy objects here. (“Ave! Ave”! is sung.) Our Lady gave a Blessing to the Rosaries here on the little table, and they were Blessed by the Precious Blood of Our Lord. Through the Power of the Precious Blood, Jesus and Mary have given an indulgence to the souls in Limbo. Whoever uses these Rosaries will release souls from Limbo, by invoking the Precious Blood of Jesus and sprinkling Holy Water. All the statues have very special Graces of Light attached to them.

‘Thornbush’ was here during the prayers just now, because I have been asking Our Lady about her, so she was brought here for a moment. We pray for her – to strengthen her – because she suffers greatly. Soon she will come to Australia and this will be a great Blessing for us.

Our Lady smiles. The beautiful mantilla which She is wearing has little souls under it – souls whom I recognize. She is watching over them, very carefully. She now looks at ‘Little Bartholomew’, comes closer, and takes Her Immaculate Heart – coming much closer now – to Bless him: 

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.” 

“My beloved son – My sweet ‘Little Bartholomew’: Be not afraid; trust always in My Immaculate Heart, for you have been placed there and will remain there forever. Remember these Words during the time of your trials and temptations, for I am there always as your Mother. I embrace you with My Immaculate Heart, and kiss your gentle heart.” 

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady now kisses Father on the forehead and places Her mantilla over him. I can see that the Holy Ghost has now appeared above Our Lady, in tremendous Light. Our Lady now moves back to the Tabernacle, nods and asks that Father Broussard makes the sign of the Cross over the people. (Father Broussard now gives his blessing.) 

OUR LADY: “I Bless you all, my sweet children – children of My Immaculate Heart: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.” 

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady now moves swiftly towards the White Cross, with the many Angels. She is smiling and sends over another Blessing: 

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.” 

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady is smiling again, sending a kiss to Her Divine Son on the images: 

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.” 

LITTLE PEBBLE: Saint Sentimintarious has returned and Saint Michael, also. They stand on either side of the Tabernacle and Saint Barachiel is there, as well. The three of them make the Sign of the Cross: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.” We now offer three ‘Hail Mary’s for the Vicar of Christ. (Three ‘Hail Mary’s’ are recited). Saint Barnabas is mentioned quite often and now I understand because, although Barnabas is not one of the Twelve Apostles, he is an Apostle and Disciple of Our Lord and he will be the one who will be inspiring Vito, in time to come, to preach the Word of God, because each of the early Apostles and Disciples live within the soul of the future Apostles and Disciples, for God is going to work great signs as He did before. I wish that to be recorded for future times.