Message 454 – 10 November 1994


NO. 454

Many Graces will be offered to Our children in these coming days – I seek from all of you a “Yes” of true heart and this “Yes” must come from deep within you – Many things will be revealed in these coming days to help you to comprehend the wonderful Plan of God; All of you are being prepared for the New Era.

LITTLE PEBBLE: Already Saint Barachiel has given me the signal and the white Cross, which has its base placed over at the Holy Grounds, is very high up in the sky. There is a lot of brilliant light coming from the Tabernacle and in front of it there is a revolving disc of Light, with many different colours shooting from it. Saint Barachiel stands near Our Lord’s Statue and, as He looks over towards us, a Light shoots out of the Statue of Our Lady of the Ark on my left and also from Our Lord’s Statue, piercing the revolving Light in front of the Tabernacle.

Saint Michael stands near the White Cross and now places his sword into the Altar. A shaft of Light comes from the White Cross, passes right through the sword and Our Blessed Mother comes swiftly through the Light, arriving just in front of the handle of the Sword, then stands on top of the Tabernacle. She comes as Our Lady of the Ark, Mary Our Mother, Help of Christians and with Her is the Baby Jesus. Our Lady looks to where we are kneeling, then generally at all the people and so does the Baby Jesus. In His right Hand He holds a Staff – a very tiny one. Our Lady is not holding a little boat this time, but what looks to be a small Staff. Our Lady smiles.

There are many Angels around the Chapel and they come to Our Lady and take the Staffs away from both Jesus and Mary. Our Lady kisses Jesus on the Forehead and makes the Sign of the Cross:

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“My beloved ‘Rock’ of Our Immaculate Heart, My sweet ‘Thornbush’, My little Apostles – ‘Little John’ and ‘Little Bartholomew’, My Disciples and sweet children gathered here today: I greet you with My Immaculate Heart and welcome you all to the Garden of My Divine Son, Jesus – the place of atonement and reparation to the offended Heart of My Divine Son. I welcome, especially, My travellers from far away and thank you for coming here to give witness to the Word of Truth. Many Graces will be offered to Our children in these coming days for it is truly a privilege for Our children to be here.”

“My Divine Son and I desire that all of Our children listen well, for the Holy Ghost will inspire My ‘Little John’ – and also, Saint John, the Apostle – to speak to you with Words of Truth. These Words will help you to understand the Plan and Will of God; to prepare you for the time to come – not only the time of trial – but also the time of joy; so open up your hearts and place doubt aside and listen well, for much is offered to you at this time.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: The Baby Jesus suddenly has a bouquet of roses in His little Hand. He floats towards ‘Thornbush’ and shows them to her, for they are very special; there are names written inside each one. He plucks one and hands it to ‘Thornbush’. The Baby Jesus receives a returned gift and He smiles.

Our Lady is still here and I can see Her Immaculate Heart as it pulsates in front of Her. I can also see flowers growing out of Her Immaculate Heart. The Baby Jesus returns very quickly to Our Lady, Who now looks very tenderly towards ‘Thornbush’ and will speak to her – whether it is through her voice, so you may hear, or interiorly, I do not know, because it is only on the public Apparition Days, generally, that she speaks openly like myself. (Our Lady speaks interiorly to ‘Thornbush’.)

Our Lady and the Baby Jesus have gone now. Saint Barachiel remains.

THORNBUSH: In the beginning of the Rosary many things started to happen. I saw a White Cross and coming from the White Cross a rainbow. The Grotto at L’Avenir came and connected itself just beside the Chapel, here on the right side. Saint Sentilius and Saint Sentimintarious were on each end of the rainbow. I asked for the ‘Sign’ and it came.

Saint Michael was also present, holding his sword very high up in the sky. The Cross in the miraculous rock was beating like a heart – many rays coming out of it. There was a very bright Light that seemed to spin in different colours.

Our Holy Mother glided out of the statue of Our Lady of the Ark, with Our Lord. There was a rainbow over Them. They went over the Tabernacle, just under the Crucifix. I asked again for the ‘Sign’ and it came. They were both Crying Tears of Blood.

Many stars were coming from inside the rainbow, projecting in all directions. This was so beautiful. Many flowers were growing out of the Tabernacle, and different-coloured roses were growing on either side of the aisles of the Chapel.

For a while direct Light was going towards the ‘Little Pebble’ – a very soft and gentle Light that went inside him and all around him. From very high all I could hear was beautiful music. This lasted for a while, then Our Lord took the roses from the Tabernacle and the Angels went to pick the others in the Chapel. They were all given to Our Lord Who gave them to Our Holy Mother and She placed them in their undivided Hearts. We were all given a rose.

Then Our Holy Mother looked at Me and She began to speak a short Message:

OUR LADY: “I greet you, My beloved Apostles of My Immaculate Heart, My chosen Priest-sons of predilection; My little ‘Rock’ of Truth; My sweet daughters, and all of My beloved soldiers of Truth. We welcome you with Our undivided Hearts. I am so pleased that you have come to pray My Holy Rosary, My ‘Weapon of Truth and Victory’.”

“My precious little children: I invite you to open your hearts to all that My ‘Little John’ will speak to you about, for he and Our cherished daughters have been sent to you for many special reasons. My beloved, listen well: My Divine Son, through My Immaculate Heart, will continue to send forth many very special and Signal Graces, for you are all being gradually prepared for the Second Coming of My Divine Son.”

“So much is asked of you at this time and also of My little children of the Garden of Gethsemane. True and genuine unity is so very important and truly necessary, My little children. Please pray to understand. I Love you so very much and you need to know that I need you, each one of you. You are called to become ardent soldiers of Truth. Give always, a true and genuine testimony of your true faith – this is so important through your true ‘yes’. Remember, always, that I know your hearts. They are in My Immaculate Heart, within Our undivided Hearts.”

“My little children: Please continue to pray for My sweet children who are suffering in Purgatory, for they are suffering so very much and they are in need of many prayers and sacrifices. They are often with you, through their prayers and suffering.”

“Remember always, My beloved Pilgrim Pope – John Paul II – who is suffering his Martyrdom within his heart, because of the opposition and disobedience that exists. We once again send him Our Blessing ++ of strength; also to Our future ‘Little Peter II’.”

“My sweet children, the doors before you are opening and the Holy Ghost Who Dwells in Me is sending forth His Holy Spirit, to help you to understand many things. Pray, pray, pray!”

THORNBUSH: Then I asked some questions. They were all answered in Mother’s Goodness. I went to the rock in the Grotto and it smelt, very strongly. Our Lord, Jesus, and Mother, send their Blessings to Her Home + and to all of Her cherished children+.

Many others were Blessed+. I saw the roses that everyone held, with their names and the names of their Saints on them. Mother kissed all of the children and Blessed them +.

Our Lord Blessed us +. Our Holy Mother Blessed us +.

Saint Michael Blessed us +.

Saint Sentilius Blessed us +.

Saint Sentimintarious Blessed us +.

Then Our Lord and Mother disappeared, but most of the Angels stayed.



LITTLE PEBBLE: Saint Michael is standing outside the Chapel, behind the Crucifix – he is about forty or fifty feet tall and has placed his sword in the Altar. He is holding the sword, with both hands. Saint Barachiel is near Our Lord’s statue, where he always appears. There has been a lot of activity during the Rosary, with many Lights flashing and pouring into the Chapel; a stream of Light – like a waterfall – is very, very, pronounced. The White Cross is very high in the sky this time, but is not on the Holy Grounds – however, it is leaning towards us.

Coming from this Light is a smaller beam which shoots towards the Altar and the Tabernacle. Travelling from the Cross I can see a Light, a pearl – or egg-shaped – Light which comes towards us and the Tabernacle, revolving as it does. It is very large and moves very close, near the Altar. The Light now stands on the Altar and it opens-up – like a banana being peeled – and there stands Our Lady, looking very, very, brilliant, in the centre of it. She comes as ‘Our Lady, Queen of Peace’. Around Her Head are twelve stars, and above It is another bright star. It looks like a star to me, but is certainly something which is very bright. I can see on Our Lady’s Chest yet another star, with a face on it.

Our Lady is smiling. She has a beautiful Rosary, made of pinkish-coloured beads and Our Lady now Kisses Jesus, on the Crucifix, then makes the Sign of the Cross:

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“My sweet ‘Rock’ of salvation for Holy Mother Church, My dear ‘Thornbush’ – flower of My Immaculate Heart – My dear Priest-sons, Apostles of My Immaculate Heart and all My sweet children here present: I come once again to bring to you many Graces from My Immaculate Heart to help you to understand the Divine Plan of the Most High. During these special days of Grace, I will be coming many times – not only during the Apparitions, but also during the talks and during the time that you are together, to show you that I am the Mother of the Church; the Mother, also, of the future Church that is here with me today, for all of you are being prepared for the New Era.”

“Many things will be revealed in these coming days, to help you to comprehend the wonderful Plan of God for your lives. I seek from all of you a “Yes” of true heart and this “Yes” must come from deep within you, because it is very important for God; it depends on what you do in these days, as to what will come in your path in the coming years. I Bless you all: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady now steps out of this unusual looking ‘egg’ and comes towards ‘Thornbush’ – very close. (While ‘Thornbush’ receives a Message interiorly the Rosary is continued.)

Our Lady has gone. Saint Michael is still behind the Altar, and so is Saint Barachiel.


On the 19th December, 1994, the ‘Little Pebble’ asked Our Lady the following question:

LITTLE PEBBLE: Mother, many people are asking about the forty-day Novena because they cannot receive daily Communion.

OUR LADY: “My sweet, darling, child; little ‘Rock’: I well understand the desires of Our sweet children. However, the conditions remain – but Our sweet children should know that, even if all the conditions are not met, they receive partial Graces and the promises of this Holy and great Novena, for God is never outdone in generosity.”

“Everything is judged upon how Our children give themselves to any Devotions given by God, so Our children should not be troubled.”

“I Bless you, My son and I Bless all Our dear children, who desire to serve and please God and who celebrate the Divine Mercy of God for souls. In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”