Message 464 – 31 December 1994

A Year of Trial: Think of the Sanhedrin and the Trial of Jesus, this is what you are called to in the coming year – Do not think that to enter Purgatory is sufficient; the Justice of God in this place is very severe – There are few souls in the Church and world who are faithful to God’s Calling – The Chastisements will continue, because the Eternal Father will not be mocked – All that was written in the Book of Daniel will now come to pass.

LITTLE PEBBLE: There is already much activity. I have been watching Saint Sacramessugus, about whom you will hear much. He is a very ‘mysterious’ Angel – as Our Lady refers to him – a very beautiful Angel with eight wings, one on each hand, one on each foot, two large ones on his back and one on each shoulder. They are blue in colour and very shiny. He has hair like fire. Saint Barachiel is next to him. When they came, it was a sign to me that Our Lady would be coming soon. In the meantime, Saint Sentimintarious is here, as is Saint Sentilious of L’Avenir, who is much taller than Saint Sentimintarious. Saint Sentilious is the Guardian Angel of the Order of the Immaculate Heart and is also the head of all the Angels of the Communities. He is holding a very large bowl of pure water. I do not know the reason. He may be bringing water from L’Avenir to here. I will ask Our Lady if this is so, later. Also, My Guardian Angel, Saint Menoloutis, is standing there to my left. He too, is a beautiful Angel, as I have explained to you many times. Behind all the Angels is Saint Michael – he is very, very, tall – taking up most of the sky. He has placed a golden sword through the Tabernacle into the Altar and many sparks of lightning come from the Tabernacle, shooting out towards both Heaven and Earth – like an electrical field.

The beautiful White Cross is high up in the sky, with the Papal Emblem of Peter II hanging from the right arm and from the left arm hangs the sign of John Paul II – his symbol. Behind each of these symbols are twelve Apostles: Those of the ‘New Era’ are behind the symbol of Peter II and behind the symbol of John Paul II are the twelve original Apostles. Behind all of them are the six great Archangels of Heaven: Saint Gabriel, Saint Raphael, Saint Uriel, Saint Jehudiel, Saint Sealtiel and Saint Barachiel. Saint Michael is also there. The Angels just nod and smile.

Behind them there now appears a beautiful rainbow. There is more than one rainbow actually, because it is multiplying rapidly in different directions. One has come over the White Cross, forming into a bow as it comes towards us and goes straight into the Tabernacle. It seems as though it comes from the other side of the world, from L’Avenir, where ‘Thornbush’ is. While we were praying the Rosary, I felt ‘Thornbush’ in the flesh next to me, saying the Rosary. I heard her voice, very distinctly, yet I wasn’t at all in ecstasy.

I can now see the Grotto in L’Avenir and there is much snow around it. The statue of Our Lady is beginning to glow and is now very bright – it comes alive and is very brilliant. It is ‘Our Lady of Lourdes’ and She is very, very, beautiful, lighting up the Grotto. I can see ‘Thornbush’ in her room – she has been disturbed by this bright light. Saint Timothy, her Guardian Angel, is waking her and she sits up in her bed. I can see Saint Bernadette’s statue, which is from the Grotto – it has become alive and moves, with Our Lady, towards ‘Thornbush’. Saint Bernadette is going into ‘Thornbush’ – into her soul and body. Our Lady is giving her a rose from Her Immaculate Heart. She has also left two other roses on her bed. Our Lady now goes back to the Grotto, picking up small flowers as She moves. It seems that they come from the Miraculous Cross – there is a rock which has a Miraculous Cross in it and it has a beautiful perfume. There are little flowers growing out of this rock and Our Lady is picking them.

I can see the Grotto is full of Angels. I am not sure if ‘Thornbush’ can see all of this, but I will find out in the next few days. Our Lady is smiling. Saint Timothy – Her Guardian Angel – is telling ‘Thornbush’ to prepare herself for a journey. Our Lady looks up towards Heaven, towards the beautiful rainbow. I can see ‘Thornbush’ coming towards Our Holy Mother and Our Lady tucks her under the mantle which She wears, even though normally – as ‘Our Lady of Lourdes’ – there is only a tunic worn.

I can see Our Holy Mother, with thousands of Angels, coming over the rainbow. It is really unusual – it looks fantastic. Our Lady is smiling as She comes over the White Cross – not from it, or through it. The rainbow turns a very brilliant white and penetrates the White Cross. It is transparent and very beautiful. Our Lady comes here, into the Chapel and stands on the Tabernacle. There are brilliant Lights coming from it. It is really beautiful. She opens Her mantilla.

I can see ‘Thornbush’ kneeling down beside Our Lady. She has – in her Scapular of the Order of the Immaculate Heart – these many, many, flowers from the rock. ‘Thornbush’ is smiling. It is the first time that I have actually seen her with the Crown of Thorns. She smiles, holding the little flowers, which are about three inches or so long and have little petals. I can see very clearly that each flower has a name in the petals. They are not roses. I do not know what they are. Perhaps they are daisies; they are very small.

Our Lady is crying Tears of Blood. I do not see this very often. The Tears are falling onto the little flowers. ‘Thornbush’ has suddenly become much sadder. As the Teardrops fall into the flowers they make them crystalline. They have become very beautiful. The names, which have now become golden, are embedded in the little flowers. Our Lady is smiling again. ‘Thornbush’ is lifting up the flowers to Our Lady and She takes a Rosary from the right side of Her tunic – from beneath Her mantilla – a pink fifteen-decade, Rosary. They are like little roses, but are made out of some sort of diamond or crystal. It is very, very, beautiful. Our Lady is still smiling. She holds up the Crucifix. ‘Thornbush’ also takes up her Crucifix and kisses Our Lord.

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“I greet you, My beloved ‘Rock’, future Vicar for Holy Mother Church, my dear son, ‘Little Bartholomew’ and all My sweet children, gathered here before Me and throughout the world. I greet all My Apostles and Disciples of My Immaculate Heart. Today I have brought with Me My sweet daughter, ‘Thornbush’, who has been offered to God as a ransom for sinners. She comes with Me today as I desire her to give these flowers, chosen by My Immaculate Heart, to be given to souls. These flowers are Graces – Signal Graces for Our children for the coming year.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Thornbush looks up at Our Lady and I can see Saint Bernadette in her. She asks if she can now give these flowers to the people and Our Lady nods. I can see ‘Thornbush’ as she glides – moving with her are Saint Sentilius, Saint Timothy – her Guardian Angel – and Saint Sentimintarious. I can see that she places each flower upon the head of the souls here and elsewhere. I do not know how I know, but somehow I do.

OUR LADY: “My sweet children, another year has passed, another year of God’s Divine Mercy, of His Love and Patience. A New Year approaches for all of Our children – a year of trial! Think of the Sanhedrin and the trial of Jesus, My sweet children. This is what you are all called to in this coming year. Pray often, My sweet children. Seek to console My Divine Son. Seek to console My Vicar in Rome – to strengthen him – because much will be asked of him in the coming year, for many Declarations must be made to correct the abuse in Holy Mother Church – even in this last ‘hour’ for mankind.”

“Many chastisements will fall! My children will be purified because, My sweet children, you must be strengthened, for you truly do not understand what is coming to the world and the Church. God is Merciful and truly Patient, but He is also a God of Justice. Every man, woman and child is accountable for all that they do! God is a serious God, My sweet children, though loving. Consider what perfection you must have to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. Think of this, My sweet children and you will understand as to why God seeks atonement, reparation, sacrifice, prayers and offerings of oneself. Do not think that to enter into Purgatory is sufficient. You do not know what you are thinking or saying – for the Justice of God in this place of purging is very severe! No pain on Earth can come anywhere near to the suffering in the ‘flames’ of Purgatory, My sweet children. Do not aim for Purgatory, but aim for Heaven! Try to do your Purgatory on Earth, by offering all that you can, without reserve.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: I can now see that ‘Thornbush’ has returned to Our Lady. She kisses her.

THORNBUSH: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. Pray for me, my brothers and sisters, as I pray for you”.

LITTLE PEBBLE: ‘Thornbush’ now goes and returns, via the rainbow, to L’Avenir, with the Angels.

OUR LADY: “My sweet children, the Eternal Father has chosen many victim souls throughout the world – many souls who have offered themselves to God, – without counting the cost – for the sake of poor sinners and even for those who are good souls, but weak. The Church is thirsty – thirsty for Holy Souls – souls who will stand up and be counted for the Truth. Holy Mother Church is wounded very severely, My sweet children. It is like a mortal wound in the very heart of God’s Church upon Earth, because all that is sacred has been removed – nearly entirely. There are few souls in the Church and in the world who are faithful to God’s Calling. Many Vocations are lost, because they do not pray enough. The world is in darkness, My sweet children, because of the sins of mankind. The chastisements will continue and will continue to the point where every man, woman and child will feel its effect, because the Eternal Father will not be mocked!”

“Watch and listen, My sweet children and you will understand that the Word of God is being fulfilled before your eyes, for time is very short. Many souls believe that there is much time, because the events that were prophesied have been delayed – but this is not so, My sweet children. It is for this reason that Heaven is calling for the Communities to be formed swiftly throughout the world, so that you will be prepared for the times when there will be hunger! Seek those things of God, My sweet children. Do not seek the pleasures of the world and the flesh, for these will pass away – seek Eternal Life and you shall be given not only the Reward of Heaven – but [Heavenly Graces] a hundred fold, while on Earth. Work hard, My sweet children, to fulfil the Will of the Eternal Father, for every moment is precious in the Eyes of God.”

“Many Graces have been given to you and many more shall be offered to strengthen you – to give you perseverance during the time of trials and tribulations. All that was written in the Book of Daniel will now come to pass. Read the Word of God, My sweet children, often, so you will be edified and enlightened – for many things that were said in the past will bring you great consolation, deeper awareness and understanding of God’s Holy Will for man.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: I can now see the twenty-four Apostles, as they come much closer now to Our Holy Mother, standing on either side of Her. The Twelve Apostles of Old are each holding a key in their hands and they now move over to the other Apostles – the new ones, behind them – to place above their heads the keys which they have. I do not know the significance of the keys, but they have something to do with their Missions.

The Banner of Peter II remains where it was, but the Banner of John Paul II has been taken down from the White Cross and John Paul II is now standing in its place. He looks to be a very tired and worn-out man. I can also see the Crown of Thorns upon his head. Now he comes to the left side of Our Lady. Our Blessed Mother looks with great compassion towards him and has taken something out of Her Immaculate Heart. It looks to me to be very small scrolls – twelve of them – which She hands to the Holy Father, who now moves over to the Twelve new Apostles to hand the scrolls to them. The Holy Father is bent over from a lot of suffering. The twelve new Apostles now begin to glow very brightly, along with the keys and scrolls. Our Lady turns to Her right, to Bless the Apostles:

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“My beloved future Apostles for Holy Mother Church: Today you have been given a Signal Grace from the Triune God, through My Immaculate Heart. In the coming year you will understand what Graces have been given to you. Your roles as the New Apostles for Holy Mother Church will soon come into existence openly, so My children of the Church will be guided to true unity and Truth. For the times of times is here and the fight for Truth is with us all, where Heaven will come to Earth to stand beside the children of the Light, to fight Lucifer and the fallen Angels and to fight all those who profess their hatred towards My Divine Son.”

“The Battle of Truth and of the Spirits will intensify, until the time of the Second Pentecost. Therefore, My sweet soldiers of Truth, defend Christ, My Divine Son, with your lives – with your faith and with your example. I Bless you My sons, Apostles of the end times and of My Immaculate Heart: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: The Holy Father, himself, was also Blessing each one of the Apostles, singly. He has now turned to the right side of Our Holy Mother, in prayer. Our Lady has placed Her Mantle over him. He is like a little child.

OUR LADY: “My sweet children, once again I ask all of you to give Me your true “Yes” for this coming year. Please be obedient to the Will of the Most High. Many of you have been called and chosen for very special roles. Trust in the Plan and Will of the Most High. Do not try to understand why or how, but have faith, for God truly loves you and seeks only your salvation and happiness on this Earth and in the New World to come. Therefore, take up your crosses and follow Him.”

“I Love you, My sweet children and give you My Immaculate Heart. Come all you who are laden and burdened, under My mantle and I will console you, as your Heavenly Mother and bring you to the Feet of My Divine Son, Jesus. I embrace you all and give a kiss from My Immaculate Heart, to soothe you: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“Continue now, My sweet children, with your prayers that are truly needed for the souls in Purgatory at this time. Many will be released after you have prayed and I will take them with Me this evening to the Throne of the Eternal Father.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady now has taken a beautiful white stone from Her Immaculate Heart. She has taken the Thorns from Her Heart – which were around it – and placed them around the white stone.

OUR LADY: “See this stone, My sweet child – the ‘White Pebble’: this is you and your protection are the Thorns of My Immaculate Heart. These Thorns will bring you joy and sadness and victory. Much will be asked of you, My son, in the coming year, but do not be afraid, for I am always with you and in you, My dear child.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Now I can see these Thorns turn into beautiful flowers – very small roses. The white stone becomes larger and also very bright. The beautiful White Cross appears on the stone. Our Lady takes the ‘White Pebble’ and the Thorns and returns them into Her Immaculate Heart.

OUR LADY: “Continue now to pray, dear children. I will speak to My little son.” (The prayers are continued. Father Broussard gives the blessing.)

LITTLE PEBBLE: I can see Saint Peter and Saint John – the Apostles – coming forward and Saint Bartholomew, who was standing behind Father as he blessed us. Father Blais is in front of Saint John and I am in front of Saint Peter and they make the Sign of the Cross:

APOSTLES: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: There are many Holy Souls at the base of the Altar, praying to Our Lady, who looks at them and smiles. Saint Sentilius – who still carries his bowl of water and I do not yet understand its significance – now tips some of the water onto the flames of Purgatory, extinguishing them and the souls are becoming much brighter and look most relieved – there are many souls there. It’s very hard to explain to you, but when God permits it, I am able to see a number of souls in Purgatory suffering their various punishments.

Our Lady is smiling almost constantly and there are many Guardian Angels going down to these souls, placing their wings around them, as Our Lady nods and continues to smile – whispering that these are the ones who will be taken with Her this evening. It’s really beautiful.

The rainbow is still visible, along with all the other things which I have been seeing and I can see Jacob’s Ladder forming behind the Altar, climbing towards Heaven, with many Angels travelling up and down the golden ladder. It looks fantastic. Our Lady – this looks quite funny – is holding out Her Rosary, jiggling it up and down, indicating that we have to pray! They will be released as we do this.

She is Blessing us once again:

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: We will continue with the prayers. (Prayers continued.)

I see the Angels give the Holy Father a large heavy cross, with which he walked a little – the Apostles were watching while he did this. Underneath the cross I could see myself, behind the Holy Father and ‘Thornbush’ was behind me, also helping to carry the cross. All this has now disappeared. There is however, still a lot of activity at this time in my vision. We will continue to pray. (Prayer continued.)

Our Lady has opened Her mantle, to show me many visions of different chastisements which are coming to the world. There was a chastisement in Nepal which seemed to be a Communist uprising, with heavy fighting. There was a lot more fighting in Yugoslavia – Croatia and Bosnia, also in Hong Kong there was civil disorder and rioting – a lot of killing. China was expanding her influence and power over Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. In Northern Korea I saw heavy fighting with Russia involved – there was fighting taking place in Morocco. Heavy waves were inundating the coastlines of Ireland and England. A glacier broke away in Canada, causing much flooding and damage. I also saw very severe earthquakes in Japan. There are to be problems in the Northern parts of Australia, with many cyclones and much flooding happening there and in different countries. Much war around the world. It was like looking at newsreel footage, but it was underneath the mantle of Our Lady. She opened it and allowed me to also see a lot of volcano activity, eruptions, a lot of disorder in the world and much death.

Our Lady has now closed Her mantilla and asks us to continue to pray. (Prayers are continued.)

At the end of the Message, while prayers were being recited, Our Lady spoke to me privately. She then gave us the final Blessings. Saint Michael, Saint Sentilius, Saint Sentimintarious, Saint Sacremessugus, Saint Barachiel, Saint Menoloutis and the twelve Apostles and Pope John Paul II – came back to give us an Apostolic Blessing.

Before they departed, Saint Menoloutis gave me a blue-beaded Rosary – thirty beads threaded on some of his golden hair – which he placed around my heart.

The Holy Trinity appeared within the White Cross and Blessed us – then all disappeared. As Our Lady began to leave, I saw within Her mantle, the Holy Souls who were being released from Purgatory. This was the end of the vision.

I wish to mention also that, during the Apparition, Our Lady had Blessed some roses, which She said were for new-born babies – to strengthen them. From Her Heart, She also produced two roses – a red one, which was given to Father Broussard – who is ‘Little Bartholomew’ – and a golden rose, which was for the ‘Little Pebble’.

Our Lady told me privately, that the presently invisible wounds in my feet and hands would become apparent soon – unlike the Crown of Thorns wounds, which I have had for over eighteen months – quite noticeably open.