Message 467 – 4 February 1995

Many lose Grace because of their ingratitude; these same Graces will be offered to others – Spend less time in judging others; refrain from criticism, rather love, serve and sacrifice for them – Work hard for your salvation for judgement is near for many – Many will weep when they see their children die in war, plagues, disease, earthquakes etc. – Justice of God will fall upon Shepherds who have misled the sheep – The Army of Hell is very great and you are like David with Goliath – Soon a Great Chastisement will come upon Australia.

LITTLE PEBBLE: The Holy Angels are present, as are Saint Michael and Saint Sentimintarious. The White Cross is shining very brightly in the sky and it leans towards Heaven, but does not touch the Earth. From the middle of the centred beams of the White Cross, red, yellow and white beams of Light are fanning out towards us and also towards the globe of the Earth. The White Cross now takes on a brownish colour – to look like wood – and a very sharp thin, Light is coming out of the centre beam towards the Tabernacle, creating a street, or road, of very bright Light.

I can now see many, many, Angels standing on either side of the Light. Some are dressed in tunics which are red – others are in scarlet. All of them have a green wreath over their heads, which are bowed somewhat. Coming through the Light of the Cross, I can see Our Holy Mother as She descends very, very, gently, gliding upon the road of Light. Our Holy Mother enters the Chapel, very swiftly, with many Angels around Her. Our Blessed Mother bears the Wounds of Our Lord. This is the second time I have seen Our Lady with the Wounds. She has a Crown of roses with the Crown of Thorns – roses of many different colours. On Her Chest is Her Immaculate Heart, with seven daggers in It – on Her forehead is a triangular shape, which has the brilliance of a star. Our Lady is not only crying Tears of Blood and looking very sad, but is also bleeding from Her Hands and Heart.

Our Lady has on a scarlet tunic – or dress – with a heavy looking red cape over Her Shoulders. The Blood from Her Hands and Heart, is now dripping onto the Altar and many Angels have gathered to collect Our Lady’s Blood in Chalices. The Tabernacle becomes very bright – extremely so. Our Lord is coming out of the Tabernacle now, behind Our Holy Mother, but a little bit higher than the Virgin. He too, has the Wounds visible. I can also see God the Father, coming from the Cross in the Light of the Triangle and He also, carries the Wounds of the Passion. On His Chest is the Holy Ghost, on Whom I can see a small red Heart, in Which there is a spear embedded. It also, is dripping Blood. Light emerges from the Eternal Father and the Holy Ghost and zigzags through the Wounds of Our Lord, moving from God the Father, to the Son and the Holy Ghost and It now pierces the Mother of God, Who is still crying – as is Our Lord and God the Father.

Our Holy Vicar is now in front of the Blessed Virgin Mary. He also has wounds. I am to the left of Our Holy Mother, with the same wounds. ‘Thornbush’ is kneeling in front of Our Holy Mother and she, too, has the wounds. The Light is passing through all the Wounds, making a pattern of Light in the process – the meaning of which I do not understand. It forms lines across the Vision which I am witnessing.

Saint Michael has come much closer than he normally does. He has decreased in size and stands above God the Father and he is also crying tears of blood. I have never before seen, or heard, an Angel cry tears of blood – considering that they are not physical, as are human beings. There is obviously a meaning behind it. All the Angels are now crying tears – but not tears of blood.

The globe of the world is beneath the feet of Our Holy Mother and the Blood and Tears are now falling upon the Earth, which is very, very, dark. I can see small flickers of light in certain nations – tiny lights. As the Blood falls, it spreads across certain countries – as do the Tears, but onto different countries – creating a darkness over these nations. The Wounds of all concerned are very painful and have been over these past two days. I can see many other Mystic Souls beneath Our Holy Mother, lined up in rows. Our Lady revealed a Mystery to me some days ago: That, although there are seven major Mystics, for every bead of the fifteen-decade Rosary, there is a Mystic in the world who suffers the Mystical Wounds of Christ.

Our Lady now looks very deep into my soul and places Her Hand on the heads of the Holy Father and myself. Many Graces flow from Our Lady’s Hands and from the Wounds there a Rosary is being formed – like a chain. It is very hard to explain, but it comes from Our Lady’s Heart, then goes through the Hands and is pouring out of Her Hands through the Wounds. It is very unusual. The beads are like droplets of blood. They form a chain – a bond – between the Trinity, the Holy Father, myself, ‘Thornbush’ and the many other Mystics.

Some Angels have each taken from their wings a feather and have rolled it into a slim ‘pencil’ shape, which has been placed in between the Rosary Beads – to become part of the Rosary. It is very unusual. Our Lady has stopped crying the Tears of Blood and raises Her Head. The roses in Her Crown have very sharp thorns, which penetrate Her beautiful Head – It is showing so much terrible suffering – but, despite this, She is very serene and still beautiful.

The Eternal Father, Jesus and the Holy Ghost are behind Our Holy Mother. God the Father and God the Son each lift their right Hand, with Our Holy Mother and They make the Sign of the Cross: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

OUR LADY: “My sweet son – child of the Holy Trinity and shepherd of the ‘Mystic’ Church upon Earth – My ‘Little Pebble’, the ‘White Pebble’ of the Apocalypse: I greet you dear son. I greet you, My Apostle, ‘Little Bartholomew’, My sweet Disciples here present and throughout the world and all My cherished children here before Me and throughout all My Communities and Holy Places throughout the world.”

“I come today, as Mother of the ‘Mystical Wounds’ and ‘Sorrowful Wounds’ of My Divine Son. As you see the suffering of the Triune God and your Most Holy Mother, dear children and [that of] the ‘living’ martyrs on Earth, you are to understand a very important Mystery: All My children are co-Redeemers with Me and together with My Divine Son, for Holy Mother Church – for all those souls who offer themselves unreservedly to God, work with Me to redeem mankind. It is for this reason [that] many souls throughout the world are victims – souls of atonement – souls who do reparation to God for the sins of mankind.”

“I reach out to all of My children this evening and ask them to consider what God has asked of each and every one of you. Ask yourselves this question, My sweet children: “Has God asked more of you than what He asked of Me, your Most Holy Mother”? Do not think, My sweet children, that, because I was Immaculate and sinless, I did not have free-will and choice. Remember that I also, was Created – as [were] you. Though I did not have the stain of sin upon My Soul, I was still free to choose between good and evil – between right and wrong – just as Adam and Eve had the choice and they too, were sinless, My sweet children, before the fall.”

“All of you have received [an] abundance of Graces from the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, through My Immaculate Heart – not only abundance in Graces, My sweet children, for your salvation – but think of all the gifts that God has given all of you. You should thank your Lord every day of your lives! How privileged many of you are – especially My children called into the Communities throughout the world. Many of you will lose these Graces soon, because you do not thank your Lord – you even believe God owes it to you! How sad, My sweet children. You owe all to God – not the other way around, My sweet children. Think of all the materialistic Graces God has given you. Do you hunger – do you sleep out on the street – are you plagued with drugs, loneliness and misery like many children who do not know God out there in the world – a world that is controlled by Lucifer?”

“God has chosen you, My sweet children and drawn you away from the world, so you can be close to him – not only in the world to come, but now, during your lives on this Earth. How long will your lives be, My sweet children? Will you live to the year two thousand, or beyond? Will you be safe? Are you doing the Will of God, as He asked? His Will is very simple, My sweet children.”

“This year, dear children, is a turning point for your lives! Should you not accept the Will of the Eternal Father then, My sweet children, there is not much I can do as your Mother, to help you. My Heart is torn, as you can see, My sweet children, through the Voice-Box that I speak through now. My Heart is torn because mankind rejects God – rejects His Love, His Mercy and His Desire to save each and every one of you. My Heart is wounded and torn because My children are ungrateful and take for granted the Graces that have been offered to them. Believe Me, My sweet children, should you close your hearts and reject the Graces offered to you by My Father in Heaven, these same Graces and many more, will be offered to others.”

“This is the time spoken of in Holy Writ, where the Eternal Father invites His children to the banquet of the ‘Wedding Feast’ of the Apocalypse. Think well of whom God chooses! Many of Our children spend many hours judging another child – seeing the rod or the splinter in the eye of his fellow man, but cannot see the log that is hidden in his own eyes. Refrain from criticism of your brothers and sisters – but rather, pray for them. “Love them; serve them; sacrifice for them”, are the Words of My Divine Son – [which are] useless in the hearts of Our children – when He Commanded all to love one another, as He Loved you! And what was this love, My sweet children, but the very sacrifice of His Life!”

“How many years do you have left for your lives, My sweet children? Consider the Prophecies given to mankind in this century. Work hard for your salvation. Tremble, My sweet children, for the Judgement of God is near for many of you! Turn back now, while you have the time. This is a special moment – [a] special time of Grace for the world. You have the opportunity – each and every one of you – to become Great and Holy Saints for the Triune God – to give leadership to the Church – to bring souls back to God – [souls] who have fallen into great darkness! Waste not time, My sweet children, in idleness, for I see many of My children throughout the world – even those of the Light – spend much time in idleness and human amusements. And if you pray before My Lord and your Lord and God – pray with your hearts, not with your lips! Do service to God with your souls – with your intentions of pleasing God – not man! Do not look [at] what others do, but do, yourself, what you desire them to do for you. Be not like the Pharisees, My sweet children, who paraded before the people, who criticised and even claimed that they followed the Law of God to the letter – but were far from the heart of the law, for they practised not charity, nor love. You must be children of the Light – soldiers of Christ – [so] that mankind can point the finger at you and say: “This man is a follower of Jesus.”

“The trials are coming upon you, My sweet children – many trials in this year – for you are now in the time of tribulation. Read the Scriptures and the Messages that We have given to mankind over many centuries and you will understand the seriousness of this time! The Heavy Hand of God is upon the world now – His Justice falls! Many have already died – but many more will die in this year of tribulation for mankind! Many will weep, as they see their children die in war, in plagues, in disease, in earthquakes, in floods, in tidal tides, in volcanoes and many more chastisements will come to the world, to bring mankind to their knees to Worship God, as they ought!”

“The Justice of God will fall upon the shepherds who have misled the sheep! Many divisions will occur amongst My children, therefore, remain loyal to the Truth, My sweet children – stay firm. Do not build your house upon sand, but upon the ‘Rock’. We have given you the ‘Rock’, My sweet children – John Paul II and the ‘White Pebble’ of Divine Love: Our ‘Little Pebble’. Follow the Truth – be obedient to God – listen to His Word – work together to build the Church of My Divine Son. Do not tear it down by your arrogance and pride, by lack of charity. Stand firm in your love and defend the Truth. Many souls are being raised throughout the Church to be Mystics – many of them carry the Wounds of Christ, to show the world the Truth!”

“Many signs will be given to man, to show the way – but all of you who follow My Divine Son, will carry the Cross to the bitter end. It is through My Mystical Wounds – by the Power of My Divine Son, Jesus, in the Father and the Spirit of Life – that I give to the Church, many Graces to understand the Mysteries of God in this time. The Book of Mysteries is opening. Listen well to what God is planning and preparing for Our children in the coming years. The trials will pass, My sweet children, but the Word of God will stand forever and His Kingdom shall come – and a New Era of Life will be given to mankind, where there will be peace – one Shepherd, one Church and one flock. The plan has been set in motion, My sweet children. Do not reject this plan! Do not [try to] use your logic to understand the Ways of God, for you will be confounded! God’s Ways are not man’s ways, My sweet children and only in time to come will you understand the Great Mysteries of God.”

“I have given you the ‘weapons’ of Heaven. The Holy Rosary is the weapon for you at this time, My sweet children and the reception of the Sacraments, frequently, to strengthen your souls. Wear the Sacramentals that Heaven has given you. Do not place them aside, for the battle of the Spirits [is on the] increase and, unless you pray and remain faithful to the Word of God, you will fall!! You are all soldiers of Christ, going to war to fight Lucifer and the fallen Angels. The army of Hell is very great, My sweet children and you are like little David, who has to fight the Goliath of this Earth and the Underworld. Use the ‘Rock’ of Truth and you will know how to battle. Pray, do penance and make reparation for your sins. Call on the Angels and the Saints and they will come to your aid. Pray for the souls in Purgatory, so they will be released and placed by your side, to increase the armies of Heaven on Earth, to do battle with Lucifer. Hell is winning at this time, My sweet children, because even those who call themselves the ‘elect’ of God, are being tempted, even in small things – weakened, weakened to give up the good fight. You are the best soldiers of Christ, for you were left until last, to fight the final battle! Therefore, take on the armour of Truth and fight with the weapons of Truth, My sweet children. Do not give in to the temptations of the flesh, the devil and the world. Do not become weak, but fortify yourselves with the Graces that the Triune God is offering you.”

“O, children of My Heart: I Love you with this Sorrowful Heart that has been pierced, so many times, by ungrateful man. Be not like the Apostles of Old who slept in the Garden of Olives, but stay awake and be vigilant, My sweet children! You do not realise what is coming your way – for if you did, you would pray day and night, on your knees before your God!”

“To the children of this nation, Australia – dedicated to the Spirit of God The Eternal: A great chastisement will come upon this nation, soon and the eyes of many will open wide and many will then return to believe in My Words. But how sad – for many lives will be lost. Pray, therefore, My sweet children – pray. Many of My children who carry the wounds now suffer with Christ. Even the Vicar of Christ – of My Divine Son – suffers the Passion – in his body and in his soul – for the Church. He is truly your martyr, My sweet children – the martyr of the House of God upon Earth.”

“I Love you, My sweet children of My Immaculate Heart and, through the Heart of the Triune God, I Bless you and through the Mystical Wounds of Christ, I Bless you: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“Continue now, My sweet children with your prayers, for they are truly needed in this time of the tribulation of mankind. I will speak with you, My little son, at this time.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: All the Wounds have gone from the Holy Trinity and from Our Holy Mother and They have become very, very, brilliant. During the prayers, Our Lady spoke to me for a little while. She came over and stood in my hands. She placed Her mantilla – or Her red cloak – over my shoulders – took off Her Crown of roses and placed it upon my head. The Star – which is the Star of the Trinity – that which was on Her Forehead, She put on my own – then She returned, changed. She is now here as the ‘Immaculate Conception’. Also, Saint Michael is very tall now. The Angels have all changed their habits, or tunics and are now in blue, with the Holy Trinity dressed in a very brilliant white. God the Father the Son and the Spirit, raise Their right Hand, along with the Mother of God, to Bless us: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.” The Angels also made the Sign of the Cross with them. Our Lady is nodding and asks Father to give us a blessing. (Father Broussard gives the blessing.)

As Father was blessing, Saint Bartholomew stood behind him and the Holy Trinity sent Its Grace through him and through Father, to Bless us – Our Holy Mother knelt. The Holy Trinity has now gone. Our Lady wants to take many souls from Purgatory this evening. I can see Purgatory is open – the threshold is underneath the Altar and there are souls, waiting for Our Lady to go. All are dressed in pure white and their Guardian Angels are with them.

Our Lady gave a very, very, special Blessing upon the Rosary Beads and the roses here in the Chapel. The roses are for perseverance – the Rosaries on the table have an Indulgence placed on them to reduce, by one year, the sentence of one soul in the three levels of the lowest part of Purgatory, which are on the same level as the top three of Hell – to be granted each time the Rosary is said.

(PLEASE NOTE: Those souls who are in the lowest levels of Purgatory suffer the same torments as those in the top levels of Hell, but are able, through the prayers which are offered for them, to ascend to other, less horrendous, parts of Purgatory. The poor unfortunates who have been damned to suffer in Hell are there forever!!) It is very significant, because most of the souls in the lowest level remain there until the end of the world – not the end of time! Our Lady smiles. She wears a big, brown, Scapular which has suddenly appeared. The souls there at the threshold are reaching out to touch the Scapular and they are now going with Our Lady, smiling and waving to us as they go towards the White Cross. Our Lady is blowing a kiss to us. We will continue with the prayers.)