Question & Answers – Little Pebble and Thornbush (1995) – 6 February thru 31 December 1995

6 February `95 – Question, `Little Pebble’:

Mother, I am somewhat perplexed: in the writings of Maria Valtorta Aug. 20, 1943, Your son, Jesus, speaks about the Antichrist. Jesus says: “The Antichrist will be someone very high up – not a human star but from a Heavenly Body. He will experience pride after humility; atheism after faith; lust after chastity; concealment after thirst for honour. This `elect’ creature hurtled down into Satan’s coils. The Antichrist will become cursed and dark after having been a Heavenly body in My Army. Mother, according to prophecies of the Fathers of the Church, the Antichrist was born of a Nun and fathered by a Bishop, and was taught in the ways of evil from his birth. He is not some 30 years of age? These prophecies do not concur with Our Lord’s Words in the poem, nor does the description of the Maitreya, the Antichrist, that I am aware of. Is Our Lord talking of a fallen Angel?…

Answer – Our Lady:

“My sweet `Angel of Divine Love’: you need to know that what My Divine Son Jesus has revealed to His `Little John’ is true and just, regarding the Antichrist, Maitreya – for you are to know that the Maitreya is Satan. They are two in one creature. What My Divine Son Jesus has explained, very few understand, and many of My sweet children have misinterpreted the Words of My Divine Son. He has explained the fall of Luciel, the great Angel who fell because of pride, because he refused the Immaculate Conception. This Angel was thrust into the eternal fires of Hell and was then known as Lucifer and Satan. Satan is within every sin and works in the exact opposite of every virtue. Every part of God’s Perfect Plan Satan tries to reproduce and compete with the perfection of the Almighty and All Powerful God.

“When the Maitreya was conceived Satan chained himself within the conception so that all would be diabolical. The Eternal Father was aware of all, especially the plan of Satan, but this too was permitted for it was prophesied and written, and had to come to pass. You are to know that even though God knows all and is the Alpha and Omega, Satan was not permitted to know the future of the Perfect Plan of God, but Satan was permitted to assume through interpretations. The Maitreya is now of human form, but still a creature, for Satan’s spirit lives within him. This is the reason why the Maitreya is able to accomplish many magical feats which are beyond explanation.

When you read the writings of My Holy and beloved daughter, Maria, who My Divine Son called His `Little John’, you need to pray to receive the Spirit of the Holy Ghost Who Dwells in Me to help you to understand, for there are many mysteries that man alone cannot understand. I am pleased that you have sought clarification, My child…”

24 March ’95 – Visions and Bilocations – ‘Thornbush’:

(21 – 23rd March): During the early night I was attacked much mentally, and placed very deep in the tunnel. I reached a very dark hole going down instead of straight. I remained there and prayed and prayed not to commit any sins during this difficult time. I want to be obedient to Heaven’s Will. I was then placed on the Cross (but I did not know if this was bilocation or dreaming) and I offered all of their suffering, unceasingly. I could feel all the Wounds. I became very insecure, alone and confused about all that I am being prepared for.

This time I did not see anyone, only the darkness of what I thought to be my soul and hard, and all of the skulls with fire surrounding them and in their eyes. I do not feel anything at all and this is most difficult to explain. I continue to pray: “O Mary Conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to Thee!”, and I am still doing this – offering everything.

When [name withheld] prayed the Rosary I could hear her and the Angels praying, and this helped much, and also I received strength, physically, when Father Blais Blessed me. These sere special consolations.

During the night I was having much pain in all of the wounds. I was placed in the dark tunnel again, only this time I was carrying a cross – which bore the sign. I saw, for some reason, all of the members who were on their knees outside the tunnel through – what looked like a window – as I passed each one I was told to say one decade of the Rosary I did what Saint timothy said and after each decade the Cross that each member was carrying was put on top of the cross that I was carrying, which became very heavy, and became covered with roses which turned into crosses of jewels and thorns. I continued to carry this and prayed for Heaven’s cherished children. There were also those who have left, but they were not in the habit. There were others, but I do not know who they are.

When Father Blais was celebrating 4.30pm Mass I became very tired and weak. I went and lay down on my bed. I united myself with the Mass for the Souls in Purgatory. Then I could feel all of the Wounds, profoundly, and I was again in the tunnel, but also at the same time I could hear the Offertory and the Consecration of Mass. I united with Father Blais and everyone. I was aware when [name withheld] was in the room with [name withheld]. I saw [name withheld] Guardian Angel above her with a beautiful cape made of roses of different coloured petals. I saw the Sign. This cape fell over [name withheld] when she was beside me. Saint Bernadette was present and Blessed us. She also was wearing the Crown of Thorns with the sign. She Blessed us ….”

During the third Rosary Father Broussard and the ‘Little Pebble’ were both present, wearing the Habit of the Order of Saint Charbel (with the sign on their Habits). After the prayers were finished Father Blais Blessed us + and Father Broussard Blessed us +. Saint Angelicourpius + and each of our Guardian Angels Blessed us +. Father Broussard remained beside Father Blais on his knees. He was wearing a beautiful Crown of Roses on his head. At the end of Mass both Father Blais and Father Broussard Blessed us ++. All three went and Blessed us on the forehead as the Apostles of the ‘End Times’. I saw through Father Blais – Saint John; Father Broussard – Saint Bartholomew; ‘Little Pebble’ – Saint Peter. Then Father Broussard and the ‘Little Pebble’ disappeared, but Father Blais remained, and all of the Angels.

During the night I saw the ‘Little Pebble suffering much, and I united with him. We were both placed on the Cross all night. I saw Our lord in silence with the Sign and His Side Wound was opened wide with much Light coming towards us, as Blood and Water. This went into both of all the Wounds. I offered everything to console Our Lord through the ‘Little Pebble’, to help him to be consoled – then he smiled and I found myself back in my room. I continued to pray – I also saw the Holy Father suffering, and I prayed for him.

Answer – Saint Timothy:

“Sweet soul, ‘Thornbush’, of whom I guard: let not your heart be troubled. I know that it is difficult to understand the free will that God has given to souls, for they are human and easily weakened. ‘Thornbush’: when a soul is hesitant, or refuses to give a true and genuine ‘yes’ to the entire Will of God, they become very unstable and they are weakened and unable to persevere, for at the time when they closed the door of their hearts they closed the door to receive all Graces. It is difficult to understand this, but it is very true. The souls whom you have mentioned have all closed the door of their hearts, and they have become blind. What is so very sad, dear soul, is that they truly do not realise this because the Evil One, by their own will, has placed a very dark veil of fear, of hesitation, deception, disobedience, fear of accepting or of knowing the truth. These souls have all become the victims of their own free will to do the Will of God, but only as it pleases them.

Through prayers and many sacrifices and penance, there is hope, but this hope is through the will and determination of the soul. The Blessed Queen of Heaven and Earth, and of All Nations, is most pleased to answer questions for souls, for She is the Mother of all. It is true that She knows everything and each heart, but once again allows their free will. If a soul gives their true ‘yes’ from the very beginning, abandoning themselves completely, they, at that time, receive all of the Graces of which they will need to persevere right to the very end. Those who give half of a ‘yes’ receive only half of the Graces. Those who do not give a true ‘yes’ receive Graces, but only until they are confronted with a trial, difficulty, or obstacle, then they are unable to persevere, and they become discouraged. The measure of Grace is given through the true faith of the soul, and it is the measure of true faith which determines how open the heart will become to receive more Graces.

The Queen of Heaven will explain more to you, dear soul, through the little ‘White Rock’, and She will give many very special Blessings….”

4 April ’95 – Answer, Our Lady:

(through the ‘Little Pebble’): “My precious ‘Passion Flower – Thornbush’: I thank you for your loving gestures of pure intentions. I know, sweet child, it is difficult to understand how children who have been offered much think lightly of the Graces that have been given and offered to them. This, sweet children, is a fulfilment of the Divine Words of the Saviour Who said: “Many are called, but few are chosen!” Child, it is for this very reason We have chosen exceptional souls, like yourself and Our Chosen ‘Rock’, who offer all to God, unreservedly, giving all to appease the Anger of God and make reparation for the souls who throw away such Signal Graces.

My sweet [name withheld] of My Immaculate Heart: I have placed you and your life – your past, present and future – deep in My Immaculate Heart, so you will know and understand the desires and feelings of your Mother, so you will share in My joys and sorrows. All that you have offered, and will offer, will be turned into meritorious Graces for souls that will be called to live the lives, to be sanctified in the Holy Orders that are being formed now. My sweet daughter, I desire you to understand as to why souls leave My Oasis of Grace: it is because these souls – though called by God – become weak through various temptations offered to them by Satan, the world and the flesh. Many of these children do not say enough prayers to strengthen them from the assaults of the Evil One, thus they compromise and then become weak. It is not that these children will lose their souls – however, the height of sanctity that they were called to, they lose, to be replaced by a lower place of dignity that has been offered to them.

My darling ‘little girl’: the reason My children become weak inside the Communities is because their ‘yes’ is not a ‘true yes’, and they allow their human weaknesses to control their lives rather than living the Virtues of their calling. My child, all children that believe in My Words are chosen, and receive the necessary Graces to achieve God’s Holy and Perfect Will. However, these are special times where human logic and human understanding must be placed aside, and it is for this reason souls become disorientated as the weakness of the flesh and human intelligences take precedence. Be assured, sweet child, the Chosen Souls of God will be stronger than all souls. However, remember there is free will and God does not interfere with the free will of man. However, take courage, My sweet daughter, for God’s Chosen children who truly love and serve God in a spirit of true and Holy obedience, will persevere, while those who were called, yet gave way to human weaknesses, will leave and make way for the stronger members who are now being prepared by the Holy Angels.

You are to know that these souls who do not follow through with their vocations and calling will one day see what they have done, and will be in remorse, for this will occur once the Orders have been approved by Holy Mother the True Church. This will happen to all souls who have left the Missions around the world – they will return to follow the true path, but the Graces that were offered to them will not be given them again, and for the rest of their lives on Earth, as they will not enter the Promised Holy Era, they will do penance and reparation, because much was offered and much was rejected by the Mercy and Bounty of God. Pray for all these many souls who have rejected so many Graces. You are further to know that the Word of God is once more fulfilled for those who had much – much was taken away and given to those that already had much, for more was given them because they were the faithful ones of God; and those who had little, even from them was taken and given to those that had much. Therefore, sweet child, those who reject the Graces of God, God will give to those who believe and are faithful.

My ‘little girl’: I know your troubled heart: be at peace, for God is Just and Goodness Himself. He offers all opportunities to souls to gain Sanctity and Holiness – it is for this reason the Gates of Grace have been opened; it is for this reason I answer so many questions, for souls cannot say at Judgement Day that God did not flood their souls with Graces. It is for this reason, My sweetest ‘Child of Love’ that I open up My Heart so all can benefit from God’s Infinite Love and Grace.

Yes, it is a Wound in Our Immaculate Hearts when We see Our children give and throw away such Graces. But remember God Created life out of Pure Love – even though He knows in advance that many will reject Him. It is like a mother and father creating a child unto their image and likeness – even though they know that this child may not turn out to love them, they still create out of hope, that with nurturing love, and gifts of clear directions, this image of theirs will love and serve God. So remain at peace and know that I truly understand, for it consoles Our Undivided and Immaculate Hearts when a soul like yours, and Our future Vicar, and many others, trust, believe and love to serve God, for this brings great reward and Blessings upon the individual souls, and for the greater Glory of God and the benefit for all souls on Earth. With time, sweet daughter, you and My darling children will understand the Omnipotence of God the Most High.

I promise you as I promise all those that remain faithful to God’s Word, that you will all persevere to the very end and joy will flood all the souls of good will. I Bless you, My precious ‘Flower of Divine Love’, and I Bless your Mystical spouse who, too, has offered all. ..”

12 April ’95 – Question – Father Blais:

1. What revelations did Jesus reveal to Saint John at the Last Supper?

2. What did Jesus say to His Mother at the Last Supper?

3. Why were Elijah and Enoch there, and why could they receive Holy Communion?

4. What was the mental prayer of Jesus to His Father?

5. What new Light were Elijah and Enoch and Saint John enlightened with at the Last Supper?

6. Why didn’t Jesus give Holy Communion directly to His Mother? Why did He go through Saint Gabriel?

7. Why does Mary of Agreda speak of a “Secret Home” for Elijah and Enoch, and not Paradise? Where are they?

8. Can we know more on the final speech of Jesus at the Last Supper?

13 April ’95 – Answer, Our Lady:

1. (through ‘Thornbush’) “My beloved Chosen Priest-son, ‘Child of the Apocalypse: I greet you once again. I desire you to know that through a true act of true faith you are now drawing from the source of My Most intimate secrets, of which you will be given a special Light to be able to understand much. However, because you are still human and weak, I place you even more profoundly into the Divine Fire of the Holy Ghost Who Dwells in My Immaculate Heart.

Saint John was enlightened much during this time through His pure Love, Fidelity and Virtuous Love towards the Divine Will of God and His Mysteries. Saint John was enlightened regarding the Mission of which He was called to accomplish, and that he was chosen in a very special way as the beloved of My Divine Son, who would accompany Him throughout His Sorrowful Passion and be given extraordinary Graces to accomplish in all things the Will of God. He was told and understood that he would die of Pure Love for God, but before this time he would be given the revelations of the Apocalypse which were beginning, but only in part, at the foot of the Cross, for only the Divine Lamb of God was able, by His Precious Blood. to unseal the Holy Scroll of the Seven Apocalyptic Seals. The key was given to Saint John to unlock the Secrets of My Immaculate Heart in all things, even unto knowing that I, at that time and throughout time, am the Co-Redemptress and Mediatrix of All Graces, through the Sacred Mystery of the Cross.”

2. “You need to know that I was placed in front of a mirror of which I could see and understand all that was transpiring. I was aware of everything, and My Divine Son Jesus even communicated through this Holy Mirror His profound and deep Sorrow, not of the fact that He must die, but the fact that even after His Death, many of His children would become ungrateful and refuse Grace. I was made to understand this in silence, for My  Divine Son did not speak verbally with His Servant during this time, for it was not the Divine Will of God. I was aware that the wicked Judas was corrupted and devoured by the evilness which he, by his weakness, allowed to corrupt his soul and render it to Satan. When Judas doubted the true Presence of My  Divine Son, and he was about to receive Holy Communion for the first time, even this precious Grace he refused, for he wanted to commit a wicked feat by taking the Precious Gift of God and giving it to those who were awaiting his signal. However, because I was in front of the Mirror vision, I saw and sent Holy Angels to take the Precious true Presence and return It to where it had come from. The Sacred Body and Precious Blood were returned, miraculously, unaware to the Apostles and those who were present, except for Saint John who was also aware, because My Divine Son also expressed His intimate Sorrow.”

3. “Elijah and Enoch were present to fulfil the Holy Words of the Prophecies so that the chosen time was known to have arrived. They were taken to Limbo body and soul when they died, to await the given time when the Gates of Heaven would be once again opened to the Just who awaited. They received My Divine Son to prove that they were not spirit, but flesh and soul, and that the words of the Prophecies would be accomplished. After they received My Divine Son they proclaimed thanksgiving to God and were brought to Paradise by the Holy Angels, and then when all was accomplished through the Mystery of the Redemption, the gates of Heaven were opened unto them. Now these Holy Souls are in the Kingdom of the Awaiting, to return to Earth at the given time in a chariot covered with the sun. This will occur at a time that is closer than My sweet children think, for true faith will continue to diminish more and more, and those who will still be living will cry out to the Just. This will be the given time, My Chosen Priest-son, ‘Little John’. But not only Elijah and Enoch will return, there will be a great procession of the Just.”

4. “When My Divine Son spoke to His Father, the Eternal Father, He gave thanksgiving and accepted to accomplish His Will. He also spoke of His Most Perfect Plan regarding My Immaculate Heart, and that Saint John was chosen to accept Me as Mother for all at the foot of the Glorious Cross of My Divine Son Jesus Christ.”

5. “You are to know that the Light of which Elijah, Enoch and Saint John were enlightened in was the True Presence of the Triune God within the Most Holy Eucharist. They were chosen above all of the other Apostles and the Just to receive a perfect understanding of the Holy Trinity Who Dwells within My Immaculate Heart, which is a great Mystery, for they understood, but remained silent, and contemplated.”

6. “My chosen Priest-son: I desire you to understand that the main reason for the Pascal Meal and Last Supper was to institute the Holy Mass, and all of the Holy Sacraments. The Apostles were now Ordained as Priests and the Mystical Church was born, which was prophesied. All were Ordained, except for the wicked Judas. It was not the Will of My Divine Son that I be present in person, only through the Mirror visions of which I contemplated. I desired with all of My Heart, My Soul and force, to receive He, of Whom I carried in My Womb, as the Divine Maternity. His Will was to be accomplished through My Immaculate Heart as ‘Mother of the True Church’ and the ‘Tabernacle of the Living God’ in Three Divine Persons as the Triune God.

I am the Servant of the Lord and a vile wormlet, who the Triune God, Father, Son and Holy Ghost, chose to raise Her from Her lowliness to become the ‘Living Tabernacle of the Divine Trinity’. Holy Archangel, Saint Gabriel, who came to Me during the Annunciation, once again came to Me through the Command of My Divine Son, and I received My Divine Son as the ‘Eucharistic Manna’, and Life Itself. I was placed in profound contemplation and ecstasy — to the point where I desired to die, so that He may continue to live in Me. But because I was made aware of the Perfect Plan of God and was placed in the Divine Wisdom, it was at this time that Mystically I was taken through ecstasy to kiss His Feet with My Tears, to prepare Myself through Him, and to give thanksgiving, with all of My Heart. I remained interior all of this time and the joy and profound sorrow flooded My Immaculate Heart. I was not seen by any of the Apostles, except for Saint John and Saint Peter, who were shown the ‘Living Tabernacle’ of the Triune God, and the ‘Mother of the True Church’, for they were also being prepared.”

7. “You are to know that the Home of which My beloved daughter, Maria of Jesus, has been revealed, is not Paradise, but a Kingdom on the border of the New Holy Era which I have revealed as the Kingdom of the Awaiting. This now is the secret home of Elijah and Enoch.”

8. “The final Teaching My Divine Son spoke to His Apostles was revealing all of the Seven Sacraments that He was introducing at that moment, and that they would be administered by them within the True Church. They were told of all that would transpire after His death and that the Holy Ghost Who Dwells within the ‘Living Tabernacle’ would be sent to enlighten and console them. To His Apostles, except for the wicked Judas, were revealed the End of Times and only to Saint John was it revealed at that time of the Second Coming of My Divine Son in all of His Glory, to open the Gates of the Kingdoms and Nations of the New Holy Era. To Saint Peter, it was revealed that he would be chosen as Petro and would be the Foundation of the True Church, and he was made aware of who would be his Successors, even unto the last Petro II. Only when the Holy Ghost would be sent to enlighten, he would truly understand his Mission. My Divine Son revealed that the Woman clothed in the Sun would reign in the Holy Trinity unto Eternity.

My Chosen Priest-son, ‘Little John’, and ‘Child of the Apocalypse’: you are to know that what My Divine Son means by this is that a time will come when those who have been chosen will once again eat the Pascal Feast, but only with a Memorial of His Death, and it is after this Feast that the accomplishment of all times will be completed, and God will be Glorified through My Immaculate Heart, and through each one of the Chosen Apostles of My Divine Son’s time and the Apostles of these ‘End Times’, of which you are one of those chosen. Then all will be accomplished and the Victory of My Immaculate Heart will be understood by all….”

Answer – Our Lady:

1. (through the ‘Little Pebble’): “My precious Priest-son, ‘Little John’: you are to know that My Divine Son Jesus told Saint John who was going to betray Him; also that He was going to be Crucified; that He would Rise from the Dead and that Peter would momentarily grow weak; that many Revelations would be given to him.”

2. “My child, My Divine Son Jesus revealed to Me all the Divine Mysteries of His Passion, and what the full meaning of the Last Supper was; also that I would undergo the Passion with Him and that ‘Little John’ and ‘Little Peter’ were chosen as Apostles of the ‘End Times’ who would remain faithful to Him and Me; also Jesus told me about the traitor and the denial of Peter and that Saint John was chosen to help Me and Saint Peter at the time of trial. Much was revealed to Me, My son.”

3. “My Chosen Priest-son: the two Great prophets were at the Last Supper for a special reason, because first, they were Christ’s Inheritance, because they had not died and were preserved from sin and corruption. Also, because they were to preach at the End of Time about Christ. It is for this reason, and many more, that they bore witness to the Son of God made Flesh, for they are Christ’s witnesses.”

4. “My son of Predilection: My  Divine Son’s Prayer to His Father was for the perseverance of the Just. This prayer can be found in the writings of My Holy Saints.”

5. “My cherished ‘Child of Truth’: the Light that was given to My precious sons pertained to My Co-Redemptrix and Mediatrix of All Grace, about the Church that was Founded on Peter, and was to continue to the End of Time till the Church was to be renewed by the ‘Little Peter’. Also, much Light was shed about the New Apostles, especially ‘Little Peter’ and ‘Little John’. Many Mysteries were revealed and understood.”

6. “My child, this special Privilege –  My Divine Son – was reserved at first to the Priesthood that was to be established on that Sacred night. It was to show a distinction between the Priesthood only for men, even though I was their Queen. Jesus chose it this way. It was also to be a special privilege for My sweet Angel, Gabriel, for His faithfulness to the Command of God. It was to be like a Messenger of Love, for it was Saint Gabriel’s first salutation that announced the Coming of the Messiah, so it was Saint Gabriel who announced the King of Kings in the Eucharistic Heart.”

7. “My son and ‘Apostle of Truth and Fidelity’: the Secret Home is in the Mountain of the Prophet. This home is part of Paradise, just as the Garden of Eden is a part of Paradise, as there are many parts and many Mysteries yet to be revealed to man.”

8. “Child, this will be given to you by Saint John at the appropriate time, for My Divine Son’s Speech contains the revelations of His Resurrection, his Second Coming, the End of Time and the end of the world. Much of these secrets will be revealed soon, My sweet son. Be patient…..”

28 April ’95 – Private Revelations – ‘Thornbush’

I was very anxious before going to bed, but strangely enough I felt myself enveloped in peace, unaware of what will occur. Saint Timothy came by my side with the ‘Sign’ and he told me to:

SAINT TIMOTHY: “Pray and interiorise, because even the imagination is unable to produce the sweetness and the bitterness of what you will be shown when you will awake after Heaven’s Chosen Priest-son will have Blessed you. ‘Thornbush’, you are to write before speaking, because your tongue may become tangled among your human feelings. When you will write your heart will become a Heavenly stone of which human sentiments cannot pass – only the truth of the Apocalyptic Vision. I remain by your right side in prayer before the Majestic Omnipotent God to bring you strength to pass through these coming hours. Now, remain silent, dear soul of whom I guard – and pray.”

In the silence of the night I did as Saint Timothy told me and vigilantly awaited in prayer. He also became very silent and interior. O looked at my watch – it was 2.30am, and I heard a rumbling thunder above me. The Tabernacle in my room and in the Chapel of Saint Joseph united as one and became a great Ball of white Fire. Over the top of this Ball, and touching it, was the ‘Sign’, and above the ‘Sign’ were twelve stars of which projected small sparkles that glittered in the darkness. I saw a lightning bolt literally tear open the sky. At this time I was sitting on my bed, straight up, because I was startled very much by the thunder which caused my bed to shake. One of the stars in the sky descended, very swiftly. It was an Angel holding a white cape, and this Angel is the same one that I have seen with eleven others at different times, but I do not – from one time to the other – remember their names. This Angel placed the cape around me and I could feel all of the Wounds, deeply – to the point where the Blood went on the white cape until it was completely a red-crimson colour.

When the sky opened a very misty or hazy fog fell all around making everything material, transparent – especially walls. I saw in the Light of this fog two very big Angels – one was dressed in silver and blue, holding a wooden Chalice (of which I saw at Our Holy Mother’s Knees last evening) – the other big Angel was dressed in gold and burgundy-red, holding a gold Chalice. They stood very tall, and twelve of the stars in the sky were at their feet. At the same time I heard seven blasts of a sound similar to a trumpet, then simultaneously, both Angels poured out the contents of each Chalice. (I remember at this time Our Holy Mother and Her Words). As the contents were poured out a screen seemed to be produced, transparent – which covered the whole sky as far as the eye could see – and further.

Saint Peter’s Square and the Vatican were made visible, and Saint Peter’s Basilica. Above the Basilica I saw a cloud in the form of a very big mushroom. I trembled from head to foot when this appeared, involuntarily. In this mushroom cloud I saw a dragon with several heads, and it was as if each head could be disconnected and become a living being, and the dragon continued to live even when a beast came through the chest of the dragon and, as the tail of this beast was like a sharp sword, it was used to detach, or cut the heads of the dragon. The middle head was cut and stepped forward and grew, or changed into the form of a man, but inside of this man-creature there were different faces, and some were of different nationalities. This man seemed to glow and look like Jesus Christ, Our Beloved Saviour, but in my heart there were unsettled thoughts and in my mouth I tasted a vile bitterness to know that this was the Antichrist. This man glowed and only lit up a part of the darkness. He stood very tall. Then I began to see a gentleness in his face which deceived me very much – then it turned very quickly into a horrible face of demonic nature, and then gentle again. Inside of me I had the very strong urge to vomit because the bitterness became strong. The Antichrist disappeared in the fire which formed at his feet – and the smoke. Now the dragon had six heads left, but in the place of the one who left was placed the terrible beast which cut the head with its tail.

The entire Vatican became a big boat, or ship, and a strange water rose to make this enormous boat, float – it was only under the boat. On this ship I could see the Holy Father, Pope John Paul II, being tortured and persecuted in various ways, and the ship was tossed and turned by the very big waves that were formed in the water. There were many men around the Pope. These men wore red fiery tunics with tiny small beret-like hats on their heads – some were magenta. They disrobed the Holy Father and, leaving him in a white tunic, he was blindfolded and placed at the bow of the ship – chained to a cross. All of the Wounds were present.

While this was occurring in small distances all around the ship, I saw men with Priestly Roman collars, and others as Bishops. There were those who were dressed in white, and others in black. Other people were present looking towards the ship. Women were also present, and Religious Sisters, because they wore veils. I again saw the dragon and the Antichrist. The Antichrist went among these people and the smoke around him went everywhere. Then a great battle began, and much blood was shed. Many Priests were put in chains and tortured with whips and beaten. Some of the Clergy were even fighting with each other, as were the Religious, and people with swords. There was smoke everywhere. Under them was a large valley that was very quiet and green. It very soon began to be covered with blood, which flowed and became a river. This went under the ship. While this was happening I felt inside my stomach was burning.

From the front of the ship I saw a rainbow appear from very high up, past the stars, and it went into the Holy Father, and all who were true. It was at this time that the ship opened in the front, and another ship came from within it. This ship had a statue of Our Holy Mother, Saint Charbel, Saint Louis-Marie de Montfort, Saint Francis of Assisi, Saint Dominic, Saint Marguerite Bourgeois, Saint Benedict, and many others. Each one of the statues illuminated and came to life, and they were in each of the portals representing the Communities, because Our Holy Mother was dressed as Queen of Heaven’s Chosen Communities. The ‘Little Pebble’ was on this ship, dressed in the Habit of the Order of Saint Charbel, with Father Broussard; and Father Blais was dressed in the Habit of the Order of the Immaculate Heart. The mast was a very big white Cross with the Eucharist. This ship seemed to float in the bloody water and, at times, there were very big waves.

I saw someone, or something, swing through the murky water from the other half [of the] sinking ship and crawl up onto the boat, or ship. It was the beast of the dragon in the form of a man, with a sword. He confronted the ‘Little Pebble’ and wounded his heart, but Light shone from the White Cross from Our Holy Mother, and made him levitate and become almost invisible to the point that this man walked through him. This, too, was the same for all who were on this ship – which grew and expanded from one end to the other – connected with the rainbow that went to the Holy Father. This same rainbow went from one end of the ship (where Our Holy Mother is) to the other. Something special happened because beams of Light were being projected in all directions, and different people – even those in white who were doing battle – began to swim through the bloody water towards this ship, and the different portals became doors that welcomed the people. Many, many people entered, and Our Holy Mother welcomed each one. This was very beautiful and sweet in taste, and it seemed to take away the bitterness while I was being shown. All around the blood continued to flow. The dragon let out a big roar that shook everywhere.

I saw Our Holy Father’s head cut off and in my heart I screamed. Our Holy Mother gently, but swiftly, went over to him and opened Her mantle, lovingly, and he went into Her mantilla and disappeared. Mother returned to the ship. I saw a dark figure come from within the other ship – the Anti-Pope – and all of the ship turned completely black. Many canons were fired towards the white ship – and arrows – but very few penetrated into the ship, and when they did it was repaired very quickly. All around there were mushroom clouds and fire. Then in the sky projected the same white Cross on the mast of this ship. The black ship slowly began to sink further into the bloody water. A beautiful white Light transformed the ‘Little Pebble’ into the Pope Peter II — because I saw the crest of his coat of Arms. The dragon and the Antichrist were now over the dark ship and the dragon had only one head left. The white ship floated on the blood for a long time and gradually the water cleared up.

The symbol of the New Era was seen on the horizon, and the ship floated towards this – but only this ship. all around was darkness and fire, and the trumpet blasted seven times, then all faded away as Our Holy Mother and all the Saints Blessed us ++. I fainted into unconsciousness, but was continuously hearing chains around, and my legs were knotted. I continued to offer this. Saint John Blessed me through Father Blais +, and I heard a screech – then all disappeared. I remember Saint Timothy’s word at the time, to write everything before speaking, and I did as he instructed me to. the inside of me, however, is still bitter, and it burns – but there is also a sweet taste of roses, which is difficult to explain.

28 May ’95 – Question, Father Blais:

Which Archangel is in charge of each of the Sacraments – and which one is for what?

Answer – Our Lady:

“My beloved Chosen Priest-son of Our Undivided Hearts: I greet you. I am pleased that you seek to know more about the Holy Angels and that you have answered My desire to write about them, for they are truly loved and honoured so little. There is a very special reason why this year is the year dedicated to the Holy Angels, for there is so much evil in the world now and these Holy Angels of whom I speak of are watching over the souls of My sweet children. It is true, My ‘Little John’ that each of the Holy Archangels are entrusted with one of the Seven Holy Sacraments.

Holy Archangel Saint Michael is the Archangel and Guardian of the Most Blessed Eucharist. He watches over those who are receiving My Divine Son for the first time, and this great Archangel delegates the Holy Angels by the Will of God to what soul they have been given to watch over with great love, attention and care. Saint Michael was chosen, for this great Archangel was present during the Last Supper and he was the consoling Archangel of the Agony in the Garden of Gethsemane. This great Archangel reflects the force of the Triune God. He is also the Holy Archangel of the Apocalypse.

Holy Archangel Saint Gabriel is the Archangel and the Guardian of the Holy Sacrament of Baptism and also of true Conversions, for this Holy Archangel was chosen to announce to My Holy Mother, Anne, My Immaculate Birth; and Saint Gabriel announced to Me, the humble Servant of God, that I was chosen to be the Mother of God and the Divine Maternity of the Divine Word. Holy Archangel Saint Gabriel watches over all who are preparing for Baptism. He is the Guardian of true Faith and of all the Virtues. This Holy Archangel is also the one who was My consolation and Guardian when I lived upon the Earth.

Holy Archangel Saint Raphael is the Guardian of the Sacrament of Penance, and all who seek the Infinite Mercy of God with true contrition. Saint Raphael was the guardian of My Beloved Chaste and Obedient Spouse, Saint Joseph, while he lived upon the Earth. This Holy Archangel reflects the Pure Justice and Mercy of God, and is the Guardian of Confessors. Holy Archangel Saint Raphael watches over all who prepare for this very important Sacrament and remains at the door of the Confessional praying for that soul. This Holy Archangel may be invoked to make a good Confession each time.

Holy Archangel Saint Uriel is the Guardian of the Holy Sacrament of Confirmation, and the Guardian of Truth. He reflects the Light of the Holy Ghost and the Seven Gifts of the Holy Ghost: Wisdom, Understanding, Counsel, Fortitude, Knowledge, Piety and Fear of God. This Holy Archangel should be invoked and prayed to often. Holy Archangel Saint Uriel watches over all who prepare and is present in the Light of the Holy Ghost when a soul receives the Sacrament of Confirmation. This Holy Archangel is also an inspirational Archangel, and Guardian of My Holy Rosary. He watches over those who have been chosen for special Missions by the Divine Will of God, and those who teach.

Holy Archangel Saint Jehudiel is the Guardian of the Holy Sacrament of Extreme Unction. This Holy Angel watches over all of the souls who are in their last agony. This Archangel presents the souls of those who have died to be judged before the Triune God. Saint Jehudiel is in the state of continuous prayer for those souls before God. As a consolation to the dying this Holy Archangel is always visible. This Holy Archangel may be invoked often for those who are preparing to die, and also for those who are suffering and experiencing difficulties.

Holy Archangel Saint Sealtiel is the Guardian of the Sacrament of Holy Orders. This Holy Archangel watches over in a very special way all of My Priest-sons who are Ordained. This Holy Archangel is also the Guardian of the Curia and of all of the Clergy. He is the protector of Priests and watches over all of those who are Consecrated to God, and to My Immaculate Heart.

Holy Archangel Saint Barachiel is the Guardian of the Holy Sacrament of Matrimony. This Holy Angel reflects the true and Pure Love of God. Holy Archangel Saint Barachiel is present during this Sacrament and also during the time of preparation. This Holy Archangel is Guardian of the End Times and all children of God. When two souls become one, through this Holy Sacrament, Saint Barachiel delegates a very special Guardian Angel to watch over the couple as one, so that every married couple is accorded one Guardian Angel who are Guardians of true unity. Only those who are married in the Eyes of God, truly, receive this Grace. Holy Archangel Saint Barachiel is also the Guardian of True Unity and of True Peace….”

13 July ’95 – Question, ‘Little Pebble’:

1. Mother, I wish to ask You some questions in relation to the vision You gave to ‘Thornbush’ on the 11 July, 1995. What did the meaning mean — of the chain holding the Mystic and Seers? And those who were persecuting, were holding them? The people holding the chain were Bishops and Priests.

2. What is the meaning of the chain placed at the foot of the crosses?

3. Mother, what was the meaning of the lightning bolts which went into the Saints – then they placed the bolts of lightning – which went into white crosses – into the Pope?

Answer – Our Lady:

1. “My precious son: this has a very profound symbolic meaning – for the ones who are holding the chains are the Church Authorities who are suffocating the Spirit of God through false obedience, and forcing the children of the Light into division and confusion. There are many more explanations which I will give to ‘Thornbush’.”

2. “My ‘Little Peter’ –  Apostle of Truth: the meaning of this is also very profound because it has to do with the Pillars and Anchor of the Mystic Church, which are yourself and your Mystical spouse, that the whole Mystic Church is bound by these two Missions, and one day all the Mystics of the Church – Visionaries, Prophets and Seers, will have to accept this truth.”

3. “My beloved little ‘Angel of Divine Love and Truth’: you are to know this has a very important meaning, especially for you and My precious child, ‘Thornbush’, and Our sweet sons ‘Little John’ and ‘Little Bartholomew’. The lightning bolts are symbols of Truth and Justice. These were placed into the Saints of the two Orders – the two Pillars of Divine Truths that will rescue the Church, namely My Divine Son Jesus in the Blessed Eucharist and My Immaculate Heart, that will enlighten the chained Privileged Souls, and when this has been placed into the Vicar of Christ, it will be a sure sign to him that these two Mission of Nowra and L’Avenir, and of My Two Orders, are the salvation of the Church, and are the main links of unity between all Privileged Souls, and through the Crucifixion of the ‘White Rock’ and his Mystical spouse united with John Paul II, victory will come and a decisive decision made by the Vicar of Christ, to defend these two Missions and Orders, and once this has been done the rest of the Mystic Church will be drawn to a perfect unity to give Glory to God.

“I will reveal more to ‘Thornbush’, My son, on this very important vision for many mysteries are included in this. Take courage, sweet son, and all those who are united to you, for much is planned, but hidden for now, to turn all that is now against you and the Missions completely around to dazzle the power of Lucifer and stun his powerful advances at this time. A sudden change will occur and victory will be yours, and those who truly are united, and all those who once were divided and are currently persecuting the Truth will see the Light and see in what foolish state they were in and will repent and have great remorse. Go forward now, son, and hold on to My Hand, for you are truly My humble and obedient son who will lead Our children to the Promised Land…”

13 July 1995 – Question, ‘Little Pebble’:

Mother, can You please explain what it truly means to judge? – because when one is correcting a soul, or speaking about a situation people, especially the modernistic Catholic, claim you are judging. But is it not right that, daily, we as thinking Catholics must make judgements in prudence and genuine criticism for the benefit of a soul. I ask for counsel on this subject?

Answer – Our Lady:

“My beloved little ‘White Rock’ of My Immaculate and Virtuous Heart: I am pleased that you seek to understand more about this Holy Commandment, for there is a great difference between good discernment and judgement. There is also constructive criticism, which does not destroy. You need to use good discernment to distinguish between what is constructive from what is destructive. The Holy Commandment: “Thou shalt not judge!” remains always. When you use constructive criticism and good discernment, you are not judging.”

23 July ’95 – Question – ‘Little Pebble’:

1. Mother, will Australia, and other Islands, sink during the Warning?

2. Mother, will there be one land mass after the coming Great Warning – the same as before the Tower of Babel?

24 July ’95 – Answer, Our Lady:

1. “Parts of the Continent and the Island countries will experience extreme flooding through radical weather changes and great tidal waves. This will occur before the Warning, also.”

2. “My sweet ‘Little Pebble’: you are to know that during the New Holy Era there will be only one land mass and only one language will exist. You need to know that the land masses are slowly coming closer together as each year passes.”

25 July 1995 – Question, Little Pebble – Holy Souls Chaplet:

Mother, can You tell me if there are 13 Levels of Purgatory – at least this is what was revealed to me some time ago? Is the Rosary according to Your inspiration? If so, what colour beads, and how will these prayers help the Holy Souls, and can I ask you for special Promises?

Answer – Our Lady:

“I greet you, My beloved little ‘White Rock of the Apocalypse’! I desire you to know that the prayers of which you have received are inspired.

After the Our Father the first Glorious salutation is to be in honour of the Saints;

the second is to be in honour of Holy Archangel Saint Michael;

and the third is to be in honour of the Holy Guardian Angels.

On the centre piece you are to pray:

“Mother of Divine Mercy intercede for the Holy Souls detained in Purgatory, through the Power of Thy Immaculate Heart, to Glorify God, for the Salvation of all Souls.”

The Our Father is to be prayed upon a gold, or yellow bead. The first Glorious Salutation is to be prayed upon a white, or pearl bead. The second is to be prayed upon an emerald green bead, and the third Glorious Salutation is to be prayed upon a pink bead. All of the Hail Mary’s are to be prayed upon blue beads. The colour of the beads of which you are to pray the “Eternal Rest Prayer”, are red.

When this Chaplet is prayed with great devotion and love, uniting with the Holy Souls, 500 souls are released from Purgatory and 500 from each level are brought to a higher level. Every soul who is delivered through the Grace of this Chaplet shall intercede in a concrete way for My sweet children who have prayed for them. When this Chaplet is prayed with devotion a special Grace from each one of My Holy Virtues shall be accorded by the Infinite Mercy of My Divine Son, and a contrite heart to those who profoundly desire it…”

Today I asked Our Lady about the Rosary of the Holy Souls in Purgatory. Our Lady told me it was true and was very pleased with this devotion, and it was revealed to me the Souls of Purgatory are joyous over it. Our Lady then gave me the Promises:

1. Those who recite this Rosary Chaplet will release many souls from each level, but said the lower the level the less will be released.

2. Those who recite this Rosary will help those especially in their lineage and family tree in a singular way.

3. Those who recite this Rosary will receive a visible sign of the Power of this prayer.

Question – ‘Little Pebble’

1. Mother, regarding the Holy Souls Rosary Chaplet: can You tell me the name of the Angel of Purgatory, as he should be honoured? Also, could I know the names of each Region of Purgatory?

Answer – Our Lady:

2. “My precious ‘Little Peter’ of Our Undivided and United Hearts: I greet you! I desire you to know that the names of each level of Purgatory are each one of Our Holy Virtues.

The first level is: Fear of God

The second level is: Charity

The third level is: Faith

The fourth level is: Hope

The fifth level is: Obedience

The sixth level is: Patience

The seven level is: Piety

The eighth level is: Chastity

The ninth level is: Prudence

The tenth level is: Fortitude

The eleventh level is: Temperance

The twelfth level is: Purity

The thirteenth level is: Justice

You are to know that in each one of these levels are the souls who lacked in applying Our Holy Virtues in their lives, so they are now expiating them. I desire you to know, also, that there are many Guardian Angels who await the souls, but they are not permitted to go to the souls past the seventh level. After this level there are devils who are used to purify souls in a special way, by the Will of God. It is also a torture for the devils because the Holy Souls are brought up to a higher level closer to their deliverance, to Glorify God eternally.

I Bless you once again, My sweet ‘White Rock of the Apocalypse’ +, and upon these Chaplets a very special Blessing is accorded from the Holy Trinity through My Immaculate Heart: in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost Who Dwells in My Immaculate Heart +. Amen.”

31 July ’95 – Question – ‘Little Pebble’:

Mother, I am very disturbed and unhappy as to why God is dealing with me the way He is, for every time I go on a journey – two weeks before, without fail, I am fighting the flu or other sicknesses, and this carries through to the journey. For You know well, Mother, that I love God and have done all He has ever asked, and He knows that I dislike travelling because it is difficult for me. Even when I feel good, the journey is difficult – yet most of the time I go on a journey I am sick before, during and after. How am I to bring the Word of God, and at least have some pleasure with God’s children, when I am with them rather than be under the weather. It truly disappoints me and frustrates me. Can You tell me why? If God desires me to suffer, can He not wait until I at least complete the journeys? Mother, now I have some type of infection in my abdomen; it is very painful. Only two days to go before I fly! Please heal me and give me a remedy, and Bless our trip so the journey will not have flight disturbances, and that my health will be good so I at least can serve God’s children. I remain your obedient son, Mother, even if I am somewhat disgruntled right now, for I find it difficult to handle. I am feeling not so good, dear Mother right now, and I wish to be able to proceed with this long journey…

Answer – Our Lady:

“I greet you, My beloved little son, with all of My Maternal and Virtuous Love! Through My Chosen Priest-sons, and your faithful followers ‘Little John’ and ‘Little Bartholomew’, I have sent you a very Powerful Blessing as ‘Queen of the Apostles’ of these times + +. There are two very important things, My sweet child, that you need to understand. The first is that the Evil One, Satan, is aware that you are about to embark upon a journey at the request of the Mother of God, to prepare My little children, and to edify and enlighten them – as you are chosen to do so. The Evil One has been watching you very closely, dear ‘Little Pebble’, and waiting until a certain time. What you are experiencing now is an attack, which has been permitted to strengthen you, as you offer it, for this renders the Evil One defenceless, and by your continuous offerings My dear sons and little children will be strengthened.

The second important thing you need to consider, and be aware of, is that because you dislike travelling, even the very thought of it will make you ill because by this thought your body rejects the idea. Taking many vitamins to strengthen your immune system beforehand is not the solution, because the extra vitamins and medication that you do not need are excreted and rejected by the body; and because your body is used to receiving so much, the immune system becomes passive and expects this to increase. However, when the body no longer receives the extra vitamins then it becomes vulnerable to illness. With all of the nutritional food that you eat, My little child, you are not in need of extra vitamins. Now you are to seek medical assistance to treat your problem, and at the same time you may ask for advice regarding your difficulty with accepting to travel. I have Blessed your journey + and I will continue to watch over you in a special way with Holy Archangel Saint Michael. I Love you, My ‘Little White rock’, and I Bless you +.”

16 October ’95 – Question, ‘Little Pebble’:

Mother, why do so many famous people who have much money and influence, like film stars, give their money and support to animals and the trees? They are good intended, but why do they not use their gifts for more worthy causes – like the Right to Life etc.? I cannot understand it!

Answer – Our Lady:

“My ‘Little Pebble’: I greet you once again! You are to know that all of the various Organisations that you have mentioned are within the Freemason Organisations because all of the finances are channelled in this way to the centre, which is Freemason. All of the Anti-Abortion Organisations are mostly within the approval of the true Roman Catholic Church, and many of the celebrities and little children who live for this world, do not believe in the Right to Life and Anti-Abortion Organisations – they believe that mankind, especially women, should be given the right to decide for themselves.”

21 November ’95 – Question, ‘Little Pebble’:

1. Holy Mother, can You please help me to understand the Justice of God. For example: how is it just that God punishes the next generation for the sins of this generation. Why should my child, or another child be punished because of my sin. For example: you have a tyrant over a country. The tyrant is not punished at the time while he reigns, but ten, twenty, or thirty years later his kinsfolk and generation are punished. Why? They did not commit the sin – the tyrant did. The same applied to the Jews and Romans who put Jesus to death: they did not get punished, but the ones who followed sixty years later. Yes, I understand that God punishes them in the life after, but that is everyone’s lot anyway, so how can it be just?

What of the opposite when dealing with the reward? For example: you have a Seer or Apostle like [name withheld] and the [name withheld] attacking myself and Father Blais, who are suffering much because of it, yet they will get to sit on the twelve Thrones like us, next to you? I am not jealous or envious, Mother, but I find it unjust. How am I to understand this? I truly wish to understand!

2. Blessed Mother: in Your recent Message to ‘Thornbush’ and me You revealed about the Gift from God for the twelve Apostles – that they are to excel in one of the Virtues. In 1988, sweet Mother, You gave me three Virtues that I would excel in; one of them was the Virtue of Humility and the other Charity “Love” – am I to choose another, for I still choose humility as my favourite Virtue with love as the core? Would I be sinful or prideful to excel in all Virtues, to ask You boldly for such a Gift? There are also other Virtues I wish to attain, but one is not a Virtue but a Gift of God, and that is to be wise like Solomon. I would ask You through the Divine Paraclete that Divine Wisdom would be given to me for the sake of the Mystic Church? I thank You Mother, as Your humble ‘White Rock’, ‘Little Peter’.

Answer – Our Lady:

1. “I greet you, My ‘Little White Pebble’! I know well your heart, My ‘Little Peter’ as you are chosen as Prince of the Apostles of these ‘End Times’ and you seek true Justice on all levels. My little son: I am pleased, but there is something that you need to engrave deep within your tender heart, and this is regarding the Divine and Infinite Mercy to those who seek it with a true and contrite heart, because it overpowers Divine and True Justice. To understand this you must reflect upon the true story and the life of Jonah who also became frustrated because he prophesied the destruction of Nineveh, unceasingly, but because the Holy King repented and declared a time of atonement all throughout the Kingdom, God saw that his heart was just and contrite because he listened and believed, and hence Nineveh was not destroyed – it was completely converted – and this became a great sign for many. So My beloved ‘Little Peter’, if God will allow His Infinite and Divine Mercy to penetrate into entire Kingdoms, reflect now what will occur within a contrite heart of one soul who seeks Divine Mercy.

2. Now a soul who wanders or strays afar would relate to the Holy Parable of the Prodigal son and during the trials, difficulties and chastisements that will continue to occur there shall be many souls who will reflect upon their lives and accept to change to become Prodigal sons. God’s Plan is perfect on all levels and it will not change for it is just, also on each level. Gradually you shall come to understand this, My beloved.

When a soul does not repent and seek Divine Mercy, and continues to torture as a tyrant, this soul will still be given every opportunity to change, even at his very last breath, for God will offer His Mercy unto this soul and at the same time His Justice. But when it is refused, nations and generations are punished so that they may reflect and not take His Infinite Love and Mercy for granted. Chastisements are permitted to strengthen souls and to help them to reflect, also, upon the history of the past, so that the new Generations would reflect before committing the same sins. When Chastisements occur it is because these souls are unjust to God and God, through His perfect and Eternal True Judgement and Justice must not be questioned. I know that your tender heart is not jealous, but what you need to understand is that My little child, ‘Trumpeter’, will suffer much according to the consequences of his acts, and this will be the same for all of the Chosen Apostles who are doing only as they please.

Continue to pray for them and do not be disheartened, My beloved. Persevere, persevere in good, and go forward. In time they will follow the true path. Remember that ‘Little Peter’ and ‘Little John’ are the Chosen Pillars.”

1. “My precious ‘jewel’: you are to know that it is not prideful, nor is it sinful to desire to excel in all the Holy Virtues, for this is what you are called to do, and to desire to accomplish this is called striving to become Holy; and because you desire this with all of your heart and soul, it shall be granted. The Gift of Wisdom has been given to very few souls upon this Earth; one of them who has received this Gift to a high degree is My ‘Little John’, just as Saint John was given this Gift. You shall also receive this Divine Wisdom during the Second Pentecost because the Divine Light of the Holy Ghost shall be visibly seen through you.”

27 December ’95 – Question, Little Pebble:

Father Blais: please read this Message from the ‘Little Warrior’. I feel it is true and most important.

Christmas Day: [name withheld] in a state all day receiving Messages through the heart and seeing things. [name withheld] looking through the window saw an Image of Our Lady descending from Heaven; a big star which will explode – there will be a big explosion, and three days of darkness. The gases from the star will explode on hitting the atmosphere. There is going to be trouble with Russia: famine. The Heavens opened, and there was the New Jerusalem – a big City. The Heavens opened and an elderly man holds the City in his hand and brought it down. After that I saw the New Heavens, then I was told in the troubled times there is going to be trouble with the Vatican and the Pope. In the time of trouble God will take the Consecration out of some of the Priest’s hands – those who are not in the truth; those who are in the wrong teachings. Our Lord will temporary shut some of His Churches which are not in the truth. Our Lord will cease to live in the Tabernacles of these Churches.

Through the window I saw a big dome – I saw the Host spinning. God will gather them up and take them to Heaven. I saw a lot of chaos in this world; I also saw Angels in the sky; I also saw a crown over Saint Joseph’s head. I spent over three hours seeing and hearing these things to be. In this time of trouble the Pope will become ill and will be taken to convalesce – someone will take his place. He will be the Antichrist Pope; this will cause a lot of destruction all over the world. The real Pope will then return and will reveal all. The truth will be spoken about the Vatican and how they work against the Pope. Our Lord wishes these Messages to be typed. In saying the Rosary Our Lord said it is against God’s wishes for ladies to be Ordained as Priests.

Answer – Our Lady:

“My beloved little ‘White Rock’ of predilection: I greet you once again with My Pure and Virtuous Immaculate Heart, and I kiss your tender heart. You need to be aware that this Vision and Message that Our Chosen little ‘Instrument’, [name withheld], has received is very true and is also important, for within it are many symbols which is a sign for these End Times – and all that will occur in the near future. However, all will take place according to the given time determined by the Eternal Father, Our Father in Heaven.

The world as it is now is headed for great turmoil, and it shall turn completely upside down in confusion. I speak of those who do not seek to know God or to return to Him imploring His Divine and Infinite Mercy. I shall continue to enlighten your soul, My little son, and the Holy Ghost will illuminate all of Our Chosen ‘Instruments’ – even those who have left your side. They will gradually open their eyes to see the truth through your tender, yet powerful heart of virtue.

28 December ’95 – Question, ‘Mother (name withheld):

Mother, is it true that what [name withheld] received regarding the Pope, that he will be ill and taken away, and a new Pope installed, and later, John Paul II returns denouncing the Anti-pope and restoring the Church?

Answer – Our Lady:

(through the ‘Little Pebble’): “My sweet little Apostle ‘Peter II’ of the Apocalypse: I greet you and Bless you in a very special way today because of your steadfastness, strong faith like a rock, and Holy and humble standing you have before God +. Today I address you and come as the ‘Queen of the Apocalypse and Divine Justice’. My precious future Priest-son and future Vicar of My Divine Son Jesus: today I wish to reveal to you a very great revelation of a secret from Heaven which has been kept in general away from man, except for a few items that were revealed regarding the present Vicar of Christ, John Paul II. What I have shown, and My Divine Son Jesus, to My daughter, the [name withheld], and partly to ‘Thornbush’ and the [name withheld] and others, are true, for the Church will soon go into desolation, like the Apostles did in the Garden of Gethsemane. For once the Pastor, or Shepherd was struck, the Apostles were scattered and not only the Apostles, but the Disciples were disillusioned, confused and bewildered that such an event could take place with the Son of Man, God-Man, My Divine Son, Jesus.

This, too, will now occur to My Divine Son’s representative, Pope John Paul II. The Shepherd will be struck and the sheep will be scattered. My beloved Vicar, who now has become very ill, will even become sicker to the point where the Cardinals will force him to abdicate the Throne of Peter, in such a way as to proclaim to the Church that he can no longer govern God’s House upon Earth due to his great infirmities and weakness of mind. Thus, the power of the Iniquitous One will be seen reigning in the House of God, even seating himself upon the Throne of Peter through the falsely elected Pope, who will be the Anti-Pope of history who will down-trod the City of God and His Saints, and a great devastation shall occur in the House of the Holy of Holies.

This, My son, will be done in a subtle way, for then great changes will come into the House of God and a huge division between those who are enlightened and those who have chosen to be blinded in false obedience.

This great trial was foretold by the many Saints of gone days, and foretold by the many Seers of the world from the time of My Appearance at La-Salette. The true Pope will not be in hiding at this time, but detained in a hospital under strict observation, and kept under heavy sedation until the given time. The Antichrist Media will send out many pictures of the Pope suffering in hospital to strengthen the claims of the Antichrist Pope, but before the Anti-Pope is placed upon the Throne of Peter, John Paul II will proclaim many great events and declarations, and you will receive special help from him through a Cardinal, then when John Paul has been laid low you will be able to function, but under great restraint – but Heaven will always be with you to strengthen you. Once Pope John Paul II is dethroned there will be a short period of “no Peter”, then the false Pope will be installed.

After some time of the reign of the Anti-Pope, John Paul II will regain his strength and be returned to Rome, and all that was done wrong will be corrected and the Anti-Pope will be denounced. During the short reign of the Anti-Pope the greatest changes will come to the Church. The Mass and liturgy will be changed, all the Feast Days and Holy celebrations. All Christians of all denominations will unite to Rome in a special pact of an alliance. The Church will seem like a graveyard. It will be in this time that those chosen in Holy Mother church, who have been silent in these many years, will raise their voices to defend the true Church. Many Great Saints will be moulded who will defend the Truth, of those will be Cardinals, Archbishops, Priests and Bishops and Religious – even of great laymen, men of the world – who will see the truth.

It will be in these days that you and my Seers will be recognised as true, and the universal support will then come. Many signs and miracles and wonders will be witnessed to counteract the heavy trials that will encompass my people. In the world at large the chastisements will fall and great natural disasters, for these are the punishments for sin that man had committed against the Sinless One. There will be great wars and much bloodshed and many crimes of unmentionable ways. Many children shall die of fear and murder; many people will have sicknesses and disease. Yes, all this and more will come in this short time that I spoke about recently to My ‘Thornbush’. These are the trials that will assail the Church and the world, and it was for this reason I said that even My children are not prepared for this. However, sweet son, there is no reason to be afraid or discouraged, for Heaven will be strongly manifesting itself to you and My Seers and My children, so that they know that Heaven has not abandoned Our children.

During these next few months and coming two years where all of these events will unfold, much progress will be made in the formation of the New Orders and the Mystic Church. Take courage and proceed in strong faith and hope, for a wonderful triumph of truth is awaiting you and all My Soldiers of Truth. More will be revealed on this matter to My ‘Thornbush’ and all of My Mystic children on Earth. Persevere, persevere, My sweet son of Eternal Truth, and all My precious children of the Light. I Bless you, My ‘Apocalyptic Angel of Divine Love’, My little ‘White Rock of Truth…..”

(Confirmed by [name withheld], ‘Thornbush’, [name withheld], [name withheld] and [name withheld], [name withheld]

It is to be noted that the events were delayed until Benedict XVI

Question – Little Pebble

1. Mother, in the Book of the Apocalypse it says all must take of the white counter, or Pebble, and the ‘White Rock’ will receive another name which he only knows. What does this mean?…

2. Mother, in ‘Thornbush’s’ Message on the 8 December, you speak of a Great Trial. All those things You mentioned to ‘Thornbush’ after I asked a question, seems the same trials as already past, so why would they then be a greater trial in 1996, for mankind already have this trial, and You said that most are not ready for this – yet, if we had this trial already, what then is new? Is it not more to the point that a Great Trial of Faith would be because the Pope is removed from the Seat of Peter, and this then would be the real trial?

Answer – Our Lady:

(1 – 2) “I greet you, My sweet ‘Angel of Divine Love’! I have already revealed much to you, My docile child, regarding all of these questions. However, you need to know that the Great Trial shall occur through a schism within the Church, regarding the Marian Devotion and the Second Coming of My Divine Son. Also, the Anti-Pope is working very hard with the Bishops who are trying to dismiss My beloved Pilgrim Pope. When I spoke about the trial of faith, My beloved little ‘White Rock’ – it was this of which I have spoken of. I shall continue to reveal much more to Our obedient Chosen ‘Instruments’….”

30 December ’95 – Question, ‘Little Pebble’

([name withheld]) Mother, was my Message of the 28 December, true?

Answer – Our Lady:

“My very dear little child of My Loving Heart – My humble ‘Rock of Love’: cheer up, My sweet son! I Love you! I Love you! I Love you! Be at peace on My Maternal Heart. Yes, My little son, the Message you received is true and sorrowful, but be very courageous and in abandonment…. The Judases are on the increase to extremes. Love without answer and paid in return often by hostility, and injuries of every kind, and great suffering that My Son’s Priests cannot understand because of the hardness of their hearts.

(Our Lady is serious and She is weeping; the Holy Father is also weeping)

I spoke abundantly through My Holy Vicar about the infection which afflicts My sons of predilection of this materialist century. I have pointed out the causes and the remedies of this infection, clearly, but who is listening to My Word? Woe betide these Shepherds who put obstacles in My Holy Vicar’s way, when they must in the contrary help him, comfort him, support; him and love him. Woe betide these Shepherds who, for shameful motives of self-respect and pride, break communion with My very Holy Vicar. They form sterile and dry branches with a great prejudice for all the Mystic Body; they become a cumbrous and distorting part. Woe betide these Shepherds, as the Evil One, who turn from light-generators into darkness-generators.

My very Holy Vicar is at the top and at the top he sees His church as no mortal can see it. He sees pride which impregnates it; he sees darkness which envelops it; he sees errors and heresies by which presumptuous Cardinals and Bishops … and see anarchy in which it struggles. He knows scandals; he knows hatred and conspiracies weaved in shadow by enemies – the Freemasons. The heart of My Holy Vicar is crushed by that. Only a special Grace and Divine help prevent him from succumbing. If it is added to that, duplicity of those who are, and should be, the nearest, then you understand the measure of his suffering attained to the highest pitch.

(Our Sweet Mummy of Love is crying Tears of Blood on all of Her proud and vile Shepherds)

Alas! Many of the Cardinals and Bishops, and almost all of My Son’s Priests are unaware of the boundless sufferings of My Holy Vicar. If the causes of great suffering of My sweet and Holy Vicar are so great and serious, My sweet son, My ‘Rock’ of Love, consider how more infinitely serious are the ones of My Divine Son, Jesus, because He sees them, not only in the aggregate as My Holy Vicar, but also in detail in every member of His Mystic Body and in all the Universe. What escapes human eye, even the most piercing, doesn’t escape His Divine Eye.

Courage, My sweet and humble son, My faithful child. short is the earthly way; eternal in the other hand is the reward which waits for you. You are not alone; We are all with you and with all the faithful little sisters and little brothers. May the Almighty God, One and Trine, the Eternal Word of God, present personally in His Church and His very Holy Mother Bless you, now and ever. Amen. My humble ‘Rock of Love’: Love Me very much to repair a so monstrous ingratitude. Give Me all yourself with what you have, that you are. Repair, My child, repair, for the numberless Judases who daily betray My Divine Son, Jesus, and betray My Holy Vicar.”

31 December ’95 – Question, ‘Little Pebble’:

1. Mother, was my Message of the 28 December, true?

2. Mother, did ‘Thornbush’ go to the Holy Father on this day, as Father Blais desires confirmation, and the reason why?

Answer – Our Lady:

1. “My sweet ‘Little Peter’: I greet you once again! Remain at peace, sweet son, for the Message I gave you on the 28 was from Me, even though I know it will be difficult for you and My chosen children to understand, fully. Tonight, My child, I will elaborate more on this subject of My beloved Vicar, John Paul II, and about the Anti-pope and the schism in God’s House upon Earth, as it has been revealed to you previously. Be not troubled, anxious, or afraid, because all of Heaven will be condescending to you and My chosen ‘Instruments’, to guide the ship of Christendom . You will become the visible Head of the Mystic Church upon Earth while Our Holy Vicar is placed aside, and then when he returns to take his position in Rome again, he will proclaim you his lawful Successor. Take My Hand in faith, for I will guide you and send you and the Mystic Church much help – also from those Cardinals and Bishops and Priests who belong to Me. I Bless you, son, and future Priest and future ‘Peter’ +….”

2. “My precious ‘Rock’ of My Immaculate Heart: I desire My ‘Little John’ to know that this bilocation was true, for in this moment, both My ‘Passion Flower’ and My little ‘White Rock’ were sharing the Passions of My Divine Son in the person of Our Holy Vicar. It was Our desire that ‘Thornbush’ share the cross of Our Vicar and to help him. It was also our desire that ‘Thornbush’ becomes fully aware of the atrocities that surround Our Holy Vicar for those that wish his destruction.

Our Holy Vicar is truly undergoing the Spiritual Martyrdom for the Church, and within a very short time will be removed from the Seat of Peter. Therefore, I seek much prayer from Our children for our Holy Vicar….”