Message 469 – 5 March 1995

The Power of the Beads of Love is far more than you understand – Reflect on Christ’s Passion and the path he had to walk upon; each soul is priceless therefore the sacrifice is great – Unless you pray and prepare, many will fall away; like the temptations in the Garden of Olives – Be obedient to the Pure Will of the Eternal Father and your lives will blossom.

LITTLE PEBBLE: On the Altar there is a very large Host, in which are the Signs of the Passion of Our Lord. Since the first of March Our Lady has been giving me a ‘Sign’ which all of Heaven carry when I see them – one similar to that which ‘Thornbush’ receives. Our Lady once said that I would get the ‘Sign’ in March, but it wasn’t until recently that it was given – some two years later. I am not permitted to tell you what the ‘Sign’ is, because the Devil would then copy it. It is a guarantee of the authenticity of God’s Word.

Saint Michael stands very high to my left and has now pointed his sword downwards, diagonally – in front of the Altar. Saint Gentlemere, who is the Angel for the ‘Sign’ which I receive, stands where the statue of Our Lady of the Ark is, with other Saints – Saint Francis of Assisi, who has also been appearing every day for the last two or three weeks and who is my Patron, Saint Barachiel, the Archangel, Saint Menoloutis, My Guardian Angel and Saint Sacramessugus, the Angel of the special Mission – the one who gives me the directions from Heaven.

I can see a very large Cross in the sky and it reaches down to the Holy Grounds. There is a very bright and beautiful Light, which is gold in colour with a touch of white, coming from the centre of the crossed beams of the Cross towards the large Eucharist which is on the Altar. The Eucharist is very large, reaching from the top of the Altar table to the top of the Cross in the sky. The Light coming from the big Cross now penetrates the Blessed Eucharist and makes a door-way, which opens up – similar to the centre beam of the Cross – there is a path between the two. Now, through the Light of the Cross, I can see many Angels coming forward. They are dressed in a vast number of different colours – Angels from the Archangel Choir – but are dressed differently and have varying signs on them, which symbolise the particular roles and missions which God has given them.

Behind all these Holy Angels I can see the Blessed Mother coming through the Cross and it’s quite obvious that She is dressed very beautifully this evening, even though She is still very far in the distance. I can see many Angels hovering around Her. Our Lady comes swiftly down a road made of gold and Light and all come through the door, which the Light carved through the Blessed Eucharist. The Angels now surround the Blessed Eucharist and kneel before Our Lord. There are Angels hovering all over the Chapel – many thousands of them. Other Angels form a Guard of Honour as Our Lady comes very swiftly towards us through the Blessed Eucharist, into the Chapel.

Our Lady turns towards the Blessed Eucharist and bows, right down to the ground. All the Angels are kneeling. The Blessed Eucharist disappears, going into the Tabernacle. Our Holy Mother stands up, goes over to the Tabernacle and stands on top of it. There is a little cloud hovering over the Tabernacle and Our Lady places Her Feet on it. The Angels now place rose petals on this Light and also on the Altar. Our Lady is dressed in a pale yellow dress, or gown. She has on a cape with a high neck-line – such as you might see a Queen wear during winter – a free-flowing cape, which is light blue. Our Lady moves slightly and just looks about Her, at all Her gathered children. She is also wearing a very slender Crown which is made of gold – it has seven points, each adorned with different stones – on the front of it there is a Cross. Our Lady looks very gentle. In Her right Hand She holds a pink Rosary made of pearls, with a Crucifix of gold.

Some of the Angels are kneeling near Our Lady – around Her – holding Her cape, which they now spread out. There are many more Angels coming from the Cross in the sky. Our Lady shows me the ‘Sign’ and smiles. She now takes up the Crucifix and kisses Jesus:

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“My sweet child, My Little ‘Rock’ of pure intentions, My dear son, My ‘Little Bartholomew’, all My sweet children, gathered here before Me and those children who follow My Words throughout the world: I greet you this evening through the Sacred Heart of My Divine Son, Jesus.”

“This evening, I wish to speak to you, My sweet children, not only of the needs that Heaven has in regards to mankind, but especially in request of prayers. Wherever I travel throughout the world, I always ask My children to pray especially My beads of Love. Have you asked yourselves, My dear children, why – why this prayer? It is very simple, My sweet children: God, the Eternal One, has placed conditions upon man. There are two conditions, dear children: To follow the Will of God without reservation and to pray to do the Will of God with faith.”

The Rosary, My sweet children, contains the Mysteries concerning salvation and redemption – the Mystery of the past, present and future of mankind. “For God so Loved the world that He gave His only Begotten Son” – through the Pure Virgin, your Heavenly Mother. Each time you pray upon the beads of Love you invoke and plead with the Eternal Father. You ask your Heavenly Mother to intercede and you give Glory to God, Who deserves all Glory, all Honour, all Worship and Adoration. Within these Mysteries of Eternal Life, My sweet children of the Holy Rosary, you gain salvation; you repair for sins that are committed throughout the world; you bring souls to God and to the awareness of the Mercy of God. The Power behind the Beads of Love, My sweet children, is far more than you will understand, until you get into Heaven.”

“These prayers of My Most Holy Rosary, come down from Heaven and have been given to mankind so that mankind will go to Heaven. It is a ‘chain’ that reaches from the Eternal Throne of God to the Earth and it is anchored by the Cross of Redemption that has been placed upon Earth. You must ‘climb’ along these beads to Heaven, My sweet children and bind yourselves with this ‘chain’ of Love to your God. Therefore, I come to the world, to plead with mankind to pray My beads of Love, so Heaven can shower many Graces upon the world, upon the Church and upon Our children of love.”

“My sweet children: I well understand all your needs, because God Created you for Himself – and I am the Mother of the Redeemer – therefore, the Mother of God’s children. The times that you are approaching now will be difficult. Reflect often, sweet children, upon the Passion of My Divine Son, Jesus and the path that He had to Walk upon. All the Saints who are now in Heaven, had to walk upon the same path to get to Heaven, My sweet children. Each soul is priceless – therefore, the sacrifice is great to save a soul, My dear children. Therefore, God sends His Holy Mother to the Earth so frequently, to save even the most wretched sinner upon Earth.”

“You, My sweet children, are called to help Me bring these children before God while there is still time for, as you know, many times I have told you that time for your world is very short. Look about you, My dear children and you will see the world has changed; the Church has changed; mankind has changed – but not for the good. Mankind is denying that I and My Divine Son, Jesus, are Appearing upon Earth at this time. The Devil is astute and brings confusion into the minds of Our children. And yet, My sweet children, the Appearances of those from Heaven are very simple – for We do not ask very much of Our children, only to listen, to pray and be obedient to the Call of Heaven. If mankind would listen to Our Words, the world would change – but even the children of the Light do not listen.”

“Many go upon the path of the world believing that God does not see – that He closes His Eyes. You cannot hide away from God, My sweet children, God sees all. He looks into your hearts – not the physical heart of your physical body, My sweet children – but the heart of your soul – your spirit. It is in these hearts that He seeks truth, faithfulness, obedience, trustfulness, charity and humility. I see so many of My children proceed in the weakness of man, for they truly do not understand what the Will of God is. How sad!”

“God sees all, My sweet children – remember that! And one day you will stand before Him and He will ask you what you have done for Him!! Was your “Yes” truly for Him? Think carefully of what I say this evening, dear children – for, unless you pray and prepare yourselves, many will fall away – like the temptations in the Garden of Olives. You must remain strong – be firm in what you believe – be a soldier for Christ. Do not deny Him. You are all on the road to Calvary, My sweet children and in these coming years, all of you will go through dark moments, where only your faith and love for God will keep you strong.”

“Reflect, My sweet children, on how difficult it was for your Heavenly Mother in the Tomb of Her Divine Son. Even I – Who Am and Was, the Queen of Heaven – was tempted! You have many Angels – you have Me, your Heavenly Mother – you have My Divine Son, Jesus and the Saints to assist you. Come, follow Me and follow my Divine Son to the very end, My sweet children. Think, carefully, of what you do. Each moment of your lives is very precious – not only to you, but to God. Each moment, My sweet children, must be “Yes” to Jesus! “Yes” to God! “Yes” to Truth! Do not look about you at what your brothers and sisters do – if they sin, pray for them. O, children: You are My children and I love you, as your Heavenly Mother. I kiss your little hearts, through the Sacred Heart of My Divine Son, Jesus and My Immaculate Heart and I Bless you: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

Pray, My sweet children, for My Holy Vicar, John Paul II – for he is under heavy trial. Pray, also, for the new Apostles, that they be strengthened and united in Truth. Pray for the Mystic Church throughout the world, that it be obedient to the Will of the Most High. Remember, well, My Words this evening, dear children and place them deep into your hearts. Be obedient to the Pure Will of the Eternal Father and your lives will blossom. I thank you, My sweet children, for the many prayers that have been offered here in this Chapel of All Apparitions; I thank My children of all the communities throughout the world who have been faithful, to offer up the prayers as reparation. Many Graces are being offered to mankind, because the Communities are the doorways into Paradise. I Bless all the Founders – and all co-workers – and all My children in the communities asked for by God: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“Continue now, sweet children, with your prayers, for I desire to take these prayers before the Throne of God, for your intentions and those of My Immaculate Heart. I will continue to speak now, with My little son.” (The prayers continue.)

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady wants Father to bless us. (Father gives the blessing.)

Our Lady has Blessed all the articles and a different Saint also blessed each one separately. In the case of the Book of Consolata – she herself, also appeared to Bless the book.

The roses have very special Graces attached to them. They were for the Trinity and were Blessed by Them. There was a special thank you also, for the children of the School of Saint Joseph. Our Lady Blessed the School and Marguerite.

The other roses were Blessed for women who are pregnant and those who will be pregnant. They have to be dried and given to them. They will be helped by Heaven in a special way.

Our Lady now takes up Her Rosary once again and kisses Jesus. Saint Sentimintarious, whom I did not see before, is there now next to Our Lady holding part of the Rosary, which is held by Our Holy Mother. He also holds a Staff, with the other Angels and Saint Francis, who is also here. Our Holy Mother Blesses us all:

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady blows a kiss and smiles. Now She goes back slowly – with the Angels – towards the White Cross in the sky. Saint Michael has withdrawn his sword and now goes to where the big White Cross is, to protect Our Holy Mother. We will continue with our prayers. (The prayers continued.)