Message 471 – 1 April 1995

New Orders of the Consecrated Life to be founded to rescue the Church – Communities are places of peace and portals to Heaven and the New Holy Era – Do not compromise with your faith – The Antichrist is preparing the fight against the True Church – All will go through these moments from Calvary to the Resurrection – Many of you will feel abandoned and will run away with fear – Be obedient, even to the smallest degree – Many Graces have been trampled underfoot – Recognition of this Order will be soon – Holy Grant’s Resurrection is very near; his body incorrupt.

LITTLE PEBBLE: Saint Sacramessugus has given me the ‘Sign’, as have Saint Barachiel and Saint Menoloutis. Saint Francis is also with us with the Crown of Thorns on his head. There’s a very large wooden Cross, which has been suspended for some time in mid-air, outside the Chapel. A lot of Light comes from this Cross towards all of us here and there are many Angels inside the Chapel. The ceiling is full of Angels. Also here this evening are Saint Michael, Saint Raphael and Saint Gabriel. From the White Cross, which is high in the sky behind the wooden Cross, there comes a very thin beam of Light and it penetrates the wooden Cross, seeming to electrify it! The centre of the Cross opens up and a beautiful gold, white and blue Light emerges, fanning out towards us. The gold portion is like a sheet of pure Light and it descends towards the Tabernacle.

Through the White Cross, high in the sky, Our Holy Mother is now coming on this golden sheet of Light, moving swiftly towards the wooden Cross which She passes through, then travels towards the Tabernacle in the Chapel. Accompanying Our Holy Mother is Saint Charbel, Grant Duffy and many Angels. All now enter the Chapel, passing through the wall to stand by the Tabernacle. Saint Charbel, who is wearing the Habit of his Order, is to the left of the Holy Mother, holding a beautiful fifteen-decade wooden Rosary with a Saint Benedict Crucifix. Grant is also in the Habit of the Order and carries the same type of Rosary and Crucifix. Both look towards Our Holy Mother and to my surprise I see that She too, is wearing the Habit of the Saint Charbel Order!

I have asked for the ‘Sign’ and all of the Heavenly Personages are holding It. Our Holy Mother smiles. She is also wearing the veil of the Religious Sisters, but it is very long – like a mantilla – reaching the ground. On Her Head is a Crown of Thorns, interwoven with flowers, among which are stones of various colours. Above the Crown is a very bright star about the size of a fist, which shoots out many Lights. There is a face in the star. Our Lady smiles again, as do Saint Charbel and Grant as they look about them towards the people here. There are many Angels still coming through the White Cross, then down to the wooden Cross, which remains suspended as before, between the White Cross and the Tabernacle. Our Lady takes up the Crucifix and kisses Jesus:

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

My beloved son, Our Future Vicar, ‘Little Peter’ – the ‘rock’, My dear son, ‘Little Bartholomew’, My sweet Disciples of the ‘End Times’ and My chosen children of Holy Mother Church: I greet you with My Immaculate Heart, as Founder of the Order of Saint Charbel. I greet all the Communities throughout the world – also those of My Immaculate Heart.”

This evening I have come from Heaven from the Throne of the Eternal Father, to bring to Our children special Graces of vocations – vocations to the Religious Life, of the new Consecrated Life of the New Orders that are being founded now, throughout the world. This evening I wish to explain to Our children the reasons for these Orders, which Heaven has asked to be founded at the very end of time.”

First, My sweet children, it is the Will of the Eternal Father that these last Orders be founded in Holy Mother Church, to rescue the Church which has gone into darkness, for many vocations are being lost. Very few children are entering the Orders that are now established in Holy Mother Church, because Our children have fallen asleep and many children are drawn to the world. Therefore, My Father and your Father in Heaven, desires to bring forth the new Orders to re-evangelise Holy Mother Church and to evangelise the pagan world.”

Many will be called to serve God in various ways in these new foundations, because these foundations have all types of life offered in them. Every man, woman and child throughout the world have the vocation to enter into the life of these new foundations, because the Communities that God is raising throughout the world are not only places of refuge – but rather, are places where you will find peace in the midst of a world that has distortions, hatred and [which] revels in the sins of man and Satan.”

The Communities of the world – or the New Foundations – will be the strength of the Church in time to come. I know, My sweet children, you cannot visualise this now, but with time, you will understand and bear witness to My Words. The New Orders will receive the Church’s sanction very shortly, because it is God’s Will. The Glory of God will be seen, for many children will become sanctified through the lives that they will lead in these Holy Orders – just as Our children were sanctified through the current Orders that exist in the Church today.”

The Communities that are being established, My sweet children, are also the portals to Heaven and the new Holy Era, [which is] being prepared now. All those who seek Eternal Life and seek to fulfil the Will of the Eternal Father, are called to enter this Religious Life and dedication, for it will require sacrifice and penance to live isolated, away from the world and its enticements. My children will understand as time progresses, for the world will continue to go into darkness, as also [will] Holy Mother Church.”

There are many souls throughout the world who are thirsting for the Truth – thirsting for a place where they can practise their Faith. These Holy Foundations are those places, My sweet children. The Two Pillars of the Church, prophesied through Saint John Bosco, My sweet children – through Marie Julie Jahenny of France, through La Salette and many others.”

My children: You are all called to sanctify your lives. You are all called to become soldiers of Christ, defending the Faith. You must be examples – every moment, every hour. Wherever you go, whatever you do, remember God watches and sees all. Your Guardian Angels are there, beside you. They will help you. However, if you believe, My sweet children, that God does not see, does not hear and does not know – then, My sweet children, you have become blind, of your own free will.”

God chastises those whom He Loves. Do not mock your God, My sweet children. Count your Blessings – especially My children who live in the Communities throughout the world. Live the Rule and Constitution given to you by God. They are not human rules, My sweet children – they were given for a purpose – to sanctify and purify your lives, to prepare you for the time of great trial that is already now upon the world, in the Church and in your lives.”

Do not compromise your Faith, sweet children. Do not compromise with the world, the flesh and the devil, for you will lose. Remember the words of Saint Paul. Pray unceasingly and work out your salvation with fear – true fear, My sweet children – not the fear that comes from Satan. Do not insult your God, sweet children, for you have been Blessed abundantly. The more that you have been given by God, the more is expected by God. The time will come, My sweet children, when – should you throw away the Grace that God gives to you – He will take it away and give it to another. The Church is Blessed, My sweet children – Blessed with the new foundations, as a Gift from God. Be grateful to the Triune God for all that you have. Serve one another. Did not My Divine Son serve His children, My sweet children? Are you greater than My Divine Son? Be ‘little’ in heart – be like children.”

These new Religious foundations, My sweet children, will one day rescue the Church when the Church goes under heavy trial, for the Antichrist is preparing well the fight against the True Church. Do not believe that he sleeps, My sweet children, for his time is near.”

Today, I have come in the Holy Habit of the Order of Saint Charbel, to give you the example of how I desire My children of the Orders to be humble and faithful to the Teachings that My Divine Son and I have given, over many years.”

Today, I have brought with Me Our beloved sons – Saint Charbel and Grant – for many reasons. It will be through the intercession of Saint Charbel, that this venerable Order will receive approval from Holy Mother Church and it will be through My dear son, Grant, that the Mission from Heaven given to Our son, the ‘Little Pebble’, will be given such approval. For, as I have promised, many signs will be given – for this is the time now for silence, for perseverance, for faith, obedience, trust and great patience, My sweet children.”

You are to meditate on the time before the Resurrection of My Divine Son. Think well of what I say, dear children The moments after the Crucifixion of My Divine Son were moments of desolation – they were moments where all was illogical. There was no hope – all seemed dark and lost. Think well, My sweet children, on these Words and meditate upon them in the coming days.”

Before the Resurrection comes – for all of you and for this Mission – all of you shall go through these moments from Calvary to the Resurrection. The Missions throughout the world will now go through trials unprecedented, My sweet children. It is already occurring through My Communities throughout the world – to the Mystics and the Seers. All of you must pass this road, My sweet children. Do not lose yourselves in the world – in the pleasures of the world – for this period of dryness, of waiting, will be but a short time, yet it will feel like an eternity.”

The world will continue to go in darkness. The Church will continue to go further into darkness and will leave you no consolation, My sweet children, other than the faith that you have in believing that the Resurrection will come. Notice the time that you live in – the years before the end of this century – and understand well, My sweet children, [that] the Mystical Body of Christ must undergo the full Passion. You, My sweet children, are that Mystical Body and more so, the Mystic Church upon Earth.”

Many of you will feel abandoned! Many of you will run away with fear, as the Apostles did. Many of you will seek answers, but the only answer is faith, obedience to Truth and do not try to comprehend, but pray, pray unceasingly, My sweet children, for the ‘hour’ has come for all of you. It will be in My Communities where you will find strength – strength in unity – strength in obedience to the Rule and Constitution – strength in the directions which Heaven has given and will continue to give.”

Believe me, My sweet children, before the great Sign will be seen in the sky by all, all of you will be purified – very deeply. Those who remain faithful to My Word will persevere. Those who believe and trust in My Word, will persevere. Those who are obedient to Truth will persevere. Pray for one another – love one another – sacrifice for one another. You can be certain, My sweet children, that there will be glimpses of consolation, because the Glory of God will be seen in this work.”

Today, Saint Charbel will give to all the members of the Order and to the Order of the Immaculate Heart, a signal Gift – a Grace that he, himself, received from the Triune God. This gift will vary in its depth, dependent upon the faith of Our children. Saint Charbel is truly the ‘Man of Peace’ for Holy Mother Church. It was for this reason that God chose him to lead the Order of Saint Charbel – to bring forth the unity within the Church. He is the ‘flower of flowers’ for the Church at this time.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Now Saint Charbel moves forward. He is a very beautiful Saint, is very solid in his build and looks exactly as you see him in many of the pictures and paintings. He smiles. From his chest I can see the Blessed Eucharist emerging and Saint Charbel, Our Holy Mother and Grant now kneel, because the Blessed Eucharist has come forward from the chest of Saint Charbel and has become very bright. Saint Charbel makes the Sign of the Cross:

SAINT CHARBEL: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

My beloved son, Our little ‘White Rock’ of Eternal Truth, Founder of the Order that bears my name and to all my brothers and sisters throughout the world: I greet you and wish to encourage you all to continue with your many prayers that are being offered throughout the world, through the thousands of homes dedicated to the Honour and Glory of God and His Holy Mother, for the salvation of the Church, through the Houses of Prayer that bear my name. I send My Blessings to you as a Priest – a Priest who worshipped God and served God – in all humility.”

I wish to encourage all of God’s children to be faithful to the Eucharistic Heart of your God. Always be obedient, as little children. Be obedient, even to the smallest degree of the wishes of those of Heaven and those who are your Superiors on Earth. Obedience is an act of humility – of great order, my dear sons and daughters – because it is through being faithful to the Will of God that you gain merit – that you purify yourselves and that you become humble. It is the lowly and the ‘little’ ones whom God raises, like he did with me. For I was nothing upon this Earth, but a little monk hidden in the mountains of my beloved country, Lebanon. All I did was pray and toil in the fields – but I loved my God and my Most Holy Mother. This is the example that I can give to you. I never complained and I worked hard, My sweet children, in the rocky fields digging the ground and planting the vines. This is all I did, one day after another. But every time I dug in the ground, I whispered a prayer of love to my sweet Jesus and my sweet Mother, Mary.”

I offered my sweat, my tiredness and all that I had. And see, my sweet children, how God has Glorified his little servant! This He desires of all of you. Learn to accept the path that God has given you. Be grateful that He has chosen you out of many souls, who are upon the Earth. Many of you are called for great roles in the Church and throughout the world. Do all in thanksgiving to God and in great humility. You who are called to enter the Orders that now are being formed for Holy Mother Church – what a great dignity that you have been offered, My sweet children – you do not realise this!”

Most of you will never have to toil the way I did. Therefore, be thankful to God. Many of you are called to be members of a family – to be fathers and mothers. Many of you will be called to be Priests and married Priests. What a Blessing you have been given, My dear sons and daughters. You do not realise the Gifts that God has offered you.”

And to the youth: Do not give yourselves to the world, but protect yourselves. Read the lives of the great Saints and see what they did – they escaped the world to follow Christ. Many of you are escaping Christ to follow the world! You do not know what you are doing dear little sons and dear sweet daughters. Think of the Saints – would they have been Saints now if they did what you are doing?”

Many Graces are being offered to Our children, but many of these Graces have been trampled underfoot. Therefore I, Saint Charbel, plead with our little children: Be wise and be prudent – be faithful to the Calling of God. It will not be offered again. Once you have lost it, my sweet children, you will regret it for the rest of your lives. Be examples in the world that you work in and live in. Let the world see that you are children of God – not children of the world and Satan.”

Time, dear sons and daughters, is very, very, short. Many of you now laugh because of the shortness of time, for many believe that time is not short. It is not so, dear sons and daughters. Look around you and see how the world has become – how the Church, Holy Mother Church – has become empty and void. Saints are made through sacrifice, through giving all that you have, through being obedient to the Will of the Most High. Think well, my dear brothers and sisters, of Who God is. If Jesus now appeared to you – right this moment – would you be ashamed of yourselves, or would you greet your Divine King with joy – with a conscience that is clear and pure of heart. Think well on my words.”

Soon, this venerable Order will receive the recognition that you have been seeking for many years, for time is moving on. Through my intercession to the Queen of Heaven, many things are now developing in my country, Lebanon, for many believe in this work and I, through God, will perform many ‘signs’, through the Order of Saint Charbel – through the Order of the Immaculate Heart and through the Houses of Prayer – so the Church will recognise the Hand of God, very clearly. And, very shortly, I will give a Sign in this Chapel – a Sign that cannot be removed, but will continue as evidence of my work in this Mission for God.”

I Bless the Patriarch of the Maronites. I Bless the Bishops and the Priests and all sons and daughters of God who are faithful to the Word of God. I Bless all the Saint Charbel Houses of Prayer and the two Orders – the Pillars of the Immaculate Heart: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

To you, my beloved ‘White Pebble’ – the ‘Rock of Truth’: I give to you a special gift from myself – a gift that will remain with you while you remain on this Earth, for you will remain until the end of the world – not the end of time.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Saint Charbel produces a feather, which has a gold ring around it. I don’t know what feather this is. Written on the feather is the word ‘Omnipotence’.

SAINT CHARBEL: “Take this, My son. The Angels will explain to you the meaning, in a short while. You are to know, my dear son – as Founder of this new Order which bears my name – that the Order will spread throughout the world in the coming years. There will be many thousands of Communities formed in many nations, once the Order has been approved in the coming years. I Bless you, my son, and give you a kiss from my heart to yours. In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. I send a Blessing also, to my beloved brother, ‘Little John’, the Founder of the Order of the Immaculate Heart. In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: The Blessed Eucharist has gone back into Saint Charbel, who moves towards the statue of himself and infuses himself into it. A great Light emanates from the statue. Grant now moves forward. Our Lady has remained in the same position and is smiling. It’s the first time I have seen him dressed in the Habit. He holds a golden key.

HOLY GRANT: “I Bless you my brother, little ‘Rock’ and dear brothers and sisters gathered here and throughout the world: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

My dear brother: This golden key is the key to the ‘New Era’, for it is from there that I have come. This evening I will speak only a short while, for much has already been said – but what I desire God’s children to know, is that my resurrection is very near. Soon, Holy Mother Church will exhume my body and find it incorrupt. This will herald this Mission throughout the world in a more dramatic way than it has [done so far]. My body will be moved to the Holy Grounds and not long after I will rise, for the Power of God – for the Glory of God and the salvation of mankind.”

I have been asked to come this evening to advise you of this, because many people have forgotten the Messages of the Mother of God. Many Prophesies have been given and many are yet to be fulfilled. Pray therefore, dear brothers and sisters, that God’s Will, will be done soon, so evil will be crushed – so that this Mission will be glorified for God’s Glory.”

I send my Blessings from God – through the Pure Heart of Mary – to all of you and to my parents, brother and sister: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Grant has now swiftly gone through the Cross, back to Paradise, whence he came. The key he has left with Our Holy Mother, Who now comes forward again:

OUR LADY: “This key, My dear son, belongs to you – for you are ‘Little Abraham’, who will bring God’s people to the New Era.”

My sweet children: I ask that you pray often – especially for Our Holy Vicar – for much will be asked of him in his last years that he will remain on Earth. All will be accomplished according to God’s Plan and many eyes will be opened and astonished at the Will of God. Therefore, pray and do penance – especially now, in this time of Lent. I give you My Immaculate Heart and Bless you all, for I Love you as your Mother and your Queen: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

Continue now with your prayers, dear children, for I will speak to My little son and Bless all the articles which you have brought to Me.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady has Blessed all the articles and the Saints also came and Blessed the particular articles that were their images. There is a large bowl on the Altar and, as the prayers were continuing, Angels were bringing roses, putting them into the bowl. Our Lady was Crying Tears of Blood, which were falling into the bowl. Behind Our Lady Father Blais appeared, with a Crown of Thorns on his head. I saw ‘Thornbush’, with the wounds and [Name Withheld] – who had on a crown of roses. I saw [Name Withheld] and Edward Stokes, as a Bishop. All were standing behind Our Blessed Mother.

Our Lady is smiling. The [Name Withheld] was there also, with ‘Thornbush’ and [Name Withheld] and Our Lady explained to me this evening, that many things were about to occur through the Patriarch. We had to pray. I also saw the Holy Father, who looked at me several times. He was in his room, and was carrying the Cross. Our Lady has asked ‘Little Bartholomew’ to bless us now: +

LITTLE PEBBLE: Saint Bartholomew was in Father as the blessing was given. Our Holy Mother now raises the Crucifix and kisses Our Lord:

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

Continue now, my dear children, with your prayers. I will now go to My Home in L’Avenir to Bless My ‘Thornbush’ and I will then travel throughout the world, to visit many of My children, to give them the directions that are needed. And, finally – before the end of this day – I will visit My Vicar, to strengthen him, for much will be revealed through My Vicar for the Church in the coming months of this year. I Bless him, as I Bless all of you now: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady now goes with the Angels and Saint Francis, who has been there all this time – through the brown wooden Cross, then towards the White Cross. We will continue with our prayers.