Thornbush – 28 April 1995

THORNBUSH: I was very anxious before going to bed, but strangely enough I felt myself enveloped in peace, unaware of what will occur. Saint Timothy came by my side with the ‘Sign’ and he told me to:

SAINT TIMOTHY: “Pray and interiorise, because even the imagination is unable to produce the sweetness and the bitterness of what you will be shown when you will awake after Heaven’s Chosen Priest-son will have Blessed you. ‘Thornbush’, you are to write before speaking, because your tongue may become tangled among your human feelings. When you will write your heart will become a Heavenly stone of which human sentiments cannot pass – only the truth of the Apocalyptic Vision. I remain by your right side in prayer before the Majestic Omnipotent God to bring you strength to pass through these coming hours. Now, remain silent, dear soul of whom I guard – and pray.”

In the silence of the night I did as Saint Timothy told me and vigilantly awaited in prayer. He also became very silent and interior. O looked at my watch – it was 2.30am, and I heard a rumbling thunder above me. The Tabernacle in my room and in the Chapel of Saint Joseph united as one and became a great Ball of white Fire. Over the top of this Ball, and touching it, was the ‘Sign’, and above the ‘Sign’ were twelve stars of which projected small sparkles that glittered in the darkness. I saw a lightning bolt literally tear open the sky. At this time I was sitting on my bed, straight up, because I was startled very much by the thunder which caused my bed to shake. One of the stars in the sky descended, very swiftly. It was an Angel holding a white cape, and this Angel is the same one that I have seen with eleven others at different times, but I do not – from one time to the other – remember their names. This Angel placed the cape around me and I could feel all of the Wounds, deeply – to the point where the Blood went on the white cape until it was completely a red-crimson colour.

When the sky opened a very misty or hazy fog fell all around making everything material, transparent – especially walls. I saw in the Light of this fog two very big Angels – one was dressed in silver and blue, holding a wooden Chalice (of which I saw at Our Holy Mother’s Knees last evening) – the other big Angel was dressed in gold and burgundy-red, holding a gold Chalice. They stood very tall, and twelve of the stars in the sky were at their feet. At the same time I heard seven blasts of a sound similar to a trumpet, then simultaneously, both Angels poured out the contents of each Chalice. (I remember at this time Our Holy Mother and Her Words). As the contents were poured out a screen seemed to be produced, transparent – which covered the whole sky as far as the eye could see – and further.

Saint Peter’s Square and the Vatican were made visible, and Saint Peter’s Basilica. Above the Basilica I saw a cloud in the form of a very big mushroom. I trembled from head to foot when this appeared, involuntarily. In this mushroom cloud I saw a dragon with several heads, and it was as if each head could be disconnected and become a living being, and the dragon continued to live even when a beast came through the chest of the dragon and, as the tail of this beast was like a sharp sword, it was used to detach, or cut the heads of the dragon. The middle head was cut and stepped forward and grew, or changed into the form of a man, but inside of this man-creature there were different faces, and some were of different nationalities. This man seemed to glow and look like Jesus Christ, Our Beloved Saviour, but in my heart there were unsettled thoughts and in my mouth I tasted a vile bitterness to know that this was the Antichrist. This man glowed and only lit up a part of the darkness. He stood very tall. Then I began to see a gentleness in his face which deceived me very much – then it turned very quickly into a horrible face of demonic nature, and then gentle again. Inside of me I had the very strong urge to vomit because the bitterness became strong. The Antichrist disappeared in the fire which formed at his feet – and the smoke. Now the dragon had six heads left, but in the place of the one who left was placed the terrible beast which cut the head with its tail.

The entire Vatican became a big boat, or ship, and a strange water rose to make this enormous boat, float – it was only under the boat. On this ship I could see the Holy Father, Pope John Paul II, being tortured and persecuted in various ways, and the ship was tossed and turned by the very big waves that were formed in the water. There were many men around the Pope. These men wore red fiery tunics with tiny small beret-like hats on their heads – some were magenta. They disrobed the Holy Father and, leaving him in a white tunic, he was blindfolded and placed at the bow of the ship – chained to a cross. All of the Wounds were present.

While this was occurring in small distances all around the ship, I saw men with Priestly Roman collars, and others as Bishops. There were those who were dressed in white, and others in black. Other people were present looking towards the ship. Women were also present, and Religious Sisters, because they wore veils. I again saw the dragon and the Antichrist. The Antichrist went among these people and the smoke around him went everywhere. Then a great battle began, and much blood was shed. Many Priests were put in chains and tortured with whips and beaten. Some of the Clergy were even fighting with each other, as were the Religious, and people with swords. There was smoke everywhere. Under them was a large valley that was very quiet and green. It very soon began to be covered with blood, which flowed and became a river. This went under the ship. While this was happening I felt inside my stomach was burning.

From the front of the ship I saw a rainbow appear from very high up, past the stars, and it went into the Holy Father, and all who were true. It was at this time that the ship opened in the front, and another ship came from within it. This ship had a statue of Our Holy Mother, Saint Charbel, Saint Louis-Marie de Montfort, Saint Francis of Assisi, Saint Dominic, Saint Marguerite Bourgeois, Saint Benedict, and many others. Each one of the statues illuminated and came to life, and they were in each of the portals representing the Communities, because Our Holy Mother was dressed as Queen of Heaven’s Chosen Communities. The ‘Little Pebble’ was on this ship, dressed in the Habit of the Order of Saint Charbel, with Father Broussard; and Father Blais was dressed in the Habit of the Order of the Immaculate Heart. The mast was a very big white Cross with the Eucharist. This ship seemed to float in the bloody water and, at times, there were very big waves.

I saw someone, or something, swing through the murky water from the other half [of the] sinking ship and crawl up onto the boat, or ship. It was the beast of the dragon in the form of a man, with a sword. He confronted the ‘Little Pebble’ and wounded his heart, but Light shone from the White Cross from Our Holy Mother, and made him levitate and become almost invisible to the point that this man walked through him. This, too, was the same for all who were on this ship – which grew and expanded from one end to the other – connected with the rainbow that went to the Holy Father. This same rainbow went from one end of the ship (where Our Holy Mother is) to the other. Something special happened because beams of Light were being projected in all directions, and different people – even those in white who were doing battle – began to swim through the bloody water towards this ship, and the different portals became doors that welcomed the people. Many, many people entered, and Our Holy Mother welcomed each one. This was very beautiful and sweet in taste, and it seemed to take away the bitterness while I was being shown. All around the blood continued to flow. The dragon let out a big roar that shook everywhere.

I saw Our Holy Father’s head cut off and in my heart I screamed. Our Holy Mother gently, but swiftly, went over to him and opened Her mantle, lovingly, and he went into Her mantilla and disappeared. Mother returned to the ship. I saw a dark figure come from within the other ship – the Anti-Pope – and all of the ship turned completely black. Many canons were fired towards the white ship – and arrows – but very few penetrated into the ship, and when they did it was repaired very quickly. All around there were mushroom clouds and fire. Then in the sky projected the same white Cross on the mast of this ship. The black ship slowly began to sink further into the bloody water. A beautiful white Light transformed the ‘Little Pebble’ into the Pope – Peter II – because I saw the crest of his coat of Arms. The dragon and the Antichrist were now over the dark ship and the dragon had only one head left. The white ship floated on the blood for a long time and gradually the water cleared up.

The symbol of the New Era was seen on the horizon, and the ship floated towards this – but only this ship. all around was darkness and fire, and the trumpet blasted seven times, then all faded away as Our Holy Mother and all the Saints Blessed us ++. I fainted into unconsciousness, but was continuously hearing chains around, and my legs were knotted. I continued to offer this. Saint John Blessed me through Father Blais +, and I heard a screech – then all disappeared. I remember Saint Timothy’s word at the time, to write everything before speaking, and I did as he instructed me to. the inside of me, however, is still bitter, and it burns – but there is also a sweet taste of roses, which is difficult to explain.