Q-A The Little Pebble and Thornbush – 2 June 1995

Question about Pre-marital Sex

Little Pebble:

Mother, once again thank You! Mother, You know well the reason of this question because many young people, even good Catholics, see no problem in pre-marital sex, even those who are graced, take virginity very lightly. Mother, could You define for all the youth the importance of virginity before marriage, especially women. Is there not something sacred that is violated when a woman loses her virginity, and not only virginity, her purity? Is it not a sacred domain? Could You speak about it please, for the sake of all the youth? Also, is it wrong to French kiss before marriage? I mean, those who are not engaged – what boundaries are there for young people who are courting? How far can a person go?

Answer – Our Lady:

“My precious little White Rock of My Immaculate Heart: yes, I know and understand well why you have asked me this question, for it is most important that when My children lose their virginity before marriage, a very serious – and depending upon circumstances – a mortal sin has been committed. A man and a woman should remain a virgin, pure and innocent, until after she or he is married, and two people become one. The true ‘fruit’ of a marriage are the children, but not before. Kissing before marriage is not necessary – instead My children should court and love each other through true acts of charity. Kissing at this time mostly leads My children into temptation. Not kissing is a form of true respect and true humility, which will bind the courting couple even more. A virgin in the Eyes of God is the most priceless and precious pearl that has not ever been tarnished, and it sits within an oyster so that it is not touched or harmed in any way. Also, My sweet children have been given Holy Models to follow who are My beloved and Chaste Spouse, Saint Joseph, and I, your Most Holy Mother. I will speak more to you about this serious matter, My child, but for now My little children are to meditate upon My Words.”