Message 482 – 13 July 1995

Message 482 – 13th July 1995

The Evil One has caused much turmoil in Holy Mother Church – Many Hierarchy follow what pleases them rather than be obedient to the True Teaching of Jesus Christ – Trials will continue as the Eternal Father chastises mankind due to their wickedness – Same trials will continue in Holy Mother Church until they awaken from their slumber.

LITTLE PEBBLE: I can see the White Cross; it is very, very, brilliant in the sky and coming from it, towards the Chapel, I can see a gold and white Light. Saint Michael has been standing behind the Cross for quite some time, but a long way beyond It. Saint Michael has placed his sword into the Altar – and many Graces and Lights have been shooting towards us. Saint Barachiel, Saint Menoloutis and Saint Sacramessugus have also been present all this time – along with Saint Sentimintarious, the Guardian Angel of the Order of Saint Charbel.

The Light becomes brighter and it penetrates – very strongly – through the Chapel. A beautiful beam, like a street, has formed from the Cross to the Tabernacle. I can see some gold writing behind the Cross in the sky; it’s in Arabic, so I do not know the meaning. The White Cross now opens very wide and I can see Our Holy Mother, as She comes down the ‘street’ of Light, gliding very slowly. There are many Angels who follow behind Her, carrying many bouquets of roses and flowers.

As Our Lady glides more swiftly towards the Chapel behind the Angels, I now see Saint Charbel – and also, Blessed Rafka, whom I have never seen before, but am able to recognise through inspiration! She is dressed in the Habit of a Religious Nun. Our Lady comes slowly towards the Chapel, enters and stands above the Tabernacle. Saint Charbel has also entered the Chapel, standing to the right of Our Holy Mother, while Blessed Rafka stands to the left. Saint Charbel is wearing the Habit of the Order and he smiles. Our Holy Mother is dressed in pure white, with a beautiful blue mantilla which reaches down to Her Feet. Around Her Waist is a sash, which has little flowers entwined through it.

In Her left Hand, Our Lady has a beautiful bouquet of roses and in Her right Hand She holds a fifteen-decade Rosary, which is very long. Our Lady is smiling, constantly. She has a Crown of red and white roses upon Her Head today. A beautiful bright star is just above Her Head, giving off much Light. Our Lady’s Eyes are moving towards the two Priests and again She smiles. She moves from Her spot, comes towards the two Priests and kisses them both on the forehead, then moves a little further to the right to Bless another man, kissing his head also. Our Lady now moves back to the spot where She was before this happened. Our Lady takes up the beautiful Rosary, lifts the Crucifix and kisses Jesus.

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. I greet you, My beloved ‘Rock’ – pure ‘Rock’ of My Immaculate Heart! I greet My Precious Priest-Sons, ‘Little Bartholomew’, future Apostle and My Priest-son who has come from far away, chosen Disciple of My Divine Son, whom I will call ‘Nathaniel’. I greet you too, My ‘Little Grain’ and all My sweet children here present and throughout the world.”

“Today, I come to you with a Sorrowful Heart, because the evil one has caused much turmoil in Holy Mother Church, bringing divisions upon My children of the elect, because of much misunderstanding and misinterpretation, where mankind are seeking to understand the ways of God – but yet are not able, because My children are seeking in the wrong light of logic, [by] ‘human understanding’. My sweet children, you must place human logic aside, for if you do not, you will not persevere in the days ahead. For believe me, sweet children, God’s Ways are truly not man’s ways. Nor will you understand the Mysteries of God, but you will understand in time, with much prayer and perseverance in God’s Grace.”

“Pray for the leaders in God’s House upon Earth, who are truly in great darkness at this time, for many of the Hierarchy are following only those things which please them, rather than being obedient to the True Teachings of My Divine Son, in obedience to the Vicar of Christ. It is truly time for a true renewal in Holy Mother Church, through penance and sacrifices, for mankind must be purified at this time to understand the Will and Plan of God the Eternal Father for mankind in this world.”

“It truly saddens My Immaculate Heart, when I see division amongst the children of the Light – especially those who are in authority – who pass judgement swiftly, without looking into the affairs more seriously. Therefore, I call all My children to pray and take up My Rosary – the ‘weapon’ of Truth – that My children be enlightened by God’s Grace. Satan is enraged, My sweet children, for he knows that time is very short for him. It is for this reason many divisions have occurred and will still occur in Holy Mother Church. It is only through prayer that Light will come into the hearts of Our children.”

“You are in serious times, sweet children. I have told you this for many, many, years now. I am your Heavenly Mother, but [I] can help you only if you help yourselves. You know well what must be done; therefore, proceed in obedience to Truth for, remember, I have told you in past times: it is [only] in obedience to Truth that you will understand the Will of the Most High.”

“The trials will continue throughout the world, as the Eternal Father chastises mankind, due to their wickedness and sinful lives. The same trials will continue in Holy Mother Church, until they waken from their slumber. Do not be troubled, My sweet children, for God will not abandon you. He knows your hearts and your needs – even you, My dear child, at this time. The problem concerning the Bishops will be solved in a short while, for they have acted hastily – not recognising the True Will of God. Therefore, pray – pray for My Priest-Sons, that they be more attentive to the Word of My Divine Son – for God is God in all that He does.”

“It is not in the Plan of My Divine Son, that mankind understands all that God desires for mankind but, rather, God seeks obedience of the heart. With time, all My sweet children will understand. I Love you, My sweet children and offer you My Immaculate Heart, as a sure ‘refuge’ for all of you in these days of trial and tribulation for the world. Pray for Our Holy Vicar, John Paul II , for he is truly assailed with many afflictions – mostly caused by those who should be obedient to him. Pray for the Cardinals, Bishops and Priests, that God will enlighten them. Pray for all the children throughout the world, for there are many needs at this time. I Bless you all: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Saint Charbel now moves a little closer, gliding towards us. Although he looks very peaceful, a little sadness is there, too.

SAINT CHARBEL: “I Bless you, My brother, ‘Little Pebble of Divine Love’ and My dear Priest-Sons: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“I greet you all, My dear children, especially those who have come from afar and from my homeland. Be not disturbed, dear children, by the events that have taken place in my homeland. Because, through the intercession of the Queen of Heaven and Earth, much will change and be corrected, so the Glory of God will be seen in all of His Works. Remain at peace and pray. Offer up many sacrifices and remain silent, for it is through this that enlightenment will come.”

“There is much to be done, My sweet children, before the Son of God returns to the Earth. Therefore, I call all God’s children to work hard to bring forth the communities wished by Heaven. Much sacrifice is needed by mankind. Man must place aside his human desires and place God’s Desire first.”

“I send My special Blessing to my countrymen and to the Church: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Saint Charbel now goes back to Our Holy Mother. Our Lady will speak interiorly to the others concerned and in the meantime, we will continue with the Rosary. I will offer all the articles here to Our Lady for Her to Bless, in a short while. (The prayers continue.)

Our Holy Mother nods to the Priests to give us their final blessing. (The Priests give the blessing.)

OUR LADY: “I thank you, My sweet children, for your many prayers – for these prayers are necessary now for Holy Mother Church and for the souls who are suffering in Purgatory. Continue to offer all to My Divine Son, Jesus, to save sinners. I Bless you all through My Immaculate Heart, with My beloved son, Saint Charbel and My beloved daughter, Rafka and all the Angels: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady moves swiftly with Saint Charbel and Blessed Rafka, back towards the Cross, leaving a bouquet of roses and other flowers on the Altar. The Angels, too, have left the other bouquets around the Altar. They have now left with Our Holy Mother, although the Angels of this Community have remained. We will now sing a Hymn in thanksgiving for Our Holy Mother’s coming. (Hymn is sung.)