Message 499 – 1 November 1995

Much depends on unity so that the plans and snares of the Evil One are destroyed – Logic must be placed aside; prayer will help you recognise the truth of God’s Plans – Only in a united strong Army of Truth can the Church and world be strengthened to fight the Antichrist – A Great Chastisement approaches the Earth; many lives will be lost – The world will be a graveyard of corpses – Pray for Our Little Pebble as he carries a very heavy cross of extreme contradiction; his cross will be multiplied in the coming year.

LITTLE PEBBLE: At the end of Mass My Guardian Angel, Saint Menoloutis, appeared with Our Holy Mother and told me to look towards the Altar, for a vision would be given and I was to describe it.

The White Cross has appeared and Saint Michael, too – who threw his sword towards the Altar. I see the ‘Sign’ on the shield of Saint Michael, who is dressed as a soldier, but in white and gold. The ‘Sign’ is also seen on the Tabernacle and it becomes very bright. Our Lady disappeared after the Mass, before the Cross appeared. Coming from the White Cross is a fan of Light, which forms a ‘street’ with rose bushes opening up at the Chapel; there are Angels in between each bush. On top of the Tabernacle, I see a bright golden Cross. A very bright Light is coming from this Cross and hitting me gently.

I now see Our Holy Mother in all Her Glory, coming down the ‘street’ of Light, standing upon a globe of Light. Behind Our Lady – Who is dressed majestically – are many Angels and Saints. Upon Her Head are twelve stars, which are glowing; under one of Her Feet I see a green snake. Our Lady is touching its head with Her left Foot, on Which is a Wound – similar to mine.

The wound on my left foot now glows. In the Wound of Our Lady is a White Cross, as there is in mine. This Cross is glowing with a Light which hits the snake in the eyes and dazzles it. The ‘Sign’ now appears above Our Lady and a Crucifix appears on the Chest of Our Lady, with Our Lord on it and He seems to be alive. Our Lady has Her Arms out-stretched and in Her Hands She has two Scrolls. The Scroll in Her right Hand has a Rosary wrapped around it; a ring holds the Scroll together. In Our Lady’s left Hand, the other Scroll has a golden ribbon around it and a Crucifix about six inches long, is tied to it. Our Holy Mother smiles.

Coming around Her in a semi-circle, are the Twelve New Apostles. ‘Little Peter’ is kneeling to the right of Our Lady, wearing a white tunic and red cape. ‘Little John’ is to the left of Our Lady, also kneeling and he wears a red tunic with a white and golden cape. All are holding the ‘Sign’. I now see ‘Little Bartholomew’ next to ‘Little Peter’. ‘Little Luke’ is next to ‘Little John’ – he was not of the Twelve, but he was behind the Twelve – I did not see him before. Our Lady takes up the Scrolls and hands them to ‘Little Peter’ and ‘Little John’.

OUR LADY: “Repeat now what I say to you, My cherished son. I Bless you, My ‘Rock’ of Truth, ‘Little Peter’ – future Vicar of My Divine Son. I greet you, My ‘Little John’, ‘Eagle’ of Truth. I greet you, My ‘Little Bartholomew’ and ‘Little Luke’. I greet you, My Apostles and Disciples of the end times. I greet all those chosen of My Father in Heaven, Who is One and the same God in the Son and the Spirit of God Who Dwells in Me, as I Dwell in Them, as the Mystical Daughter; the Heavenly Jerusalem, and obedient Maiden, of God’s Church upon Earth. I Bless you in the Triune God: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“Today, I have come as ‘Queen and Mystical Rose of the Apocalypse’. The Scrolls which I gave to My ‘Little Peter’ and My ‘Little John’ are the strength of the future Church of My Divine Son, Jesus, for they are the Pillars that will rebuild My Divine Son’s House upon Earth, in a unique and special way – supported by the New Apostles and Disciples of the Church.”

“The Mystic Church on Earth is to unite, as one Holy and Pure Church and Body, governed under the leadership of My chosen Pillars and Apostles of New, under the authority of the ‘now’ Vicar upon Earth, John Paul II and, very soon, My future Vicar, Peter II, who is none other than Our ‘Little Pebble’ of Divine Love.”

“I call all children to unite and work together as a ‘Team of Light’ – for, as you unite, so will the True Church unite and bear much fruit for Holy Mother Church, so that the Holy Vicar, with His Apostolic Hierarchy, can give approval, endorsement and encouragement to all the varied Missions on Earth, for they must see this unity to believe and confirm the great Plans of God. Work together, My ‘soldiers’ of Divine Truth; do not be discouraged, but march forward together as one ‘Army of Truth’, for much is dependent upon this unity, so that the plans and snares of the Evil One are destroyed and that Truth will prevail.”

“My sweet children: place your differences and weaknesses aside and work together, so that the Church will rise to a new dawn and a new light of heroism of Faith. Be not afraid to say “Yes” to God; do not be afraid to ask for forgiveness; do not be afraid to work together due to differences of opinions, but build the bridges of true unity.”

“It is now time for Our children who have been chosen to recognise the Truth of God’s Plans – even if you do not understand them by your logical thinking – for logic must be placed aside; human understanding must be placed aside. Pray to understand, sweet children.”

“The time of the Antichrist is near; the time of the fulfilment of the Apocalypse is near. Stand together now, so that you will be strong to go forward. I have sent you a leader under John Paul II – he is Our ‘Pure Rock’, the `Little Pebble’ – who will be Peter II after John Paul comes to Us and this is very near! I have also sent you My ‘Little John’, who is the helper of ‘Little Peter’. The two of these Pillars will help bring unity between Our children of the Light.”

“I also send to you the other Apostles to be a Light to the world. However, until they unite as one team, they cannot be the Light, for it is not in a fragmented Mystic Church that there can be unity or help for the Militant Church on Earth, but only in a united, strong, ‘Army of Truth’, can the Church and world be guided and strengthened, to be able to fight the Antichrist and overcome the very difficult times ahead of you.”

“Soon, I will send ‘Little Luke’ to help My ‘Little John’ – for these two Evangelists for these times will receive much direction for the Church to come. Likewise, I will soon send two Mystics to be a strong aid to My ‘Little Peter’ so the future ‘barque’ of the Church will have sufficient guidance to lead the Mystic Church and Militant Church on Earth, during the great upheaval that has begun in the Church and the world.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady tells me to watch. Now, next to ‘Little Peter’ I see ‘Thornbush’, and next to her I see many women. Each are holding a special Rosary which links each to the other. ‘Thornbush’ holds out her left hand to me and the Rosary binds her hand to mine. On the other side, I see the Disciples behind ‘Little John’ – they too, have a Rosary which binds them together. One Disciple places his hand on ‘Little John’s’ shoulder. Both ‘Little Peter’ and ‘Little John’ reach out to Our Lady’s Hands and a mysterious Light binds the two Apostles to Our Lady. This Light now goes down the Arms of Our Lady to the Apostles, then to all those attached. Light now goes to the other Apostles and Disciples and the many Mystics who stand behind the Apostles.

Angels now stand over each soul and place a ‘dome’ of Light and many flowers over them and this now forms a rainbow. Our Lady becomes very bright and begins to ascend, slowly, towards the top of the rainbow and a wonderful Church has now been formed on the Rainbow.

I now see the Holy Trinity come down in a triangular Light and go over Our Holy Mother – and the Crucifix on Our Lady’s Chest, which is alive, comes off Her Chest, to join the Trinity. Our Lady is now in the Triangle, but under Jesus and the Holy Ghost which hovers over Our Lady, Who is now in Prayer.

The Seven Archangels have now appeared over the Holy Triangle of Light – the Holy Trinity. Saint Michael is at the top, holding a sword – the other Angels hold a Seal. Our Lady comes down again and Blesses us:

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: The Holy Trinity does the same:

THE HOLY TRINITY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: I see the ‘Sign’ again. Our Lady now wishes me to write.

OUR LADY: “My precious sweet children: Once again I call you to pray and persevere for the ‘time of times’ is now here. Many natural disturbances will now come to the Earth, for the Angels of Justice are awaiting God’s Command. Pray unceasingly, My children, so that God’s Plan be realised soon, by His Church upon Earth. A great chastisement approaches the Earth. Be prepared children and remain vigilant – for truly you do not know what is fast approaching you. Man will soon stand in fear and awe of its God.”

“The Earth will soon tremble and many lives will be lost! This is but a small warning that will approach the Earth – therefore, take heed of God’s Words. What you have witnessed in Canada – My ‘Maple Leaf’ – is only a small glimpse of what is to come, for this unrest will continue until fighting shall be seen in the streets, for the Evil One seeks to bring anarchy and death to Our children – and fear.”

“Pray, sweet children, for the world will be flooded with war, pestilence, sadness and bitter tears. The world will be a graveyard of corpses everywhere, unless Our children wake up and follow with true faith and humility.”

“A ‘Sign’ will be given shortly, so that My children will understand the seriousness of the times you live in. The Church will also receive a ‘Sign’ through My Holy Vicar, so that all Our children will follow the Path of Divine Truth.”

“Pray, children, pray, so that disaster will not strike the world before the end of this most sorrowful year. Pray for My Holy Vicar, for he will reach the summit of a great trial that awaits him in the coming year. Pray for the Cardinals, Bishops, Priests and Religious, for a major decision will be asked of them in this coming year of great trial and sufferings. Pray for all My children of Holy Mother Church, for a decision must be made also by them, because the Faith is in crisis.”

“Pray for My future Vicar, little Peter II, Our ‘Little Pebble of Divine Love’, for he, too, carries a very heavy cross of extreme contradiction and his cross will be multiplied in the coming year, but he will also then, become a ‘Sign of Truth and Hope’ for many. Pray for the future Apostles, Disciples and Mystics in the Church – for they too, will be asked much in the coming year, which will be a year of gigantic tribulations for souls. Pray for the leaders of the world, so that war will not be the answer to the problems of the world. Pray for all children of the world, that they will not be misled by evil-doers. Pray, pray, for unity, My cherished children. Pray for the New Foundations – My New Order for the world and the Church – as they will flourish in the coming year, for I call all My precious children to heed the Call of My Immaculate Heart, to come and follow Me – the Apocalyptic Woman – for I will lead you to the green pasture of Living Water – My Divine Son, Jesus – into the New Holy Era of Truth!”

“I Bless you all, My sweet children and send to each of you, twelve Holy Saints to be your guides, Protectors and Patrons, to help you all on the path of Divine Truth, for you will need all the help of your Angels and the Saints, to guide you during the great, deep, apostasy and darkness that will envelop the Church and the world.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: I now see many Angels and Saints coming from behind Our Holy Mother, distributing many roses and flowers over the world. The Holy Queen Blesses us +. The Holy Trinity, with all the Angels and the Saints Blesses us +.

Our Lady now comes to me and places a golden crown on my head. It has a feather – pure white and bright – on it, with roses and jewels.

OUR LADY: “This crown is to show My children a special Grace [which] the Holy Trinity has given you. I Bless you – in the Trinity and through the Holy Trinity +. I Bless, once again, all My children +.”

“Your Loving Mother and ‘Queen of the Apocalypse’ +.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: All now disappears. [The wounds on my knees were very painful]