Message 501 – 13 November 1995

Today I come under a very special Title: ‘Queen of the Royal House of David’ – Much has been hidden by the Hierarchy; the Church has become weak and corrupted, that is why any of the Prophets of Old have not be canonised – The Seven Years of Tribulation is upon you – Many have taken the Church for granted, and its gifts, which come from God – God is not a ‘modern’ God; He is Perfect, wise and Pure – Many will claim to be the Messiah – The Antichrist has weakened the members of the Church to accept falsehoods – Many will come when the ‘Signs’ are seen; when this time comes much sorrow will strike this nation & many nations of the Earth.

LITTLE PEBBLE: Saint Michael has been visible for some time.  He is holding a large shield and upon it is the ‘sign’ and a sword, which is held very high in the sky. This time he wears a crown upon his head – it has three points and each point is a star. The White Cross is not there yet, but there is a Golden Cross instead. Saint Barachiel and my other Angels are visible. I can see a circle of Light in the centre of the golden Cross and this throws a beam of Light towards the Chapel – a circular beam of Light, like a tube – pure Light, about three metres in diameter. There is, what looks like, an electrical field around the tube. This breaks open and forms a beautiful ‘street’ of Light, which has many little stones upon it. They give off different Lights – multi-coloured and very beautiful.

The Golden Cross now becomes white and fills the whole sky. Saint Michael places the point of his Sword upon the Altar and it discharges an electrical power over the Altar. I do not know the significance of all of this. Angels begin to emerge from the White Cross and go along the path of this beautiful Light and coloured stones, which reaches into our Chapel, stopping at the Tabernacle. Also coming out of the Cross is Our Holy Mother. She passes through the Cross, through the Light and comes swiftly down the ‘road’. Behind Her I can see the twelve new Apostles and the Disciples, all of them dressed as Bishops; all of them holding Staffs which are like a Bishop’s Staff. They quickly follow Our Holy Mother, Who glides into the Church upon a beautiful cloud – a pure white, very bright, cloud. The Apostles and Disciples form a semi-circle around Her.

Our Lady is dressed in beautiful white garments and has a stole around Her neck – like a Priest would have – but it is wider. On one side of it is the Emblem of John Paul II; on the other is the Emblem of Peter II. Our Lady has on a very unusual Crown. I will try to describe it: It is very tall – at least eighteen inches in the front part – made out of very beautiful gold. Mounted on the front part of the Crown and around towards the sides, are many different types of stones. There are twelve main ones atop others – about which the Angel has said: “There are seventy-two smaller stones”.

An Angel now comes from behind the Apostles and Disciples, bringing to the Mother of God a Staff which is about two metres long and shaped like a shepherd’s staff – it is made out of gold. Entwined around the Staff is a silver leaf, with some writing on it. I do not know the writing – it is in a foreign language. At the top of the Staff – on the crook – is a very bright star. Our Lady smiles. I notice that upon Her Feet – in between each big Toe and the next – there is a very bright star and appearing above Our Holy Mother’s Head now are the twelve stars – with a thirteenth a little higher up. Our Lady looks very Majestic and Her very long veil goes back many metres and is being held by many Angels. This veil is also pure white. Within it are other stars – some large, others quite small. All are twinkling, very brightly.

Saint Michael now becomes a little smaller – normally he is as large as the entire sky – but now he has reduced in size and stands behind the Apostles, Disciples and Our Holy Mother. He is about, I would say, eighteen metres or so tall at the moment. He too, is smiling. It is not often that I see Saint Michael smile! He smiles again – acknowledging what I am saying. Our Lady is still smiling, looking about Her. To the right side of Our Holy Mother, is a beautiful Rosary made out of stars – they are just pure Light. The Crucifix is gold and Our Lord is very much alive upon it! Our Lady now takes up Her Rosary with Her left Hand. One of the Angels comes to take the Staff. Our Lady transfers the Rosary into Her right Hand and kisses Jesus:

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. I greet you, My beloved son, Our future Vicar – little ‘Peter II’. I greet you My little Apostle, ‘Bartholomew’ and all My sweet children gathered here before Me and throughout the world.”

“Today I come under a very special Title, as ‘Queen of the Royal House of David’ – a new Royal House of Little Abraham that is to come. There is much, My sweet children that, at this time, you need to comprehend, because My Divine Son and I are revealing many Mysteries throughout the Church, through Our Voice-boxes, Seers and Mystics. These Revelations, My sweet children, are not new Revelations, but rather, the fulfilment of the Revelations that have been deposited within Holy Mother Church over many centuries.”

“The fulfilment of God’s Word is developing within the Church at this time, My sweet children. Within a short time the Hierarchy, under My present Vicar, John Paul II, will give forth a Declaration to the Church concerning My many Appearances throughout the world, to prepare mankind and the Church for the Second Coming of the Messiah. There is much that has been revealed that is not yet understood by Our children, or the Church. It is only with time, with prayer and perseverance, that the Church will understand the fullness of God’s Plan for this time and for the Second Coming of My Divine Son. All My children must pray for understanding. This is not worldly understanding, My sweet children, but rather the understanding of the Supernatural, of Divine Revelation for mankind.”

“Over many centuries now, many of the Saints and the Prophets of old have written about these times that you now live in. Much has been hidden by the Hierarchy, for many of My Sons who are in authority and power have placed aside the Words written down by the Saints. Much has been hidden from the general public and from all of Our children throughout the world. It is for this reason that Holy Mother Church has become weak and corrupted on many levels; it is for this reason that many of the great Prophets of old – of many centuries ago – have not been Canonised – first, because mankind does not pray enough; second, because Satan has worked in a way to deceive many and to prevent the Truth coming forth for the Light of the world and the Church.”

“Therefore, My sweet children, I ask you to pray – pray that through My Holy Vicar, John Paul II, all that has been hidden will be revealed, so that mankind can be prepared for the Second Coming of My Divine Son – which is very soon. Much that has been revealed in these past years, My sweet children, was already revealed through many of the Saints and, within a short time, you shall know of them, because it is important for Our children to meditate well upon all that has been revealed – and [to] place into practice the Virtues that you need to live – to persevere – to the very end.”

“The seven years of tribulation is upon you, My sweet children. You are well on the way to the fulfilment of these Words – for the pages of the Apocalypse, the Book of Revelation, are turning fast – for your time is running out and the New World dawns upon you, for the Second Coming of My Divine Son will be swift! It is for this reason, My sweet children, We ask all Our children of the Light to be attentive to Our Words – to live holy and pure lives – sacrificing all for the Glory of God, and the salvation of your souls and the souls of those whom you love. You who bear the Light within your soul – you must be the Light for those who are now in darkness, which are many!”

“The power of Satan rules the entire world! The Antichrist also rules in the hearts of many souls, for many have already been marked with the Sign of the Beast – though they do not know this yet. But God is Merciful and awaits their return to bring them still, into the Light of His Love and this can be achieved through the many sacrifices of the children of the Light. Your example, My sweet children, is very much needed at this time – not only for the world but for the children in Holy Mother Church – for many of Our children are far away from God; many say that they believe in God, but most do not practise it! Therefore, My sweet children, you can be the Light to those who are in darkness through weakness.”

“The chastisements which have been falling throughout the world, will increase and many more lives will be lost – not only in the human sense, My sweet children – but, more so, in the sense of salvation, for many of Our children are not prepared at the time of their death – thus, they are lost forever! But you have the Grace, My sweet children, to change this. For those to whom much has been given, much is also expected of them. You who have been privileged to hear My Words so frequently – do not take this Grace for granted – for there will come a time when My Words and the Words of My Divine Son, Jesus, will cease upon the Earth and this will be the time of great darkness for mankind. Therefore, be grateful to God for all that He gives you. Never take for granted the gift of your faith, for there are millions and millions of souls who long for this Gift, but do not have it and will not have it!!”

“Many children who belong to the Roman Catholic Apostolic Faith have become weak, My sweet children, because they have taken for granted the Church – and its Gifts which come from God – the Gifts of the Sacraments. What would become of you if My Divine Son, Jesus, were to remove the Sacraments, sweet children? Think of it well, for Satan is determined to remove the Power of the Sacraments within Holy Mother Church – for Satan does not want the children of God to receive the Graces that are necessary for them for their salvation. It is for this reason, My sweet children, [that] much has changed over many years within Holy Mother Church to weaken the foundation; to ‘water-down’ all that is good.”

“God will not be mocked forever. Your God is not a ‘modern’ God, My sweet children, nor is He an ‘old’ God; He is God: Perfect; Wise and Pure! He was and He is and always will be! God never changes – it is man who changes and desires to change. Man does not desire to be disciplined, nor to have [any] authority over him. This is the weakness of man. Man must learn to be humble, for it is through humility that one is obedient to the authority in Truth, My sweet children. You must be as ‘little’ children. My Divine Son gave you the example and all the Saints who followed Him – many even unto Martyrdom – were like My Divine Son. Therefore, My sweet children, you too, must follow My Divine Son in perfection by living the Virtues, in their fullness.”

“Remember: time is very short! You still have the Grace and opportunity to become great Saints for God. Therefore, sacrifice all for Him; place self aside; live for God in all that you do. Take up My beads of Love, the Holy Rosary, for this is your weapon of Truth and salvation – not only for yourselves, but for the whole Church and all of mankind. The world marches on and mankind walks further and deeper into the abyss, not realising that Satan is the one who is perpetrating all of this! Satan does not love you, My sweet children – he is jealous of you and jealous of God. It is for this reason he desires to destroy every one of you – physically and spiritually!! Therefore, choose well. There is only one God, one Saviour and one Master and that is Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God – the True Messiah.”

“Be careful, sweet children, for many will claim to be the Messiah, but unless My Divine Son Returns as He went, know this: that the one who claims to be the Messiah is not He! Many will come in His Name, performing many ‘miracles’. Look well into them – do not merely accept what you see – for this is not a true ‘sign’ that it could be of God. Search, pray, for you know the Words that have been written – you know of the many Words that I and My Divine Son have given throughout the world over many centuries. Therefore, be careful and wary, My sweet children, for many false Prophets will appear in the coming years.”

“Be careful of those who are called ‘magicians’. Many of them come from Satan and by the power of Satan do they work their magic! Christ is not a magician!! Be watchful and listen and pray, My sweet children, for remember the Words written in the Book of Revelation – many will come to deceive even the ‘elect’, if possible. Therefore, pray to Saint Michael, Prince of the Heavenly Hosts and the Militant Church upon Earth. When you meet someone and doubt enters your heart, pray to Saint Michael to help you to discern the spirit within that soul and you will know whether he comes from the goodness of God, or is sent there by Satan. Guard your doors well – the doors of your heart and your soul and mind. The Devil is very powerful, sweet children. Do not underestimate him. It is not merely by the temptations of the flesh but rather, the temptations of the mind, of the spirit, of your intellect. Satan can deceive many – if you allow him to! Do not compromise your faith; do not compromise your conscience, but walk in Truth – in faith and in trust of My Divine Son, Jesus, who awaits you in the Tabernacles throughout the world. Therefore, sweet children, be on guard; wear the Sacramentals as your ‘armour’ to fight the Devil and his cohorts, which are many now, upon Earth. For, as I have told you many times: “Hell is now empty, for Hell is on Earth – to destroy you, the Church and the world”. Receive the Sacraments – especially the Sacrament of Penance. It is through Penance, My sweet children, you are purified and strengthened – strengthened to receive My Divine Son worthily.

“The final battle of the spirits is near! The Antichrist has set himself well in Holy Mother Church through many of those in authority, for he has weakened the members of the Church to accept falsehood, betraying what is the Truth; betraying Christ, once again, as Judas did two thousand years ago; betraying the Vicar of Christ; betraying the holy innocence of Our children throughout the world. In the coming years, My sweet children, you shall see blood running down the streets in your cities! I know many of you do not believe My Words – but wait, watch and see. My Words – which come from God – will be fulfilled to the letter, for many shall weep to see their sons and daughters go out to fight the wars – the endless wars – that mankind bring upon themselves, because they wish to cast God out of their lives! God must be number one in all things, My sweet children.”

“The natural disturbances will continue. Look at the weather; watch the stars in the sky; see the different patterns and you will understand that you are living at the end of time. How blind the shepherds are and the sheep are scattered throughout the world and in the Church – through the weakness of man.”

“To My children of this Nation, Australia: How many times have I warned you that you will be chastised. How few come to give Honour to My Immaculate Heart on these Holy Grounds? Many will come when the ‘signs’ are seen. However, when this time comes, much sorrow will strike this nation and many nations of the Earth.”

“Pray for Canada, My sweet children, for yet it will come that this nation will be divided and civil war will reach its people! Pray for all the nations of the world, so peace will come to mankind – but peace will not come to mankind while they prepare for war and mankind refuse to pray for peace. It is only in the acceptance of My Divine Son that peace will come to the nations. Pray, repent and do penance – all of the children of the Church and the Churches. Those who profess Christ as the Son of the Living God: Unite under the Vicar of Christ, for he is the Chosen One, who will lead My children in this time of tribulation – he will lead for but a short time and then will come My little ‘Rock’ – little Peter II – who will lead the Church through the greatest part of the tribulation, through the reign of the Antichrist, into the Reign of Peace, when the Second Coming of the Messiah will herald a New Age for mankind.”

“My sweet children: I offer you, once again, My Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart; come, therefore, be not afraid, for I have come, not to bring fear into your hearts, but to strengthen you and to console you. Be not afraid to come, for I will take you to My Divine Son, Jesus, on the Cross. This is the time of the Cross, My sweet children. Stand beneath the Cross with Me and offer your sorrows, your tears – even your sins – to your God and ask for forgiveness. I Love you, My sweet children and Bless you from My Heart to strengthen you for the coming chastisements that will shortly come to Australia, Canada, United States and France: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

Remain at peace, sweet children, for I will send you the Spirit of Life and Love, through My Immaculate Heart. I thank you for your prayers; I thank you for your love. And you, My little ‘Rock’ of pure love: Remain at peace, for I will strengthen you to carry your cross for Holy Mother Church – united with Our Holy Vicar and My Mystical Rose, ‘Thornbush’. I take your suffering to console the Heart of My Divine Son and I Bless you: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady glides to Her right and looks at the `Little Grain’. I do not know if She is going to speak to her, but I will wait.

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Holy Mother has turned to one side – going over to the twelve New Apostles to hand something to them – a type of scroll, upon which is a star. Above each of the Apostles I can see an Emblem, signifying each particular Apostle. Now, they turn around and hand something to the Disciples behind them. Our Holy Mother has turned around again and in front of Her there is a lake. I don’t know its significance. Our Lady glides down, slowly, towards this lake, which at the present moment looks dirty. The Twelve Apostles come forward, kneel beside the lake and place this paper, or scroll, in the lake. Our Holy Mother slowly moves towards the lake – almost, but not quite, touching the lake with Her Feet. In Her Hand there is now a star – She throws it into the lake, which becomes quite pure and very blue. Our Lady smiles, then ascends to hover a little higher again. Suddenly, three stars are in Her Hands. I do not know where they have come from!

OUR LADY: “These are for you, My child. You will understand later, the significance of what you have just witnessed. My children can continue to pray now, while I speak to you in your heart, dear child.” (Prayers are continued.)

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady has Blessed all the roses in the Chapel. They are especially Blessed for the mothers-to-be, to help the pregnancies. I will explain later what is to be done with the roses. Our Lady is now smiling very much and takes up the Crucifix from Her Rosary once again, kissing Jesus: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

OUR LADY: “Go in peace, My sweet children, to love and serve your God and My God and remember, well, My Words today: Be faithful to Holy Mother Church and her Teachings – the true Teachings, My sweet children – not the watered down Teachings and live the virtues profoundly, that you may become living images of My Divine Son, Jesus, upon Earth. I Love you, My sweet children, and I Embrace you all in My Immaculate Heart.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady now opens up Her Arms really wide and I can see Her Heart also opening up like a door. I can see inside the Heart of Our Holy Mother and I can see the Face of Jesus, Who is radiant – very radiant. Our Lady now blows us a kiss and, from that kiss, streams of Light pass through all of us. She Blesses us once again:

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Saint Michael Blesses us with his Sword: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. Our Lady now – with the Apostles, Disciples and Angels – swiftly goes towards the White Cross. Now it is all gone – except for My personal Angels and Saint Michael, who remain for now. “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

I was praying for the three ‘Roses’. Our Lady smiled and looked at me with much Love. I asked Our Lady if She would give ‘Thornbush’ a rose to dip it into my wounds to console her. Our Lady drew a red rose with a star on it. ‘Thornbush’ appeared in prayer and Our Lady gave her the rose. Our Lady then drew out two red roses for ‘Little John’ and ‘Burning Bush’.