Message 513 – 7 April 1996

Many are Called to Martyrdom, for the Church to be strengthened and reborn – The Church will be divided and nearly destroyed – in convulsion, war and famine – before I return – What You have passed through in previous years is but little to what is to come – It will be through the Holy Rosary that you will defeat Satan, the flesh and the world.

LITTLE PEBBLE: The White Cross has already appeared, deep in the sky; has been there for some time – and Saint Michael appeared to the right of the Cross. He is dressed in white, shining armour, which is trimmed in gold, as a Roman soldier. He has thrown his sword into the Altar, allowing its handle to remain just above the top of it; an explosion occurred when this happened. Saint Barachiel then appeared and made the Sign of the Cross, which is always the sign that Our Lady is about to come. Behind the White Cross is a beautiful rainbow and also, a huge star, which is very high and deep in the sky. From the centre beam of the Cross comes a pure-white ‘street’ of Light which broadens out as it comes towards the Chapel; it too is very large.

Now the doorway in the White Cross opens – and I can see Jesus coming through the Cross in great Majesty! He glides very swiftly towards us. Behind Him are many Angels, of numerous types, who are following Our Lord. I do not see Our Blessed Mother at this time – only Jesus. 

Now I can see Our Holy Mother behind the Angels, who follow Our Lord. She also, is dressed in pure-white – very Majestic-looking and behind Her are many of the Saints, following through the White Cross. Our Lord is leading all: Angels, Our Lady, more Angels and then the Saints.

As Our Lord continues to glide towards us, the Angels from the Angelic Choir have begun to sing “Hosanna”; it sounds very beautiful. They are all different sizes and their garments are of many different pastel-colours. Their wings are also of various colours, too. The Angels make a path in front of Our Holy Mother; She passes between the two rows, coming forward to stand beside Our Lord. The Saints have also come through and remain in the middle, where all the Angels are. Heading the row of Saints, I recognise some of the Popes who have passed away. I can see John Paul I; Paul VI; Pius XII; John XXIII – and Pius X. The others I do not know.

Coming through the White Cross is another group of souls: the Twelve Apostles of Old – led by Saint Peter; and behind them are the Twelve Apostles of New – led by ‘Little Peter’. Behind them I can see the Disciples; many Disciples. They form a very large cohort in front of me. The Twelve Old Apostles now come behind all the Saints and Angels to stand next to Our Lord – to His left side. The New Apostles stand to the left side of Our Lady. Our Lord and Our Lady are very close to the Chapel now – the walls of which can no longer be seen – and Jesus and Mary enter the Chapel along with the Apostles. Saint Peter is to the left of Our Lord and Little Peter’ is to the right of Our Holy Mother. The Angels continue to sing.

Jesus is beautifully dressed in His pure white garment, which is embroidered with gold leaves. I can see that His Most Sacred Heart is very prominent on His Chest – as is also, the Heart of Our Holy Mother on Her Chest; the Immaculate Heart. Both Jesus and Mary are very radiant – looking around at all the souls here and smiling.

The twenty-four Apostles kneel before Our Lady and Our Lord, while the Holy Angels have formed a semi-circle around all, higher up, around the entire cohort of Angels, Saints and souls. Two very big Angels, ‘Alpha’ and ‘Omega’ – they also, are very great Angels – now stands by the Apostles. The ‘Alpha’ is with the old Apostles and the ‘Omega’ is with the new Apostles. I can see Our Lord’s Wounds, very clearly. They are not Bleeding.

Now I can see the Holy Ghost as the Dove. He comes to rest between the two Hearts of Jesus and Mary, Who raise their right Hands:

OUR LORD & OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

OUR LORD: “I greet you, My beloved son, My ‘White Rock’ of the Immaculate Heart of Mary – Our ‘Little Peter’, the Apostle of the end-times. I greet you ‘Little Bartholomew’ and also, My Priest-Son from far away, who will be My Disciple. I greet all My ‘flowers’ – delicate flowers – of Our Undivided Hearts. I greet all the Disciples here present; I greet My Church upon Earth; all the future Apostles and Disciples.”

“Today is a day of great Victory for Our Undivided Hearts – the Heart of your God, and Heart of your Mother. This Victory, My sweet children, was won for you on the Cross – the Cross of Redemption – two thousand years ago. The Victory continues throughout the ages as a reminder to Our children that Victory remains with God and Truth. The Victory is over the devil, over the flesh, death and the world.”

“Soon, My sweet children, I will come again to claim My Inheritance, given to Me by My Heavenly Father. You are My Inheritance, sweet children – those who profess the Faith in Truth! Many are called to walk on the path of martyrdom, for the blood must flow for the Church to be strengthened and reborn. In the coming years many of Our dear children and sweet ‘lilies’ will give their lives for the sake of My Father in Heaven and for the sake of the Church on Earth.”

“There is no need for fear! Take courage, for I and My Mother – My Holy Mother – has won for you your salvation and your future victories, so you may enter Paradise, and the New Holy Era that is to come for mankind in My Second Coming upon Earth. This is the time of the ‘waiting’, just as My Most Holy Mother and the Apostles and Disciples did – waiting for My Resurrection – though only My Most Holy Mother truly believed!”

“You must be like Her, sweet children: praying in faith and in hope – for My Second Coming will not be like My First, though heralded by a star. And Who is this Star, My sweet children, but My Most Holy Mother – the Star of Wisdom; the Star of David! She is the One proclaiming My Second Coming – like John in the wilderness – with the same Message that was given to man two thousand years ago. Repent! for your salvation is near.”

“Be patient, My sweet children – for all that I and My Most Holy Mother have told you over many years will soon come to pass. All that I have said in Holy Scriptures must yet be fulfilled. Before I come, the world will be in desolation!!”

“The Church that I built upon the ‘Rock’ – Peter – will be divided and nearly destroyed before I return, for My sheep will be scattered throughout the whole Earth – seeking its Shepherd. The world will be in convulsion, war and famine before I come and the false ‘messiah’ must come first before I Come in a Glorious Victory, with My Most Holy Mother, to Herald the Golden Age of Peace for mankind. Therefore, rejoice, My sweet children, for you are the Remnant Church – the Saints of the end-times, who must do battle with Lucifer and all the fallen Angels. You are called to bear witness to the Truth.”

“And all My New Apostles and Disciples: you will be called to preach throughout the world, the Good News of the Victory of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the triumph over evil, and My Return to Earth!”

“My children believe at this time that the persecution that they have received is great – and this it is! However, the persecution that will come against the Truth will be even greater than any time during the History of Holy Mother Church and the people of God.”

“On this Glorious Feast of My Resurrection from the Dead I send out to all of you a gift from My Sacred Heart – through My Father and Our Spirit and My Sweet Holy Mother Mary: many Angels and Saints to help you to persevere in the coming days of tribulation. You are to know, My sweet children, that you have reached the half-way point of the Words of the Apocalypse.”

“With this, you now will realise that what you passed through in these years gone by is but little [compared] to what is to come. But take courage and hold on to My Most Holy Mother, for She is the Guardian of Truth! Remain firm within the bosom of My Church upon Earth – and pray for My Vicar, John Paul II: pray for all My Priest-sons, that they will be enlightened to follow the calling of Truth, and be not like the Pharisees of Old!”

“Pray also for My ‘Little Peter’, who is called to lead the Church after John Paul II. Pray for all of My children who are called to bear witness to My Word, for I truly am the Resurrection and the Life; therefore, take up your cross and follow Me; there is no other path, My sweet children. Remember well that I, as your God, could have chosen an easier way to Redeem man, but the way of the Cross – which is to lay down your life for your friends and even for your enemies – is the greatest sacrifice a person can give. Therefore, the way of the Cross is the perfect way to the Resurrection. But do all through My Most Holy Mother, for She was – and is, and always will be – Co-Redemptrix, Full of Grace, with Me.”

“Mankind cannot separate Us, for I Live in Her, My Mother and She Lives in Me. Let this be imprinted deep in your hearts, sweet children, for many are trying to separate My Mother from Me, believing that man should worship Me and forget My Most Holy Mother.”

“Remember well, My sweet children: it was the Will of My Father that I be Born through the Flesh of a Woman. If it were not so mankind could not be saved, and Heaven would remain closed. Therefore, all who are saved through My Passion and My Blood, owe their salvation to My Most Holy Mother. This is the Will of My Father and Our Spirit.”

“He who seeks to come to Me – let him come, through My Humble and Pure Virginal Mother. Just as the Father gave His Son for the Redemption of the world, so does the Son give His Mother for the Redemption of the world. Pray, therefore, the ‘weapon’ of Truth, which was given to you by My Most Holy Mother: the Most Holy Rosary. It will be through this ‘weapon’ that you will defeat Satan, the flesh and the world. You cannot understand the power of prayer, My sweet children – but believe, and you shall witness great Signs and Wonders.

I Love you, My sweet children; I Love you as a father loves his children – for My Father is in Me as I am in Him, and We Desire to Dwell in Our children and for Our children to Dwell in Us. Therefore – through My Father and Our Spirit – We Send you a powerful Blessing on this Holy Day, to strengthen you through My Resurrection; to give you Life. In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Holy Mother has explained to me that the rose petals are very special; to do with the Resurrection. Our Lady said that, later, once one of these petals has been placed on a grave, or a body, the body will be resurrected – but this is not for now.

Our Lady holds a very beautiful, golden, Rosary; the `Our Father’ beads are red. She moves over to Father Elias, to place the Rosary around his neck, Kisses him on the forehead – and then Blesses him.

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. My beloved Priest-son: I welcome you to the Home of My Divine Son. I am pleased that you have come from afar. Heaven has much planned for you, sweet son. Be not afraid; take courage and step-out in faith, for you are also called, in a very special way, to follow My Divine Son. Always bear witness to the Truth, for when you return you will be persecuted! Remember that I am the Mother of all Priests, for they have been given to Me by My Divine Son. I am your Refuge and your Strength. Come – follow Me! I send My Maternal Blessing to all of those who seek the Truth in your land – where you came from. In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“And to all My children here present: I thank you for uniting your hearts with Me, to console My Divine Son in these hours of special time given to you by the Eternal Father. You will all receive an Angel from the Choir of the Apocalypse. These Angels are the Angels of Divine Justice and Truth and with time you will understand the true meaning. I Bless all the communities throughout the world: of the Order of Saint Charbel and the Order of the Immaculate Heart: in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“And you, My sweet son – My `Rock’: continue to go forward with the Passion of My Divine Son and take courage, for I am always with you. I Bless you and all of My children throughout the world – all those who seek the Truth and follow the Truth: in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady returns to Our Lord; Both smile, very much. All the Angels have little baskets which are filled with flowers and rings are on the flowers – different types of rings. They come here to throw the flowers upon all of us – then leave us, travelling to other places; L’Avenir – and all the Communities and Holy places; to souls of goodwill.

Jesus and Mary are smiling still and They hold Hands, upon Which the Holy Ghost sits. They move, slowly, towards the White Cross. Our Lord and Our Lady Each raise Their right Hand and make the Sign of the Cross.

OUR LORD & OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lord says: “Peace be with you”. It’s quite glorious to behold as They return to the Cross. Saint Michael now spreads his wings – it’s very rare to see that – very wide, covering the entire sky. Also, I can see that Saint Sentimintarious, Saint Menoloutis and Saint Sacramessugus – none of whom I saw before – and the many Angels and Saints have remained here and also many Saints.

Our Lady says to continue to pray.