Message 514 – 13 April 1996

The Evil One goes about engulfing mankind in vices, seducing man through weakness of the senses – The world continues to head towards the Abyss – The Red Horse of the Apocalypse is upon Earth; ‘Exterminatus’, the Horse of Darkness – The Great Sign will come when the alignment of the Planets is visible –The World I Created is now desolate and corrupt; the souls, sullied and full of corruption – I send you an Angel of Justice, so you will walk in My Justice and Truth – My Divine Son has given the Keys of the Kingdom to My Little Pebble, just as he gave them to Saint Peter

LITTLE PEBBLE: The White Cross is already very deep in the sky and standing upon it is the Holy Ghost, as a very large Dove, with His Wings wide-spread. I can see seven flames of fire – one upon the Head of the Dove and the others number three upon each of His Wings. Underneath the white Cross I can see that two very large Angels are holding up the Cross. They are as large as the Cross and are dressed in white. Saint Michael is largest of all; he is to the right of God the Holy Ghost, and he threw his sword into the Chapel, right into the Altar, as he normally does. I don’t know why, but it seems to dispel evil, or power or, something from this community. Saint Sacramessugus, Saint Menoloutis, Saint Barachiel and Saint Sentimintarious have been standing next to the Tabernacle during this time.

The White Cross shoots-out a brilliant Light from the centre of the crossed beams; this has hit the Tabernacle, which glows very brightly.

Along the entire length of the Light many Angels have appeared from nowhere; they form a guard of honour which reaches from the Cross right here to the Tabernacle – a very lengthy guard of honour and very widely spaced across. This Light has formed a ‘street’; embedded in it are many small stones of countless colours and various types.

The Holy Angels open up their wings, to form an archway. It is very beautiful, actually. Behind the Angels I can see olive trees growing, very slowly. In between them are rose bushes and the  branches of them seem to intermingle, one species with the other. These grow over the Angels, above the archway which they form. A big tunnel has been formed between the Altar and the White Cross deep in the sky. It is so large I can see all the way along it.

In front of the Holy Angels crosses are growing out of the ‘street’; crosses of many different colours, with names written upon them. Our Lord doesn’t want me to reveal them, however. Behind the Angels there are more wooden crosses and they are very large.

In the middle of the Cross in the sky I can see a doorway opening; a very brilliant Light emerges and Our Holy Mother comes down through the Cross, gliding upon a little cloud of Light – for Our Lady never walks, only glides. She descends within the beautiful archway, dressed as ‘Our Lady of Pontmain’, which I have not seen in a long, long, time. It is very colourful. Behind Our Holy Mother I can see many souls who have come with Our Holy Mother, but I don’t recognise any of them.

Our Blessed Mother now enters the Chapel to stand above the Tabernacle. On Our Lady’s Shoulders are two small crosses – about four or five centimetres in height. She has on an unusual Crown; around Her Neck is the Live Crucifix – it’s about twenty centimetres in length – and the Body of Our Lord looks very much alive. Our Lady looks about Her, with a sad smile, then takes the Crucifix from around Her Neck, looks at Jesus on the Cross and Kisses all His Wounds – very gently, very humbly. Our Blessed Mother makes the Sign of the Cross with the Crucifix.

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. I greet you, My beloved son – My sweet ‘passion flower’, Our little ‘White Rock’ – also known as Our future Vicar, Peter II. I greet you, My son, ‘Little Bartholomew’, Apostle of the end-times and also My Priest-son, Father Elias, Disciple of My Divine Son. I greet My Privileged children here present and all My children throughout the world.”

“Today I come under a special title: ‘Our Lady of Pontmain’. Many of My sweet children do not know of My Appearance in France under this title, many years ago. I have come to re-enkindle the memory of Our children, to remind them of the many Titles that I come under throughout the world. Each Title has been given to me by the Eternal Father for the edification of Holy Mother Church and for mankind in general. Each Title that I bear, My sweet children, is significant for the Church, for they all belong to the Teaching of My Divine Son, through the Gospel, because I am the Mother of the Church; the Mother of all humanity.”

“My dear children, I come to the world every day, preaching the same Words that My Divine Son preached while He walked the Earth and continues to preach through the Magisterium and through the Fathers of the Church of today. Most of Our children are truly not aware of the significance of all that Heaven says – especially concerning these times; the time of the Apocalypse; the unfolding of the Word of God for man in his last moments upon Earth before the Son of Man Returns in His Glory. The struggle between ‘the Woman’ and the serpent continues, for it is not only between ‘the Woman’ and the serpent, but between the off-spring of ‘the Woman’, Who is your Mother and Mother of the Church. The fight between good and evil continues, as it has done from all ages and will continue until the very end of time!”

“You, My sweet children, must prepare yourselves much more than you are doing now, for truly I say unto you that you do not fully understand what is to come to you in the coming months and years of your Earth-time. The evil one goes about the world and engulfs mankind in all the vices, seducing man to accept his terms; and mankind, in his foolishness, is blinded through the weakness of the senses: the temptations of both the flesh and the intellect. There are also Spiritual temptations that man has embraced: to be like unto God – but not in the Goodness of God, rather, in His Knowledge and Power; thus, for selfish reasons, bringing mankind close to the pit, not realising the danger that he is in – like the first parents of Creation!”

“My children: I will repeat Myself many times before the Second Coming of the Messiah – and these Words will always remain the same: repent – for your salvation is near! Meditate often upon Our Words; read the Book of Life, for the Book of Life is the Word of God, placed in your hearts to bear fruit for the Glory of His Name and your salvation. Only a few days ago you celebrated Easter. Think not only of the Resurrection, but think of the price that My Divine Son gave for the sake of humanity. The same Sacrifice continues, daily, for your sake!!”

“The world continues to head towards the abyss, regardless of the Counsel that God gives, through His Mother, the Saints and the Angels. The Apostasy is already deep in the heart of the Church; recognise it well, My sweet children, for mankind has become lethargic in their faith; weak in their response to the Goodness of God. The chastisements are falling upon mankind and still mankind does not recognise that it comes from God as a punishment and also, as an act of Mercy, from God. How many chastisements must the Eternal Father give to man before he recognises that man has fallen asleep and forgotten God? How many Words must I repeat throughout the whole Earth, before My children of Holy Mother Church recognises that it is I Who am giving these Words to Her – the Church?”

“Pray for My children, those who are in war – especially now in the Middle East – before it grows into much suffering for many souls. The Red Horse of the Apocalypse is now upon Earth; recognise it well, My sweet children, for soon it will be the ‘Horse’ of Darkness – ‘Exterminatus’ – who shall travel the world, removing many before the Day of Judgement!! Strife will soon hit Holy Mother Church, with great divisions amongst the elders and those in high authority, because My children have refused to listen to Our Words, in humility. Pray for My Holy Son, John Paul II, for he is under much trial; because he carries the Cross of My Divine Son. Take up the `weapon’ of Truth, My sweet children – My Most Holy Rosary and the Wounds of Christ – and pray these `beads of Love’ for all of those whom you love.”

“Many trials will soon enter your world – even to the point of daily trials, My dear children; daily disasters – from one nation to the next. Watch, listen and pray – and you will understand that all that I have told you, through many years, will come to pass. The great sign that you are awaiting will come when the alignment of the planets are visible to all; then you will know that a great chastisement will come to the Earth; therefore, open up your hearts and follow the Plan of God and His True Will for you – so that you will follow Him even until the end of the Earth!!”

“And you, My dear son – My dear Apostle of Truth – My ‘Little Pebble’ of Divine Love: take courage, for the evil one knows that you defend the Truth – therefore you were attacked very heavily in these past hours. However, do not fear; God is your Shield and your Strength – and through your offering many souls will come to learn of the Love of My Divine Son. All will heal in a short while, dear son; remain at peace.”

“And to all My soldiers of Truth, scattered throughout the Earth: take courage, for you are to know that the Victory of My Divine Son in this time is near. Go, therefore, in peace and preach the Word of Truth throughout the whole world, that all may know the Loving Mercy of God – their Saviour. I Bless you all now, through My Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart, to give you strength: in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Blessed Mother moves a little to the right of the Crucifix, then comes slightly closer. Her Light becomes even brighter; it shines towards a soul.

Our Holy Mother now goes back, to stand over the Tabernacle and She hands the big Crucifix to one of the Angels. I mentioned earlier that She has two small Crosses on Her Shoulder. I can now see ‘Little John’ arriving with ‘Thornbush’, to stand to the left of Our Holy Mother. And I can see, also, ‘Little Peter’ to the right of Our Blessed Mother.

Our Lady removes the two Crosses from Her Shoulder, giving one to ‘Little John’ and one to ‘Little Peter’, then takes the big Crucifix from the Angel and places it in front of Her. It grows to about a metre tall. Also, Our Lord on the Cross, grows with it; ‘Thornbush’ kneels beneath it. I can also see another soul has come – a young girl, but I do not know who she is. The newcomer kneels beside ‘Thornbush and this Crucifix, which has become alive. ‘Little John’ and ‘Little Peter’ place their hands upon one Hand of Our Lord, which is out-stretched and their hands, somehow, have become nailed with Our Lord’s Hands. A great Light hovers around Our Lady – and the Holy Ghost, as a Dove, comes over Our Holy Mother and stands upon Her Head. Jesus, Who is alive on the Cross, is nodding – and I can see Blood running from His Head and His Wounds. It seems to be falling over the two Apostles – and also the two kneeling souls. I still do not recognise the young girl. Our Lady Says that she is a new Mystic, but not who she is; Our Lady hasn’t told me the name.

Our Lady smiles – and has placed Her Arms underneath Our Lord’s Arms, as though holding the Cross. Her Head is very close to Our Lord’s Head. It is very beautiful to see. Behind Our Blessed Mother – where all the big crosses are – I can see many souls; they go to the crosses and all are hung on them, as well.

I can now see the Face of the Eternal Father in the White Cross. I see all of Him as He stands inside the White Cross with His Arms out-stretched. He now Blesses us:

ETERNAL FATHER: “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. My beloved son – Our Pure ‘White Rock’, the ‘Rock’ of My Heart; your Father and the Father of all. I Greet you all, My dear sons and daughters, as your God and Creator. Many Words have been given to you through My Divine Son, Jesus and through My Daughter, Mary the Immaculate. They have visited the Earth many times to give the world My Words – the Words of Love and Mercy; the Words of Forgiveness and the Words of Warning! It is not often that I, the Eternal Father, speak to you. But I say unto you: listen well and be obedient to Our Word; the Words of Eternal Truth.”

“Do not be concerned about your welfare, for I did not Create you to leave you be on your own. Like a father and mother who create a child, through Me: do they just leave their children be once they are born? No, they care for it [them]! And I, Who have Created you out of nothing – have I ever forgotten you, dear sons and daughters? Have you ever been in need? What haven’t I done for you, My sweet  children? Did not I send My Divine Son to you to be Crucified? And now I send you My Precious Pearl, My Daughter – the Purest of the Pure – and even Her you forget and place aside! What more can your God do for you, O ungrateful humanity? Do you wish Me to act like I did centuries ago with My children of Sodom; of Gomorrah – or at the time of the great Flood? I am a God of Mercy and Compassion; a God of Love and Forgiveness; a God of Patience. Do I need to use My Justice to prove to you that I Am God, that ‘I Am’?”

“The world that I Created in beauty is now in desolation and corruption! The souls that I Created in My Likeness, are sullied; full of corruption. What am I to make of the world? Am I not to use Justice for justice’s sake? Heed My Words, sweet children, while you have the time! The Saints in Heaven cry for My Justice and they cry out and say: O when – O when – God, will you chastise and punish a sinful world?”

“Then comes My Holy Daughter throwing Herself at Me, begging Me for one moment longer to save a sinner; and this I have done over many centuries now, sweet children. But, just as I am a God of Mercy, I am also the God of Justice and Truth, and I cannot allow the Truth to be placed aside with falsehood and iniquity. My Just right Hand will chastise the world; so therefore, all My children who truly believe, go forward in My Light in the Saviour of the world – My Divine Son – and do as I ask. Do not follow your own will – which is only human and imperfect – but follow My Will, which is Perfect, because I Created you and I know what is good for you, My sweet children, for I am your Heavenly Father, Who truly Loves you.”

“Be not afraid to enter into My Court for I will give you not only a hundred fold but one hundred times one hundred, for those who are faithful to My Word. And sin no more!! You are called to be Holy, Just and Pure; therefore, go forward in faith – and trust in My Word.”

“Today I Send you an Angel from My Kingdom – the Kingdom of your Heavenly Father. These Angels are the Angels of Justice, so you will walk in My Justice and Truth. Forget not the Angels nor the Saints, for they have been given to you to strengthen you, so you will always bear Light in your hearts; so all of you will grow in virtue to Love and Serve your God.”

“Come, My little children, under My Arms – for I am your Heavenly Father Who Loves you. Never be afraid to come to Me. I Embrace you with the Kiss of My Spirit and the Spirit of My Divine Son: in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: The Eternal Father now holds a beautiful green stone; it becomes a rock, then a Church – and He places this into His Heart. When the Eternal Father Blessed us, the Holy Ghost spread out His Wings and sent forth Light from His Bosom.

ETERNAL FATHER: “My Holy Child – My ‘Little Pebble’ of Divine Love, as you are called: it is to you that My Divine Son, Jesus, has given the Keys of the Kingdoms – just as He Gave them to Saint Peter. It was upon the ‘Rock’ that the Church was Founded and it is upon you – the ‘little Rock’ – that the Church will be renewed and I, the Eternal One, Bless you and Give you this Staff of the Rock to go and strengthen Our Church upon Earth.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Emerging from this Church is a golden Staff – a very beautiful, shepherd’s, Staff. Saint Sacramessugus and Saint Menoloutis go to the Eternal Father, take the Staff and bring it towards me; they place it within my soul. The Eternal Father Blesses us once again:

ETERNAL FATHER: “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: The Eternal Father has now disappeared and so have the Apostles and the two women. Our Lady is the only one present now – apart from the Angels. The big Crucifix has now moved from Our Lady towards the White Cross. Our Lady is crying, gently; Tears of Blood run down Her Cheeks. Our Lady asks us to pray, because She wishes to talk to us privately.

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady wishes the two Priests to now give their blessings to the people.

THE TWO PRIESTS: “Benedicat vos, Omnipotens Deus: Pater et Filius et Spiritus Sanctus. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Now all the Angels who had formed the path to the white Cross have come around Our Holy Mother, carrying baskets with leaves in them – leaves from the olive trees and rose bushes here; many rose petals can be seen.

They are going through the Chapel and onto the Holy Grounds in the Order – and many are leaving from here, too. I can see rainbows coming from the white Cross, then going right around the world. The Angels glide upon these rainbows as they go towards the different communities and Holy Places, to distribute the roses and leaves.

Our Lady takes up a Rosary from the side of Her garment, because the Crucifix which She had earlier is on the white Cross; this Crucifix of the Rosary She takes up and kisses Jesus, then makes the Sign of the Cross:

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady smiles. The Rosary is made from variously-coloured pearls, which have now multiplied! She holds many of these duplicated Rosaries – and many Angels come to take them from Her.

We will offer up three ‘Hail Marys’ in honour of Our Lady’s Tears of Mercy – and sing the hymn of Our Lady of Fatima before Benediction.