Message 518 – 31 May 1996

Dear children of God,

Please read these directives carefully, as they come from Heaven. Be not troubled or afraid, but trust in God and the protection of your Angels.
Regarding the watches: you may sell them to a second-hand dealer. Wishing God’s Blessings.
The Little Pebble

Satan is thirty years old and his public mission will begin 6th June on the Feast of Corpus Christi – The Antichrist is Satan incarnated in the image of a man – Many prayers are most needed to repair the sacrileges and profanations to occur – The Antichrist was born on 6.6.1966 and will turn thirty years old this year – Before the last Great Chastisement of the world, the Antichrist – Maitreya – will attempt to ascend into Heaven, like Jesus did – Digital wrist watches not to be worn.

Question to Our Lady through ‘Thornbush’ – 28th May, 1996

LITTLE PEBBLE: Mother, today I was advised that the Antichrist was born on the 6th June, 1966 (6.6.66) – it would make sense.

Could You please tell me if this is true?

Is the Antichrist a human being like normal human beings? Does he have a soul?

If he was born 6.6.66. then this year is the year of Satan – as it was told in the New Year. Does that mean his ministry starts – his public mission – as Christ’s did when he was thirty years old?

Has the number 666 any real meaning?

Thank You Mother for enlightening us.

Your obedient son,

The Little Pebble.

Answer from Our Lady through ‘Thornbush’ – 29th May, 1996

OUR LADY: “My sweet little ‘White Rock’ of Truth. I shall speak to you regarding this subject, but not to satisfy your curiosity, only so that you will be aware what I have revealed to certain little chosen ‘instruments’.”

“It is very important for My little children not to let curiosity take over them, to find out more and more about the Antichrist – the Maitreya. The less that is known, the more My little children will be safeguarded. I will only speak regarding the Maitreya, so that My sweet little children may be advised, for he is using curiosity to attract souls to himself. When they know so little, then they seek to learn more and more. It is My desire, that My little children seek to learn more about our Holy Virtues, and that they seek to learn about the Saints and their lives, so that they may imitate them.”

“Regarding what you have been advised, My sweet son, this is very true – and it is reality! The Antichrist is Satan incarnated in the image of a man. Satan is the ‘monkey’ of God the Most High, so therefore, he shall imitate My Divine Son. It is true to believe that he is thirty years old and that his public mission will begin on the sixth of June on the Most Sacred Feast Day of Corpus Christi. He has chosen this day, so that in his own way he will mock the Most High. Many, many, many prayers are most needed to repair the sacrileges and profanations which shall occur.”

“My ‘Little Peter’: this number is his number and it dwells within his name – as it was revealed to Saint John through the Apocalypse. This number is the number of ‘the Beast’.”

“Once again, My beloved little ‘White Rock’, I Bless you with My Virtuous Immaculate Heart: In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

30th May, 1996

LITTLE PEBBLE: This morning, after I had read the Messages of ‘Thornbush’ and an answer I received through ‘Thornbush’ to a question I asked regarding the Antichrist and his birth date being 6.6.66 – which Our Lady confirmed – my Guardian Angel, Saint Menoloutis, spoke to me and revealed very much. During morning prayers before the Blessed Sacrament, Jesus spoke to me and confirmed all that was revealed. He said, if I so desired I could ask His Holy Mother, when I see Her the next time. Here is what my Angel revealed:

SAINT MENOLOUTIS: “It is true that the Antichrist was born on 6.6.1966 and will turn thirty years old this year. It was for this reason Jesus and Mary revealed at the end of 1995 that 1996 was the year of the Beast; that the Public Ministry begins in June this year, 1996 – just as Jesus did when He turned thirty years of age; that the actual three and a half years of the public physical life of the Antichrist begins on 6th June, 1996 and ends with the Great Warning, 28th December, 1999. Thus the year 2000 is not written, as Prophesied.”

“After the Great Warning, the Light will be seen by all men, to [have them] believe in the Truth – and the physical Antichrist will be laid low – from the time of the Warning till the time of the great Miracle, which will be the Second Pentecost. Then – like the Resurrection of Jesus into His Glorified Body – the Antichrist, physically becomes visible again and begins his persecution of the Christians and sets up his reign. This lasts forty years of the ‘new time’ – which is different from now – which is equivalent to the forty days while Christ walked the Earth before His Ascension into Heaven. At the end of this period, which is prior to the Second Coming of Jesus and before the last Great Chastisement of the world, the Antichrist – Maitreya – will attempt the Ascension into Heaven – like Jesus did.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: The two great Prophets, Enoch and Elijah will come to Earth during the great Miracle of Garabandal:

It is during the forty years of the Antichrist that I, the ‘Little Pebble’, will reign as Pope – also into the New Holy Era.

The forty years are ‘symbolic years’ of Moses in the desert, before going into the Promised Land. The warning is the Baptism of Light – like the Red Sea.

Question of the ‘Little Pebble’ to Our Lady during Mass – 30th May, 1996

LITTLE PEBBLE: Mother, what Your Divine Son Jesus confirmed this morning and what My Guardian Angel, Saint Menoloutis revealed this morning – I seek Your confirmation.

Answer from Our Lady for the ‘Little Pebble’ – 30th May, 1996

OUR LADY: “My precious son, little ‘Rock’ of Truth: I greet you from My Immaculate Heart. I desire you to know, that what you have received this morning through My Divine Son, Jesus and your Guardian Angel, Saint Menoloutis, was true – as it is now time where much will be revealed about the power of the Evil One and how he will control mankind and place Our wayward children under his slavery.”

“All that will be revealed is to be made known, so that Our children – even those far away from Us – will be warned and prepared; for this year is the beginning – in a real way – of the power and influence of the Maitreya – the Antichrist. My children must also be aware of those who use magical powers to fool the masses under the disguise of magical tricks – yet, My sweet children, this is only an illusion to the physical eyes and minds, but in reality it is by the power of Satan and his prophet that all is accomplished.”

“Beware, sweet children and do not be side-tracked, for Satan and the Antichrist have sent out their Apostles of the ‘end-times’ into the world, to deceive Our children – even the ‘elect’ of God. It is therefore very important and serious, that you wear your Sacramentals and be not drawn into too much curiosity by attending live shows of David Copperfield, Siegfried Saya Baba, Son of Thunder, Arrow, Alexandra and others who use powers of magic – which in truth are not tricks, but rather the power which is given them by Satan.”

“Be not troubled in heart, sweet children, for God will protect you through your Holy Angels. My children, you must now realise that ‘666’ is walking the Earth – which means, Satan incarnated into the body of a man – the Antichrist – Maitreya. My ‘Little Peter’, you are to send this information around the world – in haste.”

“What My daughter, ‘Thornbush’, has received regarding the watches, is true and is to be sent out with the directions I have given you.”

“I send My Maternal Blessings to you – the future Vicar of My Divine Son’s House upon Earth +; I send it to My ‘Thornbush’ + and My Apostles of the ‘end-times’ who guard the Truth +; My ‘Little John’ + and ‘Little Bartholomew’ +. I send My Blessings to all communities of the Order of Saint Charbel and the Sister Order of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and of Saint Louis-Marie de Montfort + and all My cherished children of Faith.+”

“Your Loving Mother of Divine Truth and Consolation.”

Message to ‘Thornbush’ by St. Timothy, her Guardian Angel, regarding her watch – 28th May, 1996

THORNBUSH: Early this morning, Saint Timothy told me that I will no longer be able to wear the digital watch that I am wearing now. This is what he told me (I saw the ‘Sign’):

SAINT TIMOTHY: “‘Thornbush’, dear soul whom I guard: listen attentively to my words, for I am a Holy Messenger with a Message from Heaven. My Mission is to unceasingly safeguard your soul from any danger – so therefore I tell you this – you will no longer be able to wear the wrist watch that you are now wearing, especially when the beginning of the month of June shall commence, shortly.”

“This is all you are to know for now, because the number of the ‘Beast’ shall be visible. Take heed to my words. I give you My Angelic Blessing, dear soul whom I guard and protect. +”

THORNBUSH: After I received Holy Communion, Our Holy Mother appeared as ‘Our Lady of Confidence’ – still crying Tears of Blood. I asked for the ‘Sign’ and it came. She was very interior when the Sacred Vases were purified and Our Lord returned into the Tabernacle.

Our Holy Mother was present with Saint Theresa of the Child Jesus and of the Holy Face. Saint Michael, the Archangel, was also present with Saint Angelicorpius. Our Holy Mother answered some questions for some souls and many Blessings were given through the Questions.

A fifteen-decade Rosary was Blessed by Our Holy Mother +, Saint Theresa the Little Flower + and by Saint Michael the Archangel +. Little crystal statues were also Blessed +.

Then I asked Our Holy Mother a question for myself, pertaining to what Saint Timothy told me earlier this morning: “Most Holy Mother and Holy Spiritual Mistress of my soul – may I ask You if it is Your desire to please clarify and explain more, regarding what Saint Timothy told me this morning about my wrist watch? Why is there danger?

OUR LADY OF CONFIDENCE: “My beloved cherished child: yes, it is My desire that you understand more regarding what has been revealed by your Holy Guardian Angel. You are to no longer wear a digital wrist watch, only a wrist watch that has the traditional face of a watch that may be wound, or function with a battery.”

“The reason I tell you is this: because all of the digital operated wrist watches have been especially designed for the Maitreya. Each one has been programmed to receive a special signal and beam from special satellites, to create manipulative and subliminal sounds, so that his voice will be transmitted where they are.”

“Also within the month of June of this year, his number will be visibly seen – and this device will be used in many ways through micro-waves, through television and radio. It is important that not only you are aware of this, but also all of My little children should be made aware.”

“The digital wrist watch has been invented more than for the use of knowing the time. Many of them have many buttons and many different functions, so that it would become an object of distraction and also a way that My little children would become passive, as everything is in its place. All one has to do is press one button or device and all is prepared to be viewed. They have mostly been installed with an alarm and special chimes which sound at a specific time.”

“The Antichrist shall use all of these controls, sounds and devices, to send impulses to paralyse part of the brain, so that it will become very susceptible and vulnerable to hypnosis – which the Maitreya will use much. So therefore, My sweet little, cherished, children are not to wear these digital wrist watches any longer, as they will no longer be safe or trustworthy – for they are all programmed in advance to respond all at the same time, when his time shall come to be known publicly as the Messiah.”

“I Love you, My tender ‘Thornbush’ and I am with you, as your Holy Mistress of your soul and ‘Mother of Good Counsel’. I Bless you with all of My Pure, Maternal and Virtuous Immaculate Heart: In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”