Message 519 – 1 June 1996

The time of the Antichrist has come; God’s Protection has been removed to some degree – Assassination in Palestine; War between Israel and Palestine; the Superpowers drawn in – Russia will enter Poland; South Korea Invaded by North Korea – Three periods of the Reign of the Antichrist: the spirit, the flesh and false resurrection – Communities will become your refuge and hope – Church persecuted by many scandals; this is an attack from Satan – The Devil is within the Church, not outside – He will be defeated through purity of heart and following the Will of God.

LITTLE PEBBLE: During the second decade of the Rosary, both Saint Michael and the White Cross appeared in the sky. Saint Michael shot an arrow – I very rarely see him with a bow and arrow – into the Tabernacle, which caught alight; a pale-yellow Cross formed above it. When the White Cross appeared in the sky, there was a rainbow on each side of the cross-beam – just above it – and the Seven Archangels appeared, with Saint Michael in the middle. All have very long horns, or trumpets, which rest on the cross-bar of the great White Cross in the sky. Another rainbow has formed at the centre point of the White Cross – like a real bow – and it enters the Tabernacle, then spreads out, forming a ‘road’ made from the many coloured lights of its spectrum, but there are even more colours to it than we normally see – many more – and it is very, very, beautiful.

From this ‘road’ of colours, smaller rainbows are shooting off to the left and the right; many sparkling lights come out of the rainbow, like a fireworks sparkler. It is very beautiful. I can see the door in the centre of the beams of the Cross opening up – a very large door – and a pure white staircase comes from within. It touches the rainbow. I am now permitted to see even deeper into the Cross – it is as if the Cross were a doorway into Heaven.

Saint Menoloutis and Saint Barachiel, Saint Sacramessugus and Saint Sentimintarious are also present here, very close to the Tabernacle – they are looking towards the White Cross. Both Jesus and Mary come through the doorway on a sheet of Light, holding each other’s Hand. Above Their Hands I can see the Dove – the Holy Ghost. It is very picturesque. Both Jesus and Mary are gliding over the stairs onto the rainbow; as They do, the little rainbows form a colourful heart, which both Jesus and Mary glide through. It is like a tunnel of hearts – it is very beautiful.

Behind Jesus and Our Lady are many, many, Angels and Saints. Our Lord and Our Lady come closer and a big cavalcade of Souls and Spirits trail behind them. Jesus and Mary have now entered the Chapel and they stand over the Tabernacle, looking really radiant. The Angels form a semi-circle around them. The Seven Archangels who were over the Cross, have also come down, very swiftly, placing themselves just above the other Angels, because they also are very large Angels – Archangels – the prime, the most important ones that I know of.

Behind these Angels I can see twelve ‘Mysterious’ Angels, as they are called – they are the Angels of the Apocalypse – the Special Angels for the Apostles of the ‘end-times’. They have a white, glowing Cross on their foreheads and the symbol of the Apostle inside their wings. They all hold a Staff which is very similar to a Bishop’s Staff, except for one, who has a Staff like a Shepherd; I assume he is the Angel of ‘Little Peter’.

Both Jesus and Mary are smiling. Our Lord has on a beautiful, white tunic and the traditional burgundy robes. Our Blessed Mother is dressed in pure white, with a beautiful blue mantilla. Around Her Waist, Our Lady wears a golden cord and on it I can see the globe of the Earth hanging. Looking much closer at the cord I see it is made of beads. In Our Lady’s right Hand there is a very beautiful, blue Rosary. Jesus also holds a red Rosary in His left Hand.

The Holy Ghost is hovering between Jesus and Mary. I can see their Immaculate Hearts; both of them are wounded and Blood drips down them. Two Chalices are suspended beneath and both Jesus and Mary are looking at each other, with a saddened smile. Jesus bends over and kisses Our Blessed Mother’s Immaculate Heart. Our Blessed Mother does the same to Our Lord. Jesus lifts His right Arm with Our Holy Mother’s right Arm:

OUR LORD: “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“I greet you, My beloved son, My future Vicar for My House upon Earth – Our little ‘Rock’ and ‘Peter’. I greet you too, My beloved son, ‘Little Bartholomew’ and all of the Disciples of My Most Holy Mother. I greet the Royal House of David and all My Privileged children here and throughout the world.”

“This month – as you know, My children – is dedicated to Me. It is a special month of prayer to My Most Sacred Heart. It is important for all of Our children to read My Words given to the many Holy Women about My Most Sacred Heart, for it is through this Heart – through the Pure Heart of My Most Holy Mother – that I continue to give all to Our children.”

“I have come this evening, with My Precious Mother, to Counsel Our children and to prepare them for the security of the Earth is very shaky now, My sweet children. It is for this reason that I wish to speak to you. Truly I say unto you, My children, that you really do not understand what is to come into your lives – therefore, pray to understand. Do not live in fear, but live in hope – and be strong in the faith. Let My Most Holy Mother not only be your refuge, but your strength and your hope. You will understand well, all that I say when the trials come into the world and into your lives, for every life on Earth will be touched.”

“The time of the Antichrist has come, My dear children. You have heard My Most Holy Mother speak often, through thousands of children, to prepare the way, so mankind will be prepared for this time. But truly, you do not understand! The power of evil is very prominent now, My sweet children, because the protection of God for His children has been removed to some degree, allowing the power of evil to take hold of lives because of the sins of man.”

“Pray unceasingly, My sweet children; seek out the Angels to protect you. Never forget them, for they will be the Light in the moments of darkness. Shortly, a warning will be sent to the world; this will be permitted by Me, to enlighten mankind to show him how far he is away from Me – their God.”

“This sign will be recognised by all. It is not the ‘Great Warning’, My sweet children, but a smaller one. All of My children will recognise a Truth. Some will accept it as coming from the Most High, but most will accept it as a natural path!”

“Soon, My sweet children, a great one will be removed, through assassination, from Palestine, and blood will flow between the nations. Israel and the Palestinians will go to war, and many neighbouring nations will be drawn into this conflict – even the Super-Powers. Therefore, pray; pray for those who are innocent, but must give up their lives – to shed their blood. Pray for Poland, My sweet children, for Russia will enter this nation once more. Pray for Korea, for the South will be attacked by the North in one swift moment. Pray for Canada, My sweet children, for though it seems there is peace now, underlying this peace is betrayal and division will occur; much blood will be flowing.”

“It is for this reason that I have come this evening with My Most Holy Mother, for the world is in danger – for the time of the Antichrist has come!”

“There are three periods of the reign of the Antichrist, My sweet children – one of the spirit, that has been and is now; one of the flesh that has begun – and one of the false ‘resurrection’ that will come. You will understand this mystery in a short while, for the Antichrist will deceive many and place his ‘mark’ upon his followers. But once I come with My Light of Truth, he shall be laid low for a time.”

“All this you will understand in a short while, for many revelations will be given to Our chosen souls throughout the world. It is for this reason, My sweet children, you must persevere in prayer. Acknowledge your weaknesses and sins before Me and live the Virtues of My Most Holy Mother, for I am calling all children to live holy lives for their God.”

“I call once again, My children into the Orders that I have offered to man. These communities, spread throughout the world, will become your refuge and your hope. Be not afraid, for much will occur in these coming months and many will be disillusioned, confused and become afraid – but be not afraid, for I have given you My Word; live by them. I will not abandon you, My sweet children. It is for this reason that I have sent to you many Prophets, Seers and Mystics – My chosen `instruments’, so you will not be caught unaware. But what is most important for you now is to live for God and God alone; live this through your chosen vocations and through the paths that I have led you. Be not tempted to become part of the masses and part of the world – live in the world but not of it! Be more attentive to your salvation. Do not overcrowd yourselves with materialism, for too much will choke your soul; be content with all that I give you. Never take your life and God for granted!”

“I Love you, My dear children – therefore pray for one another, for I desire all to come to Me and not lose a soul to the evil one. Pray for My Vicar, John Paul, for much is asked of him at this time. Read his writings, for these come from Me. Pray for the clergy, for most are in darkness and far away from Me, just like the clergy of old, when I came the first time.”

“In a short while, the great leaders and Saints of this era will raise their heads to defend what is true and it will be in these times that you, My sweet children of the Light, will be consoled. therefore, take courage and hold onto the Hand of My Most Holy Mother. Pray for the unity of My Apostles of the ‘end-times’ – of My Disciples and Privileged children, that they will be the ‘light’ in this time of darkness, for the division must cease.”

“I Love you, My children and Offer you My Most Sacred Heart, with My Most Holy Mother. Be alert, sweet children; be attentive as to what is occurring around you, for much will be revealed to you shortly and you must act upon this swiftly. Do not hesitate on My Word for the Antichrist will use many means to deceive you; therefore, be attentive – choose carefully the movies that you watch; the music that you hear; the words that you read – for many of these channels are used by the evil one to lure you away from My Word. Always wear your Sacramentals, dear children – these are your ‘armour’ and ‘weapons’ of Truth. I Bless you now with the Pure Heart of My Most Holy Mother: In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Holy Mother now moves forward with open Arms, sending a Light towards ‘Little Grain’ – a very Powerful Light. I will remain silent, as Our Lady wishes to speak.

OUR LADY: “My sweet child and My sweet children – here and throughout the world: My Heart is sad as to what is to come to you all; pray much to be strengthened in the times to come. I do not need to speak very much, for the directions will be given through Our ‘Little Peter’ – Our pure ‘Rock’ of Love – and he will guide you all in everything that is necessary. Trust, hope and love each other, as I Love you, My children. Be at peace; be at peace and pray – pray for the world.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady now moves back to the side of Our Lord, Who has opened up a Vision of Jerusalem. It is like looking at another picture now – and I can see that the dome over the rock has been blown away. Our Lord explains that this will occur and that the Antichrist will come to the aid of Israel. Our Lord is showing me part of Poland; it seems to be the northern part of Poland – the north-east; I see tank movement there. There seems to be a skirmish along the border, but now it has gone. I can see the country of Korea – there is a buffer-zone, I believe, between south and north. It seems as though it is hidden, but there are hundreds of planes waiting to move towards South Korea from the north – over the buffer-zone.

Our Lord – Who very rarely asks anything of us for the political scene – has requested us to pray that the next President of the United States is Senator Dole. Our Lord Says that it is vital! He also asks that we pray for the people of Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Our Holy Mother comes forward. Coming from Her Heart, I can see three beautiful roses – one is gold, one is red and the other is white. Her Rosary Beads are placed around their stems. Now Our Lady Makes the Sign of the Cross:

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”.

“I Greet you, My precious ‘Rock’ of My Immaculate Heart, through My Divine Son’s Most Sacred Heart. These Precious Roses are from My Immaculate Heart, as a Gift for My daughter, Gwendolyn. She is Our cherished daughter, pleasing to Our Hearts – and this is for her, as a reward for her faithfulness. I Bless you, My daughter: In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“My precious children throughout the world: As My Divine Son has told you this evening, much will change – not only in the world but also in the Church! The Church, at this time, is persecuted by the Antichrist, through the many scandals that are devastating Our clergy. You must understand, My sweet children, [that] this is an attack from Satan! Even though these sins have occurred amongst some of Our weak children, it is not as it seems, for the evil one is very powerful and deceives many. Through the media, My sweet children, much is distorted, therefore pray for My Priest-sons and Religious and pray for the innocent victims.”

“The devil is within the Church, My dear children, not outside – for the devil controls most of the Earth; but he desires to control Our children – even using clever devices to manipulate the minds of Our children. You will hear of many more such devices, My sweet children – therefore, be attentive to Our Words.”

“As My Divine Son has told you: be careful in what you see, in what you hear and what you read, because hidden within many of these visual effects and words, is the power of Satan – through hypnosis, mental telepathy. All is for mind-control, My sweet children and most is aimed at the young. It is for this reason [that] there is much crime amongst the young – much abuse.”

“My dear parents: You must be more careful and check to see what Our children are reading and listening to and watching. You are responsible for their souls and for their welfare while on Earth. Use more discipline at this time to safeguard your children! Do not allow them too much liberty and freedom to choose for themselves, for many of them truly do not know how and are misled by the power of the world.”

“It is for this reason that the communities are being formed, My sweet children – to protect the young and the innocent. You cannot keep Our children from the world, but you can protect them. The Antichrist will invade your homes through his spirit – therefore, shut him out through your constant vigilance of prayers and by leading holy lives.”

“Many changes will also come in the Missions throughout the world given to Our chosen Souls – especially My ‘Thornbush’ and My little ‘Rock’ – for Our children are being prepared to fight the Antichrist, just as all of My children are being prepared now. The Antichrist has his time, My sweet children and he can only be defeated through purity of heart and following the Will of the Most High.”

“I Love you, My sweet children and – through My Divine Son, Jesus – I offer you My Immaculate Heart, once again, to encourage you and to Bless you with many Blessings from the Triune God, to help you as you carry your cross with Me. I Bless you all now: In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“And you, My sweet son, ‘Little Peter’ – the ‘Rock’ – be not discouraged by all that you see and hear; of all the divisions and misunderstandings that have occurred and still will occur, but hold on to My Hand. I will guide you always to follow the Path of Truth, for you are called to lead My sheep and you are called to lead the New Apostles and Disciples – now and in the future – as the last Vicar for My Divine Son’s House upon Earth.”

“Continue to guide My sheep and bring them into the light of understanding of God’s Most Perfect Will. The Holy Ghost – My Spouse of the Triune God – dwells in you, as He dwells in Me. It is for this reason [that] you have received the ‘keys’ from My Divine Son – it is not only for the future, My sweet son, but you are to guide My sheep now, as you have. I Bless you through the Pure Hearts of My Divine Son and My Immaculate Heart to strengthen you: In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“Continue now, My sweet children, with your prayers, for My Divine Son and I, in the Holy Ghost, will take your prayers to the Throne of the Eternal Father for the benefit of all – for the world and for the Church; and for the Mystical Church on earth. I kiss you all.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady says to continue to pray. (Prayers continue.)

FATHER BROUSSARD: “Benedicat vos, Omnipotens Deus: Pater et Filius et Spiritus Sanctus. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lord and Our Lady lift up their right Hands to make the Sign of the Cross:

OUR LORD & OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost,” Amen.

LITTLE PEBBLE: Each time the Sign of the Cross is made, the Holy Ghost sends out a White Cross from His Chest – it enlarges as it passes through us.

Our Lady, Our Lord and the Holy Ghost, now move back towards the Cross while looking at us and the Angels follow. Around the Holy Ghost, there is a circle of rainbow colours – it is very beautiful – and there are many beautiful sparkles of Light coming upon us from the Holy Ghost. All move very swiftly towards the White Cross, with the Angels and most of the Saints; some have remained. I asked Saint Sacramessugus why this was so and he said that these are the Saints who have been given to us especially, to combat the Antichrist. He also said that we each will receive an Angel on the thirteenth, for that same purpose. We will continue now with our prayers.