Message 528 – 2 November 1996

In all that you do you are accountable before God – The world and the Church go into darkness more each day; God has brought forth the New Orders – Our Holy Vicar now ascends Calvary; great divisions will occur in the House of God – The infallibility of the Vicar of Christ stands, but it will be challenged; divisions will come in every land – Evil spirits roam the world, clogging up the minds of men, taking away the Light of God – The Electronic Highway is in every nation; do not accept the debit card.

LITTLE PEBBLE: The White Cross has been in the sky for quite some time; there has been a lot of activity within the Chapel and also in the sky. Behind the Cross are many Angels, forming an arc behind and over the Cross. The Angels are in pairs – one dressed in white and having very bright, white, fiery wings; the other is in red and has very fiery-red wings. Those in white hold a Rosary made of fire and those in red hold a sword. There are tens of thousands of pairs. During the Rosary a road was being built from the Tabernacle right up to the Cross – a road made with small rocks; in between them grow thorns, thistles and roses which entwine as they go towards the Cross – it is like a hill.

Around the base of the Cross are staircases, which reach-up from the Earth right to the top of It; on the rocks are written trials which have occurred and also, titles to do with perfection. As I move closer to the Cross, the stones become shiny and more beautiful. On the rocks towards the top are written words such as ‘joy’, ‘peace’ and all the Virtues – but right at the very beginning the words are the opposites: the weaknesses of man. As you move towards the Cross, there are many beautiful climbing roses to be seen. They ascend the Cross which, though very brightly white, has a crimson-coloured Light around it.

Above the Holy Angels, who are many, are the flags of all the nations of the world. Some of the flagpoles are crossed over, like an X, and there are at least fifteen pairs like that.

Saint Michael was standing to my left, very deep in the sky, holding a sword. He threw it into the Altar, which exploded and then another sword appeared in his right hand; in his left, is a Rosary. Saint Michael is dressed like a soldier of the Roman times, as though ready to go into battle; his armour is silver. Upon his head he wears a domed crown made of blue metal – it looks slightly conical; it has a white cross at the top and is very large. I can see his stiff, metallic-looking, hair protruding from the crown, underneath it, on the sides. Saint Michael smiles – it’s not often that I see him do that!

All the other Angels who are quite familiar to me, are here before the Altar and beneath the Altar is the opening of Purgatory, which is full of fire. I have been watching the countless souls under there during the Rosaries. From the Altar begins the road towards the White Cross.

Saint Sacramessugus, Saint Sentimintarious, Saint Menoloutis and Saint Barachiel have all been present and visible. Now I see the White Cross, which is beginning to open up like a doorway – as it has always done before – and as it does, a brilliant Light shoots out of the Cross, through the doorway and over the rocky road which leads towards the Tabernacle. It seems to put a film of Light over the road.

Coming out of the White Cross and gliding down the road there are many more Angels, similar to those who are already standing above the Cross. They are also formed up in pairs as they come down, slowly, towards us, in procession. Behind them I can also see many Saints – all filing behind these Holy Angels.

The hole under the Tabernacle becomes larger and wider and I can see deeper into Purgatory. I see many souls aglow, with their Guardian Angels next to them, looking towards the White Cross, in prayer. Around this opening into Purgatory, suddenly becoming visible, are other Angels – the Angels of Purgatory, who are dressed in grey and have very beautiful wings, which are tipped with grey and have golden crosses upon them. Upon their chest they wear a Scapular with a golden cross on it. They seem to be guarding the entrance into Purgatory. The Saints and Angels are still coming out of the White Cross in a long procession.

I now see the Blessed Virgin Mary, being carried by a unique open coach, which is made of feathers; it is very unusual! There are four horses placed around this coach, one at each corner, holding it by a beam of Light: I do not really understand how. Each horse is a different colour: one black, one white, one red, the other horse is a silvery colour. Our Holy Mother is standing inside this unusual coach, dressed all in white, except for the very deep-blue mantle from Her Shoulders – like a cap. On Her Head is a Crown similar to Saint Michael’s, with a royal blue, slightly coned dome, with a cross on top of it.

Our Blessed Mother comes down, swiftly, towards us. In Her right Hand She holds a sword; in Her left an electric-blue Rosary which is very strong both in depth of colour and in Light. All the Angels and Saints have opened up the way for Our Lady to enter the Chapel. She glides out of the carriage and glides into the Chapel, above the Tabernacle. The horses move away to the side. Our Holy Mother smiles.

I have just noticed that underneath Her beautiful Crown there are small roses coming out of Her Hair – seven of them, all of different colours. Our Lady looks about Her and Saint Sentimintarious, who has come closer to Our Holy Mother to Her right – knelt down to receive the sword from Her. Our Lady now takes up Her Rosary. The Crucifix is golden and the Corpus is very real. She takes the Crucifix and kisses Jesus:

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. I greet you, My beloved ‘White Rock’, Guardian of the Faith and future Vicar of My Divine Son’s House upon Earth. I greet My sweet Priest-sons, ‘Little Bartholomew’ and ‘Little Philip’ – I welcome you. I greet My daughter, ‘Little Grain’ and all My precious children gathered here before Me and throughout the world.”

“I come this evening in a most different way than I have come before, My sweet children. It is because these moments in your time are very special and very serious! I come as ‘Mother and Queen of Divine Justice of the Most High’; with Me are the soldiers of Heaven. These Holy Angels and the Triumphant Church have come with Me to do battle with Satan, the Antichrist, and all those who have fallen away and followed the Evil One. The sword that I carry, My sweet children, is the Sword of Justice from the Triune God, Who Dwells in My Immaculate Heart. God is Merciful, Loving, Patient and Kind – but God is Justice, too!”

“My sweet children truly believe they can continue on a road that leads them away from God and for God not to notice them – believing that God will forget them. No, My sweet children, God knows all; God sees all.”

“To all My children who bear witness to the Truth: be careful, sweet children and do not be caught unaware because, even though you may profess your love to My Divine Son, Jesus, do not be tempted to believe that you can hide your sins from your God, because some of Our good children continue to seek the world; continue to compromise their Faith – even those living in the shelter of the communities throughout the world! If you follow My Divine Son in Truth, do so [fully]. Give your “Yes” in Truth. Do not say “Yes” [only] with your lips, but be faithful to your commitment to God. When you go out into the world, act according to the dignity of your calling. Do not run away from your responsibility before God, sweet children, for I assure you, God sees all!”

“All of you are called to live holy lives. The road to Heaven and the New Holy Era is paved with sacrifice; self-giving – total giving, My sweet children. Do not fool yourselves; you may believe that God does not see – even that you may fool man – but do not deceive yourselves, My sweet children, for [in] all that you do you are accountable before God, and you will be purified before you can enter – if you enter – into the New Holy Era.”

“The Calling of God is serious, My sweet children. All of you who are called to a unique and holy vocation in the Orders, are called to sanctify your lives. Life on Earth is not a game. The Eternal Father does not play games, My sweet children, with your lives and with your souls. Therefore, listen well to all that I say to you this evening.”

“Time is very short, sweet children. Do not concern yourselves with the years, or the hours, or the months – concern yourselves with living the Gospel in its fullness, through your true “Yes” to God. All those who persevere to the end will receive their reward – not only in the Eternal Kingdom of Heaven but rather, also, in the Kingdom on Earth in the New Holy Era, where man will live in peace.”

“To reach this destination, My sweet children, is left in your will; in your lives. God does not determine who is to enter, and who is not, into the Holy New Era that is to come upon this Earth in a short while. This decision belongs to you, for it will be determined according to the way you live your lives now.”

“My children: the world and the Church go into darkness more each day. Why? – because Our children neglect God in their lives. It is for this reason, God has brought forth the new Orders for Holy Mother Church – so that mankind will have hope, for man is so involved in his life, accumulating wealth and material and power, that he forgets God and by doing this he may even lose his soul. God is Good, My sweet children; He has Created a place where a soul can grow and nurture into goodness, to bring life back into the world and into the hearts of Our children, whose hearts have become [like] stone and empty.”

“Do not think lightly of God’s Plan for mankind, for God’s Plan is perfect. Therefore, My sweet children, follow the Calling of My Divine Son, for this Calling will not be repeated again, nor [will it be] in the future; it is now – for now is the acceptable time and hour for you.”

“There is much I wish to say to you this evening, sweet children – for even the good, at times, forget to read the good Book of Life – to read about the Saints and the suffering souls in Purgatory. It is important to refresh your memory, My sweet children for, through holy thoughts and aspirations, this will encourage you to do more sacrifices and offer more prayers for those most in need.”

“Pray, dear children, for the souls in Purgatory, so they will be relieved of their suffering and sent to Heaven – and, in turn, will be sent to help you in these last moments of your time. Pray especially for Our Holy Vicar, John Paul II, for he now ascends Calvary and a very serious decision will be made by him very shortly and given to the Church.”

“So be awake, sweet children – for through this decision, great divisions will occur in the House of God! It is for this reason I have spoken many times about the infallibility of the Vicar of Christ. Shortly you will understand why I have spoken thus. The infallibility of the Vicar of Christ stands – but it will be challenged by many of the Hierarchy and the Clergy and, because of this, divisions will come in every land and all the faithful will need to place an alliance with the Truth in Holy Mother Church. Think of the time of the Reformation, My sweet children.”

“A major decision will be made also concerning the future Vicar of Holy Mother Church. It is for this reason that I ask so many times for prayers, for many of Our children – even the good children – truly do not understand of all that is taking place within Holy Mother Church and throughout the world; for this truly is the time of the Apocalypse – the very ‘end times’.”

“Pray, My sweet children, for the leaders of the world, for many of them are governed with a heart of avarice, power and self-glory, caring not for the children of the nations, or their needs, but rather, preparing for war. Many of Our children are disillusioned; it is because the Antichrist has placed himself at the fore in many Governments and many Institutions – and in all Churches and Faiths! This is the time of the Evil Spirits that roam the world and clog the minds of men, betraying them and confusing them and taking away the Light of God, which should remain in them. But because of man’s sins, mankind permits the Evil One to enter into his life and enslaves him to follow the power of Satan.”

“It is only prayer, My sweet children, that will crush the head of the serpent and his cohorts – therefore, pray!! Pray very much for America, for the election is near. Pray that the one who will be chosen is the one who truly follows My Divine Son for, if not, great chastisements will fall upon this nation and all the nations of the Western world – for many of the great powers are working in secret to destroy the remainder of that which is good and wholesome in the Church and in the world.”

“Once again, My sweet children, I give warning to you concerning the `electronic highway’ that has been placed in every nation throughout the world. Do not accept the debit card, sweet children. This card is there to control you. Be not afraid, the Eternal Father, too, has a Plan that will over-shadow all the plans of Lucifer and eventually destroy his work.”

“Pray, My sweet children, pray! Pray for the twelve new Apostles, for the Disciples and for the Priests that will follow these men chosen by God. Pray for the Mystic Church upon Earth – the Voice-boxes who deliver the Word of God, but are persecuted and scattered throughout the world. Pray, My sweet children, My ‘weapon’ of Truth – and with Me today, on this Great Feast Day – for the souls suffering in Purgatory. I have brought with Me special Angels – Angels of the Holy Saints, Angels of Justice, and Angels who help the Souls in Purgatory through your prayers. These special Angels will be given to you, so you too, will be helped through the Mercy of God, so you will persevere during these times of trial and tribulation.”

“I Love you, My sweet children; I offer you My Tears and also My Sorrows and place them deep in your heart [so] that you will share with Me the Tears that I Shed to save souls. With your tears and Mine, We will wash away the sinful hearts of men and bring these children to the Throne of the Most High. There is still time, dear children, to save those whom you love; there is still time to rescue Holy Mother Church in its dark hour. It is in your hands, so therefore act upon the Words of your Most Holy Mother. I Bless you now, sweet children, through My Pure and Sorrowful Heart: In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“My sweet children: pray for My ‘Passion Flower’ – My Mystical Rose, ‘Thornbush’ and all of My ‘Passion Flowers’ who are throughout the world, for they too, are ascending the road to Calvary, to assist Our Holy Vicar and Our future Vicar, ‘Little Peter’; pray for them. And I send My Maternal Blessings to all of them, through the Pure Heart of My Divine Son, Jesus, Who Dwells in Me: In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: While Our Blessed Mother was speaking through a soul the Twelve Apostles of Christ came and they are standing to the right and to the left of Our Holy Mother. I can see Saint Philip and Saint Bartholomew; both of these Apostles are coming forward, carrying a small, but very beautiful, wooden Cross. Something is engraved on the Cross, in Latin – but I cannot read Latin, so I don’t know what it is. They are coming over to the two Priests to place this Cross into their souls; they also place a shawl over their shoulders and Bless them, with both hands on their heads. From their hands comes a tremendous Light, which pierces the souls of the two Priests. With Our Holy Mother and the Apostles the Saints make the Sign of the Cross:

OUR LADY & APOSTLES: “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: The Apostles now return to the side of Our Holy Mother.

OUR LADY: “These symbolic gestures, My dear sons, are to give you an understanding that the road ahead of you is marked with the ‘Sign of Redemption’ – the Cross of My Divine Son, Jesus. The Apostles of Old will watch over you and help you to persevere.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Saint Theresa, the ‘Little Flower’, has appeared to the right of Our Holy Mother. She moves over to the painting of Saint Sentimintarious, then comes a little closer towards ‘Little Grain’; she holds the Crucifix with the flowers – the roses – that accompany it. I believe that Saint Theresa may speak through ‘Little Grain’. I will remain silent and wait.

OUR LADY: “You, My Blessed son, are the Apostle of True Justice and Truth. Lead My Apostles of the ‘end times’ and teach them the true path of sacrifice and unity of heart, for it is through unity that the Church of the ‘end times’ will become the Sign of Truth for mankind. I Bless you, My son, and all My future Apostles – and those who carry the Word of God in their hearts. In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady again stands over the Tabernacle and She has asked that the prayers continue, for She desires to speak to me privately for some time. (Prayers are resumed.)

Our Lady has asked for the two Priests – ‘Little Bartholomew’ and ‘Little Philip’ – to Bless the people:

TWO PRIESTS: “Benedicat vos, Omnipotens Deus: Pater et Filius et Spiritus Sanctus. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady now once kisses the Form of Jesus on the Crucifix and raises Her Hand:

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. Continue to pray, My sweet children, for these prayers are needed for Holy Mother Church and the world in general – and also, for My little souls suffering in Purgatory.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady looks down at the souls whom I can see underneath the Altar – and many of them are about to leave Purgatory and enter Heaven, with Our Holy Mother. Our Lady said that all the roses here have been Blessed today for the dying and She promises that those who have a petal from these roses will be saved and enter into Heaven at the time of their death. This is a very special and powerful Grace from God – a gift similar to that given to the good thief.

Many souls are leaving Purgatory; they circle around Our Holy Mother and are all dressed in white – with their Guardian Angels who are accompanying them. They turn around and smile, blowing kisses to everyone here. I noticed that Saint Theresa was dropping many of her roses down to Purgatory and this seemed to be soothing souls.

Our Lady half-turns towards the White Cross and slowly moves – without the horses and carriage, only on the Light – taking with her many souls. As a matter of fact, you could not even count them, there are so many. Today we have each received three Angels – special Angels for this time. Our Lady is moving swiftly now and again looks towards us, making the Sign of the Cross:

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: The Apostles and the many Saints and Angels who were here have also gone with Our Lady. Saint Barachiel says to continue to pray now.