The Unity of Seers: Thornbush


In 1992 in L’Avenir Canada God raised up a public Seer known around the world as “Thornbush”. A young woman, she received from God and the Blessed Virgin Mary, very extraordinary messages. Her story of how it all came about is beautiful and edifying.

Her spiritual director was a Catholic Priest named Fr. Yves Marie Blais. Fr. Blais formed a new Catholic Religious Order dedicated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Thornbush lived in this Community for many years and eventually made profession as a Religious Nun with the religious name: Sr. Marie Danielle. From 1992 until 1997 Thornbush worked together with The Little Pebble in Australia. It was an extraordinary manifestation of the unity of God’s Word — the messages given to Thornbush were of the same meaning and expression as the messages given to the Little a Pebble. In fact they confirmed each other’s messages.

The reality of this unity came into the foreground because of the great number of public messages received by Thornbush referred to the same prophetic content in the messages given to the Little Pebble. It was a tremendous edification to The faithful believers around the world to see this unity with the Little Pebble. Their messages were interwoven in such ways that it caused a certain joy for both Thornbush and the Little Pebble. These years were very special because the unity could be felt and seen by all.

Like anything good that comes from God — the devil does not waste much time to begin attacking God’s Work. The evil seeds of confusion and uncharity took root. In November 1996 Fr. Blais formally broke this unity by a public announcement that he could no longer believe in the Messages given to the Little Pebble. This caused a big stir and much confusion, especially in the Community of Fr. Blais. Some months later the Seer Thornbush also broke her unity with the Little Pebble and discounted her many public messages. This was no small contradiction because she herself knew the truth of her own messages. She basically disappeared from the scene. Until now, we do not know where she is or how she is doing. It was such a sad experience. Consequently, Thornbush as a public seer — no longer exists. However, the messages God gave to her are what they are — God’s Word. We publish some of them on this website because they are real and historical and deserve to be known and read in the public. God rewards faith and we hope that one day Thornbush will come to “life” again and continue her loving fidelity to God’s Will.

I hope this short explanation helps the reader understand the reality of God’s election of a chosen soul — Thornbush.