Message 545 – 5 July 1997

The persecution against Our soldiers of Truth has truly begun; therefore take count and re-collect yourselves before Jesus, in the Tabernacles of the world – Many of you will be hauled before the ‘Caiaphas’ of this time; before the Bishops and Courts and handed over to those whom you now love – the great chastisements have been temporarily delayed through the Mercy of God – Continue to go forward according to how We have inspired you; be reassured that soon all will change in your favour.

LITTLE PEBBLE: The White Cross is very deep in the sky – this time it is on a hill. Circling the Cross is a row of Angels dressed in blue; they have silver wings and each one holds a sword – so does Saint Michael. There is shimmering, crimson, Light around the Cross. A beam of very bright Light now comes from it and shoots towards the Chapel, hitting the Tabernacle and causing an explosion. Many shafts of Light emerge from the Tabernacle towards us and everywhere around us.

The beam of Light from the Cross has formed into a ‘staircase’, which goes right through the Cross and the circling Angels have moved into two rows, one either side of the ‘stairway’ – usually it’s more like a ‘street’ – forming a guard of honour, each sword held up so that the tip is touching that of the opposite Angel, thereby forming a ‘tunnel’. Followed by many Angels, Our Blessed Mother now comes through the Cross, gliding swiftly towards the Tabernacle, upon the Light. The Angels who follow Our Holy Mother have red wings and wear pure white garments; each holds a short sword in the right hand – in the left, a Rosary. There are hundreds of them.

Saint Michael – who was taking up most of the sky – has now reduced in size to about five or six metres in height. He has come into the Chapel – although his head is through the ceiling. He smiles. His sword is very beautiful; there are two ‘prongs’ of fire at the tip. The ‘Sign’ is on Saint Michael’s chest.

Our Holy Mother has arrived in the Chapel and hovers over the Tabernacle; a pale pink cloud rests upon it. All the Angels have come into the Chapel to form a semi-circle around Our Holy Mother. The Angels who formed the guard of honour have moved in behind these Angels, thus deepening the semi-circle. Our Lady is also dressed in pure white garments with a long velvety, mantilla in a beautiful royal-blue on the inside and a deep red – similar to the colour of the Angels’ wings – on the outside. On Her Head is a magnificent, three-pointed, Crown – there is a small Cross there, too. The ‘Sign’ is on Our Holy Mother’s Chest – it’s also on all of the Angels.

Saint Barachiel and Saint Menoloutis have also arrived; they stand very close to Our Lady. In Her right Hand Our Holy Mother holds a beautiful silver-beaded Rosary; in Her left, a very unusual sword, which has hanging from the tip, a set of balance scales. Although Our Lady is smiling, there is a sadness in Her Eyes, which glisten as though She is about to cry. She looks, very deeply, into my soul, then looks at the Priests – and at all the members here present – as though having a searching look at the innermost souls of Her children.

Our Lady now hands the sword to Saint Menoloutis, on Her right; Saint Michael – who towers over Our Holy Mother and the other Angels – looks very majestic and quite striking with his ‘metallic’ hair. He smiles. Our Lady takes up the Crucifix of Her Rosary and kisses Our Lord.

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. I greet you, My beloved ‘White Rock’ of Eternal Truth and Prince of the Apostles – Our ‘Little Peter’: Peter Romanus the second, to be. I greet My beloved Apostles; ‘Little Bartholomew’, ‘Little Paul’ and ‘Little James, the Lesser’. I greet all My sweet Disciples here present and all My dear children gathered before Me and throughout the world.

This evening I come to you as Queen and ‘Mother of Divine Justice’. I come from the Throne of the Most High, with the Angels of the Eternal Father – the Angels of Divine Justice. I come this evening, My sweet children, to Counsel you and to encourage you, for I know that many of you are under heavy trials at this time.”

The persecution against Our soldiers of Truth has truly begun, dear children – therefore take count and re-collect yourselves before My Divine Son, Jesus, in the Tabernacles throughout the world. You must understand, My sweet children, [that] you are not fighting merely a human battle with souls but, rather, you are fighting the enemy of God: Satan and his cohorts.:

This is a war of the supernatural nature: between the forces of good and evil and, as you know well, My sweet children, Heaven will triumph in the end. But as you are the soldiers of Truth you must, therefore, follow My Divine Son, Jesus – in His Footsteps! Take up your cross; take courage and persevere in your faith. You must bear witness – as soldiers of Truth, in defence of the Truth, dear children. I cannot promise you that it will be easy, for remember well that all the Saints had to walk the same path to bear witness to My Divine Son. However, dear children, you are all called to a high degree of sanctity – even more so than all the Saints of past generations, for the Eternal Father has chosen the best of His troops to fight the final battle with the Antichrist and the forces of evil – to the end!”

You now are ascending the road to Calvary – each and every one of you. Reflect well on all that transpired from the time of the Holy Supper of My Divine Son, Jesus, then within the Garden of Sorrows – and in the darkness of the night and in the long road on the path of the Stations [of the Cross]; and then, finally, the desolation upon the Cross – and the separation of many of Our children; the denials; the betrayals; the sorrow and the hurt. This too, you, My sweet children, will undergo here in this Garden of Gethsemane chosen by the Eternal Father for the ‘end times’! And not only here but throughout the world, all My children who must bear witness to the Truth. Many of you will be hauled before the ‘Caiaphas’ of this time; before the Bishops and the Courts. Many of you will be handed over by those whom you now love – all for the sake of My Divine Son, and Truth. And when all seems lost, My sweet children, as it did – in the time of the Agony in the Garden – for My Divine Son, and on the Cross on Calvary, then a glimmer of Hope and Consolation will be given by the Eternal Father for you all.”

Take courage, for as We of Heaven have promised you victory will be yours; victory will be Heaven’s. You are all on the road of purification, for many of you are already selected and chosen from amongst many throughout the world – to prepare you to enter the new Holy Era. It is for this reason that all must be purified.”

Take courage, dear children: do not fear; trust in the Mercy and Goodness of your God. Have confidence; be faithful to your word. All children and soldiers of Truth are called now to stand forth in truth and bear witness to the Truth. It is for good reason that this evening I ask all of you to reflect deeply upon the Passion of My Divine Son, Jesus, as was written in the Gospels – and in the “Poem of the Man-God”: this book and words of treasure for Our children throughout the world. Read well and understand that your lives are written within those pages.”

Pray, unceasingly, My dear children – for prayer will be your strength – just as My Divine Son prayed to His Heavenly Father and the Eternal Father sent the Angel of Consolation. Likewise, the Angels will be your consolation during the time of trial.”

My sweet children: many believe that the chastisements Prophesied by My Divine Son will not come. Be grateful for the Mercy of God, dear children; it is only through His Mercy that the great chastisements have been temporarily delayed – but all will be fulfilled within a short time. Therefore, prepare by living the Virtues of My Immaculate Heart. Pray for Our Holy Vicar – John Paul II – for he, too, ascends the ‘Throne’ of Calvary, just as Holy Mother Church is now. Pray for those who persecute you; and love your enemy and pray for them. In a short while many children will suffer in this great nation of Australia, because Our children have placed their God aside. It will soon be time for the Eternal Father to awaken His children; therefore pray and take up My Holy Rosary, for this is your weapon of Truth, dear children.”

This evening I am sending to you many Angels: these Angels come from the Throne of the Eternal Father, to defend you in the time of trials that will come upon you within a short time. Many of these Angels will be sent to the communities of the various Orders and Foundations, to strengthen Our children during these times of trial and tribulation. I Bless you now, sweet children, from My Immaculate Heart and this Blessing is sent throughout the world to all of Our sweet children: In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

To you, My sweet ‘Rock’: continue to go forward; proceed according to how We have Inspired you and be reassured that, soon, all will change in your favour, for the Glory of the Eternal Father; all that God has promised you shall come to pass. Remain firm! And to My sweet Apostles of the ‘dark continent’ I send My Maternal Blessings, to strengthen you, for soon you will return to your homeland. You are to tell My children that the Queen of Heaven loves them and will help them in these difficult times; they need only to call on Me. And also for you, My dear sons: I Bless you and Our children of the ‘dark continent’: In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

Continue now, dear children, with your prayers, for these prayers are truly necessary at this time considering the heavy attack that this Mission is receiving. But this will pass away, soon and you will receive assistance from Holy Mother Church. Be patient, dear children; persevere and pray. I Bless you all now: In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

(Prayers are continued, then a blessing is given by the Priests.)

THE THREE PRIESTS: “Benedicat vos, Omnipotens Deus: Pater et Filius et Spiritus Sanctus. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Saint Michael has been showing me his sword, more closely. Our Lady has explained that God had given me the Sword of Justice in the past – and that this would soon be used for God’s Work. Saint Michael up-ends the sword – the tip down – exposing the handle, which is like a cross, and he makes the Sign of the Cross over all of us:

SAINT MICHAEL: “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady again kisses Our Lord on Her Crucifix and Blesses us:

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. Continue now, sweet children, with your prayers. The Angels will take these prayers to the Throne of the Most High and you shall receive the Graces, because these prayers are very powerful for the benefit of your souls and the souls whom you love.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady smiles, turning slightly towards the big Cross in the sky. With some Angels who have arrived Our Lady goes swiftly towards the Cross. We will continue with our prayers.