Message 546 – 13 July 1997

God will reward His children who have remained faithful and true and persevered during the times of tribulation, trial and persecution – Let not hate rule your hearts, nor vengeance. God is the Avenger and True Justice will be seen in the rightful time of God’s Plan – Antichrist is persecuting you, using the Media and weak souls to bring discouragement – Trials are to purify and strengthen you; help will come – Pray for those who have separated from you; pray for My Thornbush for great trials will soon come upon her.


LITTLE PEBBLE: The White Cross has been visible since the beginning of the Rosary and Saint Michael has been there also, standing to the right of the Cross with his wings spread out, very wide. Saint Michael takes up, with his wings, at least half of the Heavens that I can see. He threw his sword into the Altar here in the Chapel, and the handle of the sword is sticking out from the top of the Altar, shooting forth many different-coloured Lights towards us. The Cross is very brilliant. A door opens in the centre of the crossed beams and from it a Light shoots forth to form a ‘street’, towards the Tabernacle. A ‘fan’ of more Light comes from the edges, like waves, going outwards.

Out of the Tabernacle a small shrub with very deep-coloured leaves  begins to grow; the roots are inside the Tabernacle. Little and very beautiful flowers form on this shrub, which is only two feet high; but the funny thing about it is that each flower is different: one is a rose, another is a lily, there is a poppy and a daffodil, a daisy – and many other flowers – forming this beautiful bush.

On the ‘road’ which leads towards the White Cross there are other little shrubs beginning to grow in the Light of the ‘street’ – again, with different types of flowers. Now, I can see a little bit beyond the Cross and within It, I can see many Angels coming down, through the Light of the Cross. It is very hard to explain. The Cross, itself, is made of Light – and within it is like going into Paradise – into Heaven – where there is a vast area of Light. It’s like looking into Heaven, which has absolutely no end, or limitations.

I can see many Angels floating through the Light – coming out of the Cross, on the ‘road’, towards the Tabernacle. Our Holy Mother glides upon a pale pink cloud. In the cloud are little rosettes – and I can see roses upon Our Lady’s feet. She looks absolutely magnificent, coming down with many Angels in front of and behind Her, each of them holding a bouquet of flowers. Our Blessed Mother’s dress is pure white, as is the mantilla; there are little rosettes sprinkled through Her veil, which also has a border of gold and small flowers are attached to it. Our Lady wears a Crown made of roses. It is very beautiful to see.

Our Lady now glides, swiftly, towards us. In Her right Hand She has twelve more roses, but in Her left there is a single, beautiful, rose. She now glides into the Chapel and stands over the small bush. The Holy Angels – there are many of them – surround Our Lady and open up their wings. On the tips of their wings I can see some more Angels, who have many different types of flowers. The Angels are very pretty, are also dressed in white, and each wears a coloured cape; there are many different colours. A semi-circle is formed around Our Holy Mother by hundreds of these beautiful Angels.

Saint Barachiel has been here for some time; he always holds the White Cross in front of him and it is through him that the Visions usually begin. He makes the Sign of the Cross, three times – which I usually follow-through, with him. He has a beautiful star over his head and beautiful, very large, white wings. On his Cross is the ‘Sign’ – the ‘Sign’ which I recognise as being from God. Our Blessed Mother also has the `Sign’, on Her Chest –  as do all the Angels and Saint Michael.

One of the Angels now takes the twelve roses from Our Holy Mother, but the single rose is given to Saint Barachiel. Our Lady brings out a Rosary from within Her dress, somewhere – I don’t know how it happened, but it’s there – a very beautiful Rosary; it looks to me like blue crystal, with a golden Crucifix, but it looks more real than simply gold. Our Lady smiles. Upon Her Chest I can see Her Immaculate Heart, which was not visible when She first came here. Our Lady takes up the Crucifix and kisses Our Lord:

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. I greet you, My precious son – Our little ‘White Rock’ and future Vicar of Holy Mother Church – Our ‘Little Peter’. I greet your fellow Apostles, ‘Little Bartholomew’, ‘Little James, the Lesser’ and ‘Little Paul’; and I greet all the ‘end-time’ Apostles and Disciples throughout the world. I welcome all Our dear children here present and I greet all children throughout Christendom and mankind.”

“Today, I come as ‘Mother of the New Holy Era’ to come – and the reason I come like this today, under this sweet Title, is to show Our sweet children that the time is coming when My Divine Son, Jesus, will return, and the world will be renewed after the purification. This is a time that God has prepared for man since the beginning of Creation. God will reward His children who have remained faithful and true and who have persevered during the times of tribulation, trial and persecution.”

“Rejoice, My sweet children, and let not your hearts be overly troubled by the disturbances that now exist, for you have been told for many years now, that those who profess to believe in the Son of God – My Divine Son, Jesus – will be persecuted and asked to bear witness to the Truth. Therefore, go forward My dear sons and dear daughters. Take up your Cross and follow My Jesus into the New Kingdom that is awaiting you when My Divine Son, Jesus, returns. All that has been written in the Book of Revelation and in the Holy Gospels, will now be fulfilled.”

“Do not be afraid, but take courage and rejoice, for your names have been written in the Book of Life and Love. Meditate well upon the Passion of My Divine Son, Jesus and upon the lives of those men and women who trod [have trodden] the same path for many, many, centuries now.”

“Pray for those that persecute you and despise you; pray for those who wish to bring harm to you, for many are in darkness; forgive those that desire to bring you to the Courts. Pray for all, for many of Our children throughout the world are in great darkness, because they are far away from My Divine Son. Let not hate rule your hearts – nor vengeance. God is the Avenger, My sweet children, and True Justice will be seen in the rightful time of God’s Plan. It is not easy to understand the Plan of God, My sweet children – but you must understand well, that God is in control of all that passes in your daily lives. God controls the Earth, the Sun and the Planets. God controls all – living and dead – for God is the Alpha and Omega. Place your trust in the Providence of My Divine Son, Jesus, for your lives; have confidence in His Mercy and Goodness for, truly, I say unto you, My sweet children, you must share in the Cross of My Divine Son. Once you have carried this cross, victory will also be yours through the Resurrection, for Truth will prevail and Justice will have its course.”

“This is the beginning of the end, My sweet children. And the reason why the persecution is so strong: it is because the Maitreya – the Antichrist – is persecuting you. He is using the means of the Media – and the weakness of souls – to try to bring discouragement; to try to weaken you to lose faith and hope in the Goodness and Mercy of My Divine Son, Jesus. This is the time of the Iniquitous One, for the Antichrist rules many hearts. He controls many places and controls most of the world. But this is only the beginning, dear children. All these trials are to purify you; to strengthen you – so when the ‘great trials’ come, you will persevere and triumph over evil and, through your many sacrifices, many souls will come to believe in My Divine Son, Jesus.

“The help will come – not only from Heaven, but also from good souls whom God has prepared for this time. But each has its time, My dear children; you must be patient and tolerant and persevere with prayer – for prayer is your strength – and the reception of the Sacraments.”

“As you can see and hear throughout the world, there are many chastisements coming to mankind; much suffering and desolation of souls. Therefore, pray. Pray for Our children; pray for the Church and the leaders of the nations, because all that was Prophesied will now come to pass!”

“I Love you, My sweet children and it is for this reason that I still come to Earth to console you and strengthen you – just as I did when the Apostles of Old walked the Earth. I was there as their Mother, to console the Infant Church. Likewise now, at the end, I am consoling the Infant Church of the New Holy Era to come – the Remnant Church of the Apocalypse.”

“Pray for all your brothers and sisters – even those who have separated from you. Pray for My ‘Thornbush’, for great trials will soon come upon her and the persecution that you are receiving now will come to My Order of the Immaculate Heart. Therefore, pray for My ‘Little John’ and pray for all of My children who must bear witness to the truth. For once these trials have passed, true unity will flourish amongst My Apostles of the ‘end-times’ and all My Voice-boxes throughout the world – the Mystic Church on Earth.”

“I send a Blessing to all of you now from My Divine Son, Jesus, to strengthen you in these times of trial: In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. I send a special Blessing to the ‘end-time’ Apostles, to strengthen them, that they may become the Light for Our children in these days of trial and tribulation: In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Holy Mother is looking about Her and has instructed the Angels who came with Her to bring the flowers which they are to carry to all the communities of the Order of Saint Charbel, the Order of the Immaculate Heart and the Order of Saint Joseph, that of ‘Little Brother in Christ’ – and many other Orders which I do not know of at this time. Our Lady is sending them out and has explained that the little tree which She stands upon symbolises the Order of Saint Charbel, and that the other trees symbolise the various other Orders – there are twelve of them – and the various fruits which they will produce.

Behind Our Blessed Mother are more Angels who have only just arrived; they are very tall – about five metres or so – and very slim; each has four blue wings, and upon their forehead is a White Cross. Our Lady is still smiling. These Angels now form a semi-circle around Our Blessed Mother and a Crucifix has appeared. There are many more Angels still coming out of the Cross. Our Lady explains that these are Angels which the soldiers of the ‘end-times’ will receive today; Angels who will defend us during the trials. I don’t yet know from which Throne they come. Our Lady is smiling still.

The rose which Our Lady held in Her left Hand is very beautiful and unusual – a different colour for each petal. The other twelve roses are for the Apostles; the single one is for myself. The Angel now distributes these roses; places the roses within the souls of myself and My three fellow Apostles here – then disappears to place them in the souls of others, elsewhere. Our Lady now Blesses us again:

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. Our Blessed Mother asks us to continue to pray.”

THREE PRIESTS: “Benedicat Vos, Omnipotens Deus. Pater, et Filius, et Spiritus Sanctus, Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady has asked everyone to raise their Rosaries to Her. Special Angels have come to stand in front of every person who is here – the souls who are open to Our Lady’s Heart. The Angels are placing a finger on the Rosaries and this causes some sort of current, an electrical power, into the Rosaries which Our Lady now Blesses:

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. These Sacramentals, My sweet children, have received an extra Grace and Gift from the Eternal Father, to strengthen you during the persecution. These Rosaries – and many Rosaries of Our children who are not here and throughout the world – receive this singular Grace from the Eternal Father. Each time you pray upon these ‘beads of Love’, invoke your Holy Angels, who will surround you with their love, comfort and protection during the time of trial. And, [along] with the Holy Angels and the Prince of the Heavenly Court – Saint Michael – I give you now an Angelic Blessing: In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady moves back towards Heaven, slowly, with the Angels and we can sing to Our Holy Mother the hymn of ‘Our Lady of Fatima’, in Her honour. (Hymn is sung)