Message 552 – 1 November 1997

You are now entering a period of time where you will be asked to drink the bitter Cup of My Passion – You are on Calvary and now you will be ‘nailed’ with me on the Cross – Some of you will betray me by betraying My little ‘Rock’ of Truth; some of you already have done so. Let not the glitter of silver darken your minds – I will turn over all that is evil and bring it to good – You are Peter and upon you I will rebuild My Church – When this Dogma is proclaimed all that is rotten will fall, and all that is true and just will shine forth – A soul of high rank who worships the evil one will be converted shortly.

LITTLE PEBBLE: Holy Saint Michael has been standing to the right of the Cross since the beginning of the Rosary, and Saint Barachiel has come, showing the ‘Sign’. The big White Cross is in the Heavens and from it come many extremely bright and different-coloured slivers of light, from the entire Cross. There are two Archangels – one on each side of the Cross – who are holding it. Their garments are brilliantly white in this light.

From the centre of the beams of the White Cross comes a fan of light; it began as a single ray, but now it fans out towards us, with slivers of colourful lights intertwining and fanning out around this bright white light which is very slender, yet is spread out like a road. I can now see the very bright centre part of the Cross opening up, like two doors being opened and many Angels are coming through the light – gliding through on top of this light, on the ‘road’, very swiftly. Each of the Angels holds a Chalice in their hands.

Coming through the White Cross now is Our Lord, dressed in pure white – a golden stripe is along the edge of His garments. Our Lord glides behind the Angels and many Saints have come behind Our Lord, starting off with the Twelve Apostles – Saint Peter being the first. Behind the Twelve Apostles I see many of the Popes who have passed away and behind them are many familiar Saints – Saint Theresa, the ‘Little Flower’ is the first one I see and upon her head is a golden crown adorned with flowers. Just a little behind Saint Theresa is Saint Francis of Assisi, Saint Dominic, Saint Benedict, Saint Anthony, Saint Clare, Saint Maria Goretti and Saint Bernadette – many, many Saints. I recognise many of them. Saint John Vianney is there and all are coming through the Cross, following Jesus in this long pageant.

Our Lord is coming closer towards the Chapel, but there are Saints still flowing through the White Cross. Each of the Saints is holding, what seems to be, a symbol of their virtues – carrying these symbols in their arms and somehow it is related to the Passion of Our Lord. I can now see beyond the doorway in the White Cross, going deeper into the Cross and the procession of Saints is endless!

Now, very far in the distance, I can see Our Holy Mother, Who seems to be at the very end of the lines of Saints, but the Angels have now lifted Her up and the Saints open a pathway in between the lines, as the Angels carry Our Holy Mother through them. Our Lord has now entered the Chapel and is standing on the Tabernacle, turning sideways a little to await the Queen of Heaven. Our Holy Mother now arrives and stands next to Our Lord. Our Lady too, is dressed in pure white and has on a beautiful Crown made of many gemstones. Our Lord too, has on a Crown made of gold – seven points are on His Crown, each with a gemstone.

Although both Jesus and Mary look happy, they have a sadness in Their smile. There is a vast crowd behind Jesus and Mary: first, the Twelve Apostles are there and next to the Apostles, to their right and left, I can see the Prophets of Old. I can also see Moses, Abraham and Noah, Isaac, Isaiah and Jeremiah. There are so many that it is impossible to mention all the names.

I can now see the two Hearts of Jesus and Mary – and now Saint Joseph, who is also carried by the Angels to a position next to Our Holy Mother – to Her right. The two Hearts of Jesus and Mary are aflame; there is fire coming out of both of them and a Light comes from the two Hearts, forming a Triangle of Light between the two of them. Within the Triangle is the Dove – the Pure White Dove – the Holy Ghost. Just above Jesus and Mary is the Eternal Father, Who has only just appeared, seemingly from nowhere.

There seems to be a lot of jubilation in Heaven – and in the distance I am permitted to see Padre Pió, Mother Theresa of Calcutta and Princess Diana.

Jesus now looks about Him and – very, very clearly – into our souls. He turns to Our Holy Mother and Kisses Her on the Forehead.

OUR LORD: “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. I greet you, My beloved ‘Rock’, Prince of the Apostles – Our ‘Little Peter’; I greet you, My beloved son, ‘Little Barthomolew’, and My Disciple-son, ‘Rainbow Warrior’. I greet all My sweet children gathered here before the Heavenly Court – and those throughout the world – through and with My Father and Our Spirit, and through the ‘Mediatrix, Co-Redemptrix of All Grace’, My Most Holy Mother, I welcome you all and Bless you with a Powerful Blessing, to strengthen you: In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

My sweet children: on this great Feast of the Saints in Heaven, in Purgatory, in Limbo and on Earth, I wish to address you as your Saviour and Living God. All of you, My sweet children, are now entering a period of time where you will be asked to drink the Cup – the bitter Cup of My Passion. It is for this reason the Angels stand here with the Chalice, to offer to you the path that all of you must accept. You are not only on the road to Calvary, My sweet children, but rather you are on Calvary, and now you will be ‘nailed’ with me on the Cross. If you accept this gift and trial, your reward is not only in the Kingdom of Heaven but also the gift of perseverance to enter the New Holy Era, prepared for you and those who have been chosen.”

Think well, My sweet children, on what I am offering to you. Stand firmly beneath the Cross with My Most Holy Mother and the faithful Holy Women, and Disciple, John. Do not fear, for the Cross is truly the ‘Sign of Contradiction’, yet it is the Sign of Truth and Hope. As I had to carry My Cross and follow through to the end, so must you, My Mystical Body on Earth. Your Angel of Consolation will be My Most Holy Mother – for She too, was My Consolation in the hour of trial and tribulation. Do not be concerned, My sweet children, for those that ridicule you. Do not be troubled in heart for [by] those that persecute you – for many are weak and blind and have been tempted by the power of the Evil One, through the enticement of the power of money, greed and glory.”

Some of you will betray me by betraying My little ‘Rock’ of Truth; some of you already have done so. Let not the glitter of silver darken your minds and allow doubt to enter your hearts – for when you allow doubt in your hearts, without prayer, you will be sifted by the Evil One to doubt even further until you do not believe any more in the gifts that My Father has given to you in your life.”

Do not trouble your hearts, dear children, with what the Media will say – and have already said – for, as you know, the Media can be a tool for good, but mostly for evil, for truth is rarely defended through this channel. However, My Father permits all for the purification and sanctification of souls. Remember well, that My Father knows all and controls all.”

The persecution against My Mother’s Work here, in this Holy Chapel and this Mission, will be great – therefore, the triumph will be even greater, for I will confound all those who work against the truth. Therefore, take courage and persevere with your trials, for these trials will strengthen you so you will be prepared when the great tribulations come upon the Church and upon the world, for it will be to you that Our wayward children will come to seek refuge, consolation and strength. Therefore, be vigilant in your daily lives; pray, often, the Holy Rosary of My Most Holy Mother and all the prayers that are Indulged with many Graces for the living and the dead.”

As the trials progress in your lives you will see many changes in the world, in the Church, in your nation, Australia and with your very own lives! Continue to go forward in your faith – in trust, in confidence and in hope, for this Chalice cannot pass you by, My sweet children – you must pass through this way just as I, Jesus, the Son of the Living God, could not place the Chalice aside, but had to drink it, because through it salvation was given and the Heavens were opened for all generations to come.”

Joy will flood your souls in a very short time, because I will turn over all that is evil and bring it to good – especially for the little souls who have been faithful to the Words of My Most Holy Mother. And, once again – with My Father and Our Spirit – I say unto you, My ‘Little Peter’ – My ‘Little Rock’: you are ‘Peter’, and upon you I will rebuild My Church. I will renew it, cleanse it and perfect it, for you are the last of who will reign upon the Throne of Peter, and it is through you that I have made the ‘Three-Fold Covenant’, that all may know and understand that the Will of the Triune God remains, and will never be erased. Let those who have eyes, see; let those who have ears hear the Word and believe – and let those who speak, speak but the truth!!”

Through My ‘Little Rock’ unity will be restored through all the Seers, for all will be united under one. This will come after the trials in the coming months, for the trials will be great, but it is through My Rock’ that unity shall come. And all that My Most Holy Mother has revealed shall come to pass; all the Signs and Wonders and Miracles will be given to Our children, to console them and strengthen them, and these Signs will confound the proud-hearted and weak of faith.”

Yes, My sweet children, though the Chalice is bitter it is also sweet with honey and milk that comes from the Bosom of My Most Holy Mother, because it is through Her role as ‘Co-Redeemer’ and ‘Mediatrix of All Grace’, that all of you benefit from the Goodness of the Triune God. Let this be proclaimed throughout the Church and the world; let this be proclaimed from My Holy Vicar, John Paul II, who must bring forth this dogma with strength and conviction, so that all heresy will be crushed within My House upon Earth. And those Bishops and Cardinals who deny this Title and Honour to My Most Holy Mother: woe be unto you, for My Justice will fall very heavily, upon your souls!”

It is the ‘little’ souls who uphold the Virgin Mary; it is the ‘little’ souls who uphold Holy Mother Church and it is to these souls that I speak, Heart-to-Heart, who truly understand and live the Word of My Father. Pray, therefore, My sweet children; do many sacrifices, because this Dogma of My Most Holy Mother is very, very, important for the Church and for the world. It is precisely when this Dogma is proclaimed, that all that is rotten within My House, will fall, and all that is true and just will shine forth.”

I know, sweet children, that you are anxious. I know that many of you lose patience and are finding it difficult to live the virtues. Live the Gospel, My sweet children and you will live the virtues. Believe in My Word and follow it deeply in your heart, then you will not sin against your God or your neighbour.”

I Am Who I Am – a God of Love, Mercy and Compassion. I wait for all sinners to come to Me. Therefore, pray, My sweet children; pray for those that persecute you; pray for those that have betrayed you; pray for those that did not defend you, for they are weak. Be merciful; forgive your brothers and sisters.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Jesus opens up His Arms, as though to embrace us and in an unusual way He does; I don’t know how. The Eternal Father and Our Lady too, have opened up Their Arms. It is really beautiful – it is as though they have placed a dome of light over us, for there is a warm yellow Light that emanates from Their Arms and covers us like – I don’t know what to call it – a mist perhaps, which is very beautiful and very warm. It has the smell of perfume and incense – and today I was smelling the box where I keep my wedding ring and that had a strong perfume of incense – the same aroma that I smell now.

From the Holy Ghost there are circles of Light coming – they pass through us, too. Jesus is smiling. Jesus, the Eternal Father and Our Holy Mother make the Sign of the Cross:

OUR LORD, THE ETERNAL FATHER, OUR LADY:In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Jesus looks at His Holy Mother and She moves forward a little. I notice that around Her Feet there is a little cloud and little roses are popping out of it. Now, forming around Our Lady’s beautiful mantilla – which is a silky-looking white – are little rosettes, growing around the edge. Our Lady is smiling; She looks at Jesus, and kisses His Most Sacred Heart. The Eternal Father – I can see only a portion of Him, from His Waist upwards – is just above Jesus and Mary. He is very beautiful, with a very long white fluffy Beard. When I look at His Eyes it is like looking at fire – very hard to explain adequately, but very beautiful. Our Lady comes forward and makes the Sign of the Cross:

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

I greet you, My beloved ‘Rock’ – pure ‘White Rock’ of the Apocalypse – and I greet all My sweet children gathered here before the Triune God and the Heavenly Court. I will not add much to the Words of My Divine Son, but I do wish to express a joy in My Immaculate Heart this evening. As a reward for your fidelity, My dear holy son – Our ‘Little Pebble’ of Divine Love, as I call you, a soul of high rank – one who worships the Evil One – will be converted very shortly through this work and he will come to seek your help – and he will help you, My dear child! You will understand this more in a short while. Therefore, pray for this soul. I cannot reveal who this soul is at this time, but the Church and the world will know, for this will be a great conversion for this Mission given to you.”

Therefore, My sweet children, pray; pray for the sinners. I know that many of your hearts are torn because of the betrayal of so many. It is important that you realise that when a soul is darkened by sin, many times this soul acts in this way to betray another soul, because of fear – sometimes because of jealousy. Many of these souls drift away from My Divine Son. Pray for them; seek the Mercy of My Divine Son for them, for when Jesus was upon the Cross He said: “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do“. Likewise, dear children, many of those who have denied the Truth, and who have betrayed Our little ‘White Rock’ – and you and others – need the same words from your hearts. It is through your love and many acts of sacrifice that many souls will be saved, for many of you are waiting for signs to prove the point of truth; many of you are waiting for great events to occur to prove the Word of My Divine Son. Be patient, sweet children – God knows and he understands.”

The signs will come! All that My Divine Son and I have revealed through Our little ‘White Rock’ and through many of the voice-boxes throughout the world will come to pass – but in God’s time, in His hour! Remember, when Jesus was taken from the Cross I too, was tested by the Eternal Father – and I had to be reassured by the holy women and men, that My Divine Son would Rise. It is for this reason that I have asked all of you to reflect, over and over again, on all that Jesus and I have promised you. We have asked that you re-read the Messages so you will understand all that is taking place now, before your very eyes! Father against mother, son against daughter! Think about it; think of the divisions; think of the hatred; accidents that are not accidents. Everything that is evil is multiplying a hundred-fold. Do you not yet understand, My sweet children, that the Hand of the Eternal Father has been withdrawn and he is allowing the Evil One to tempt mankind.”

Reflect on the time of Noah – think of who was saved! Yes, My sweet children, the world in its history has repeated itself many times. Therefore, pray – pray My Rosary; reflect often, on the Gifts of God [given] for you, for many in the world are far worse off than what you are. You are Blessed with many, many, Graces.”

This evening, many of the Angels will be sent to you – and also, many Saints – they will strengthen you in the coming days of trial. Do not run away like the Apostles of Old, but stay with Me beneath the Cross of My Divine Son, and be not afraid, for the Triune God and I – with the Angels and Saints – Love you. I Bless you now, through My Immaculate Heart and through the Triune God: In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady and Our Lord are not going to speak publicly this evening to the other souls who are privileged – only privately.

Saint Theresa has just moved from where she was and is carrying a rose and Our Lady has also taken a rose out of Her Immaculate Heart; it is for Sister Marie-Therese – and the other flower, from Sister Theresa, is for Father Broussard.

Our Lady now floats back to the side of Our Lord and says for everyone to continue to pray now, because Jesus wishes to speak to me.

FATHER BROUSSARD: “Benedicat vos, Omnipotens Deus: Pater, et Filius, et Spiritus Sanctus. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lord and Our Holy Mother Blessed all the roses – they are Blessed for colds and have a purity within them for those who have colds. The water has a very extraordinary Blessing – I’ll explain it to you later – and it is called ‘Mediatrix’ / `Co-Redemptrix water’. The Eternal Father, Our Holy Mother and Jesus make the Sign of the Cross:

ETERNAL FATHER, OUR LORD, OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

OUR LADY: “Continue with your prayers, My sweet children; these prayers will be taken to the souls in Purgatory this evening and many souls will be released from there.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Most of the Angels and Saints have started to turn back through the White Cross, but many of them are remaining. Continue with your prayers.


The water was Blessed by the Holy Trinity. Jesus placed His Finger in the water and the Holy Spirit flew through it. Our Lady came and a drop of Blood from Her Immaculate Heart fell into the jar. Then Jesus said that this water is highly Blessed and is to be called ‘Mediatrix and Co-Redemptrix’ water. A medal of Saint Benedict and the Mediatrix medal are to be placed in the jar. It is to be used for cures of all illnesses – and Jesus said it can be multiplied simply by placing water into other water jugs.

The roses were Blessed for cures for flu and colds.