Message 555 – 13 December 1997

Put God’s needs for you first; this requires self-discipline, sacrifice and unlimited love towards your neighbour, yourself, and to God – Judgement will soon be upon you; for your conscience will be illuminated by the Power of the Holy Ghost – Reflect upon the time when Jesus was born in a cave; He entered the world in suffering and died in the world in suffering – Pray for Pope John Paul II, for he must be the first to offer all for his sheep; once the Shepherd has been struck the sheep will be scattered 

LITTLE PEBBLE: The White Cross has been visible since the beginning of the Rosary, and Saint Michael also. The White Cross has a cover of pink surrounding it. Saint Barachiel, the Archangel, came with the ‘Sign’, as he always does and Saint Michael threw his sword into the Altar, which caused an explosion and many lights came from the Altar. There is a ‘street’ of light from the centre-beam of the Cross to the Tabernacle and on each side of this wide ‘road’ of light – some twelve to fifteen feet in width – are trees which seem to be planted in a row on both sides of the light. Each tree has different fruits and flowers and in between the trees, which are apart by about thirty feet, there are bushes of roses and different flowers.

They seem to meet up with the trees and in some cases, some of these flowers are climbing flowers and have climbed up some of the trees. There are many flowers all along this white light on this ‘street’ that enters into the White Cross. The trees, although with different fruit, are all the same – the tree itself is the same, but the fruit is different. Right in the centre-beam of the Cross are two doors which now open, and I can see deeper inside the Cross, which looks like a garden – many different fields, many shrubs and trees, but very beautiful. Now above this scenery inside the Cross, I can see Our Blessed Mother, as She hovers upon a small cloud, accompanied by several Angels. Our Holy Mother now comes through the White Cross and glides on this ‘street’ of light.

There are many Angels following behind Our Holy Mother. I can now see a huge star above the White Cross – very bright. This star also shoots forth a brilliant light and it touches Our Holy Mother – or I should say, it lightens-up Our Holy Mother – very, very, brightly. Our Holy Mother is gliding down very swiftly and as She passes the trees, shrubs and flowers, they receive a golden dust that comes from the wings of the Holy Angels that are following Our Holy Mother. They seem to give more brightness to the flowers and a richer deepness in their colours. She now enters into the Chapel and stands over the Tabernacle.

A mist has built up around the Tabernacle over the Altar and in the mist are little flowers that are shooting out of this light cloud that is forming under the Feet of Our Holy Mother. The Holy Angels have formed a semi-circle around Our Lady. There are many of them and their wings are very beautiful – they are white, with golden edges. Above each of the Angel’s heads is a small star. Our Lady Herself is dressed in a beautiful white tunic and Her large mantle is a soft yellow colour, which covers Her Head and reaches Her Toes. On top of Our Lady’s Head is also a star, but much brighter than the Angels’.

She is smiling and I can see in Her right Hand a Rosary made of small stars. The Crucifix itself is made out of silver – it looks to be silver – but the Corpus looks very real. The ‘Our Father’ beads are also made of silver and the stars are very bright – they seem to be alight, but are shimmering like stars and they are not held together with anything material. Our Lady is looking about Her and is smiling. The Holy Angels, too, are each holding a star in their right hand. Our Lady now takes the Crucifix and kisses Jesus:

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. I greet you, My beloved ‘Little Peter’, ‘Rock’ of My Immaculate Heart. I greet My Priest-son and all of My sweet children gathered here before Me and throughout the world.”

“Today, My sweet children, I come to you under a very special Title as ‘Star of Light, Queen and Mother’ and ‘Mediatrix of the Divine Word’. This Title has never been announced to the world until today. The significance is for all of Our children of the Remnant Church: you are the ‘stars’ of My Immaculate Heart and I am your ‘Star’ to the Word made Flesh, the Guiding Light to Eternal Truth. This star that the Angels hold will be placed upon your souls today – for, through these special Angels, all of Our children of the Remnant Church, past, present and future, will receive the ‘Mark’ from My Divine Son, Jesus, to persevere in these times of tribulation of your souls and the tribulation of the ‘End Times’.”

“For all of Our children who are now being tested under severe trials must hold on to My Hand, never fearing the next moment of your lives, but trusting in the good providence of the Eternal Father, Son and Holy Ghost, through the gentle care of My Immaculate Heart. Do not be afraid, My sweet children, to take up the Cross with My Divine Son, Jesus, for all of you who are marked with the ‘Sign’ of My Divine Son, are required to give your lives, through your spirit and through your body, for the sake of the Kingdom of Our Father in Heaven. This means, My sweet children, [that you must] place yourselves aside and all that you seek of your own needs, and put God’s needs for you, first. To do this, My dear children, requires self-discipline, sacrifice and unlimited love towards your neighbour and yourself and to God.”

“The time of Christmas is near – the Birth of Redemption for Our sweet children. Reflect well on the gift of your Baptism and the price of your salvation through the Life, Death and Resurrection of My Divine Son, Jesus. Pray for all souls – especially for the sinners – that they receive the benefit of the Passion of My Divine Son and His Birth. Let this Christmastide be a time of meditation and reflection, for all of you will be called to give witness to My Divine Son, for Judgement will soon be upon each and every one of you; for your conscience will be illuminated by the Power of the Holy Ghost – [so] that you will see your lives [pass] before your souls and understand each good that you have done and each sin, because Our children of the Remnant Church must be perfected and purified, so that you will go forward to convert the world and bring them to the belief in their Saviour, Jesus Christ – the Son of the Living God.”

“It is time for reflection, My sweet children. Give yourselves this time in these coming weeks, for it is important that you think carefully, of the steps that you must take, for much will be asked of you in the coming months and years to give Glory to God, to sanctify your souls and to save sinners from damnation. Today I give you a mission [which is] of great importance to every soul of the Remnant Church. You are to be mediators [and] co-redeemers, with My Divine Son, through My Immaculate Heart – sacrificing your lives for the sake of your brothers and sisters. The sacrifice, My sweet children, means to give way; to give all; to sacrifice all that you love for the sake of the good, so all souls – if it were possible – would be saved.”

“The trials are many now upon the children of the Light – and also the children in darkness – for, as I have told you for some time now, all of you are being sifted, tried and purified. Reflect, well, upon the time when Jesus, My Divine Son, was born in a cave. He entered the world in suffering and died in the world in suffering. It will not be less for you, My sweet children! All those marked with the Sign of the Son of Man must follow-through on the same path to redemption, for all of you here – and throughout the world – of the Remnant Church of My Divine Son, Jesus, are called to bear witness to the Truth. Therefore reflect well, on the Birth and Death of My Divine Son, Jesus, for then came the Resurrection – and this Resurrection will come to you, all those who believe and are faithful to God’s Word.”

“Pray for Our Holy Vicar, John Paul II, for he – as the Shepherd of the flock – must be the first to offer all for his sheep and once the Shepherd has been struck the sheep will be scattered throughout the whole world. Therefore, pray that this time will pass swiftly, for the sake of the ‘elect’ and the little ones dear to My Immaculate Heart.”

“These days are no days for idleness for souls of goodwill – but rather, for hard labour, sacrifice and penance until the time of the Resurrection, where all of My sweet children will be rewarded with great Blessings from the Triune God. But, until these moments of joy, work hard for your salvation and the salvation of your brothers and sisters – and pray for the Militant Church upon Earth and the Suffering Church in Purgatory, [which is] forgotten by most of Our children.”

“I send you a Christmas Blessing from the Infant Jesus – My Divine Son – to strengthen you, to console you and to assist you in these days of the time of tribulation upon mankind. In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“Today, I will not speak [publicly] to My other Privileged children, but [only] to their hearts, for the Message to all of you today is to listen; to be at peace; to reflect and to meditate upon all that has been revealed to you through My Voice-boxes, Seers and Prophets throughout the world and through the Word of God in Holy Writ – there you have the answers for your time.”

“I Love you, My sweet children, and place each and every one of you under My protective mantle – and remain at peace. Continue now with your prayers, for these will be offered for all of your intentions. The Holy Angels will now be sent throughout the world, to mark the children who are to remain through the great Tribulation that is to come, until My Divine Son, Jesus, returns to gather His faithful flock. In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady now is instructing the Angels who are holding the stars to go to the souls who are to remain until the end of this particular time. The trees and flowers are representing souls and organisations that are bearing fruit and are to bear fruit – and they are strengthened through Our Holy Mother. Our Lady now glides slowly back, leaving the Angels behind. Saint Barachiel and some of the Archangels are now accompanying Our Holy Mother as She returns. All has been already Blessed by Our Holy Mother and, as the Angels are passing-by over our heads, they are dropping dust-like particles of gold on us and the star that they have in their hand, I notice them placing it over souls. We will continue with the Rosary, as Our Lady continues to go back towards the White Cross.

FATHER BROUSSARD: “Benedicat vos, Omnipotens Deus. Pater, et Filius, et Spiritus Sanctus. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: We will sing Salvé Regina. [Hymn is sung].