Message 564 – 13 June 1998

Satan knows that he can weaken the ‘Elect’, especially the parents, through the children – Satan promised Eve the power of knowledge; the test was simple, but the fall was great –Our Little Abraham, your last Vicar, will lead you through the Baptism of Fire and the Chastisements – A great tremor will shift a fault along the Mountain Range that sits before Wollongong; many will lose their lives – Only a handful of souls entered the Promised Land for all those that abused the Gifts of God perished – You will lead the people into the Promised Land where I failed – The Great Miracles of Old will be repeated again, on a much grander scale.

LITTLE PEBBLE: Since the beginning of the Rosary the White Cross has been in the sky; during the prayers many things began to develop. A large Host appeared behind the White Cross and the Cross then went into the Host, but remained a Cross. On top of the cross-beam is a circle made of roses – like a wreath. It is very large, and it swirls, very slowly, around the top of the Cross. I was able to see that within each rose is a little baby – a very tiny baby.

Behind the big Host are seven Archangels, standing in a semi-circle. Saint Michael is one of them, and he holds a set of balancing scales. The other Angels hold what looks to me like symbols of nature – one has water going from one hand to the other, like a waterfall – but it also goes back up to the top hand and repeats the journey, just flowing through both.

One Angel holds a lightning-rod; another is holding what seems to be a tornado-like twister and they seem to be active – I do not know how they do this. The next Angel has two swords, crossed – a ball of fire is held by the last one and the symbols of Alpha and Omega are upon it.

Very high in the sky I can see the sun; circling it are six smaller suns, giving off very strong Light. A black Cross forms on the larger sun, and the six balls of fire, or light, pass through the black Cross on the sun and heat and shock waves come from the sun.

Some Angels hold what looks to be winged insects – locusts, flies; others have much larger groups of various insects, like swarms. Behind the vision of the sun and the other balls, whatever they may be, are twelve more Angels, each holding a long Alpenhorn like those you would see in the Swiss Alps – each horn is a different colour; over the Angel’s Heads are triangular Lights. Underneath these Angels I can see the Earth and the other Angels turn around now and pour whatever symbol of nature they had in their hands onto the Earth. The Earth looked very beautifully green and blue before – but now it looks grey and dirty.

The door in the Cross is beginning to open. Coming through the centre-beam, just beneath the wreath of roses which still rotates, is a beautiful pale pink Light – a thin laser-like beam which shoots very quickly towards the Chapel, forming a ‘road’ of Light. The strange thing is, although it is like a laser beam, the actual structure of it can be seen; it looks to be about two or three inches deep and about eight or nine inches across. At the very end of the beam there is a white, misty, Light which has formed around the Tabernacle and the Altar. The Altar now changes into the Ark of the Covenant – just as I have visualised several times before. There are many different Arks; this one has two golden Cherubim, I think – or maybe Seraphim – Angels.

Within the Ark is a brilliant Light and I can see through the Ark. Moses, the Great Prophet and Leader of Old, is now coming through the White Cross, accompanied by many Angels. Behind him are many young women all dressed in white – but not bridal white; upon their heads are beautiful roses, formed into a small crown. Once again, within the roses I see, even from a far distance, tiny little babies. Moses is very tall and, as he is depicted in so many different paintings and movies, he has a long white beard – although he looks young all the same. He has on a beautiful, pure white tunic with gold edging and a heavy cloak is draped over his shoulders; he holds a Staff. It is not often that I see Moses – even though he is one of my Patrons. Now, Moses steps into the Chapel onto the Ark, which rests upon the misty Light.

Behind the women come more Angels and now I can see Our Holy Virgin Mother, Mary. She glides swiftly down; behind Our Holy Mother are many Angels and yet more women who are dressed the same as the others. Our Lady comes down, very swiftly, to enter the Chapel, looking absolutely magnificent! Our Lady is dressed in very, very, pure white, with a beautiful golden Crown and woven through it are many roses and other beautiful flowers. Around Our Lady’s waist is a girdle made of leaves and different flowers, interwoven. Our Lady holds a beautiful Rosary made of very small flowers which seem to be alive.

Our Lady is very much shorter than Moses, but by hovering on a beautiful cloud She meets his eye-level. Our Lady stands right in the middle of a semi-circle formed by all the women. I do not know the relationship between that and what is happening behind them, well above the White Cross. Also, upon Our Holy Mother’s Chest – which has become visible now – there is a Host, and within the Host there is also a White Cross. In turn, within the White Cross, there is a small Dove; Our Lady smiles. She has on a beautiful white veil and a little of Our Holy Mother’s Hair spills out over the front of Her Shoulders and onto Her Chest. It is a golden light-brown. Our Lady has beautiful – very beautiful – blue Eyes.

Our Lady now takes up the Crucifix from the Rosary and kisses Jesus:

OUR LADY AND MOSES: “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Moses, too, made the Sign of the Cross at the same time.

OUR LADY: “I greet you, My beloved ‘Little Abraham’ and future Vicar for My Divine Son’s House upon Earth – Our little ‘White Rock’; I greet My beloved Priest-son, Father Malcolm; I greet My beloved Disciples and the Royal House of David and all My sweet children, gathered here before Me and throughout the world.”

“Today, My sweet children, I come to you dressed in the Purity of Heaven – the Purity of God – the Victory of My Immaculate Heart and the Triumph for Holy Mother Church, as ‘Mother Ecclesia’, ‘Mediatrix’, ‘Co-Redemptrix’, and ‘Queen of the New Holy Era’ to come.”

“The trials upon My children, the ‘Elect’, are many. These are necessary, My sweet children, for this time, because if you wish to enter the next Era and the New Holy Era to come, you must be purified and strengthened through trials. Many of you here present before me and those who proclaim My Deity, will be amongst those who will receive the ‘Crown of Triumph’ from My Divine Son, Jesus, at the end of this time, so that you will enter into the New Holy Era, thus bringing Glory to God and His Church upon Earth; bringing salvation to your souls and the souls of many whom you love.”

“Persevere, My sweet children, persevere! I know, as a Mother, it is difficult, especially for the parents, for they are responsible before God to nurture the young, that they live for the salvation of their souls, and for the Kingdom of Heaven. Never give up, My sweet children. Persevere in hope. Each of these temptations were created. Satan knows that he can weaken the ‘Elect’ – especially the parents, through the children – for there are many temptations in the world now. Each of these temptations were created by Lucifer, himself, to see if he could entice the young away from Eternal Life with false promises.”

“Remember Our daughter, Eve, in the beginning – the cause of the fall for humanity; the cause being the enticement of the intellect, for Satan promised Eve knowledge and the power of this knowledge. The test was simple, sweet children, but the fall was great. Likewise it is today. The same temptation has been repeated for thousands of years and even more so, in these ‘End Times’, for Satan knows his time is short for him to be able to tempt man. For know this, My sweet children: Satan does not love you, he hates you; he is envious of you because you can achieve what he cannot – and that is eternal bliss with the Triune God, for Eternity.”

“It is for this reason the struggle is intense – and intensifies as the time for the ‘end’ comes near. Therefore, I beg of you, My sweet children, to listen to the Words of Heaven. Follow through with your promises and desires to serve My Divine Son, in truth. Do not make excuses for yourselves; and parents – do not make excuses for your children – you must be their example, their strength and their hope. When you come before the Judgement Seat in a few years time, will you have excuses then, also? All of you – especially the ‘Elect’ – have been given much and much is expected of you, for the more you are given the more will be expected, because God the Eternal Father has Blessed you with an abundance of Graces to understand the Eternal Will for you in these ‘End Times’.”

“Once again I say to you: do not pursue those things of the world, but rather, pursue those things of Heaven, for as the year progresses, many souls will be called before the Judgement Seat – many unexpected. Therefore, be always prepared and live each moment as if it were your last. Truly I say unto you, My sweet children, you do not know the hour when God may ask for the account of your lives.”

“All of you here present and throughout the world, who are dedicated to My Immaculate Heart are destined, and predestined, to enter into the New Holy Era. But some of you will turn your backs upon God, because you sought the easy way out, seeking rather the path that leads into the world. Therefore, pray, My sweet children.”

“The Holy and Venerable Order of Saint Charbel and other Orders now being Founded by God’s ‘Elect’, are there for the channels of Grace and are the ‘Gateway’ into the Promised Land. Just as My beloved son, Moses, led the children through the Red Sea and darkness of life, so will Our Little Abraham – who will be your last Vicar – lead you through the Baptism of Fire and the heavy Chastisements that will come upon the Church and the world.”

“The Communities that are being formed now – though they do not have many members throughout the world – will grow and flourish during the Great Chastisements that will come down upon humanity in these coming years, for I can assure you, My sweet children, the world will be like a desert in reality and this is not symbolic, My sweet children, for all the major cities will be levelled – the land and the sea and the air will be polluted. However, the Communities, which are the ‘jewels’ of the Triune God, will be protected during these times of tribulation. It is not merely for the protection of your bodies that I speak of, My sweet children, but rather your souls, for the Chastisements upon the world and within Holy Mother Church are not only physical reality, but rather, Spiritual Chastisements.”
“The Mystery of the Apocalypse has to do with the spiritual battles between good and evil; between the destruction of nations – morally, socially and spiritually – and yes, also physically! Therefore, I call all of humanity, whether you are Catholic; whether you are Christian or non-Christian. All are called to follow the true path! For those who have been given much within the Communities throughout the world: count your Blessings. Do not be like those who followed Moses, where God Blessed His children in abundance, yet all forsook God, and grumbled and moaned, and complained – yet they had freedom of spirit, salvation – they no longer were slaves and oppressed by their enemies. They had food, water and clothing and they had, more so, the Word of God and the Presence of God!”

“And you, My sweet children, have even more: you have My Divine Son, Jesus, in the Eucharist, permanently before you – that you are able to partake to house your God within your temple – and still, with all that God has given you, you complain. Will you receive the same justice as those who came through the Red Sea? – for only a handful of souls entered the Promised Land – for all that generation that abused the Gifts of God perished and many of them went to Hell and Purgatory. Therefore, My sweet children, be grateful to God for all that He has given you and continues to give you.”

“As you see, My sweet children throughout the world, the Chastisements are falling, rapidly, through all nations. Soon, the Chastisements will be seen within Holy Mother Church, for the time will soon come when Our Vicar, John Paul II, will be removed from the Seat of Peter.”

“Do not be troubled in heart, My sweet children, concerning the matter of [Cardinal] Casaroli, for he is but a ‘pre-figurehead’ for who is to come. The anti-Pope awaits the removal of John Paul II and this will come swiftly. Pray, My sweet children, for the clergy, that they will receive Light from the Holy Ghost to understand the seriousness of these times.”

“What I showed My Little Pebble of Love today are the Chastisements that are falling and will continue to fall upon the Earth, until the Eternal Father deems that it is enough and God will then intervene with a Great Sign that all are awaiting now. Pray for your nation, Australia, for a great Chastisement will come upon this Diocese and upon this land – for a great tremor will shift a fault along the Mountain Range that sits before the city of Wollongong and many will lose their lives. Pray therefore, My sweet children, that all souls are prepared. Continue to offer your Holy Rosaries for the salvation of sinners.”

“I Love you, My sweet children and today I have a special Blessing. It is for this reason that all the holy women standing behind me are wearing crowns of roses and within these roses are children that will be born. I place a great Blessing upon the roses. These roses have the Blessing of ‘Conception’, because it is God’s desire that many holy children be conceived and born into the world in these coming years. In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“Take courage, My sweet children. Do not lose hope, but pray constantly, for all that has been revealed by My Divine Son and I will come to pass now, swiftly, before your eyes.”

“The economies within the West will collapse, and shortly after this the Great War will engulf the world. Therefore, use your funds wisely, sweet children. Store your food and water – even though this has been requested of you many times. But learn from it – obedience is the ‘key’ to faith, My sweet children. Say ‘yes’ to God, ‘no’ to yourself, and ‘no’ to the world. The reward is great, My sweet children – beyond your imagination. Time is short.”
“I Love you, My sweet children, and place each and every one of you under My Immaculate Heart’s Mantle of Love – and I send you a kiss from the Triune God, especially for parents and the little ones. In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Holy Moses now glides a little closer – he is such a regal-looking soul. The Staff that he holds is the one which opened up the Red Sea. Moses places the Staff in front of him and prays now. Our Lady is also in prayer, with Her Eyes looking towards Heaven. Moses lifts his head and moves the Staff a little further away in front of him and it just remains there. I can see on Moses’ right hand, a Crucifix ring, which He kisses, looks at Our Holy Mother and kisses Her on the Forehead.

MOSES: “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“I greet you, My beloved brother, Heaven’s ‘Pure White Rock’ and Leader of God’s people on Earth. I, Moses, have been placed not only as your Patron, but as your Protector and to guide and lead you, so that you will lead God’s people into the Promised Land. As you know, My son, I was not permitted to enter the Promised Land because of a disobedience of presumption. However, you will lead the people into the Promised Land where I failed. But God was all wise and merciful – understanding the weakness of men. Take courage, our ‘Little Rock’; be not afraid, for God has selected you to proceed and succeed, for you truly will be the Vicar of Christ, and the last.”

“You must understand, My son, that with this responsibility comes the Cross – for every Gift that God gives, a price is paid. But be reassured that God, the Queen of Heaven and [all those who are in] Heaven – will always be with you. Take courage! And to all My dear sons and daughters, brothers and sisters: pray for your current Vicar, John Paul II and forget not your future Vicar, who must carry the same cross. Pray for all the Leaders chosen by God, for remember well, that all of them must carry the cross with Christ – for the more that you are given, the greater the responsibilities and the more you must pay. Therefore pray; offer sacrifices and do penance. The time ahead will be very difficult for all of you, without exception. Some of you here will pass away – young and old. Many of the children marked with the Sign of Redemption will be purged; some will be removed. Many will be converted to the Truth because God wishes the salvation of many – if not all, if it were possible. But the struggles ahead will be the struggles of faith and perseverance.”

“Try not to disturb your souls with trying to understand the Wisdom and Will of God – for I, too, tried this, in presumption; therefore, the God of Goodness chastised me during my life upon Earth. Now I have the reward. Therefore, presume nothing, My sweet children, but the Faith and the Love and the Mercy of God for His children.”

“The Great Miracles of Old, during my lifetime, will be repeated again, on a much greater and grander scale. God will not be outdone. Many believe that God is asleep or does not exist. But in a short while all will know that God is God, and God is the purest of the pure. Thus, my sweet sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, proceed in faith; walk upon the waters of Faith, and trust in the Goodness of God and His Holy Mother. I, Moses of Old, Bless you from the Triune God, through the Immaculate Heart of Our Heavenly Mother. In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Moses now leaves the Staff – and the Holy Ghost moves from Our Holy Mother into the Staff, then Both move into myself, and disappear. Moses and Our Lady now nod, and glide backwards towards the white Cross. The women remain; they seem to be moving around among the Community members – and far and wide to many other places. I do not really know who they are, but maybe they have something to do with God’s Creation.

Jesus is still in the Eucharist on Our Holy Mother’s Chest – and the Eucharist now becomes the smiling Face of Our Lord. Moses and Our Lady continue to move swiftly back towards the white Cross with the Angels, and they make the Sign of the Cross again:

OUR LADY AND HOLY MOSES: “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady nods towards Father, asking him to Bless us:

FATHER BROUSSARD: “Benedicat vos, Omnipotens Deus: Pater, et Filius, et Spiritus Sanctus. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady and Moses have stopped half way to the Cross, and Our Lady is going to Bless all the articles – which have already been Blessed many times, but in a special way. Moses will also Bless the articles today.

It is really amazing, because these women, whoever they are, have surrounded the three roses that I am holding – and a tremendous Light falls upon the flowers. Our Lady Blesses the other roses in the Chapel, too.

We will sing a hymn in honour of Our Holy Mother, as Our Lady again moves, very swiftly, towards the white Cross. She whispers, saying to remember Her Holy son, Saint Anthony of Padua. Saint Anthony also sends his Blessings from Heaven, although I do not see him. (The Hymn, ‘O, Sanctissima’ is sung)