Message 565 – 13 July 1998

Already the Hand of My Father has been withdrawn, as mankind continues towards their own destruction – Pray for Holy Mother Church that I Founded with My Blood; many within have corrupted themselves – Satan is cunning and astute; he knows well that time is short for mankind – The Eternal Clock has moved to twelve; know well that the Hour of Judgement is near.

LITTLE PEBBLE: The White Cross has been visible since the beginning of the Rosary and Saint Michael stands to the right of the Cross as he usually does. He is very tall, reaching deep into the sky. Today he carries a shield – a very unusual shield which is heart-shaped with the ‘Sign’ on it. He also holds a spear – the tip of it is like a tongue of fire. On his head is a golden crown with seven points and his wings are spread wide; he looks very elegant.

Saint Barachiel was the first to arrive; he also has a shield – which he normally does not – made of Light, but also in the shape of a heart. The White Cross is embedded in a border of Light; also around It is a beautiful heart – a red heart, like a drawing and from the Cross is a tunnel made of hearts – not human hearts, but in the form of hearts – and they are made of flowers; they reach right up to the centre-beam of the Cross. Above the Cross I see the Holy Ghost, in the form of the Dove; a lot of Light emanates from the Holy Ghost and comes towards us.

The centre-beam of the White Cross opens and I can see straight through the tunnel – which would be about 20 or 30 feet wide and a similar height. Beyond the Cross I can see the Holy Angels and the various Choirs. The Cross seems to be a doorway into Heaven. There is a beam of Light within the structure of the hearts – it forms a ‘road’ which comes towards the Tabernacle, making it glow. I can now hear the Angels – they are singing ‘Hosanna, Hosanna in the Highest’!

Jesus now comes from beyond the Choirs, through the White Cross, followed by countless Angels as He glides upon this Light and following the Angels I see some very familiar faces. I can see Gwen, who died just recently; I can see Dawn and also Grant Duffy, David Hepi, Bishop Joseph Maria and Father Steinbach. All come swiftly into the Chapel, where Jesus stands above the Tabernacle. Now I see Shirley and some other members who I do not recognise – they are behind the Angels. All form a semi-circle behind Our Lord. I can see Saints arriving: Padré Pió, Saint Therese of Liseaux, Saint Bernadette, Saint Clare, Saint Francis, Saint Dominic, Saint Benedict and many others whom I recognise . They all form part of the semi-circle behind Our Lord, like a Choir. They are all very happy.

Jesus is dressed in pure white, with a burgundy cape over one Shoulder and part of it is on His right Arm. The Wounds of Our Lord I see very clearly, but they are not Bleeding. Upon Our Lord’s Head is a wreath of flowers. Jesus smiles and looks about Him and at all of us and His Sacred Heart becomes visible upon His Chest. The Holy Ghost has moved from the top of the White Cross and now hovers over Our Lord’s Head.

Gwen has moved to the right of Our Lord. She is quite a lot shorter than He is. She is very young and she is extremely happy. Our Lord’s Heart now moves away from His Chest – out towards us and hovers in mid-air. The Holy Ghost has now moved over the Sacred Heart of Our Lord.

OUR LORD: “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”
“I greet you, My beloved son, Our little ‘White Rock’ – Apostle for the `End Times’ and My last Vicar for Holy Mother Church. I greet you, My Priest-sons, Disciples, and the Royal House of David; I greet all of My sweet children, gathered here before Me and throughout the world – and a special welcome to My little souls who have come from afar.”

“My sweet children: as you are aware with all that has been said over many years – that My Return to the world is near and much is to transpire before I come. Already the Hand of My Father and your Father has been withdrawn from My children, as mankind continues to proceed towards their own destruction, because Our sweet children do not desire the Love from My Father. Therefore, their hearts will grow cold and Our children will not feel the warmth of salvation.”

“Sin, My sweet children, is the cause of the destruction of your souls – the destruction of your Earth and all that lives. The consequence of sin is what you see in your time, in your hour. The Mercy of God is extended to all, regardless of race, colour or creed – but mankind would rather choose the world, the flesh and the devil. The consequence is what you feel; is what you experience now, My sweet children. Many of you have rejected the Son of Man and remain obstinate in your sin.”

“To the children who are faithful: take courage, persevere; persevere in prayer, offering up your daily sacrifices to atone for your sins and the sins of the world. Pray for the children who are in darkness, that they may still receive the Light of My Spirit. Pray for Holy Mother Church – the Church that I Founded with My Blood – for many within have corrupted themselves because they have accepted the enticement and promise of the Evil One. The Chastisements will continue to fall upon an unrepentant generation and this will continue until the whole world will acknowledge Me as the Messiah – the Saviour of the world.”

“To all My children who are destined to come into the New Holy Era, to come into Paradise with Me: remain firm in your lives to persevere in your dedication to serve My Father; to serve My Mother. The choice is yours, My dear children. Do not be tempted to give in to the flesh; to give in to the world; to give in to the promises of Satan, who desires to take you away from My Father. Many times My Holy Mother and I have told you to be vigilant in prayer; to re-read the Messages of old; to spend time in meditation, reflecting upon the Word; to drink of the Pure Waters that come from My Side.”

“It is time for Our children of the Light to be more attentive to My Calling, for truly I say unto you: many of you know the Plan of My Father for you – but deep in your hearts you truly do not accept it, but rather, convince yourselves that this is not true; this is not for me and that God’s Word will not be fulfilled in my lifetime.”

“Be careful, sweet children, for Satan is cunning and astute – he knows well that time is short for mankind. He will trick you into believing that time will stretch further – that My Word will not come to pass. Thus, he has won, because then your soul compromises and accepts the enticements of the world and forgets his calling. Many have fallen already, My sweet children – those who are called – even those who are called Apostles, Disciples, Queens, Princesses and the Elect. Many have weakened to the temptations of the devil.”

“Even now, My sweet children, contemplate the mystery of a true ‘yes’ to God. Let My Most Holy Mother and My Pure Foster Father – Saint Joseph – be your examples and [also] the many great Holy men and women who have given their lives to My Father in living their true ‘fiat’ of Love in total surrender and abandonment of themselves to the Will of God. Many of you say ‘yes’ with your lips – but, truly, deep down this ‘yes’ is weak – succumbs to the pressures of life. Some of those who were chosen in various vocations, signalised [singular] vocations as Apostles, Disciples and the Royal House of David. Some will fall if not wakened in their hearts to follow the Divine Plan of My Father.”

Therefore, listen well, My sweet children – this invitation to My Banquet; to the Wedding of the Lamb – will not be there forever. You have but a short time to accept My Call in Truth, or reject it. Remain firm in your decision; be either hot or cold; do not remain on the thin line of indecision. Trust in My Mercy and in My Love; trust in My direction for your lives; have hope and confidence for your future. Do not desire those things of the Earth, but seek those things of Heaven that will bring you close to My Father and all else will be given to you!

“Time is truly short, My sweet children – much shorter than you believe. But the hour has struck – the Eternal Clock has moved to twelve and know well that the Hour of Judgement is near for all of you! You will see many changes in these coming months – changes in your lives, in your country and throughout the whole world – because My Hour draws near. The Victory of My Most Holy Mother’s Immaculate Heart will soon come and the triumph of My Church upon Earth will come swiftly upon the world that has become atheistic and an abomination before My Father in Heaven.”

“I Love you, My children and I seek only your salvation and your eternal unity with My Father, Our Spirit and My Most Sacred Heart. Therefore, please listen to all I say. Be obedient to Truth and do not compromise the Truth, sweet children. I Bless you in My Father, and in Our Spirit: In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

To My daughters of the Royal House to come: listen well! All those who have been called to a high degree of sanctity: do not be tempted by the temptations of the world, or of the flesh. Be like My Most Holy Mother, and live the ‘fiat’, for some of you are being sifted – so be attentive to My Word.

“To My twelve Apostles, stretched-out throughout the world: some of you will be replaced soon, because you have not hearkened to My Voice! Pray, My sweet children; offer up sacrifices for all those whom My Father has called, that all may persevere in these final trials for mankind.”

“And to you, My ‘Little Rock’: continue on the path that My Father has placed you upon. Offer all for the salvation of sinners and ‘feed My sheep’. And today, I have a special gift for My Priest-son who has returned to his home: you, My dear son, will be My ‘Little Matthew’, for many have given up this Grace due to pride and weaknesses of the flesh.”

“I Bless you, from My Sacred Heart, through the Apostle Matthew: In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. Continue to pray, My sweet children, for My Most Holy Mother will be with you in a moment.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Jesus now glides to His left. Father Steinbach and Bishop Joseph Marie are to the left of Our Lord and Jesus looks behind him now, towards the White Cross. All the Angels and Saints have made a path-way. [Rosary continued.]

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Holy Mother arrived at the beginning of the decade of the Rosary and Both Jesus and Mary have been Blessing the articles here. Our Holy Mother is also dressed in pure white, with a blue mantilla which reaches to Her Feet. Our Lady glides, She does not walk. In between Our Lady’s Toes are little rosettes. She has a beautiful flowered Crown upon Her Head and has already Kissed Our Lord on His Sacred Heart, Which returned to His Chest; the Holy Ghost floats in between Jesus and Mary. Our Lady looks at Our Lord, smiles, then turns to us. With Her beautiful, big, blue Eyes – Our Lady is very pretty – She just looks about Her. Every time that Our Lady looks at us – Our Lord does too – They seem to look straight through you, as though able to read you inside and out. Our Lady nods at this and makes the Sign of the Cross:

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“I greet you, My sweet ‘Angel of Divine Love’ – Our little ‘White Rock’ of My Immaculate Heart; I greet My sweet Priest-sons and all My cherished children, gathered here before Me and throughout the world. I will not speak long, sweet children, as My Divine Son has already spoken much of what is needed for Our children. Needless to say, My dear children, that time is truly short for the world. Mankind truly do not understand where they are heading, for if they did they would be on their knees before My Divine Son, Jesus, [Who is] hidden in the Tabernacles throughout the world, begging God for Mercy, day and night.”

“But all of the children of the world have received sufficient warning from the Triune God and My Immaculate Heart. Now it is time for Our children to awaken from their slumber – to pray much and do penance, so that at least a small portion of the world will be saved. Do not become idle, My sweet children; please live the Virtues of My Immaculate Heart and love one another as My Divine Son has Loved you. Be faithful to one another. You are living at the ‘End of Time’ where the world will be changed and purified, for all of you are called to follow My Divine Son – to pick up your cross and follow Him.”

“I offer to all of you My Immaculate Heart – as a refuge for sinners and for all of you and I place My Mantle over each and every one of you for, truly – as your Heavenly Mother – I Love you as My Own. I send you My kiss of Love through the Triune God Who Blesses you: In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Jesus now nods and asks the two Priests to please Bless the people:

TWO PRIESTS: “Benedicat vos, Omnipotens Deus: Pater, et Filius, et Spiritus Sanctus, Amen.”

OUR LADY: “Continue to pray, My sweet children. Persevere, persevere – continue to pray!”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Both Jesus and Mary now turn to each other then glide backwards towards the White Cross. Both make the Sign of the Cross:

OUR LORD & OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: We will sing a hymn as Jesus and Mary return back into the White Cross with the Angels and the Saints. [A hymn is sung: “To Jesus’ Heart, All Burning]