Message 569 – 5 September 1998

Trials sent to purify Our children, to atone for many sins committed – Many will be lost to the Evil One – Do not abandon the Cross, no matter how difficult – Much suffering will come into your lives to rescue many even in the last hour – Many fallen into error due to misunderstandings, misinterpretation, weaknesses, pride, jealousy and envy – I send My Precursors to help My little son to reunite Seers, Voice-boxes and souls of goodwill – Two Great Prophets will come to preach once again, then will come the battle of Armageddon.

LITTLE PEBBLE: The White Cross is very close this time and it is very large. Saint Michael has been standing to the right of the Cross, for quite a long time. On his right arm he carries the shield and holds the sword in his left hand. Saint Barachiel stands to the left of the Altar. From the White Cross the usual very brilliant Light shoots forth, powerfully – this time like a ‘tunnel’ – coming from the centre-beam, straight towards the Chapel, to the Tabernacle.

This ‘tunnel’ of Light is approximately nine to ten feet wide and I can see through it, very clearly. It goes right through the White Cross and beyond. I can now see the form of the Holy Ghost as a Dove and God the Holy Ghost comes through the White Cross, within the ‘tunnel’, and floats down, very swiftly. Around the Dove are three circles of Light – one is blue, one is red, and the other is a yellowish-white.

God the Holy Ghost now stands inside the Chapel, where the Light from the ‘tunnel’ is not only extremely brilliant, but is emanating a warm Light towards all of us. Above the Holy Ghost – Who is still in the form of a Dove – I see seven flames of Light, like tongues of fire.

Looking along the ‘tunnel’ towards the White Cross, within It, I can now see Our Lord Jesus, coming through quite swiftly upon a cloud of Light. Following Jesus, are many Angels of different sizes, dressed in many various pastel-coloured clothing. Our Lord is dressed in pure white garments, but a reddish burgundy-coloured cape is draped over one Shoulder.

Our Lord comes towards us now, enters the Chapel and stands just above the Tabernacle, with the Holy Ghost resting upon His Head. A Light goes from Jesus to the Holy Ghost and then back again and a triangle of blue Light has formed upon Our Lord’s Chest. Our Lord’s Most Sacred Heart is visible in the middle of the triangle. The Holy Ghost now moves from the Head of Our Lord into the Sacred Heart. I can see Our Lord’s Wounds, but They are not Bleeding. Around the Waist of Our Lord is a golden girdle.

There are many Angels still coming through the ‘tunnel’ of Light, and they form a semi-circle around Our Lord, piercing the white Light which has formed the `tunnel’ and coming from afar, accompanied by many more Angels, I can see the Prophets of Old – Enoch and Elijah – moving swiftly towards Our Lord. On arrival, Elijah stands to the right of Our Lord, Enoch to His left. They, too, are dressed in very beautiful pure white gowns, and while Elijah has on a beautiful blue cape, draped similarly to that of Our Lord, Enoch has a yellow cape that seems to be flung over the shoulder. They are smiling, looking at Jesus. Now, even deeper through the Cross, I see more of the Old Prophets coming towards us. I recognise Moses – and one of the Patriarchs, Abraham – and also Noah. There are others there – but I do not know who they are. They have come to stand next to the other Prophets. I recognise Ezechiel.

Jesus looks very serious as He gazes deep into my soul – but he has, nonetheless, a gentle, though slight, smile upon His Face:

OUR LORD: “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.”

“I greet you, My beloved, pure, ‘White Rock’ – My ‘Little Peter’; I greet you, My Priest-son, ‘Little Bartholomew’ and I welcome My two children, the Precursors of the Prophets of Old, Enoch and Elijah: My ‘Little Prophet’ and My ‘Little Bride’ – welcome to My Home. I greet all My sweet children gathered here before Me, and all My children throughout the world.”

“As My Most Holy Mother has revealed to My sweet son, Our ‘Little Pebble’, we are going to continue the Messages once again on the First Saturdays until Easter next year. The reason for this, My sweet children, is to encourage you and to strengthen you, so you will be nurtured during the time of tribulation that now has entered the world, the Church and your very personal lives. All these trials are permitted by My Father in Heaven to purify Our sweet children – to cleanse them and to atone for the many sins committed against My Most Sacred Heart. These trials are there to separate those who will follow the Truth and those who will follow falsehood, lies, and deception.”

“These trials permitted by My Father are not only sent to the ‘elect’ and those chosen by My Most Holy Mother, but also to Our children who are in darkness so they too, will have the opportunity to listen to My Word – to listen to their conscience and to hear My call to repentance and to self-acknowledgment of their sinfulness – and to open their hearts to My Mercy.”

“However, many will be lost to the Evil One and to the final destruction of their lives and souls in the place of damnation! However, My sweet children, it is for this reason that I have sent My Most Holy Mother to countless Voice-boxes throughout the world so that even these souls – who at this time live in darkness – can possibly be saved.”

“The time of the battle of the Spirits’ is here amongst you – the battle between Heaven and Hell and you are in the balance, My sweet children. Every decision that you make while you live on Earth will determine whether you will come to My Father, or to thefather of lies’. Every opportunity will be given to you, filled with My Grace, so that you will choose the true and right path, so that you will be saved for all time. Know well, My dear children, that My Father Created you out of Love and it is in and through this Love that you are called to live with us, eternally.God did not Create, so you would be lost. You choose the path, sweet children, because you have the gift of choice; of free-will. Let My Most Holy Mother be your example through Her true ‘Yes’ in the ‘Fiat’ of Her Immaculate Heart.”

“I have never promised you an easy road, sweet children – for just as I carried My Cross, so must you. I, too, was helped through the Love of My Most Holy Mother. You, too, My sweet children, have the same help; you also have your Angels and the Saints; you have all the Gifts and Graces necessary so you will be able to carry your cross and follow me. Do not abandon the Cross, sweet children, no matter how difficult, or heavy it may be – for My Father fashioned this cross for you – every ounce, every inch, and each moment that you travel while you are on Earth, I am there with you. I will never abandon you – you only need to seek and ask, and I will be there.”

“The cross, My sweet children, is a gift to you from My Most Sacred Heart. Cherish these crosses, for they will purify you, sanctify you and bring you to Us in Paradise. No cross is too heavy for you to carry, My sweet children, for My Father Loves you so much. He would not give you a cross that you could not carry. Trust and have confidence in My Father Who Loves you; you are his ‘jewels’, My sweet children – therefore, you are His `treasure’.”

“Remain at peace in spite of all that will come. Yes, many tears will flow; much suffering will come into your lives, but I promise you that you will bear this suffering with faith and confidence because, My sweet children, it is needed at this time so that many children will be rescued – even in the last hour – just as the good thief who was crucified by My side. This was his last hour and last moment and breath – and yet, in that moment he was saved; he was sanctified, and now bears witness to the Truth to the whole world. The same applies to many of Our children upon the Earth. There are many thieves and robbers and murderers and scoundrels who have defied My Glance and My Mercy – yet, through a small act of love from you during these great trials, you can open the gates of Paradise for these souls.”

“Continue to pray, My sweet children. Offer your lives in dedication to My Most Holy Mother for the salvation of sinners. The road ahead will have many thorns, for you now live at the end of this era; therefore, the world will be turned upside down. Already the world is full of hatred – hatred towards each other and hatred towards their God. But it is love, My sweet children, that will conquer and this Love comes from My Father; this has been planted in the hearts of many of Our children – therefore, take courage and don’t lose heart.”

“It is a time to rejoice, My sweet children, for soon I will come amongst you once again, where all flesh will know Me, love Me and serve Me. This will come swiftly upon the world. Already, all the signs are there for My Coming – but know this, My sweet children – before I Come, I will send the Prophets of Old to awaken those who are now in deep slumber and in great darkness. But before I send the Prophets, I will send the Precursors – and many more Seers – throughout the world to [have people] listen to My Word, for all must open their hearts and obey.”

“For many years now many souls have divided amongst themselves – even those who follow Me – and many claim in My Name to be on the path of Truth and Righteousness. However, many have fallen into error due to misunderstandings, misinterpretation of My Word, through weaknesses, through pride, through jealousy and envy. I therefore call all My children to reflect – to pray for enlightenment from My Spirit through My Most Holy Mother.”

“The Evil One has done his work well, for he has sown the seeds of discord, division, hatred, disunity amongst all My Chosen ones. This must stop now, for the Evil One already has claimed victory – but I say unto him: this victory will be short-lived, for the Victory remains always with the Triune God and with the Immaculate Heart of My Most Pure Mother.”

“Therefore, once again I send out a calling amongst the children who are My ‘elect’, who are called to bear witness to the Truth: Unite! – unite under and with My little ‘White Rock’ who is the corner-stone of the renewed Church that I built and founded upon Peter, the ‘Rock’. Therefore, I send out My Precursors to help My little son to reunite the Seers and Voice-boxes, and souls of good will. Take courage, My ‘Little Prophet’ and My ‘Little Bride’, for I send you out with the Spirit of the Prophets to prepare My children for the great tribulation that will come soon upon the Church and upon the world.”

“This unity must return, for it is only in unity amongst My elect’ that the dragon will fall. This is the task that I have placed before you, My son and My daughter. Be not afraid of the insurmountable obstacles, for I am your Strength, your Light and your Life. My Word, through the Power of My Spirit, will pierce the hardness of hearts, for victory will be My Most Holy Mothers’, and none other. Confide in Her; trust in Her and let My Most Holy Mother lead you to the ends of the Earth, to bring back My scattered sheep, for they will follow their shepherd – and I have chosen, before time began, Our little White Rock’ and ‘Corner Stone’ of the Apocalypse.”

“I send forth the Spirit of the Prophets, Enoch and Elijah, into your souls to strengthen you; to inspire you. You will be told through them what must be done and after the great cleansing, through the great Sign of My Cross upon the world, the two great Prophets will come to the Earth to preach, once again, the Word from My Father to mankind. For then will come the battle of Armageddon and the final persecution of My Church and House upon Earth.”

“I Bless you, My little son – My ‘Little Prophet’ – and I Bless you, My daughter, My ‘Little Bride’: In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: I can see Elijah standing in front of the ‘Little Prophet’ and Enoch standing in front of the little `Bride of Christ’ – and their Spirit somehow is infused into them, for the Prophets go straight inside. The Holy Ghost, as the Dove, has come out of the Sacred Heart of Our Lord and rests upon them.

OUR LORD: “Go forth in My Name and preach the good Word of reconciliation, forgiveness and mercy and may the Light of My Spirit descend upon you and remain with you forever: In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Jesus now looks at the two of them. I do not know whether He will speak through them, or just to them. I will remain silent for now.

(Prayers are continued.)

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Holy Mother arrived during the Rosary with a huge entourage of many Angels and stands to the right of Our Lord, dressed in beautiful white, with a blue mantilla and carrying a basket which is full of beautiful Roses. Within each Rose I can see two crosses – one is white and the other red. Already Our Lady and Our Lord have greeted each other in their usual manner – very warmly. The Angels which Our Lady has brought with her – the many thousands of them – are also carrying baskets full of roses – multi-coloured roses.

Our Lady looks at Jesus and smiles, then kisses His Most Sacred Heart. In return, Jesus kisses Our Lady’s beautiful Forehead. Our Lady now gives the basket to Saint Barachiel the Archangel, produces a beautiful Rosary and makes the Sign of the Cross:

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“I greet you, My sweet ‘Angel of Divine Love’ – My little ‘White Rock’; I greet you, My Priest-son, ‘Little Bartholomew’ – and My sweet son, Our ‘Little Prophet’, and My sweet daughter, the Mystical ‘Bride’ of My Divine Son, Jesus: I welcome you to this country dedicated to God the Holy Ghost – and I thank you for taking up My call to come here. I greet all My sweet children here present, and all My children throughout the world.”

“The times that you are living in, My sweet children, are very sad – but yet they are times of great Grace where you can gain much merit before My Divine Son. These roses that I have brought from Heaven are for My dear son and sweet daughter, the Precursors of the Prophets. Each one of these roses is for a soul that you must bring back to the circle of Light, so that this chain of My ‘Rosary of Flowers’ will be linked together in one Spirit and one Heart. I give you these flowers – they bear the Sign of the Cross – one is white and one is red. These Crosses have a great meaning – one, where there will be unity, and the other where they will not accept. Thus the road will be one of great suffering and these souls who do not accept will be removed in the coming tribulations.”

“Unity is important for the salvation of the Church at this time, because it is in unity that there is strength and this Chain of Light that comes from the Sacred Heart of My Divine Son and My Immaculate Heart must bind each soul. Thus, when this has been completed, the Rosary of Light – the Chain of Love – will crush the head of the serpent through the Power of the Holy Ghost in My Heel – for you, My dear children, the `elect’, are part of this Heel.”

“The Victory of My Immaculate Heart is near; the triumph of Holy Mother Church is near – therefore work diligently, with a vigilance of prayer, to gather the scattered sheep before time, as you know it, comes to an end. Take up My ‘beads of Love’, sweet children; never place them aside, for through this prayer Satan will be chained.”

“I Love you all, My sweet children and I place all of you within My Immaculate Heart and through My Divine Son I now Bless you. Continue with your prayers, for with these prayers, many souls are enlightened and saved. And pray for My Holy Vicar, John Paul II; pray for your future Vicar, My ‘Little Pebble’ of Divine Love, and pray for the unity of all souls of goodwill: In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Both Jesus and Mary Blessed us – and we will continue with our prayers.

FATHER BROUSSARD: “Benedicat vos, Omnipotens Deus: Pater, et Fillius, et Spiritus Sanctus. Amen.”