Message 570 – 13 September 1998

Do not squander the moments of life God gives you; they are precious – A true husband-and-wife will never turn against each other – Now is the time for purging, for trials, for separation from the world; you belong to God first – The head of the serpent crushed, through the ‘little’ souls throughout the world – The waters were not contaminated naturally but rather, poisoned and sabotaged by Satan’s followers – The great War is near – Pray for the unity of Our Seers, for there lies the key of the Victory of My Immaculate Heart – Luciel was very great, My first gift, My first Creation; he was next to the Holy Trinity, at one time, as the `Light Bearer’.

Also present were Samuel – the ‘Little Prophet’ – and Donna, the ‘Bride of the Lamb’, who were visiting the Nowra Community from Canada. They are the Precursors of Henoch and Elijah. Included also is a Message from the Eternal Father to the ‘Little Prophet’.

LITTLE PEBBLE: The White Cross has been visible since the beginning, after the Benediction – very large and very bright, deep in the sky – and there seems to be a silvery glittering, or shimmering, coming from the Cross. Saint Michael has also been there for a long time; above his head is a smaller, white cross. He wears silver armour-plate – similar to that of the soldiers of Rome in times gone by. On his shield – which is also silver – there is a very brilliant, white cross. I see that his sandals are silver, as well. Saint Michael smiles as he holds up his sword, very high in the sky. Saint Barachiel also came with the White Cross, as always.

A staircase – I should say, some stairs – made of gold, reach from the Tabernacle up to the White Cross – very wide stairs. Upon each stair stands an Angel, clad as a Centurion, on both sides of this stairway – each one holding a sword, pointing upwards, as though in salute.

I can now see deeper into the White Cross; many Angels are coming through It, gliding upon a Light, down the stairs and I notice that there are Latin words written on each step, but I do not know their meaning, as I cannot read that language. My Guardian Angel, Saint Menoloutis, now appears, pointing to the stairs, saying: “This is the road of sanctity”!

Coming behind the Angels, I recognise some of the Saints. The first one to come through is Padré Pió – it has been a long time since I have seen him and Saint Francis of Assisi. I can see Saint Dominic and Saint Bartholomew the Apostle; Saint Matthew the Apostle and Saint Theresa, the ‘Little Flower’, Saint Rita, Saint Helen, Saint John of God, Saint Athanasius and many more. All are following the Holy Angels, coming towards the Chapel. Each one of the Saints holds something which pertains to their lives, in a symbolic manner.

Behind the Saints, I can now see Our Holy Mother, Who is gliding, very swiftly, towards the Tabernacle. As they arrive, the Saints and Angels form a semi-circle around the Chapel and the Tabernacle, but leave a space for Our Holy Mother to come through. Following Our Holy Mother are yet more Angels and Saints, who join in to constantly enlarge the semi-circle, leaving the stairway clear. The huge semi-circle of Angels and Saints goes very far back, towards the White Cross and even beyond. There seems to be millions of them!

Our Holy Mother has glided into the Chapel and stands above the Tabernacle, on a beautiful, pinkish-white, cloud. Our Holy Mother is dressed in pure white and wears a Scapular – also made of pure white, but of a different shade from that of Her tunic, or gown. On top of this Scapular is a white cross – yet again a different white than the other two. Our Lady has on a beautiful light blue veil, which falls over Her Shoulders, very gently – and I can see some of Her beautiful, golden-brown Hair. Our Lady smiles and Her big blue, Eyes would melt the heart of everyone who saw Them.

Also upon Our Lady’s Head – apart from the veil – is a very simple, beautiful golden, Crown; interwoven within It are miniature roses. In both Hands Our Lady carries rosebuds which have been separated from the stems – they simply sit within the palms of Her Hands. Three roses, of different colours, are in each Hand – and in the right there is also a beautiful pearl Rosary, the Crucifix of which is very much the colour of human flesh, but with a golden sheen to it. Our Holy Mother looks about Her.

Out of the roses in Her Hands drop little rosettes onto the Tabernacle, the Altar and also onto the floor. Little shoots grow out of them and form little bushes, which create more roses. Our Holy Mother is still smiling and many of the Angels and Saints look on, watching what their Holy Mother is doing. Now Our Lady takes up the Crucifix and kisses Jesus.

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. I greet you, My beloved son – Our little ‘White Rock’ and Apostle, ‘Little Peter’; I greet you My Priest-sons: Apostles, ‘Little Bartholomew’ and ‘Little Matthew’; I greet My son, the ‘Little Prophet’ and My sweet daughter, Our ‘Little Bride of Christ’. I greet all of My children gathered here before me and throughout the world.”

“Today, My sweet children, I come with many Blessings and Graces from My Divine Son, Jesus, for My children of the ‘elect’. These roses that I bring from My Immaculate Heart are special Graces for those chosen by the Eternal Father so you may bear fruit and bring many souls to Heaven in your lifetime. These moments are very precious in the Eyes of the Eternal Father for your lives, because each moment in your life is a moment where you can bear witness to the Truth – where you can gain merit and eventually enjoy eternal bliss with the Triune God.”

“Each moment of your life, dear children, is a gift from the Eternal Father. Be, then, attentive to the Eternal Father’s design upon your lives. Do not squander the moments of life that God gives you, for these moments are precious – just as life itself is precious, before God. It is true that the Eternal Father permits many trials, suffering and sorrows in your lives – but these too, are precious moments, because they were chosen by the Eternal Father for you.”

“Always thank God; thank God for your crosses; thank the Eternal Father for all the moments that He gives to you while you live upon Earth. God gives you these opportunities so you may live lives pleasing to Him, for the Earth is your training ground, My sweet children, so you will learn to live with those that God has Created, because you must learn to live with one another now while you are on Earth, because – remember – once you leave this Earth you will live either with the Eternal Father forever, in joy, and with your fellow man – and, likewise, if you go down below, into the eternal fires, you will live with those of your kind with whom you could not live on Earth.”

“Now is the time when you must live a holy and pure life for My Divine Son. Do not give in to the world; do not allow temptations to enter into the lives of the flesh. Be faithful to your calling, because each calling is like a marriage made between God and man. Be faithful to your spouse; be faithful to the Will of God. The Will of God is like that, My sweet children. A true husband-and-wife will never turn against each other; a true husband-and-wife will always remain loyal and faithful to their vocation. Likewise it is with the Will of God for your soul, for your souls are married to God in a holy union of trust. Therefore, be not afraid to accept God’s Will, for God would not ask anything of you that you could not do, because He Loves you. God has given all for you; you must give all for God – and in this way eternity begins at conception and continues during your everyday life upon Earth, and then is complete when you go to the One Who Created you in the first place.”

“My sweet children: truly you are living in the ‘end times’. These are moments where you could have great joy in your hearts, because to do the Will of God should be joyful; because to follow God is joy and love in itself. One day, My sweet children, you will understand this great Love of the Eternal Father, for the Love that He has for His Divine Son – as the Son has for the Father and Their Spirit, this same Love is given to you, where each and every one of you become heirs of the Kingdom of God, sharing in the Light and Love and existence of God – never to end.”

“Now is the time for purging, for trials, for separation – separation from the world; separation from those whom you love, and separation from yourself, My sweet children – because, you belong to God first. Therefore, be not afraid to give of yourself to God – totally – because in doing this God will give you all. The world at this time is in great darkness, for Satan has entrenched himself deep in the hearts of many children. Satan truly believes that he has won and he scorns God and mocks God because [in] the world [it] would seem that there is no God Who cares.”

“But you know, My sweet children, that My Divine Son will triumph through My Immaculate Heart in the end. Already My Divine Son has been Victorious on the Cross – but yet My Immaculate Heart must triumph, where the head of the serpent must be crushed and the serpent’s head will be crushed through the `little’ souls throughout the world.”

“God has not abandoned His children; it is His children who have abandoned God!! But God is sifting out the children on the Earth – to separate the sheep from the goats; that those who will follow the Truth will follow the Truth in the true ‘yes’ in the Fiat of My Immaculate Heart, because the Kingdom of the Divine Will of God is coming upon man, and already now many souls have answered the call of My Immaculate Heart.”

“Come – follow My Divine Son, Jesus; be true soldiers of My Divine Son; be not afraid of the powers of Hell for, through Christ the Lord, Satan will be crushed. Now is the time where all the ‘little’ ones are being nurtured through My Immaculate Heart and through the Vicar of Christ – My Holy Son, John Paul II. The victory will be given for Holy Mother Church and through My future Vicar, Our ‘Little Pebble’; Our ‘White Rock’. Therefore – all the children of the Light – rally around those whom I have called to lead the sheep and let the symbol of `Faithful and True’ go forward, so that the victory will soon come, and the golden era of peace and tranquillity will be handed over to man.”

“The world goes further and further into darkness – and the Lord will continue to Chastise those whom He Loves. Many Chastisements are now falling upon the Earth and they will continue until mankind recognises the Hand of God. The Chastisements have fallen upon Australia and through the waters that were contaminated. These waters, My sweet children, were not contaminated naturally, but rather, the waters were poisoned and sabotaged by those who follow Satan, to bring forth many ills upon the people of Australia; and many more waters will be poisoned – not only here, but throughout the world – because Satan desires to destroy man with his wickedness. Therefore, My sweet children, all must turn to God, for it is only through God that these Chastisements will be mitigated.”
“The great War is near; all the great Powers are preparing for this, even though mankind believe peace is at hand. The more the world cries “peace”, the more the leaders prepare for war – and war, My sweet children, is a punishment for man’s sins. Pray, therefore, My most Holy Rosary, that souls will be awakened from their deep slumber of sinfulness. Continue to pray for all of Our sweet children throughout the world, and soon God will send His Warning upon mankind – very soon! – so that all of Our sweet children will recognise the `sign of the times’, in reality!!”

“Pray for the unity of Our Seers, for there lies the key of the Victory of My Immaculate Heart. This I have already spoken about, many times. Take courage, My sweet Apostles, Disciples, Privileged children; take courage My Queens and Princesses and Baronesses. Do not lose heart; go forward through My Immaculate Heart – and trust in your God – He will not abandon you. Do not be afraid for soon, many things will change in the lives of Our children throughout the world, due to the many trials and sufferings that God will permit in their lives and many of your hearts will rejoice at the return of those who had fallen asleep and away from the Truth.”

“How I Love you, My sweet children; I embrace you all with the Kiss of My Immaculate Heart, through My Divine Son, Jesus and I Bless you, to give you many Graces, because many trials will come upon you soon: In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“And to My beloved Precursors of the great ‘Prophets of Old’: you have learned much, My sweet children, in these past days. Reflect on this well, for the work that My Divine Son has given you is very special to His Most Sacred Heart. Therefore, take courage and know that My Divine Son and I – and Henoch and Elijah – will accompany you each moment you make contact with those souls who need to repair and who need to reunite with Our little ‘White Rock’. I Bless you, My dear son and dear daughter: In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady has moved over a little, to Her right and is looking very deeply into the hearts of our two guests. I will remain silent for now to wait and see.

SAMUEL GEDDES: All the time that the ‘Little Pebble’ was seeing his Vision, I saw God the Father before us. I prayed that God the Father would be here today. I haven’t seen Him this clearly and this wonderfully since I came here. Father has allowed me to see Him and all the many souls. Oh, My God!

Father is so beautiful today; He is on His Throne, wearing the most beautiful, white garments. He is consuming me with His Love. I Adore You, My God! Thank You. So often You have come to me before and now You have wrenched my heart like this! I Adore You! I Love you! Through Your Eyes I can see clearly. I see my beautifying Angels on both sides of the Father: My Holy Angel, Saint Vasar, to the left of the Father’s Throne; My Holy Angel, Saint Savar, to the right. These Holy Angels have been protecting me all these years. I can, at all times, see them to my left and to my right.

The Holy [Eternal] Father today is on His Golden Throne, wearing the most beautiful white garments. His outer-robe is of a Heavenly cloth, but in an earthly state and it appears like ermine. Our Father is not wearing His Crown today – but in all ways He is a magnificent [Majesty] in God. I am overwhelmed to see Him today. He is consuming me with His Love.

ETERNAL FATHER: “My Love goes out to all holy people; I consume all of you with My Love. Do not worry about the trials ahead; God is Lord over all things. Everything is beneath the Father and the Son and the Holy Ghost. The Victory shall be Our Mother’s. The Holy Prophets will come, bearing the Words of God. They will be true.”

“My holy son – the ‘Pebble’ – is true! All of you, My children, will follow on this path – on this golden path – which Our Lord provides for you. Along the way are thorns and stumbling block and some of the stumbling blocks you are able to step over and some of the stumbling blocks you are able to go around – but sometimes, My children, you will face the wall. When you face the wall – and when you are stopped – then be patient; come back to Me. Turn around and come back to your Lord. I will provide you with a way around this wall; I will send you in a new direction. You will achieve the very same thing.”

“Too often in the hearts of men they presume; they presume by the direction that they are going that they know the Will of God. Be careful, My children, [for] you do not know My Ways. I exist in the Infinite level. You, My children, live within the confinement of your own thoughts and of your minds, and of your hearts, and of your love. I the Lord, on the other hand, see Infinitely. I Am the One who has sent you on your paths; I know the sure way for each one of you. I understand the numbers and the grains of sand upon the Earth. I understand your hearts; I know what is in your hearts, My dear children. “

“Do not compare what’s in the hearts – and do not compare the gifts – because God is beautiful in each one of you. Each one of you is My special child, be it the Seer, the Mystic, or the ‘ordinary[ness]’ of the child. All of you children are special to God; all of you form part of the puzzle. When the puzzle is put together, all My Work – the Work of God – will be perfect. I Work My Work on all peoples; I Work My Work in the natives; I Work My Work in the Priest, in the Seer; I Work it throughout all peoples of the world – and even in places that do not affect you, My children, for God is in all places.”

“My Work is Holy, My children and one day you will have a full understanding of all things. Be patient, My children – be patient! God the Father is Lord and Creator of all things – all things belong to God. You, My children, belong to God. Satan has committed the war against me. Luciel was very great; he was My first gift; he was My first Creation. He was next to the Holy Trinity, at one time, as the ‘Light Bearer’. But he being great and being proud, My children – what good did this do him? He has fallen – he has now taken the worst place, Lord of Hell!”

“Do not fear him, My children; do not fear the evil that you feel as you are [going] about. In the night he tries to frighten you – do not be afraid, for God is Lord over the night and God is Lord over the day. Be not afraid, My children! In the [same] consuming Love that [in Which] I consume My Prophet, I wish to consume you children, as well. God is with you, My children. Life is very simple if you love your Lord.”

SAMUEL GEDDES: Thank you, My Lord – thank you! He wishes to give everyone His Blessings:

ETERNAL FATHER: “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

SAMUEL GEDDES: Thank you, My Father. I have prayed that You would come this day. Thank You for Your Love. Thank You, Father. Amen.
THE LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Holy Mother has moved back over the Tabernacle and She is smiling, very much. We will continue the Rosary now for a little while. (Rosary continues.)

TWO PRIESTS: “Benedicat vos, Omnipotens Deus: Pater, et Filius, et Spiritus Sanctus. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Holy Mother now takes-up the Crucifix again, then kisses Jesus:

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. I thank you, My sweet children, for your prayers. Be vigilant in your prayers and offer many Rosaries for the salvation of sinners.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady now turns around slightly, looking towards the White Cross and slowly begins to glide back towards It with the Angels and with the Saints. Many of the Saints have gone to individual souls here – maybe they are their patrons – and have given them very special Blessings. Our Lady once again makes the Sign of the Cross:

OUR LADY: In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

LITTLE PEBBLE: As Our Holy Mother swiftly goes towards Heaven we will sing the Fatima hymn.