Message 571 – 3 October 1998

Those who leave this path of Truth will find it difficult to return; most will perish in the tribulations – These are difficult moments in your lives; unless you persevere in your trials, suffering and prayers, you cannot survive – Live in the world, but not of it; My Father can call you at any moment; you must be prepared at all times – Great trials will come upon the world; trials of disease; sicknesses, and the ‘tempests’ of the many Chastisements – The Order founded by My ‘Little Rock’ will receive recognition from those in authority

LITTLE PEBBLE: The White Cross is very deep in the sky; around It is a beautiful Rosary which is in the form of a heart made from small Roses. Saint Michael stands to the right of the Cross, wearing a crown of roses upon his head and he holds the usual sword, but this time it takes the form of a Rosary of blue beads. Around the centre of the Cross a mist has formed and through this a laser-like beam of Light emerges, forming a ‘road’ which comes down towards the Chapel. A pale pink mist emanates from the Tabernacle here and forms a cloud upon the Altar.

The door in the centre of the Cross in the sky opens-up and Jesus stands there, looking very majestic in His white garment. Over one Shoulder and secured around His Waist is a length of red material – like a type of cape. A Crown of roses is upon His Head. Our Lord glides down swiftly, upon the ‘road’ of Light towards the Chapel; behind Him are many Angels. I can see Saint Therese, the Little Flower and Saint Theresa Neumann, Padre Pió, Saint Anthony of Padua, Saint Dominic and Saint Francis, following Our Lord and the Angels, coming towards us.

Jesus enters the Chapel, glowing very beautifully and smiling. In His right Hand are two beautiful roses – one red, the other yellow – and through them a small Rosary is threaded, the Crucifix hanging between the flowers. Jesus looks very deeply into my heart – smiles – then turns His Eyes towards our guests, Sister Maria and Elvia, still smiling. Saint Barachiel, the Archangel – who appeared first – comes before Our Lord and kneels, taking the roses from Him and giving the red rose to Sister Maria and the yellow one to Elvia. The Holy Archangel then moves back to his place at the left of Our Lord. Jesus smiles once again and looks towards the back of the Chapel.

OUR LORD: “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. I greet you, My beloved White Rock – future Vicar of My House upon Earth; I greet you, My sweet son – Little Bartholomew, right hand of Little Peter and I greet My sweet daughters from Venezuela: My beloved, little one, Sister Maria, and My sweet rose, Elvia. I greet all of My sweet children gathered here before Me – before My Sacred Heart.”

“This evening I will not speak for long – but what I will say is important for your hearts. You have heard Me say, many times, to My Apostles and Disciples, “Let not your hearts be troubled”. In these times designated as the ‘End Times’ of your current world, as it now stands, many of you are under heavy trials. My Father is permitting these trials in your lives so that He can sift out those who will remain and those who will leave the road destined for the few, but yet chosen for the many. Do not lose heart, sweet children; you must carry your cross and follow Me.”

“My sweet children: many of you are now at the cross-road of your lives; you must now choose – choose to remain with Me in a true “Yes” of fidelity to My Most Holy Mother – or in weakness, say “No” and follow the wide path of the world. Those who leave this path of Truth and enter the world will find it difficult to return, for most will perish in the coming tribulations and will not enter into the Holy Era which has been prepared for you by My Father – for all of you! It is for this reason [that] My Most Holy Mother has come to Earth so many times, to ask Our sweet children to persevere – persevere in a vigilance of prayer, offering your very lives in sacrifice, doing penance and reparation for the sins of your lives, those of your brothers and sisters and those who are now in darkness.”

“I cannot promise, My sweet children, an easy life for those who choose to follow Me, for no-one can be greater than the Master – for the servant is not greater than the Master, My sweet children. It is for this reason I have asked that you listen to My Most Holy Mother and place yourselves under Her care in Her Maternal Heart; in this way you cannot go astray.”

“These are difficult moments in your lives, My sweet children – but unless you persevere in your trials, in your suffering, in your prayers – constantly offering-up all to My Father in Heaven – you cannot survive! Remember, My sweet children: these are the days spoken of in Holy Scripture and through the many Saints who have now come to Heaven. It is for this reason [that], so often, We have asked Our children to re-read the Messages from Heaven and the Words which come from God in the many books given to mankind on the lives of the Saints. Trust in the providence of My Father in Heaven for you – My Father will not abandon you!”

“I know, My sweet children, it is difficult – but what would you do if it were easy. Would you follow me? No, My sweet children – for when you strive to become holy, you will see its worth. It’s like a man who has been healthy all his life and does not appreciate that health – but if he becomes ill, he understands well the gift of good health! Likewise, My sweet children, when you have trials and you accept these trials as permitted by My Father in Heaven and you benefit from them by gaining much merit because of your resignation – then you will see the reward that God gives to those souls who persevere.”

“These are those times now, My sweet children: time for reflection; time for meditation; time to set yourselves apart from the world that will ‘choke’ you with all the enticements that Satan has prepared for Our children. Live in the world, My sweet children, but not of it; enjoy all the gifts that My Father has given to you – and benefit from them – but receive all in moderation and remember that life on Earth in the human `vessel’ will cease one day, because My Father can call you at any moment – that’s why you must be prepared at all times!”

“How I Love you, My sweet children; I long to have all of you with Me in Paradise for all time, but how much it saddens My Most Sacred Heart to see so few take-up My call. The Chastisements are falling upon this generation because it is a gift of Mercy from My Father to gather those souls who have fallen asleep. It is still time; listen and awaken from your slumber, dear children and those who have the Grace to understand: be patient, for many of Our children who have gone astray will come back, soon to live in the Light of My Presence – even though time is short for man. But there is sufficient time for salvation!”

“In these coming months, My sweet children, great trials will come upon all of Our children throughout the world; trials of disease; sicknesses and the ‘tempests’ of the many Chastisements will hit this land of Australia and throughout the world. Pray, therefore, My sweet children, for the ‘Elect’; pray for My Hierarchy, that they will see the ‘signs of the time’ that I will soon be in their midst – and I will Judge all! Pray for My Vicar, John Paul II, for he ascends the mount of Calvary to offer his life for My Church – My House upon Earth; and pray for your future Vicar – Our ‘Little Pebble’ of Divine Love, whom We Love very much!”

“Now the promise of My Father has come: My Church – My House upon Earth – will now investigate all that has come through the Goodness of My Most Holy Mother in this work that I have given upon Earth for the salvation of sinners. The Order founded by My ‘Little Rock’ will also receive recognition from those who are in authority. Thus all the signs and wonders will be given to the world, so that all may see and believe that I have sent My ‘Little Rock’ to the world and to the Church – as the Prophet of the Covenant for mankind. And now I have sent My ‘little one’ to help My little ‘White Rock’ – and I will instruct Her because it is My Will, for this Order that has been Founded for the Glory of My Father, will be Founded in every land so that men, women and children will live the Consecrated life that all must live in the coming new era of peace.”

“Now, my sweet children, I send you a Blessing from My Most Sacred Heart – to strengthen you all so that you will persevere in the trials that will befall you and Holy Mother Church. In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Jesus moves a little to his right and slightly closer – looking more deeply now into the heart of Sister Maria. I do not know whether He will speak to her or not – so I will remain silent for now.

OUR LORD: (To Sister Maria) “Little one: speak to My children – do not fear. I understand, little One, that you are tired and your body does not have much strength at the moment, but this Message is necessary. You are all much beloved; all of you are brothers and sisters.”

“I have united all of you today: those of My little country, Venezuela, and those of My beloved country, Australia – because all of you are My children; because all are ‘brothers’. I Love you all! I Love you all! I Love you, My little one. You feel a little perturbed because your body is not yet well-disposed [due to the travelling] – because you feel somehow ‘strange’ – but this does not matter, for you feel the warmth of the reception from My children who were awaiting your arrival.”

“O, I know that you expected such a welcome; that you feel well received and beloved. That is because of My Love! I – Jesus – brought both of you here, with My Hand, in a very happy and pleasant journey – even though it is mixed with much tiredness. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Jesus returns to where He stood before. Saint Therese, the Little Flower, moves forward, holding two beautiful Rosaries, the beads of which are also tiny roses. One of them is placed over Father Broussard’s head – and then the other is placed over the head of Sister Marie-Therese. Saint Therese, smiling, turns to look at Our Lord and then moves, to stand behind Him.

OUR LORD: “Continue now, My sweet sons and daughters, with your prayers, for united with My Most Holy Mother, I will take these prayers to My Father in Our Spirit of Divine Love for mankind.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: I can now see the Face of Our Holy Mother on the Chest of Jesus and She smiles, also.

OUR LORD: “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: We will continue with the Rosary as Jesus returns, swiftly, to the White Cross.


SISTER MARIA: Dearest and Beloved God: how much I love You! I do not know how to tell You this – nor which words to use to say it to You – but do know that You are aware of how I feel. I have felt the embrace of Your Love Which is also shown in all the members of this Community of Gethsemane – they are Your angels; Your over-indulged children; Your treasures here on Earth – Your Loved-ones, Beloved Jesus, ambulant here on Earth in this Your beloved country, Australia.

I – little and unimportant creature through all my weaknesses, my smallness, my nothingness and my guilt – have dared to come to them [these people in the Community] through Graces of Your Love and Generosity, Beloved Lord, manifested through these, Your children – especially by this beloved son of Yours: the ‘Little Pebble’. Now I understand more why You call him your little ‘rock’; now I understand more why he is your beloved; your ‘preferred’; your ‘predilected’, here on Earth. Thank you, Jesus; thank you, Jesus. Amen.

OUR LORD: “Little one of Mine; ‘rose’ of Mine: I am your Beloved Jesus, frequented by His Angels and Saints, numbering among them My beloved son, Saint Charbel, who today rejoices in your arrival and smiles at you, beautifully, together with My Mother, under Her Title of ‘Mary, Virgin of Carmel’. She is the One who protects, guides and comforts you at the moment when you need it and also at all the moments when you may need it! My beloved son, Saint Menoloutis, is also here and blesses you – as does Saint Maron.”

“I leave you today with My beloved son, Saint Charbel. He will speak of love to your heart. Amen. I Bless you, little beloved of God, chosen by Him; brought to this place providentially by Him. Many – the same as you – think that they are dreaming, but it is time to wake-up and see that all is a reality now, tiny one of Mine, beloved by God and by many on Earth and whom Heaven has Blessed! I smile and shelter you in My Home; in My Garden of Love; in My little ‘flock’ carried by Me; guided by Me.”

“Do not fear, for you also will be guided by Me; commanded by Me; organised by Me. Just let yourself be guided and do not fear, because you are My little one who has to let yourself be carried in My Arms with tenderness – with Love – but you, at the same time, must carry many in your ‘arms of love’. It does not matter that you do or do not like some things; this is the ‘salt’ which your Creator – Our Redeemer and Our Beloved Mother, places in all matters, as too, the ‘salt’ which gives that ‘certain taste’ to all [things] is being given, as you go along understanding more, little by little. It will not be easy, beginning to learn this language which is almost universal – the English language. You must learn it very well; the Spirit of the Saints will come upon you, to help you assume your part. Let yourself be guided; let yourself be carried along this path.”

“Tomorrow, early in the morning, convey My Loving greetings to all My sons and daughters who have sheltered both of you. Convey My embrace of Peace and Love to My beloved – the ‘Little Pebble’ – and to his ‘clean-water fountain’ which came out of the Bosom of the Eternal Father, to all His children. They are My ‘columns’; they are My strengths; they are My ‘instruments’ – beloved and embraced three times: In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”

“And, lastly, My embrace to all My ‘fair maids’ who are My fair angels: Sisters of the Convent – all of them, with no exclusions! You will do that and – later – all of you, prostrated in an embrace of Peace, will receive My Blessing of Love and Peace. This may be done when you see that the time is suitable and opportune. The Queen of Heaven and Earth – Our Most Blessed Mother – will let fall from Her Hand many petals from roses, which will be given to each one as a signal welcome and will Bless all, together with Her little Son – Jesus – Who will be on Her Arm; He with His Arms opened wide, extending His little Heart to all, filled with Love; inflamed with Love.”

“Say to My beloved son – the ‘Little Pebble’ – that he should prepare all with much solemnity; with much love – moved by the Holy Spirit who will be the ‘Motor’ which will flame with Love for all of you.”

“You may ask: but why has there been so much waiting, with all the excitement, love and good wishes which go with this meeting, from both sides – those people here and you two from Venezuela? You arrive here and they all happily receive you – and this is because it is My ‘melting pot’ for all of you; the embrace of Love from the Eternal Father; the ‘loop’ of unity from the Son; the ‘burning fire’ from the Father and the inextinguishable anxiety of the Mother to unite all in a single ‘flock’- in a single collection of love – thus joining these two different worlds of the Americas and Oceania. Amen. Allelujah; Amen; Amen; Amen. Allelujah!!”

Thanks be given to the Giver of all this greatness. Amen; amen. Then all will be prostrated, to receive My Blessing and make a concluding prayer in thanksgiving. Amen. I Bless you, little one – give thanks to the Father and do not fear. Continue your rest, for you need it. Amen.

The messages given to Sister Maria by Our Lord were translated From Spanish into English