Message 573 – 7 November 1998

You live at the end of your time; the nearer you come to My Second Coming, the swifter the time will flow – This place will receive true recognition from My Church – Pray for Pope John Paul II, for his road will soon come to a close – Cataclysm of events will occur in the Heavens, for time is truly short – Many will be lost in the coming wars that will spread like fire – Pray for the safety of the astronauts.

LITTLE PEBBLE: The White Cross has been visible since I walked into the Chapel. Saint Michael is to the right of it – where he always stands – but deep in the sky, wearing silver armour and a white cloak. Saint Barachiel, the Archangel, is where Saint Charbel’s picture is on the wall, holding a much smaller version of the White Cross. He gives the ‘Sign’. From the White Cross in the sky there comes a sound like a breeze blowing – and yet it is also visible – a cloud, or misty formation, travelling from the White Cross and forming a pathway towards the Chapel. I see over the Cross, seven stars which form a rainbow-style semi-circle, the largest one being in the centre and they give off a very strong Light towards us and the Earth generally.

The White Cross now opens in the centre of the crossed-beams – like a doorway – and inside, is a very, very, bright Light. Angels come through the Cross, gliding down towards us on the mist and as they do so, the mist swirls around them. Behind these Holy Angels I can see Jesus, as He glides swiftly down towards us, dressed all in white – very, very, pure white – with a golden cape around His Shoulders and draped upon his right Arm. Upon His Head, the Crown of Thorns is intertwined with woven gold. The Thorns of the Crown do not penetrate His Head, but just rest there. The many Angels following are dressed very similarly to Our Lord. When Jesus enters the Chapel He stands upon the Tabernacle and I can see the ‘Sign’ being given by Our Lord, the Angels and Saint Michael. The ‘Sign’ is very bright.

To the left of Our Lord – some fifty-metres away – some of the evil spirits are looking in to see what is occurring here in the Chapel, but Our Lord looks at them sternly, and they disappear very swiftly. Under the Altar the floor is disappearing and I can see the threshold of Purgatory. There are many souls waiting to be released and their Guardian Angels are with them; there is no fire there, but there is a great yearning to be with Our Saviour. Our Lord is looking down upon them and smiling and He whispers to them and says: “Soon”.

OUR LORD: In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

I greet you, My beloved Apostle, My Little Peter; I greet My Priest-sons, fellow Apostles, and all of My sweet children gathered here before me and throughout the world. I greet you in the Name of My Father, Who Dwells in Me with Our Spirit.”

My sweet children: all of you know well, all that is asked of you at this time. Prayer, penance, sacrifice and atonement – all is needed now. This can only be done when you live the Virtues of My Immaculate Mother, for My Most Holy Mother is the example that all of you should take and place deep within your hearts. Perseverance is needed now, My sweet children, and great tolerance with one another. These are your moments where sanctifying Grace is given, dependent upon your response to My Divine Will for your lives. Many Graces are offered to each and every one of you each day – each moment of your life. Time moves swiftly now because you live at the end of your time. The nearer you come to My Second Coming, the swifter the time will flow in your lives. Therefore, use your time well in gaining all the merits and Graces – so that, filled with these, you will come into My Kingdom and into the New Holy Era prepared for those who are faithful to My calling.”

Pray, My sweet children, for the Investigation instigated by My Church; pray for your Bishop – My son, Philip Wilson; pray for those who will judge; pray for those who will persecute you; pray for those who will bear false witness and pray for those who will deny the Truth – for as it was with Me, your Saviour, so shall it be with you, My sweet children. However, be assured the Truth will be known and victory will be Heaven’s and yours, for I tell you most solemnly that this place – which My Most Holy Mother has deigned to visit so many times for the benefit of humanity – will receive true recognition from My Church upon Earth, in spite of all that will go against this work and against the Truth. Therefore I ask all My children throughout the world to pray. Know this, My sweet children: that a great Chastisement awaits this nation and many nations upon the Earth, because of the many injustices placed upon the innocent – and those who have borne witness to the Truth. Before a decision has been made by the Church, a ‘Sign’ will be given, so that all may know that the Eternal Father’s Hand has been placed upon these Sacred Grounds.”

Pray for My Vicar – John Paul II – for his road will soon come to a close, for I will soon come for him. Pray that he completes the work that I have destined for him. Pray, My sweet children, for the Diocese of Wollongong, for much will be given to this place. Pray for the Clergy – for the Religious who have Consecrated their lives to me – that those who are lukewarm will open their hearts to the truth of My Love and those who know the Truth, that they will stand forth and be counted, because now is the time for all the shepherds, the pastors of My House upon Earth, to give testimony to the Truth because the world is in great danger of capitulation. Soon, My sweet children, the cataclysm of events will occur in the Heavens, for all must know that time is truly short for mankind. There is no time left for Our children to play games – to take life easy – but, rather, it is time to truly reflect upon your lives, for many children on the Earth are well on the road to perdition, and many will be lost in the coming wars that will spread like fire throughout the world.”

Pray for the astronauts, My sweet children, that they will be safe. Pray, dear children, for your brothers and sisters, for there is still time for salvation – for I am the Resurrection and the Life for all, and I await My children to bring them to My Father Who Dwells in Me. Take courage, My sweet children, and pick up your cross and follow Me. Take up the `beads of Love’ from My Most Holy Mother and pray earnestly for the salvation of sinners. I Love you, My sweet children, as your Saviour and your God and I Bless you from the Sacred Heart that Loves you so immensely: In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Now sweet Jesus looks deeply within the soul of Sister Maria; I will remain silent.

SISTER MARIA: Our Lord Jesus wishes to say that He Blesses all His children and does this every day, from His Dwelling within the Tabernacle.

OUR LORD: “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost, Amen.”

He Loves all His children of the world. One of His strongest desires is to save every one of them – to bring each one of His children to eternal life. Eternally Loved by Him, are those who are predilected and he wishes all children to consider their life and change their attitude where necessary, engaging instead, in a life which is renewed in the spirit – a life that will be an example to others, so that they may lead them to change by accepting the strength and Love of God.

Jesus Loves us; Jesus Blesses us; Jesus wants us to remain united in Him; by Him and for Him. His great Blessings are given to all the children of the world and especially for His children of Venezuela, those of Australia, and particularly for His children who are gathered in the Order of Saint Charbel. Jesus Blesses us:

OUR LORD: “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.:”

LITTLE PEBBLE: There was a sad smile on the Face of Jesus, momentarily and I saw what looked like a crystal Teardrop fall from one Eye. It went onto the Altar and spread – one little Tear – all over it. I can now see the Holy Souls once again. This time they are rejoicing – the Tear must have cleansed them – and they all now file swiftly, behind Our Lord and the Blessed Angels, showing great happiness. All are dressed in white, very much aglow and their Guardian Angels are with them. They are very anxious – at least it seems so. Jesus is smiling.

OUR LORD: “Continue, My sweet children, with your prayers – for many more souls must be released from the place of purging this evening, so that these beautiful souls will help you in the coming trials and tribulations [which will fall] upon each and every one of you, here and throughout the world. Pray, pray, pray, for the year of great tribulation approaches fast, and much sorrow will enter the hearts of many of Our children upon Earth. I Bless you all, sweet children: In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Jesus asks the two Priests to please Bless the people, and He will Bless all of you through them.

TWO PRIESTS: “Benedicat vos, Omnipotens Deus: Pater, et Filius, et Spiritus Sanctus. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: From Our Lord’s Wounds come little Droplets of crystallised Blood. They fall upon the Altar, but the Angels from behind Him now come and take the Droplets, singly, and come to all of us to place one of the Droplets upon our heads. Jesus smiles and turns to the souls who are eagerly waiting behind Him and they all kneel, in obvious anticipation. Jesus now glides backwards, moving to one side a little, Blessing them as He moves towards the White Cross once again. The souls follow Jesus and so do many of the Angels. We will continue with our Rosary now. (Rosary continues.)

I just wanted to mention that Our Lord Blessed the roses, the few which are here. Our Lord said that It comes from His Sacred Heart, for the critically ill and one rose he wants to be given to the Bishop of Wollongong, as a Gift from His Most Sacred Heart, to show him that He Loves him very much. Jesus will give the Bishop a ‘Sign’ – if he prays for it!

Also, Our Lord Blessed Father Broussard’s Testimonial in reference to my life, and also the book. Jesus said that He is very pleased with the work that has been done on the book, and that many souls will be converted because of it. I wanted to mention that, for the sake of the official record of this Mission.


I was shown the inside of a Church, and I knew that it was not the Basilica of the Vatican. Behind the Altar I could see a very large Host. In the centre of It was the Eternal Father. To His right was His Beloved son – Our Lord Jesus Christ; to the left the Most Holy Virgin Mary. Above Them was the Holy Ghost, in the Form of a Dove, spilling His shining and Divine Light upon Them and the Altar.

At the Feet of These Divine Persons, seated upon his throne, was Pope John Paul II. At his feet was Mr. William Kamm – the Little Pebble – who was then crowned by the Holy Pope and proceeded to sit upon the throne, which had been vacated by John Paul II who, very humbly, knelt before the new Pope.

Along the length of the Church, on both sides, there were many Cardinals. Behind them were the various Congregations of the Catholic, Apostolic and Roman Church, plus others who represented the many Communities formed under Saint Charbel’s name and Order.

Outside the Church – and to the right of it – the Most Holy Virgin Appeared. To the left was Mr. William Kamm, wearing the Papal Robes in his new role as Pope Peter II. A large circular shape was formed, with the Virgin Mary at the head and the new Pope at the end. This was indicative of the reach of the Communities of Saint Charbel throughout the world.

Right after that, another circle could be seen. This represented the different groups – Congregations – of the Catholic Religion. All of the groups, Communities and Congregations of the Catholic, Apostolic and Roman religion will be purified by the Most Holy Trinity and this will be the new Church.