Message 588 – 7 August 1999

The world is in great danger – now is the time of the cleansing and purification – Be ready for your Judgement – Soon you will lead the Church in its darkest hour – The Staff I hold is the Staff of the Rock and is placed within your soul –

LITTLE PEBBLE: The white Cross has been visible for some time now; on the crossbeam are three Hearts: the Sacred Heart of Our Lord, in the centre, the Immaculate Heart of Our Lady on the right, and Saint Joseph’s Pure Heart on the left; along the main beam are many small hearts. Saint Michael stands to the right of the Cross – he is very large and is holding a shield, on which is an image of the Sacred Heart of Our Lord.

Now, the Cross opens – where the Sacred Heart of Our Lord is situated – and a ray of Light shoots out towards the Tabernacle here. This creates a mini-explosion and causes many colourful Lights to emerge from the Tabernacle. As the white Light comes from the Cross it forms a very wide, but shallow, ‘street’ of Light and growing out of the ‘street’ are little crosses. These are formed by the colours of the whole spectrum of Light, millions of tiny little crosses; upon the crosses are little hearts.

Coming through the Cross now are many Angels; they have on their wings two hearts – one each side. One is the Sacred Heart and the other is the Immaculate Heart – the symbols being embedded within their wings. The Holy Angels are dressed in pure white and they gently float down towards us. There are many different sizes of Angels.

The Eternal Father, dressed all in white, is next to emerge from the Cross. On His Head He has the Papal Crown – the Triple Tiara – and the symbols are hearts and roses. He is sitting on a golden Throne, from which emanates a very bright Light. Angels are underneath the Throne – very small Cherubim Angels – and behind the Eternal Father are millions of other Angels. Above the white Cross is the Holy Ghost, in the form of the Dove; there is a small red Heart on His Chest, too.

The Eternal Father glides very swiftly, with the Angels. He is seated on a Throne and wearing very beautiful clothes in pure white; over them is a golden cape, or very thick stole, which is very high in the shoulders – like Priestly vestments – with golden tassels. Looking closer at these vestments I can see the emblem of John Paul II and Peter II on them.

Now the Eternal Father is very close and the sky is filled with Angels, some with hearts in their wings, as described, and others with varying symbols – you could never count them. They form a semi-circle behind the Eternal Father. The little Angels who are holding the Throne, pop their little heads up occasionally from underneath the Throne, but I can see only their wings mostly. The Eternal Father is truly Majestic-looking with His beautiful, long fluffy white Hair – and His Beard, too, is quite long and very fluffy. His Eyes are a crystal blue – very, very, beautiful Eyes, like Our Lord’s. He holds a type of Staff – a small crosier, like a shepherd’s; there is a Cross atop it – before the curve of the crook – forming part of the Staff. In the Cross is a green emerald gemstone.

The Eternal Father smiles as He looks about at all the souls, very, very, deeply – as though speaking directly to each one. Saint Barachiel – who was here right at the beginning – comes up to the Eternal Father and kneels in front of Him; he actually is prostrate right at the top of the Altar, because the Eternal Father’s Throne is sitting on top of the Tabernacle. The Eternal Father is so close – just a few metres away – you could nearly touch Him. He is smiling – in fact His smile can be seen in His Eyes, Which seem to glitter like crystals. This is very hard to explain – but I can feel the warmth of the Eternal Father.

All the Angels are in awe and are worshipping God. They just seem to be very, very, happy. The Eternal Father now gives the Staff to Saint Barachiel, who goes to the right of the Eternal Father and kneels.

ETERNAL FATHER: “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

I greet you, My beloved ‘Pure Rock’ – the ‘Rock’ of My Heart. I greet you, My Priest-son, ‘Little Bartholomew’ and all My sweet children who have gathered here before My Divine Altar. I give greetings to all of you throughout the world. This evening, I come as your Heavenly Father – your Creator – to embrace you all in the Bosom of My Fatherly Love. You need not fear, dear children dedicated to My Divine Son and My Daughter, Mary.”

The world truly goes further away from My Love, seeking another love that is not of Me – but I remain Your Heavenly Father and wait with Infinite Patience and Mercy for My wayward children. Take courage, dear children; know that I, your Heavenly Father, watch over you. All those marked with the Sign of My Divine Son belong to Me, even those who are yet not marked, for they will hear My Spirit and turn away from their sinful lives and come to Me. This is My hour, sweet children. Be attentive; be watchful; be vigilant; be prayerful – and be obedient to My Daughter, Mary, Who instructs all My children, to help them to find their way to the Kingdom of My Pure Heart. Truly, I say unto you: the world is in great danger, for now is the time of the cleansing and the purification of that what I Created. Be ready for your Judgement, for soon many will stand before Me – and some [will be] empty-handed!”

I Love you, My sweet children. I have given you My Divine Son; I have given you My Holy Daughter, Mary – therefore move forward in the Light of My Spirit that Dwells among the ‘elect’. I, your God and Creator, now Bless you with an abundance of many Graces, with My Divine Son and Our Spirit – the Eternal Wisdom: In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

And you, My beloved son, chosen by My Hand, My ‘Little Pebble’, My ‘Rock of Truth’ for My Divine Son’s Church upon Earth: continue to carry the cross and remain at peace, for We will never abandon you. Soon you will lead the Church in its darkest hour. The Staff I hold is the Staff of the Rock. This Staff is placed within your soul so that you will be reminded of My Love and of My Mercy, never to be afraid. I Bless you, My son: In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: The Eternal Father looks very, very, pleased – especially with all the prayers offered on His Feast Day. He is now directing the Angels behind him – the Angels with hearts in their wings. I do not know the meaning, but He is sending them to all of you. Now I can see the Angels hover above the souls behind me – then they take from beneath their wings a cloak, which I hadn’t noticed until now, and wrap the souls here with the cloak. It is called the ‘Seal’.

We are to continue to pray. (Prayers continued)


ETERNAL FATHER: I give you My Divine Greetings: In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. I give also My special Divine Greetings to My sons the Priests … It is I, your Father, WHO AM, Who is greeting you all, My children of the Earth.”

I thank you for the honour you gave to Me in the seminar in Uganda, especially you, … but as I have said that a little portion can save the whole world, that is why that honour you gave to Me, … I generalise My thanks to all, though for you in a special way.”

I have come to you today with My Eternal Love, the Love which I Created you with. My Love is endless for you because you are the work of My Hands, though I have Justice, also. I have come with My Divine Son and My Holy Ghost. Present also is My Daughter, your Mother of Mount Carmel. Today, as I talk, many souls are being released from Purgatory, and those who are dying, have the chance of going straight to Heaven. Present also is My son, Saint Joseph, and many Saints and Angels.”

I have come for a great purpose to give you this Message. This year, dedicated to Me, is a great year whereby I am opening up My Hands to receive all those who want to come back to Me. I have been offended in many ways by My Own Creations, but My Mercy still calls on all who are ready to come back to Me and receive My Divine Blessings. Pray for the world to turn to Me. I am God of Justice, but I am also God of Mercy, and My Mercy is endless for all who call for it.”

In the coming seminar let the chairman, My son … , invite as many of My children as possible to receive My Blessings. Many of you will experience a lot in this seminar; many will be uplifted; many will be converted and many will be touched in many ways. Seers, open up your hearts in this seminar for you will receive special Blessings and Grace.”

My children, I am your Father, and you are My own children – the work of My Hands. I do know your problems and I do attend to all of you. Some of these are crosses which I have given to you to carry – mind you, I do not give you what you cannot carry. This is all, because I Love you, My children, … When you were honouring Me in Uganda I looked into your hearts – all of you – with different troubles, and I received your prayers. Take courage, I, your Father, do care for you. Without these crosses you cannot manage, My children.”

“… I have special attention on you because of the role you are doing on Earth, and it is because of your prayers that I am giving you this Message to encourage you that I do Love you and care for you. But you must also know that I am Just, so I expect you to follow My Commandments, practise charity and love. Love one another and stop judging; leave judgement to Me alone, for I have the right to do that and you don’t have. I Created you, and I expect you to honour Me and Love Me and keep My Laws, then love your fellow man.”

Pray for My son, Pope John Paul II; I am giving him more inspiration now. Pray for My Church which is straying much now – the Church I Love. Pray for those who do not believe in Me and do not know Me. Pray for My son the ‘Little Abraham’ – the ‘Little Pebble’ – for he is Mine and I Am the One who chose him, and I Love him and My Plans are on him. He should have trust in Me Who Created him and chose him. All the prophecies will be fulfilled, and some are being fulfilled already. Pray for all those for whom I have special Plans.”

Remember I am the same God as ever and now. I cannot change – I am Truth Itself – neither can My Word change, it is ever the same. I cannot deceive nor can be deceived. I do not need any renewing; I am the same, before, today, and forever and ever. Amen.”

I Bless you and all My children throughout the world, in My Name, and in the Name of My Son, and in the Name of My Holy Ghost. Amen! Amen! Amen!”

Let this Message spread to all My children, … throughout the world.”