Message 591 – 2 October 1999

The Decree by Our son, Bishop Philip Wilson has not been sanctioned by Heaven – The True Church with the Hierarchy and the Magisterium will come to your aid – Many Chastisements will come upon this Diocese to awaken those who are asleep – Greater tremors and earthquakes will come also in the region of Wollongong and Sydney.

LITTLE PEBBLE: The white Cross is much closer to us this time than is normal, for it stands on the Earth, reaching very high into the sky. Right around the White Cross – which also has a colour of pink around it – is held by many Angels. Saint Michael is visible above the cross-beam, holding a sword, and the other Archangels – three on each side. A beautiful rainbow is behind Saint Michael. Saint Barachiel – who was with us here at the beginning – has joined the other Archangels, above the Cross.

The White Cross opens-up, at the centre point of the crossed beams, where a beautiful door of Light appears. From the centre-beam a ‘street’ of steps are formed made out of gold, and these steps come down right to the Chapel. The steps are about six feet wide – the last step is on the Tabernacle. Written on each step, in Light, is the name of an Angel. Now coming out of the White Cross I can see many Angels – Guardian Angels – and they glide down the stairs, each holding-out in front of them a placard of gold, and written on these placards are the names of people.

Above each of these Angels there is a small star. It reminds me very much of the Movie called: “A Date With an Angel” – how beautiful they are. Many other Angels have come through the Cross, and form a semi-circle around the Tabernacle reaching towards the White Cross. As the Angels keep coming out they add to the circle, leaving the staircase open.

Now I can see Saint Theresa, the ‘Little Flower’, coming through, followed by Saint Francis of Assisi, Saint Catherine of Siena and Saint Dominic. Behind them is Our Holy Mother, with the Baby Jesus held on Her left Arm, is being supported by Holy Angels who are underneath Her Feet, gliding down towards us, followed by yet more Angels. She has on a beautiful white mantle and a light-yellowish dress – and on Her Head there is a very small, but quite beautiful, Crown which has seven gemstones upon it. The Baby Jesus is also dressed in a white tunic, and He is smiling; He would be nearly two years old. On one Hand the Baby Jesus has a ring on two Fingers, joining Them together. His Thumb touches the ring.

Our Lady has arrived – and the Angels let Her down very gently upon the Tabernacle. Our Holy Mother holds a Rosary in Her right Hand and looks very serene as She looks about Her, then looks at the Baby Jesus and Kisses His Forehead.

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: I see the Sign on Our Holy Mother, on the Baby Jesus – and now, also, on all the Angels.

OUR LADY: “I greet you, My beloved little Apostle, ‘Little Peter’ – Peter II – My Divine Son’s future Vicar for Holy Mother Church. I greet you, My Priest-son, ‘Little Bartholomew’, and all My sweet children, gathered here and throughout the world. Today I come to you with many Angels and some of the Saints of Heaven to bring to Our children many needed Graces for consolation. I come with My Divine Son, Jesus, to impart upon you His Blessing, to strengthen you, to help you, My sweet children, to carry your cross. I come with My Rosary because, through this powerful ‘weapon’ given to you from My Divine Son, the Victory of Holy Mother Church will come soon.”

“My sweet son – My ‘Little Rock’ of My Immaculate Heart: be not troubled by the Decree issued by Our son, Bishop Philip Wilson – for this Decree has not been sanctioned by Heaven, for it is not lawful, even under the Law of Holy Mother Church, because it was unjust. However, this was brought about through fear from Our little son, for much pressure was placed upon him and others of the Hierarchy who, at this time, are very weak. Therefore, take up My ‘beads of Love’ and pray for them.”

“The decision against you, My dear son – and this work – will be reversed very soon. However, much is yet to occur within the Church and within the world, for many have turned away from God; thus the power of Satan is strong and has increased in all parts of men’s lives. Mankind still does not listen; therefore, the Chastisements continue to fall – and these will continue to increase until the point where the Chastisements will engulf every man, woman and child. Thus, the world will acknowledge that God does exist, and that He is angry with men. Know then, My sweet children and My sweet son, that when all this has occurred and men truly understand the times that they are living in – and why man has turned away from God – then you will have the Signs and the Triumph of this Mission and yourself, dear son.”

“As My Divine Son and I have promised you, many times, the true Church of My Divine Son Jesus – with the Hierarchy and the Magisterium, will come to your aid; but for now, you must pray – and all of My children must pray to change the hearts of Our weak children. Pray for your Bishop; pray for the Diocese, for many Chastisements will come upon this Diocese, in this locale, to awaken those who are asleep. Summer is coming soon, My sweet children: there will be great fires and much rain. Nature will be disturbed; greater tremors and earthquakes will come also in the region of Wollongong, and Sydney, and other parts of Australia – in many parts where there has been no Chastisement – so that Our children will understand, truly, that God speaks here, through Our little ‘instrument’, Our ‘little rock’.”

“All of Our children who are of the Light will continue to receive more trials – more crosses – so that you be purified, to prepare you for the next Era and the New Holy Era that is to come in a short while. We understand, sweet children, that you do not comprehend the many Words given by My Divine Son and I in the Prophetic word. Do not trouble your hearts, but leave it to God. Have confidence, and trust in His Love and Mercy for you, for each hour and moment is precious to God; therefore, it must remain precious to you. Work each moment for your salvation and think not too much on the future to come but, rather, live in the present time and meditate upon the Goodness of My Divine Son. Pray, and offer sacrifices for your brothers and sisters – especially those who are under heavy burdens at this time. Pray for those who are far away from God, that they will learn of the Love of the Most High. Pray for Our Holy Vicar, who continues to carry his cross – and will do so, even after the year 2000, My sweet children. Continue to go forward and do not lose hope, for even though time is very short for man in the reckoning of God’s time – but yet you still have time to bring many children into the Light.”

“I and My Divine Son Jesus are here to strengthen you and to console you, to help you to carry your burdens and place them in Our Immaculate Hearts. We Love you, sweet children! Know that We are there, constantly, before you. Therefore, be not afraid, but have a happy heart knowing that you are doing the Will of the Eternal God. I Kiss you from My Immaculate Heart, as My Divine Son Jesus Kisses you with His Spirit in the Father: in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: The Baby Jesus has now moved away from Our Holy Mother – and, very swiftly, in a moment of time, I have seen how he has gone to everyone here and embraced them – very quickly! Our Lady now moves away from the Tabernacle; the Baby Jesus has gone. Our Holy Mother now moves over to where Saint Sentimintarious is. With Our Holy Mother now is also Saint Menoloutis, Saint Sacramessugus and Saint Justinus. Our Holy Mother is smiling.

Saint Barachiel came and knelt down – before Our Holy Mother came – first of all, before the Blessed Sacrament, then towards myself; from out of his chest came a beautiful flower – a pure, pure white lily – which he offered to me. Saint Theresa and Saint Francis have moved to be by Our Holy Mother’s side.

Before Our Holy Mother began to speak Saint Theresa and Saint Francis moved amongst the members, placing flowers and gifts from Our Lady into various souls, each according to their needs. Our Lady returns back to Her position. The Baby Jesus has been going throughout the Community and other places, giving many special Graces and Gifts to souls; but He is now back in the Arm of Our Holy Mother – and Our Lady now Kisses Him. Both Bless us once again.

OUR LORD AND OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady now nods to Father to give his benediction.

FATHER BROUSSARD: “Benedicat vos, Omnipotens Deus: Pater, et Filius, et Spiritus Sanctus. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady tells us to continue to pray – and She slowly moves back towards the Cross, with the Baby Jesus, the Holy Saints. Saint Dominic and Saint Catherine remain at the Altar – I don’t know why; maybe they prayed for us – but now they are going with Our Lady, and also many, Angels.


Many souls are asking about the year 2000, and Prophecies. I, too, am somewhat perplexed, but over the months I have asked Jesus and Mary to explain this dilemma. They replied that it is a Mystery of God and would only be explained later.

Our Lady explained to me that the actual year 2000 is not next year, but several still to come – approximately four (4) years – making it around 2004. She explained that there was an error in the current calendars, and this will be found by Archaeologists and Historians. The real dates will be written later, but we were not to be troubled by trying to understand all that is revealed, but to proceed in faith, trust and confidence.

The ‘Little Pebble’