Message 593 – 13 November 1999

The time of Mercy will soon be replaced with My Justice – My Father in Heaven has been very patient, though the insults to His person continue unabated; unchallenged – Pick up your cross and follow Me; your reward shall be great, and joy shall fill your hearts, never to be taken away – The great cleansing is already here, but the [full] depth of this cleansing has not yet come; soon every man, woman and child will feel its effect – Shortly, the last third of the tribulation will come upon you, and then you will understand the Seals that have been opened.

LITTLE PEBBLE: The white Cross has been in the sky since the beginning of the Rosary, Saint Michael standing to the right of It, holding a balance – or scales – in his left hand; in the right is a sword which is entwined with roses and a Rosary. On the Cross are many roses, all of them red and a staircase comes from It down to the Tabernacle. Beneath the staircase, there is fire and in between the tongues of flame red roses are growing. Underneath the Altar there is fire too. I can see countless souls from Purgatory at the highest level – at the threshold. Saint Barachiel is to the left of the Altar, looking towards the statue of Saint Charbel.

Very high above the Cross is a wreath made of roses of various colours, and woven amongst the roses is a Rosary. I can now see that the Cross is opening up – literally; two doors, in the centre of the crossed-beams. I can see beyond the veil, very deep into the Cross, as though looking into Heaven. I can see Our Lord – wearing His burgundy-coloured outer clothing and a white tunic – Who comes out of the Cross and glides swiftly on the staircase that leads to the Tabernacle. Behind Our Lord are many Angels and He comes swiftly into the Chapel to stand upon the Tabernacle, which emanates a tremendous amount of Light. Both Saint Michael and Saint Barachiel acknowledge Our Lord’s arrival with a genuflection. Jesus has in His right Hand a bouquet of roses – there are many different colours – and I notice that on the petals are names. It is not often that I see Our Lord carrying flowers. I can see His Wounds, but they are not bleeding. Our Lord does not have on the Crown of Thorns – though His Hair is loose and flowing.

Jesus smiles, looks about at us and reads our souls; for some reason I seem to understand this. Our Lord gives the flowers to one of the Angels who have now made a semi-circle around Him. Many more Angels continue to come out of the Cross.

OUR LORD: “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. I greet you, My beloved son, Prince of the Apostles: ‘Little Peter’; I greet My Priest-sons and My Privileged children, and all of My children gathered here before Me and throughout the world.”

“I come today in this final hour for the world and for Holy Mother Church – this final hour when much will be changed in the Universe and in the hearts of My children. Time – your time – moves swiftly in the hour-glass of eternity – your eternal destiny, My sweet children. The pages of the Book of Revelation, known as the Apocalypse, are turning swiftly to a time when I – as your God and Saviour – will return to the Earth, as I Ascended to Heaven. The time of Mercy will soon be replaced with My Justice. My Father – and your Father – in Heaven has been very patient with mankind, though the insults to his person continue unabated; unchallenged. But this will soon change, for the conscience of men will be corrected and illuminated to understand the Grandeur of God and the Goodness and Love of My Father.”
“The world, as you see it, goes further and further into the abyss where the Light of Truth flickers only in the hearts of the few. It is with the few that I will restore Christendom – with whom I will – and am – rebuilding My House upon Earth. It is the children of the Remnant Church who must carry the Cross and persevere, for now is the time of diligent perseverance. Reflect often, My sweet children, on your lives, so that you will remain on the path of Truth. It is difficult, sweet children. If it were not so you would not be carrying My Cross! All those marked with My Cross are the children of My Father.”

“Do not seek green pastures in another place, sweet children, for I am the Truth; I am the Light and Life of your hearts; I am the Way that will lead you to My Father and to Paradise; I am the One Who will lead you to peace and tranquillity of heart. Come to Me all that are heavy-laden and burdened and I will refresh you with My Spirit.”

“In this ‘Vale of Tears’ remind yourselves that I – the Son of God – walked this path before you, and [that] I am with you, as My Heavenly Mother is with you, too. Pick up your cross and follow Me, for your reward shall be great – and joy shall fill your hearts, never to be taken away again.”

“Pray, My sweet children; pray and pray and pray – for prayer is the food for your souls, and through prayer you will understand all that God is doing for you now – and with you – and preparing your souls for the life to come on Earth and in Heaven. Take courage and fear not, even for the many temptations that assail your souls. My Mother and I are always near you, waiting for your words.”

“The Church – My House upon Earth – has gone into great darkness. Even My Spirit finds it difficult to penetrate the hearts of men – the hearts that have become stone, like [as with] the Pharisees of old – many in My House have become like this. Therefore, My sweet children – those who understand and those who are carrying the Cross with Me, patiently – have pity upon those who are far away from Me, yet [still] speak out My Name, but [who] in reality are dead souls. Pray that My Spirit will penetrate their clouded hearts, for I am a God of Mercy and Compassion, waiting for the Prodigal Son to return – even in this last hour for mankind.”

“The great cleansing is already here, but the [full] depth of this cleansing has not yet come – but soon it will be amongst you, and every man, woman and child will feel its effect. Remember My Words to the Apostles and Disciples: “You must love one another truly, as I have Loved you.” Let love conquer all hearts through forgiveness of your brothers and sisters.”

“How I long to be visible to you all; how I long to show you the Kingdom of My Father – and this will soon come to the children who have remained faithful to My Word. Remain diligent, My sweet children, in your work, in your prayers; be faithful children. Do not count the cost, for the price of a soul is priceless. Therefore, give all, My sweet children.”

“Let My Holy Soul, My beloved daughter, Theresa, Mother of Calcutta, be an example to all of you; let My Vicar, John Paul II, be an example to the Clergy, to the Religious, and to all souls, giving all they have and not counting the hour, or the cost, of their sacrifices.”

“To My children of the Order of Saint Charbel: I recommend the example of these Holy Souls – and many more – as a guideline to your lives given in dedication to My Father. Pray, My sweet children, for the Church, for each member, for the Hierarchy, that they may receive My Light – for soon I will take the Vicar and all shall then be in darkness.”

“The war that you see in Russia and its neighbour, is a prelude to what is to come in the Western world, for Russia is using this nation, Chechnya, as an example in preparation to attack the Western world. All is not innocent, My sweet children; all is a camouflage of the truth. The great war that will end all wars is close at hand. The blood will flow in Palestine, so all may believe that My Coming is near. Therefore, pray, for many Chastisements will continue to fall in greater number until all of the world is under one Chastisement, then My children will acknowledge their God.”

“And lastly, My sweet children, forget not your loved ones [who are] waiting for your prayers in the place of purging, for they do not forget you. I Love you, My sweet children. I send to you many flowers, that come from the Heart of My Most Holy Mother, as Heavenly Gifts, to sanctify your souls and to purify your hearts so you will persevere in these days of trial and tribulation. Shortly, the last third of the tribulation will come upon you, and then you will understand the Seals that have been opened. I Bless you, My children, from My Most Sacred Heart, to strengthen you and console you. In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“And to you, My beloved son – My ‘Little White Rock’ of My Sacred Heart: continue to go forward to preach My Word, and to teach the Truth, for the help that I promised you will be given. Persevere, for My Mother and I are always with you. The Seat of Peter is yours – [and is] soon to be [in fact]. In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Jesus looks at various souls – and for now I will remain silent in case Our Lord wishes to say something to somebody else. (Nothing was said publicly to anyone else)

Our Holy Mother has also come to the right of Our Lord, dressed in a beautiful, royal blue mantilla – it is really very long – which is wrapped around Her superb, white dress. Our Lady holds both a magnificent Rosary and a rose – which is made of gold and silver and is being held in both Hands. It is supremely beautiful. Mother Theresa of Calcutta is to the right of Our Lord – and so, too, is ‘Hedgerose’, whom I haven’t seen in many, many, years. It would seem that she has come out of Purgatory.

Our Holy Mother looks at Our Lord and Kisses His Chest; Jesus, in turn, Kisses Her Forehead. Our Lady now glides forward and gives the special rose to one of the Angels who had accompanied Our Lord. Our Holy Mother makes the Sign of the Cross:

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. I greet you, My beloved son – My precious ‘White Rock’ of Wisdom – and My Priest-sons, and all My sweet children. I will not add to the Words of My Divine Son for His Words are sufficient for mankind. However, I – as your Heavenly Mother – encourage you to persevere, sweet children, especially now when life is most difficult and the comprehension of God’s Will [is an] incomprehensible [mystery] to many of Our children. Now is the time of faith. Believe in the Promise of My Divine Son – believe! Trust in My Divine Son – trust, and have faith, My sweet children. Do not become discouraged, but live in faith and hope, in the promise of your God.”

“I send you the Kiss of My Heart with that of My Divine Son, Jesus: In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”
LITTLE PEBBLE: Jesus now nods His Head and asks the two Priests to give a Blessing to the people:

TWO PRIESTS: “Benedicat vos, Omnipotens Deus: Pater, et Filius, et Spiritus Sanctus. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Jesus, Mary and the Holy Saints and Angels now glide swiftly back to the Cross; the flowers are left on the Altar. I will know the significance of them later.

(We are now to continue with the last decade of the Rosary.)