Message 596 – 25 March 2000

A great change will come upon the universe, the solar system and the Earth – mankind will feel that the end of the world has come – Division in My House will come once My Vicar, John Paul II, is removed soon; First, he must proclaim a Dogmatic Statement for My Most Holy Mother – The Sixth Seal will be opened and the Seventh Seal will follow swiftly – A Judgement for man will come – and mankind will be illuminated in their soul to understand the greatness of their sins.

LITTLE PEBBLE: At the beginning of the Holy Rosary the Heavens opened up. Saint Michael is very tall and has been visible right from the start to the right of both the Crucifix here and the white Cross, which is suspended in the sky. This is different from usual. I can see the solar system, as well as the nearby planetary formation. The white Cross stands above the solar system and is very bright. To the bottom right of the Cross is the Earth, bathed in its shining light. Saint Michael holds a shield on his left arm; upon it is the sun. In his right hand is a sword, which seems to be on fire. Saint Barachiel has also been here since the last decade; he always comes before the arrival of Our Holy Mother and Jesus.

Coming out of the white Cross are sparkles from the centrepiece in a wand-like shape that now forms a ‘street’ or ‘road’ about eight or nine feet wide. This travels from the Cross right down to the Chapel towards the Tabernacle, where it is very bright inside. It is a very unusual ‘road’ – full of sparkles. To the right of the ‘road’ are small shrubs that are shedding their leaves, as in autumn – to the left are small rosebushes and this growth is all along the ‘road’, between the white Cross and to the Tabernacle here. It is an unusual combination.

The Cross now becomes much more distinct and much larger – and at the centre of the crossed beams a very wide doorway opens. Coming through light are many Angels gliding towards the Chapel, dressed in clothing of various pastel colours. As they arrive, they form an almost-complete circle around the Chapel, leaving an opening where the sparkling ‘street’ descends. Angels of various sizes continue to come out and now I see Jesus as He comes through the white Cross, accompanied by even more Angels, two of them being very much taller than Our Lord – they would be about twelve feet! Both have four wings each and on the front of his garment, one has the word ‘Alpha’ and the other has ‘Omega’ – both carry rods, which I feel are rods of authority, or power. Jesus is dressed in His burgundy garments; on His Head there is a beautiful Crown.

Our Lord and the Angels are now very close, and Jesus enters the Chapel and stands upon the Tabernacle from where a lot of light still comes. Jesus looks very regal. The Great Angels who are with Our Lord kneel at the Altar, partly facing Him and partly facing us. There are countless numbers of Angels still coming out of the Cross, to form this vast semi-circle around Our Lord and around the Chapel – incalculable numbers of them.

Although Our Lord looks quite sombre today, a very small smile can be seen, as He looks very carefully around the Chapel at the members, as though He is speaking to the souls of those here, and even some beyond. The Crown of Our Lord is golden and has three points to it – a small cross with a green stone set-in, is on the foremost point at the top. The other points to either side have a stone each – one is red, the other is blue. Jesus smiles. I can see His Wounds very clearly, but not His Sacred Heart this time. The Holy Spirit in the form of the Dove – and very bright to the eyes – now comes from nowhere to rest upon Our Lord’s Head. The Dove has a blue circle around It. Our Lord is not bleeding, but the Wounds are very prominent.

OUR LORD: “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“I greet you, My beloved son – Our ‘Little Pebble’ and My future Vicar upon Earth: Our Apostle, ‘Little Peter’! I greet My Priest-sons and My consecrated Daughters – and all My sweet children, gathered here before Me and throughout the universe. I come today to give Our children a short Counsel and to encourage My flock to persevere and remain firmly on the road set before you, hand-picked by My Father.”

“The world as you see it goes further away from the Eternal Father of Divine Love. Mankind have closed their hearts to saving Grace and redemption. The time of the Apocalypse is here – very clearly seen by those children who are of the Light, but not recognised by the majority in My House upon Earth, nor in the general public of humanity. The Evil One walks freely amongst My people and the people of the Earth, enticing mankind away from the Truth and from the reality that the end of this generation is near.”

“A great change will come upon the universe, upon the solar system and upon the Earth – so great a change that mankind will feel that the end of the world has come – but those in the Light will understand well, that it is not the end but, rather, the turning-point of this world at this time. Man stands at the threshold of a great cataclysm – far greater than man has ever experienced before. It is for this reason that all of Our sweet children must turn their hearts and lives to prayer and true dedication to their calling, which comes from My Father. All that attracts you to the world must be used for its rightful purpose, so that you are not drawn away from Me, but rather that your lives become more intensified in your dedication to the Divine Cause and Providence that God has placed before you.”

“For many years My Most Holy Mother and I – your Jesus, Redeemer of mankind – have been telling you to be prepared first and foremost in your souls, [so] that your lives are ones of holiness, dignity, purity, and of example, to lead other souls who are in darkness away from darkness, into the Light. Also, you are to prepare for the times to come in the very near future, so that mankind will truly bear witness to the Truth of My Gospel and understand that ‘the times’ and ‘the times and a half’, are here; that the time of the enemy is also here, the ‘Man of Iniquity’ – the one who will be called the Antichrist – who will prevail, for a short time.”

“The division in My House upon Earth will come once My Vicar, John Paul II, is removed – this will be soon. But first, he must proclaim a Dogmatic Statement for My Most Holy Mother – then you will know the time is right for him to be no more. Prepare your households, sweet children, as you have been told many times, for now is that time. Remember the time of My servant, Moses, and what was asked of him and My people in Egypt. This time is now, and will be repeated for the world – but on a much higher scale, for it will engulf all of humanity and the universe, for the Heavens will be shaken and all that is rotten will fall; all that is upright will be strengthened and purified, for the Light from My Father will be visible for all humanity to understand that the time is here for a great revelation of a Divine Mystery of the Greatness of the Triune God, [so] that all may recognise the true Faith, which is the One Roman, Catholic, Apostolic, Church which I Founded upon ‘Peter the Rock’ and shall complete with the ‘Little Peter’, My ‘Little Pebble’ of Divine Love. Watch now, My son, and describe what you see:”

LITTLE PEBBLE: I said before that I could see the universe and the solar system, but now I am able to see this much more clearly. The sun is extremely bright – much brighter than is normal; there is tremendous activity on its surface – great explosions. I see all the planets, as they revolve around the sun, become affected by these activities, in as much as the planets become aglow as they slowly come into a line – not a straight line, but very close to it – and the whole system seems to be moving, not smoothly around the sun as usual, but in a rather wobbly manner. I am watching the Earth in particular, because it becomes a much larger object, but I am also observing several comets; one is moving in between Earth, Mars and Venus – moving irregularly – and the comet concerned seems to be breaking up into three major pieces: one is coming close to Mars – another smaller piece, is heading towards the Earth, and the other towards Venus.

Our Lord points a Finger towards Earth and I see a huge fireball leave the sun and come towards the Earth at tremendous speed. Then I see a flash occur in the atmosphere of Earth because of this sun-fire – and the white Cross in the sky becomes extremely bright as a result. A cloud of white Light forms around the Earth. The Cross, which is suspended over the Earth, remains exceedingly bright – it has something to do with the sun, but I don’t really know what – and the light from It is ricocheting and piercing the Earth with such force that it is causing the Earth to become unstable.

OUR LORD: “Yes, My son and My sweet children – what you have just witnessed, dear son, are the events that are yet to come, that will disturb the entire universe and its stability. This will be a major sign to humanity that they must draw away from sin and turn to their God. The Sixth Seal will be opened and the Seventh Seal will follow swiftly. A Judgement for man will come and mankind will be illuminated in their soul to understand the greatness of their sins.”

“My children should take note of what is reported by the Millennium Group, who have My Blessing, because God is revealing, through many avenues, all that is to come upon the world. These events will not change unless there is a total reversal of man’s thinking, where he must turn away from evil and pride and turn to My Father in Heaven, so mankind will understand that there is life after death; that mankind must conduct themselves in a pure and holy way while they live on Earth, to receive their reward in eternal bliss with the Triune God: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.”

“If mankind does not change, then many of Our children will go to Hell into the Eternal Flame, which never dies, for Satan has achieved many of his goals to eradicate the memory of God, and the punishment for sin, and the punishment for death. Therefore, sweet children, spend more of your time in praying the Holy Rosary and more so, in receiving My Divinity in the Body and Blood Sacrificed on the Altars, to strengthen your souls. Give more of your time in good works of mercy to your fellow brothers and sisters, and re-read the Messages given to you, freely, from My Most Sacred Heart and the Heart of My Most Holy Mother. Spend less time, sweet children, in the entertainments of the world; in the amusements of mankind – but give your time to God in reflection and meditation, for soon all of you will come before My Father in Judgement, and you will be accountable for all that you did, or did not do.”

“Pray unceasingly, in the vigilance of constant prayer, for your brothers and sisters – those whom you love, and even for those who are your enemies. Remain always at peace and know that My Peace will always descend upon you if you seek Me in Truth. I Love you, My sweet children and I offer you the Heart of My Most Holy Mother, the Immaculate, as a Refuge in your time of great need. I Bless you all: In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lord now draws a beautiful rose from beneath His garment – from the cloak He has around Him. It is a most unusual flower which I have not seen before. It has what looks like butterfly wings instead of petals, but it is a rose. It is called ‘fairy-rose star’, and has many colours to it; each petal is like a fairy’s wings. Our Lord smiles and says that it is for a little soul whom He Loves, and to be open to His Calling. I won’t reveal the name, but simply to say it is for ‘Fairy-floss’. Our Lord smiles again and the Angel, Saint Barachiel, takes the flower to this soul.

OUR LORD: “Continue, My sweet children and be faithful to your calling. God never gives you more than you can carry, so remain strong in your faith and be obedient in your calling from My Father. I send you a Kiss from My Father and Our Spirit and My sweet Holy Mother, Mary. In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lord has asked the two Priests now to give us their blessing, and Our Lord will Bless us through them:

TWO PRIESTS: “Benedicat vos, Omnipotens Deus: Pater, et Filius, et Spiritus Sanctus. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Holy Mother’s Face has Appeared on Our Lord’s Chest, and It is alive – not simply a face as in a photograph. Our Lord says to continue to pray.