Message 597 – 13 May 2000

The beatification of My two Seers of Fatima; All that was revealed at Fatima, is now being realised; the mysteries of the Apocalypse yet to unfold – The Victory of My Immaculate Heart will be a visible sign for all humanity – Shortly, My ‘Little Peter’ will receive news that will bring great joy.

LITTLE PEBBLE: The white Cross has been in the sky since we began the Rosary; above it is a beautiful rainbow. Standing upon it are six great Angels, each Angel holding a white sword of Light. Saint Michael stands behind the rainbow and the Cross, to the right, and very deep in the sky – taking up about half of it. On his shield he has a victory symbol, and interlaced with this “V” sign is an “M” for Mary.

Beneath the Cross there are two other white crosses, and a triangular Light is formed between the three of them. On the other crosses there are two people – one on each. Above the cross on the left is the number 16 and over the one on the right is the number 18. From the centre point of the crossed beams of the main Cross, a brilliant Light shoots towards the Chapel and illuminates it, creating a ‘street’ of Light from the Cross to us.

Coming through the Cross, I can see many small Angels who float down this Light, coming towards us – many hundreds of them. Behind them I can see Our Blessed Mother, dressed as ‘Our Lady of Fatima’. On each side of Our Holy Mother are Jacinta and Francesco, gliding down with Our Holy Mother towards the Chapel. Following are even more Angels, among them one who is extremely tall, whom I recognise as the Angel of Portugal, and a smaller Angel – the Angel of Fatima. They all look very happy.

Our Holy Mother comes into the Chapel and stands on the Tabernacle; there is a tremendous amount of Light coming out of it. The whole Chapel is very brightly illuminated, and countless Angels become visible as they form a dome over the Chapel – Guardian Angels, many of the Angels of the property – and they create a beautiful structure.

Our Holy Mother looks very joyful. In Her right Hand She carries a pearl Rosary. Jacinta and Francesco – who are in prayer right now, turned slightly towards Our Holy Mother – also hold Rosaries. Our Holy Mother takes up the Crucifix of Her Rosary, which is gold, and Kisses Our Divine Lord:

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

I greet you, My beloved ‘White Rock’ of the Apocalypse; I greet My beloved Priest-sons and all My Privileged children gathered here in this Holy House of My Divine Son, Jesus! I greet all My children throughout the world, and I send a greeting to My beloved son, Pope John Paul II, who will shortly celebrate a great event for Holy Mother Church – the beatification of My two little children – the Seers of Fatima. All that was revealed so many years ago, My sweet children, at Fatima, is now being realised by Holy Mother Church, and by humanity in general – but the main event given and revealed at that time is yet to unfold – concerning the mysteries of the Apocalypse. This is what is revealed now through the countless Apparitions and Visitations of My Divine Son, Jesus, and I, your Heavenly Mother and Queen.”

Within a short time, the Victory of My Immaculate Heart will triumph throughout the hearts of My children of the Light, within the House of My Divine Son upon Earth – the Church. This victory, My sweet children, will be a visible sign for all humanity, that all may understand and realise the Words given at Fatima and La Salette, and the current Apparitions throughout the world. In this victory will also be sorrow, for joy and pain are combined in a triumph of great Glory for the Triune God. Like the Crucifixion – there was much sorrow and pain, but the victory was already there, for in the Resurrection, Christ triumphed over death, over Satan, the flesh and the world. In this triumph, is reflected the triumph of My Immaculate Heart.”

Therefore, sweet children who are truly dedicated to My Divine Son and I, rejoice, for all of you will share in this small victory that is to come. Once this Light has shone in the hearts of men, know that the world will be cleansed and purified, so that men will live in peace and harmony for a short time, before the Second Coming of My Divine Son, Jesus, upon Earth.”

Shortly, My beloved Apostle, My ‘Little Peter’, you too, will receive news that will bring great joy to your heart and [the hearts of] those who have been obedient to My Divine Son’s Call – for God listens to the hearts of His children and understands well, their needs. Therefore, remain at peace, for the Order of Saint Charbel founded by you will triumph and bring great joy and Glory to the Eternal Father. Continue therefore, My sweet children, to pray, for remember the Message that I gave at Fatima – the Rosary and the Scapular are your ‘weapons’ of Truth. These two ‘tools’ will defend you against all power and all evil. Place them not aside, but go forward in truth, in faith and in hope.”

Many trials will continue to come upon Holy Mother Church and the world, until mankind accepts its Creator in truth. Pray for My Holy Vicar – John Paul II – for his reign upon Earth as leader of God’s people will shortly come to an end. Pray for all the Clergy and for all souls of goodwill. I Bless you all now, sweet children, from My Immaculate Heart: In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. Continue to pray now.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady hasn’t gone; She is about to speak to me privately for a moment. (Prayers continue)